Moon Dogs [OOC]

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This is a first so lets see what I've got :P

Its a story completely based on werewolves.

How your wolf acts is based on how you make them to be, but their strength is displayed by the color of their fur.

The colors are:
etc, whatever you want

The story takes place in a city named "White Fang Metropolis", a city tormented by murders,robberies, corrupt cops, and any other crime possible.The city barely has any peace and quiet. After something tragic in your life happened ,your character has had enough of the torment.They take the curse they're given and taken matters into their own hands.

Your bio may include the following:

time of curse( when you were bit ):
reason for rebellion:
personal perk:

BTW: your personal perk is something your character was good at before becoming a werewolf.

Like i said this is my first time, so if you have any ideas,questions, or anything else just ask me, or i'll find someone else to help you
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name: Tyrone Hawks
age: 18

time of curse: four years ago (2007)

appearance: smooth light brown skin,short black hair, stands about 6'4 with bright forest gold eyes.

profession:ex-swat member

reason for rebellion: Tyrone found his childhood friend bloodied,bruised, and raped in a dark alley.When he reported it in to his employer, they sat back and did nothing about it. Outraged Tyrone vowed in blood to kill of the corrupted, the gangs, and whatever else poses a threat to him and his friends.

werewolf appearance:View attachment 4701
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Hey this sounds like it has a really good potential! However, what do you mean by the fur color?

name: Brialla (Bria) Senka
age: 17
time of curse: Newly bitten- 6 months ago
appearance: Tall and skinny but muscular with a runner's body. She has very long aurburn hair and bright blue eyes.
profession: Student (she tries to hide the curse)
reason for rebellion: When she watched her parents being murdered by a gang, she knew they would come for her next so Bria decided it was time to protect herself and those she loved from any danger. She
personal perk: Before being cursed, Bria was an excellent singer and horseback rider
werewolf appearance:
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awsome bio :3

the color of their fur tells whether or not they fight like beast, a man(with sanity), or a savage.

Gray: Beast
Brown:is human(fights while thinking)
White: is unknown
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Ahhh. So according to my picture I'm a mix of grey and white... so I'm an unknown beasty? :D
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I enjoy that I posted in both of your threads without even realizing it... We have the same RP taste! :P
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Name: Nograd
Bitten: 2005
Wolf form: wears armor over fur armored_kantus (1).jpg

Human form: Black hair covers left eye, wears a hoodie, and black jeans.

Perk: A gang member

Reason for rebellion: After seeing my own gang turn against me and my family i began to fight back against anyone who i see as a threat to myself or people i know.
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Nograd i appreciate the creativity, but you have to kinda bind with the modern werewolf style. You know, fangs, claws, and a more juggernaut mentality. Other than that you have an awesome post. :P
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Werewolf.jpg Thats how i look then just with a tail.
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Do you need another player by any chance? Or are ya good on all that stuffs?
-blinks gigantic anime eyes at.-
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-gets scared and runs away.-
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come back here
-turns into werewolf and chases chau-
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-just watches- okayyyy then. I could shoot chau and make it alot easier. But so when can i start?
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By the end of this week i'll probably get started on the thread to get it moving, I've been way busy with Sky Burner <>_<>