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    The world of Re is a small world built entirely for the creatures that live upon it. Humans, elves, dwarves, and creatures of the like are only caretakers and lovers of the animals that reside in every inch of the world. The most powerful are blessed with a beast to call friend...and so are named Beast Riders. The Beast Rider's Guild, known well as the Moon Riders, has survived for centuries as the ruling hand of the world. They ride the silver light of the moon, some faster than the wind, others smaller than their more frequent counterparts. It all depends on the creatures...on the ways of Re.
    The Aura power must touch before a humanoid of any kind may touch the heart of a beast. Many practice the art of the Aura, but few can truly grasp it. But the Moon Riders are always there to help when they are needed, riding on the backs of their beloved beasts to save those around them. They are never challenged. And they never lose.

    But for centuries dragons were a myth. They were the one creature the two moons of Re hadn't touched since the Beginning. But dragons have stirred, and they look for riders. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Re, few of these dragons are good. Most are out to destroy all competition, which means wiping out all of the world's beasts. The Moon Riders must stop this before it happens. How will they do this? Right now, they have about as much of a clue to that as we do...

    This is a newer plot for me...I'm kind of testing the obviously it's not very well developed. But basically, you play a Moon Rider on any animal that is not a dragon. At first, it'll be simple stuff...we'll go out as a single guild on a mission...and on that mission we find out what's going on. Make sense?



    **Elves - There are Four Types: Wood, Desert, Dark, and Water. The first three are a given, so I won't explain them. However, Water elves are a little different. Water elves are basically mermaids, appearing to be the usual half human (though with pointed ears), half fish. However, they can come onto land, their tails growing into legs. The only thing that really makes them different besides that are their eyes, which will always have tints of black in them.

    **Montonies - Little, mouse-like people that stand about 6" tall. Montonies are a very special race, evolved from mice over centuries of rising. They are usually of brownish or blackish color at the base with highlights of bright colors, including red, blue, and yellow. They have overly large noses, naturally having a keen sense of smell, and large round ears. They are very social and love mingling with the larger races, and they have a very curious way of using the Aura powers.

    **Tarnaks - Opposite the Monoties, the Tarnaks are a cat-like race that stand, generally, taller than even humans and elves, averaging around 6' tall. These creatures are a more barbaric race, the males generally warriors that don't believe in any sort of power, the females the priestesses of their superstitions, high ranking in the clans as their Aura powers are generally high. They can range through any color, though very few have any sort of hot color on them, most ranging through blues, greens, blacks, whites, and browns. Their ears sit on the sides of their heads just like humans, but rise to a tufted tip. To anyone who knows Final Fantasy, they look much like a Ronso, without the horn.

    The Aura

    Every creature on Re has an Aura. However, unlike most magical myths, the Aura rests on both the inside and the outside of the creature. The basic abilities, such as Aura Touch, the touching of one's Aura to another, can be used by the outside Aura. However, the more complicated abilities, like those the make every creature an individual, must be unlocked from the inside. All Auras are different. There are only ever two that are alike, one of a humanoid, another of a beast, and those are the ones who make the Bond of the Beast Riders. Make your choice of Aura Power, and let me know...I will either approve or disapprove this ability.


    The creatures list of Re is practically endless. Want to make up an animal? Let me know about it, and I'll approve or disapprove. Just remember, no dragons. Nothing like dragons. And nothing from Avatar, preferably. Other than that, though, you're good. Have at it.

    So if there are any takers, lemme know! I really do want to do this RP...we'll have to work on the story a bit, but you generally get a lot of freedom. So give it a shot! Just show interest, and I'll post up the character skeleton!​
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  7. Alright, here's the template. Sorry if it's sloppy, but I have a it's a little hard to focus. Anyway, just fill this out to the best of your ability, and when I get back on, we'll discuss anything that comes up. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post on here. I'll get back to you when I can.

    Age: (16-25 humans; 85-130 elves, gnomes, & dwarves; 20-45 halflings & Tarnaks; 13-20 Montonies)
    Appearance: (picture)
    Written Appearance: (difference from the picture; you can erase this completely if there are no differences, or erase the one above if you have no picture)


    Special Weapons:
    Skill Classification: (warrior, mage, etc.)

    Beast Name:
    Beast Race:
    Beast Appearance:
    Beast Abilities:
    Bond Strength: (1-5 1=weak bond; 5=strongest bond *only the Guild Masters have 5)

    Aura Abilities:
    Aura Focus: (on skills or in magic bonds)

    Biography: (Give something basic in the least, but you don't have to give too much as long as the history comes out in RP)
  8. Name: Keztrocx Boharin

    Age: (16-25 humans; 85-130 elves, gnomes, & dwarves; 20-45 halflings & Tarnaks; 13-20 Montonies): 39

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dwarf

    Appearance: (picture): Dwarf.jpg

    Height/Weight: 3'6/ 320

    Personality: Keztrocx is a stereotypical dwarf. He farts, spits, yells, and drinks plenty. There are some peculiar things about him. Whenever he is around a human he is rather quiet and comely. People who knew him otherwise wouldn't be able to recognize him. Keztrocx is definitely a leader and a fighter. Otherwise he is a strong person who stands by his beliefs and tries to make by in life.

    Strengths: Keztrocx is a strong leader, fighter, boat maker, and armorer. His making of boats started when he was young after his father was sailed off to sea and the only person that returned was a crew-mate in a small canoe.

    Weaknesses: He can't fight small things, like rats or crabs because they move around to much for him to be able to hit them. Keztrocx is also illiterate, he can't read or write. This was because his family couldn't afford and education for him and his result was being illiterate. If Keztrocx was bigger that would be a strength but he is small so that is weakness.

    Likes: Keztrocx has many likes, the things at the top of his list are: Hammers, songs, drums, dogs, festivals, drinking, playing games, throwing logs, and fighting.

    Dislikes: The one things he hates is anything that is giant, smells, wears a hat, or hates dwarves. It's a small list but he gets extremely angry whenever he sees anything of that stature. Most of it is understandable, like dwarves should like giant things, or people or monster that hate dwarves. The interesting parts are the hat hating and the smells. He likes things to be clean and tidy and not a mess.

    Special Weapons: His hammer that has a flame symbol on the side of it.

    Skill Classification: (warrior, mage, etc.): Warrior

    Beast Name: Rogar

    Beast Race:Grugorian

    Beast Appearance: This beast hulks over boulders and small trees. It stands about 7'4 with four feet and two tusks that come from it's mouth. The beast's face is hairy and resembles one of a mammoth but it is slimmer, more muscular and doesn't have trunk but a mouth with a full set teeth. It's whole body is covered in fur except for it's underside which has a light pelt. His overall color is a dark grey with swirls of black in various places. The Grugorian's nose is two holes in the middle of it's face and has flaps that come over it, but when it breathes they flap open. It's head it usually down during the rain because if it's head were up the rain would leak through the nose holes and drown the Grugorian

    Beast Abilities: The Grugorian can run fast, can track down people with it's scent (as long as it has it), and can jump long distances.

    Bond Strength: (1-5 1=weak bond; 5=strongest bond *only the Guild Masters have 5): Keztrocx has a 2 bond strength with Rogar. He often argues with the beast as if it was an actual person. Almost like they were married...

    Aura Abilities: When Keztrocx activates his aura his body engulfs itself with fire and brimstone. His beard becomes basalt as well as his hair. His eyes glow radiantly through the smoke and fire. He is able to control this fire, this fire doesn't burn the ground as he walks but it does melt snow or ice.

    Aura Focus: (on skills or in magic bonds): His focus is in Magical bonds.

    Biography: (Give something basic in the least, but you don't have to give too much as long as the history comes out in RP):

    Keztrocx was born in the town of Broomhaven. A hole in the wall town with barley any attractions in it other than it's bars and festivals. His parents, Morda and Gergor Boharin were both cooks. They worked all over town and sometimes went off to work in the cities. His parent's would put food on the table and teach what little they knew to Keztrocx about life. Many people considered him family quite odd, because both of his parents were human. Most of his life he was left home either trying to clean to house or practice fighting because he didn't have anything to study. As well as his parents being away they couldn't, or didn't want to give Keztrocx schooling. It would give him something to do while he was home alone but his parents never had the time for him. When he was alone he would wonder about why he is with this pathetic family and why he wasn't with a strong dwarven one. Keztrocx thought about this until he finally made a couple of human friends. After many years of playing, pretend fighting, and learning about each other they all became really good friends. Keztrocx had a good life then, he had a family who was around and who would support him. Once he turned 18 they surprised Keztrocx with a letter from the castle guard that invited him to training. He was excited about this and found out later that they were also drafted. Keztrocx packed his things and left for the city the next day.

    The day bloomed at he reached the walls of the small training camp outside the city. He had a smile on his face and entered into the training camp. The gates opened as he saw the trainees endure harsh exercises and fighting. Keztrocx held his brown wool sack and dropped it on the sand. He looked around seeing if his friends were there and saw them training. As he panned around he noticed that only humans were here. Slowly he began to walk until he bumped into one of the head guards. "My apologies sir", said Keztrocx kindly. The guard pushed Keztrocx to the ground and told him to get lost. Keztrocx tried to interrupt but he was pushed out of the guard base. He looked back at his friends seeing them laughing at him while he was forced out of the base. That day he was ashamed and that is when his journey begun. Keztrocx went home and began to clean to get this whole thing out of his mind. A year of so had past and his two friends had graduated and became guardsmen. He thought nothing of it until his parent's confronted him about it. They began to explain to him about his parents. He had never before talked to them about it before. "Your parent's worked on a large ship that transferred weapons to some of the major kingdoms", his father had said. Keztrocx was told much about his parents, even how they died. Some day during one of their shipping trips and they were raided by pirates. Their boar never returned to shore. Keztrocx didn't feel sad about this, but instead he felt ashamed about his parents. He thought they would have been fighters, strong warrior who would have conquered lands or been the king and queen of a great empire. Keztrocx knew that he had a future better than that. That day he left his home taking all of his possessions and left to start a life of his own.

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  9. OMG that is freakin' awesome! I wasn't sure anyone would choose a dwarf, but I put it up there anyway...most dwarves hate mounts of any kind (especially the fast ones) but Rogar is perfect! The only thing I'm kind of wondering is....why the boats? I've never heard of a dwarf that even remotely likes water...most are terrified of it. Also, check his age. Dwarves age at about the same rate as elves, so for the age you're looking for, go around 123 or so. Thanks a lot for joining!!! I looove the beast. He is soooo cool! *is so glad she made this RP*
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  11. Again the whole thing isn't done. The fact that he makes boats is a huge plot point in his history. No jokes.
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