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Anything that actually has, you know, a good plot. I prefer RPs with fantastical elements, however, so generally, a bit of fantasy goes a long way.
A tale set in a Japan in which the charms of exorcists have replaced the arts of science.

A story of a dragon with no freedom and a swordsman with no future.

A narrative of a lie hiding a truth.


“Ah, my sandals are wet again.”
Name: Arata Ketsueki
Age: Looks to be a young man of his early 20s
Race: Some sort of human
Gender: Rather male.
Personality Traits:

Biography Points:
Arata was the son of a dojo master. In an era in which magic has become commonplace, pure swordsmanship fell out of favor, and the dojo was to close soon.
Arata, as a child, did not want that, and believed that if his swordsmanship was impressive enough, he would be able to make the dojo famous enough to get students once more.
So Arata ate a youkai, and gained superhuman strength in exchange for losing his humanity.
When he came back home, his father thought him as a monster, and chased him out.
It hurt, but it didn’t hurt as much as Arata thought it would.
Perhaps because he lost part of his human side?
As years went on, he made a living of sorts out of killing youkai in the countryside.
Killing and eating, and growing stronger as a result, that was what his life was reduced to.
And, after a while, he began to wonder.
Why did he want to become stronger?

Monster Blood
Arata eats youkai, and gains physical power as a result. The more he eats, the stronger he becomes, but the less he can recall his human sensibilities.

The Beloved Blade, Yami no Inazuma
The masterpiece of a swordsmith out in the mountains, it is a blade that seems to glow when drawn from its black sheath. It has been blessed to retain its cutting edge, as long as its wielder holds no hesitation in their heart.

Arata’s swordmanship follows the philosophy of ‘one strike, one kill’. Thus, he is the strongest when his sword is in his sheath, and his fighting abilities afterwards is rather crude after the opening gambit.

Snow blanketed the town and silenced the roads.

The sky was clear, a dark blue that accentuated the glow of the moon and snow. Many have already treated into their homes, charms of warmth and protection keeping winter’s grasp away from their body. Lanterns lit up the streets with incandescent flames, and snowmelt dripped from the tiled roobs.

Izumo was a seaside town, and its climate was as cruel and beautiful as ever. If it wasn’t for the blizzard that had struck during noontime, perhaps he would have already been on the road out of town by then. But, alas, stuck here for another day, the white-haired youth no longer had any money left, and, with no money, there was only one place left for him to stay in.

The lord of Izumo was a man that enjoyed a bloodbath, a noble warmonger who oversaw duels on a daily basis. It wasn’t something that Arata really wanted to be a part of, but he was hungry, and he needed money, so being a rich man’s evening entertainment was something he was willing to put up with. If he had been a bolder man, perhaps he would have entertained the idea of staging a one-man attack on the lord’s castle, and stealing some money, but the half-youkai swordsman wasn’t simple-minded enough to think that it would work.

His straw sandals were soggy by the time he reached the castle door, his feet red and numb. It was an inconvenience he could bear with, however. The oaken gates were not guarded by any soldiers, and, when he placed his hand against it, Arata could tell why.

It was reinforced with magical charms that strengthened it and repelled supernatural abilities.

“A challenge of strength alone then…”

He smiled, his right hand wrapping around the Yami no Inazuma.

A flash of light bisected the door, before a metal clink could be heard, followed by a spray of sparks. Arata sheathed his blade once more, rolling his right shoulder in a satisfied manner. Then, he kicked open the door and smiled at the guards waiting behind it.

“Hello, I heard the lord of this castle was willing to trade a meal and a room for a fight?”
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FULL NAME: Nymere Vyngard

AGE: Seems Late Teens Early 20s
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Bi - Sexual
RACE: Drakonian Oni
-- HUMAN FORM -- Standing only 5'4" and with slim curves and an elegant tone to her Nym seems, when in human form to be an Exotic European half breed. Her almond shaped eyes and long black hair and lashes cast her as orient, but the cream of her skin and the shape of her jawline and high cheekbones call for the european cast. Her height however can pass as a shorter euro, taller orient. Long raven's blue-black hair cascasdes in shapely bangs and long lays that flow down to her waist line. Her only discernible markings on her body are a pattern of scale like birthmarks that run across her right collar bone. Her Master ALWAYS wears/carries a crimson silk - corded neck lanyard that holds a large flawless black pearl this pearl. Thid pearl holds all of Nymere's power and transformation abiltiies, never supposed to be far from her body as in essence her very soul is confined within the object. This allows for her body to withstand ungodly amounts of damage and yet for her to live on. She is technically supposed to be in control of this object but as she was taken from her father's kingdom she was made a slave swiftly the Lord of Isumo Lord Jigoku

--- Nym's eyes are often times in flux. Going between swirling pools of aqua with deep sapphire blue cat pupils, to blazing crimson depths with a fiery bright red cat pupils. She is unsure why her eyes change in such a manner, and has no control over it nor does she understand what causes them to change. But in truth it is due to her Libra Nature. Being a Shenlong Dragon you often have to choose a side light or dark. within young Nym this very battle is happening forher pearl.

-- DRACONIA FORM -- Her body only morphs a little, gaining the wings, horn, tail and sparse scaling to protect her body. Her scales - as black as night and as hard as diamonds; they have an iridescent hue about them that cast in the right light will display rainbow fluxes across their surface. Her eyes hands and feet transform to hold claw like talons and her feet can grip in much the same way hands can. This makes movement across the ground hard. As to her wings though she has them in this form she Cannot maintain any form of long distance flight, she can only remain aerial for roughly 3 posts (my own posts) Her tail on the other hand is nearly as strong as it is in dragon form as it is in this form. Prensile and able to coil about she can actually sit while standing just by leaning on to her tail. The furred tassels often flick to and fro when she is unhappy. Her scales make it so that she really doesn't NEED clothes in this form, but she often times will adorn some form of clothing. Also while in this form due to her taloned feet she gained roughly a foot making her height around 6'. Her muscle tone also clearly defines in this form as it is needed to operate both tail, and wings and carry the added weight. Her skin is more tough in this form and a little leathery to the feel.

-- DRAGON FORM -- Shenlong, the Spiritual Dragons of duality, control over wind, and rain; storms and sound. This form is considered a Celestial form and she can only take it when in DIRE need. So don't expect this form to show up a lot, but when it does steer clear of her wrath. She CAN however be FORCED into this form if someone holds her pearl. Also as displayed by the image her dragon form's coloration will be determined in the moment of the turn. White dragon has more control over lightning, wind and rain, black form has control over thunder / sounder, and Black Flames.

The Demon Dragon Within . . .
A half Breed Shenlong Dragon Oni~ She is still young and without the possession of her Pearl is unable to influence the duality in her Dragon-spirit. So her main abilities of being able to Shift are not currently at her own command. Sadly depending on which state she takes upon half change, she has found with her current lord her scales are black. She fears one day fully turning into a black pure blood Demon Dragon. She must escape her current bonds to pursue a meaning of light before it is to late and her pearl remains black forever.

-- Dark Dragon: Black - Ever Burning Fire and the Tempest of Thunder ( black-fire + sound element bender) become her weapons. While darkened scales, talons and tail become her defense. Horns sprout and a slap of her tail can slice a man clean through to the bone.
-- Light Dragon: Lightning Rain and Wind - the holier side of her dual nature gives her the command of wind and lightning, though to control fog banks, currents and wind bursts is also a slight talent of her light form.

In General Nym is...
-- Calm quiet, calculating and peaceful seeming. She also puts off a meek or timid air that confuses those who know what she truly is. Being a Dragon of course she has a Fiery Temper and a Short Fuse, but at the same time she keeps it well within herself. Having endured a life or hardship in which she is a prisoner for a Lords pleasure has been taxing on her Dragon Spirit to say the least. She of course dreams of the skies and of freedom, of her father, wondering if ever she will return to her fathers lands. However, she is not delusional nor does she pine after illusions of escape. She has been beaten into her submissive place and remains a faithful guardian and pet to her Master. Loyalty to a fault, enforced by her own Soul Pearl.

-- When She is Pushed to Far...
-- When She Cares for Others She Normally...

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