Moon, Blood, and Wolf's Bane

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    "Do you know why we howl at the moon, pup? To mourn those the Light took from us..."
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    Legend of old states that Darkness blessed a tribe of humans. Ones that welcomed the night and it's creatures, ran with the wolves, and lived their life by loyalty and blood. The gift Darkness bestowed was the change, shifting their blood from that of normal humans to include the gene of the wolves they cherished. They became stronger, with better eyesight and hearing. Healing at a slightly faster rate and only needing to fear the poison of silver reaching their bloodstream. Most notably, an ability to shift from human form to wolf. Their lifespans aren't any longer than the average human.

    Called by many names, including lycanthrope or loup-garou, the werewolf struggles to exist in our modern world. Keeping to their own clans and laws, they only mingle with the humans when necessary. Over the centuries many myth and legend were told of the werewolves. True or false, human kind feared these creatures and chose to hunt them. A werewolf may mate with human's if they like that sort of thing, but it's forbidden to bare their children. They believe The Curse was born from those unions, thus it is a act punishable by death. If a halfbreed exists, they do not exist for very long. Clans are located all over the world, but numbers have slowly begun to dwindle. The Age of the Were is long gone.

    Curse of the Werewolf
    The werewolf curse is what sparked the fear and legend of these beasts going mad with the full moon. It doesn't affect all werewolves, only those infected by it. They believe a clan member fell in love with one from Light's tribes and Light angry with the audacity of these creatures blessed by the Darkness, laid a curse on their children. Come night when the sun reflects off the Full Moon, their blood will boil and their skins will change. Their former beautiful forms will twist and turn ugly. To a wild and chaotic beast that only thirsts for blood. Similar to rabies or other viruses, the curse can be passed through a bite or blood to were or human. The Curse is impossible to control, thus many clans will ostracize or kill anyone that becomes infected.

    Geoff Larrow was the previous clan leader. Alpha wolf. But a year ago he was killed trying to defend clanmates when a few humans realized there were werewolves in their midst. Someone in the clan had let their secret slip out, by loose tongue, uncontrolled hunting, and attacking humans.

    Forced to move or risk having the entire clan's identities discovered, they bought new property in Montana near small but bustling little vacation town. For the past year, all of the clan have made themselves at home. Finding new jobs, new homes and building new lives. The properties are far enough away from the main town and homes that they can change and run in the night without any fear.

    Yet, without a leader, some of the young are getting out of control. Taking risks! A new alpha will be chosen soon, be it one of the clan or an outsider. It will be decided the old fashioned way... the strongest takes the prize.

    You may play a member of the wereclan (clan members are not all related!), an outsider were, or a human. There are no other races in this roleplay! Humans don't believe in werewolves, but there is the occasional crackpot that's a nut case, or a person who found out the SECRET. Werewolf hunters do exist. They DON'T have magic. Nobody has magic!

    I ask that you have the ability to post more than once a week. I know some people can't post everyday, but it sucks balls only getting one post a week from people.

    If you would like to join, fill out the template below and post it! :D


    [noparse]Character Name:
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History: [/noparse]


    Daniel Marston (32/m): Desires to be the next Alpha Wolf and Leader of the Clan. Inactive.
    Zack Gauss (32/m): Keeper of justice for Wolf Law, he wants to change the rules! Left Town.
    Natasha Stonelake (28/f): Subservient female just trying to stay in the ranks!
    Saraliya Stonelake (22/f): Determined to be the Alpha wolf, even if she is young and female.
    Jason Bain (25/m): Wolfie just wants to keep the peace!
    Clay Baritone (43/m): Biker wolf stranger, blowing in to take over freely or hostile! Dead.
    Noel (30s/m): Right hand wolf to the mysterious bar owner of Howling Hippo!
    Kyle Craft (20/m): Library wolf, Just trying not to die in all this wolf drama! Dead.
    Palmer (22/m): City wolf coming to Raymond to hideout from a mad gang! Inactive.
    Remmi (24/f): Looking for her lost pack after being a runaway!

    Cyrus Longhurst (42/m): Werewolf hunter paid by an anonymous employer. He killed the former Alpha. This is his last hunt. Inactive. (NPC)
    Charlotte 'Charlie' Morris (25/f): Student Wildlife conservationist and Game Warden! She has noticed weird differences about the wolves in the area!
    Dennis Simone (39/m): After his family was killed Cursed Wolves and he remained unaffected, he is now hunting for revenge! Inactive.
    Grace Colton (27/f): Runs a Ranch just outside of town with her family and will not hesitate to shoot any wolf that gets on her property trying to steal animals.
    Deputy Marshal 'Slater' Rockwell (42/m) Deputy Sheriff Inactive.
    Marette Deltoya (29/f): Lover and defender of wolves!
    Alexander Chambers (21/m): Ex-trust fund brat and super gay!
    Jimmy Oldhorn (late30s/m): Seeking revenge on werewolves!
  2. Character Name: Daniel Marston

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Construction foreman/Beta Wolf, contender for the role of Alpha.

    Age: 35

    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose: Finish up the house he and his crew are working on. Becoming the Alpha Wolf.

    General Personality: He's a likeable man, trustable, even for shady deals. He's always going around with a joke and keeping people happy. Though with issues of the clan, he does what must be done, and is quickest to suggest violence, or deceit, all for the sake of the clan.

    General History: He is the cousin of the former Alpha Wolf. Daniel became a trusted man among the clan since he was a child, and supported his cousin through and through with his decisions as an Alpha, and on the way to become one.

    After the clan moved, he became a foreman in a human-owned construction company, and is planning on getting higher on the ladder there, and on the clan's ladder.
  3. Carrie

    "She's calling for help...she's scared." I comment slowly and feel my chest heave as I struggle for the right thing to say.

    I place my hand out in front of Itzlie and Tegan "We need to step back just a little bit..." she starts trying to escape and I bite my lip "Nous sommes aux..." My mind is swirling as I try to remember the words "Er, etases unix? Je pense? Desole por mon petite intelligence." Did I just apologize for my small intelligence? I think I need to reread on the language when I have the time. In English I say "We are in the United States, Quinn."

    She suddenly screams out her own name and my heart starts shattering in my chest. I don't think Quinn is exactly here anymore. "Je veut aider tu." I repeat, biting my lip "S'il vous plait."


    "A hotel chain? That's almost Stephen King like." I smirk. Oh Shining, you still give me nightmares. "But that's an odd way to get rich isn't it? I mean, they could have been in a family of doctors or business men. Hotel makes sense though. It's a good way to get rich." I ponder this for a good second or two "I wonder if they had other methods to get rich. You know...hotel business means you can rumble through other people's things."


    I grin "Good, I'm glad you are better. A rested Rina is a happy Rina, and a happy Rina means I have less likely of a chance of getting poisoned." I tease her and I poke her forehead, hoping that my cheeks had become less apparent. It was amazing how hot they had been.


    I smile at him and tilt my head "Are you heading out already Saka?" I blush slightly "Er, thanks for staying with me. I really appreciate it."


    "I feel that it's so weird...I got this power barely a year ago and only started to believe it. I don't know why I didn't know about this ability sooner. Maybe I had it and didn't even realize it."
  4. OOOOOOOOO! Wolfies!

    Character Name: Natasha Stonelake
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Maid for a human-run hotel/ Omega wolf, Does more of the rather unwanted jobs for the clan, Is fine with being one of the lowest rankings, just happy that she's not on her own
    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: She wants to prove that she belongs in the clan, as this sometimes seems to come into question, but she also would like some respect in the fact that she may not always do things right, but she DOES bust her ass 24/7 to try and do things quickly, efficiently and correctly in her work and in her role.
    General Personality: Humble and constantly bowing to other's demands, Natasha has always seemed to be one to be easily stepped on or simply treated as a servant or slave. Even so, she doesn't complain. She's been like this since she was a pup, kind to a point where it might seem like she was merely someone who was trying to get on everyone's good side. She has a fear that she is unimportant and constantly tries to fix this, or try to make people see that she will go extreme distances for something that is asked of her.
    General History: Natasha was born into the clan, and as previously stated, had this odd, servile attitude from birth. She was the first to give up in play fights with other pups, backing off when she was scratched just slightly. This has never seemed to change, but she honestly tries to be a good person, and a good member in the clan. She sometimes gets pushed around, but her personality makes it hard for her to see when someone's just using her. This sometimes leads to others getting involved, as well as a few talks over the years over trying to gain the SLIGHTEST bit of a spine for herself, but it seems like the only time she has a spine is for others. When she was a little older, while there was still an alpha, she was teased slightly and misunderstood, thinking she was unwanted and almost left the pack before being told the error she was about to make. This, however did not dissuade the sense that she was unwanted, and so, she constantly strives to help whenever asked of anything.

    Trying out a new char type, hope this works out.
  5. Damnit, Diana, this isn't fair! *sulks but starts typing up an awesome bio!*
  6. Colette Fournier

    The woman's French is rather rough, but understandable. However, I'm drowning in so much panic that I only register two words: Etats Unis.


    The United States? W-what am I doing in America? When...

    And that's when it all hits me like a freight train. Memories start pounding into my brain while a mallet hammering nails through my skull. Mon Dieu, it hurts. It hurts so much, but I try to focus. Quinn escaping home...packing everything...buying a one way ticket to America...

    That's right. We ran away. We were safe. B-but what am I doing here? This isn't part of the plan at all! The last time I was conscious, Quinn promised to keep us safe and to live in freedom and independence. No one but us. I trusted her. I trusted her!

    I look back up at the woman, the stairs digging uncomfortably into the back of my legs. I taste something metallic on the corner of my lips, though I ignore it. I've grown far too accustomed to the taste of blood to care. "Je ne veux pas de ton aide! (I don't want your help!)," I snap, my eyes narrowing.

    However, my vision snares onto a girl lurking in the back ((Tegan)). She seems beyond anxious and worried, her gaze burning into me. For some reason, her stare makes me flinch and relax at the same time, which confuses me. I don't know her.

    Do I?

    N-no. I don't recognize her at all. But my gut is practically screaming at me. I don't know what it's trying to tell me at all. Is this Quinn trying to tell me something? I-it doesn't matter! I can't trust her anymore! She betrayed--


    Quinn Harvey

    "She betrayed--!"

    I clamp my mouth shut--feeling thoroughly confused.

    Um...who betrayed me?

    I look around, wondering when in the hell I moved from Tegan's steel gurney to the lobby stairs. When I notice her, Carrie, and Itzlie (on top of practically all of the other abnormals in this freaking mansion) staring at me like I was some gorilla let loose at the zoo, I quirk an eyebrow.

    " there an issue? Why are all of you ogling me like that? Wait..." I frown, tasting something awful. When I wipe my mouth and see blood on my hand, my eyes widen. Why am I bleeding? From the mouth, no less! Internal bleeding, maybe? "D-did I, uh...harm myself?" I ask uncertainly.

  7. Belle

    She smiled "Not directly. You definitely have that attitude towards most."
  8. Character Name: Dennis Simone
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Hunter/vicar
    Age: 39
    General Appearance: His face looks to be older than the 39 years it has weathered. The wrinkles around his eyes and mouth signify a face that often frowns but rarely smiles. He keeps both his head and face cleanshaven but covers his head with a worn-out outdoor stetson when it's cold. He has taken to wearing jeans and quilted shirts when 'on the hunt' but always wears a tiny silver cross around his neck, inscribed and consecrated by the church he works for. With his heavy build and rough looks, not many would guess that he was a clergy man, but he does keep his official garb in the trunk of his car, along with his hunting gear, should he feel the need to speak with authority.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Hunting down the godless creatures that killed his wife and children. Each and every one of them.
    General Personality: Generally devoid of humor, serious and disciplined. He has devoted his life to god and his works and, if not to the letter, follows the bible as close as possible in everything he does. He does not consider himself a bad man, and would never harm another human being. Werewolves however, are a different story.
    General History: Dennis used to be just your regular clergyman in charge of a small town in Vermont. That is, untill a group of cursed werewolves wrecked his house, killed his wife and children and left him mauled, but alive. Fortunately for him his blood remained un-contaminated by the curse. People refused to believe werewolves were responsible for the carnage, thinking that the vicar grasped back to the bible for an explanation in his confused and bewildered state. Dennis, desillusioned with society, set out into the wilds as soon as he got out of his arduous revalidation process, and with no small amount of luck managed to bring down several lone werewolves in the Vermont area. He has come a long way since then, keeping his body and mind honed for the hunt, and having no small amount of equipment to help him even the odds. He has recently tracked the activity of a pack that was uncovered nearby, and followed their trails to Montana where he hopes to finally make his big move, and expose the truth to the world.

    Just a question: We know the curse is transferable by blood or spittle. But how about the blessing? is there any way it could be given to or taken by someone?
  9. Normal Weres cannot turn humans! Not unless they catch the disease, then they're pretty fucked. A human will be human up until the full moon, then they're murderous uncontrollable beasties. Where a Were is going to have all of the natural ability as one all the time, until full moon where they have no control anymore. It's something that is punishing both human and wolf for the "bad thing". Where the blessing was just something special for that one group of people. ....At least that is how the myth goes. XD Scientifically speaking, the Curse is really just a disease that developed, affecting were and humans, prolly cause they have similar dna structure. >>;

    Now, you could be born a halfbreed, but the likelyhood of a halfbreed surviving isn't too high since the wolves are very strict about their Law!

    I MAY ACCEPT -ONE- MORE HUNTER CHARACTER, BUT NO MORE AFTER THAT! Got two hunters now. >:D Can't have too many.

    Everyone is looking sweet so far. >:3

    Character Name: Grace Colton
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 27
    Birthplace/World: Montana
    Occupation: Rancher


    General Appearance:
    Strengths: Physically fit from lots of labor.
    Weaknesses: Borderline diabetic, and needs to keep an eye on her blood sugar. Too much or too little and she can get very sick.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Take care of family property.
    Talents: Shooting, horseback riding, playing darts.
    Inabilities: Drinking, talking in front of big crowds
    Fears: Wolves, large breed dogs, serial killer movies.
    General Personality: Grace is that "girl next door". The one everyone knows and has some funny story about. She won't take any shit from people, and has a sassy mouth when she wants to. But she's fair minded and keeps to her own business. Grace isn't very sociable - she has no problem chatting with people, but prefers to stick to herself and what she's working on. Her maturity and sense of responsibility has earned her a lot of respect with the people around town.
    Inner Personality: What you see is what you get. Grace is secure with who she is as a person. She knows what she wants from life, how she'll get it, and is on the right track. Nothing ever rocks her boat.


    General History:
    An only daughter to wealthy Ranchers, Grace could have ended up spoiled. Instead she was raised with those good old fashioned down home values. Family, Hardwork and Honor! As a child, she was a rambunctious little tom boy. Climbing trees, catching animals, wrestling boys. Puberty switched things up a bit. She got more involved with girly things like beauty pageants, cheer-leading, and trying to be rebellious. For awhile she went through a phase of wanting to move out of the country and do ANYTHING but ranching. She even ran away from home for two months.

    But, on her little adventure, she realized how much she really missed her family and their home. Grace came back with a new perspective, graduated and took college courses that'd fulfill hew new goals. She had what she needed all along right there in Montana.

    Present Life:
    Her parents, aunts and uncles are out touring around the country for a Rodeo all Fall long. Because she's so responsible, she's in charge of the Ranch. Running the staff and keeping the family in line. Her biggest concern right now is the thieves and predators trying to sneak up on the farm. Fall is a busy season for harvesting and getting ready for the winter. Her biggest fear is about the wolves. She's been told a bunch of new packs are in the area, and that can't be good for anybody.


    Character Name: Saraliya Stonelake
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: WOLF, waitress at a bar owned by one of the Clan.
    Age: 22
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose: Become the next Alpha. Get this clan under control.
    General Personality: Saraliya is the total opposite of her sister. She is dominating and domineering. Refusing to back down from ANY scuffle whether she is right or wrong. Fearlessness has earned her some respect points, but at the same time it makes her reckless. Her determination to become the next pack leader has given way to her scheming and plotting, even manipulating clan members when she sees an opportunity. Saraliya has the best interest of the clan at heart, but her emotions and personal problems often cloud her judgment.
    General History: Being a younger sibling, Saraliya is living in the shadow her older sister has cast. Her tiny and cowering shadow. She has made a huge effort to stand out, be strong, and be more than everyone's little bitch. So far, she has succeeded very well. For a young wolf, she has the respect and admiration of many. But just as many feel she's just an upstart from a weak family.

    Saraliya intends to be the next Alpha by any means necessary. Their clan is slowly dying out, like man other clans. It's time for them to make themselves stronger! She is very biased against humans and weres that have relations to them. The Clans can fend for themselves.
  11. Gwen

    "It'll be fun." She uttered quietly to herself and formed bone around her knuckles and arms as defense. She grimaced slightly at the sting and made her way to the damaged arena "Alright, let's get this going."
  12. Hunter

    "I'm always prepared in the field. It's good to have a few back up plans. For example, say there is a power dampener and I need to escape, I've got a few things for that." He stretched a little. "Well, when I fight someone, I'm kicking their ass. This is just sparring to demonstrate our abilities and fighting capability." He turned to the stands. "Are we just going for pinning or incapacitating or what?"
  13. Gwen

    "In a real fight I just snap bones." She admitted "That's a lot quicker. But I'll try it your way and focus." She shifted her feet and focused on his structure again. She tried to make both his wrists and ankles immobile once more, grimacing as she found herself stuck in place as she focused. She forced herself to circle him before advancing, somewhat slower than before
  14. Gwen

    "Fair enough." She commented, shrugging. "I'm still certain she'll damage something." She smirked and peeked down below. She had noticed the two already had started sparring. She was surprised to see how quick Belle was at avoiding Blizzards attacks
  15. Character Name: Noel
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: RIGHT HAND MAN of the guy who owns the bar everyone loves to work at! You know, Harry's Howling Hippo, otherwise known as Triple H or the 3-H bar.
    Age: Thirty ... ish?

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Current Goal/Purpose: Help take care of the Clan; provide a place for people to relax, have a good time ... and for Harry to make lots of money!
    General Personality: A devil-may-care wolf rather attached with the bar, he is often seen playing on a hand held game system in a corner somewhere. He's never in the same place twice but he seems to be just where he needs to be, like when a patron gets too rowdy or one of the employees needs the night off for whatever reason. He is most popular for giving excuses to Harry's whereabouts (Get it, "wereabouts"!). If the employees need anything, he's the guy they go to talk to. He is a sensible, cool-headed man who doesn't get emotional over anything but is always cracking a smile. Noel is a story teller with a vivid imagination that hides a vicious streak no one has ever seen--and probably never will!

    General History:
    No one is quite sure of Noel's origins, other than he's been with Geoff's Pack for awhile and he's a were.

    *phew* Now I can relax and before I forget ... *hisses at anyone who says she's being lazy with the General History*
  16. Character Name: Kyle Craft
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Librarian/Omega Wolf, does whatever a superior tells him to.
    Age: 20
    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Keep alive and comfortable
    General Personality: Kyle just wants to not be hurt. He's a coward, he's the first one to admit it. He doesn't see the problem with being a coward. It keeps him alive, doesn't it? He doesn't get hurt. And it's not like he's throwing other people to the wolves. Well, he does that occasionally. What's wrong with ratting people out? If they wanted secrecy they'd make sure that he didn't know anything about it. He puts his safety above everything else. When it actually comes to interacting with other people, he's meek and timid, almost like he was afraid of everything. That's mainly just a front, however, hiding a sarcastic and bitter young man. But if he spoke his mind, he'd be hurt, and he doesn't want that...

    General History: Kyle's life is remarkable only in how unremarkable it is...for a were, at least. His parents kept their heads down and didn't get into trouble, so he did as well. They instilled to him a lesson he will never forget: The world will kill you if you give it half the chance. So he didn't. He made sure he was in good standing with the clan, so if something bad happened to him, it wouldn't be his fault, and he wouldn't be hurt. He made himself useful. Nothing major really happened. Even when the old Alpha died, he was sure that he could be fine so long as he bowed his head to the new one. But some of his peers are being reckless...He hopes that they don't do anything too stupid. Or, if they do, that it doesn't affect him.
  17. Character Name: Alexander Chambers

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: ex-trust fund brat / Human

    Age: 21

    General Appearance: [​IMG]

    Current Goal/Purpose: Finding a job to support himself.

    General Personality: Laid back and confident. He's always seen with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. Coming from Hawaii he likes to take things slow and always stops to smell the roses. He enjoys the finer things in life: fast cars, hot guys, good food, and good liquor. He's always one to help a person in need but as long as he doesn't get dirty doing it. He can also be good to have others do his dirty work for him while he kicks back to chat up the hottie across the room.

    General History: Alex just recently arrived in town. His parents thought that he wasn't grounded enough so to teach him a lesson they sent him to Montana, what they believed to be the most unglamourous destination possible. While he wasn't thrilled with the idea he was excited to get out and meet some new people, after all there's only so many people to meet on an island and it was time to move on. So Mommy and Daddy cut up Alex's plastic and shipped him out with just enough money to rent a cheap apartment with all the amenities for a year, after that he was to work and support himself for a year and if he managed they'd turn his credit back on, hoping he wouldn't need it as much.
  18. Character Name: Jimmy OldhornSailingHawkTurningPineTakestheShield

    Gender: Big Strong Buck

    Job/Role: Bingo Caller out for Revenge

    Age: Almost too old to tipi creep but not willing to accept it yet (late 30s).

    General Appearance: He’s big, he’s strong, he’s wise and he’s got a name longer than your dick, and if his name is longer than your anatomy you can only begin to guess how impressive his own is. It is like a salmon rising against the dawn.

    Tall, nearly 7’ with a solid frame to match, making him a force to be reckoned with. Despite his giant size he’s still got a round, friendly face, laugh-lines being the first wrinkles of his that come in.

    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Werewolves killed his brown sugar baby. They stole from his life her frybread thighs and chokecherry eyes. He will never forgive them.

    General Personality: Talks big and talks loud, constantly telling jokes that very few people will understand but doesn’t care. He knows his baby can hear them and that’s all that matters. A giant with a heart of gold but without the pockets to match, so he isn’t beyond doing odd jobs or gambling to make money to pay his way on his mission. Can be charming if he wants to be but tries to repress those urges because he’s pretty sure his wife is haunting him.

    Humble and kind, generous to a fault. Good humored and helpful…as long as you stay on his good side. Years of hard-living have made Jimmy a stoic-minded individual and somewhat apathetic to the plight of others if he thinks they aren’t working hard enough to solve their own problems. Cold and heartless when it comes to exacting his revenge.

    General History: Jimmy and his wife were out on the road late one night, traveling via motorcycle to a relative’s wedding when they ran across Clay’s renegade pack of werewolves. He saw a group of headlights approaching behind him and the next thing he knew their bike was throwing sparks into the air as it slid across the asphalt on its side. He could hear the screeching of metal and the snapping of the bones in his legs. The rest of his memories of that night are a muddle of tears, screams and blood.

    They waited for a while after he came to in the ER to tell him she didn’t make it, but he could read it on their faces. Maybe it was because for the first time in his life, he saw his mother make an expression other than stony silence. He saw her weep. It was then that he wept too.

    He knew that no one could survive what he saw them do to her…what he saw those creatures do. He swore then that he would do the same. If he had to become a monster to beat one, then so be it. He would eat their hearts just as they had eaten his.

    Not a native resident of Montana but rather Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Has many relatives in Montana though whom he can depend on if things get tough.
  19. Hopefully an acceptable character!

    Character Name:
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Beggar-Burglar / "Bone Walker" Wolf
    Age: 22
    General Appearance: Short and thin, with a coat too baggy for him and a beanie covering his brown hair, he fits the image of a common man of his age these days. His pants, however, fit snug - and he makes very little noise as he moves, save for a rustle or two. Close examination reveals that he's not even as tall as he appears to be - he's standing on the balls of his feet. Despite fashion, his hands are NEVER tucked into those pockets of his, and he constantly looks over his shoulders.

    He is, however, a werewolf. He's got a special benefit, too... his 'runt' size and lack of much muscle growth when he goes into were-form means he does not rip his clothes, and can still wear them (as well as keeping the manual and mental dexterity to do moderately complex tasks in this form).
    View attachment 1338

    Current Goal/Purpose: "Lissen. Wasn' me, I don' know nothin' 'bout nothin'. I jus' wanna live, s'all."
    General Personality: Nervous would be a good word to describe him. He's not as 'thug' as he tries to appear, and is actually horribly paranoid. His lifestyle and status as a thief makes sure of that. He has redeemable qualities, though... he's sometimes acted as a 'Robin Hood', stealing from the foul dregs of society and giving back to those that had their money and possessions wrongfully taken from them - human or otherwise. He's fast and quick, and he knows it... the skills of a wolf lend itself well to his chosen profession.
    General History: Born and raised a "Bone Walker" - city werewolf - to two equally Bone Walker parents, he grew up at the bottom of the ladder. There are no pecking order for werewolves in the city - it's live or die. Aid the pack and you will be rewarded. Become a problem... become a meal. That's the way it was... it was a surprisingly good life, and the small 'pack' would move from alleyway to alleyway, picking scraps from the garbage and gnawing on particular bones. Sure, it was a disgrace to the "pure werewolves" back in the woods... but that was never important. Was what important was adaptation - survival... what Bone Walkers did best.

    Probably no surprise that is wasn't going to last. Palmer was just too nice to be a selfish survivalist... his 'Robin Hood' tendencies was noticed by a particularly vindictive gang. They didn't know HOW he stole from them so easily, they just knew he DID... and they wanted his skills, or him dead. Like and self-reliant city werewolf, he gave his pack and parents no warning, up and fled for his life - tail between his legs, if you choose to use the crude terms for it. He ended up in the backwoods he heard of... a stranger werewolf in a strange location. Now, if only he could find some assistance...
  20. Character Name:Remmi
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Survive and protect her race
    Age: 24
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Current Goal/Purpose:To make a fresh start in Montana on her own, but hopefully not for long.
    General Personality: Remmi is very sweet, kind and accepting. After her situation back home she realized how precious having people in her life was and she was never going to do anything to jeopardize that again. Remmi tries to be perceptive of people and their intentions, however despite her best efforts sometimes people need to be as subtle as a bag of bricks to the face with her.
    General History:Remmi went through a rebellious streak and ran away from home for a short amount of time. After a months time she returned home to find her family and pack gone. Their home was in shambles and the scent of blood was everywhere, yet nobody was to be found. She went from home to home of her pack and each one was the same. Alone and frightened Remmi ran, however she was not a fool. Remmi went back to her home to get the supplies she would need. As this was more permanent the a streak of rebellion, she raided the stash of money that her family kept for an emergency and the weapons. Remmi was a pretty skilled fighter but she knew there were thing out there that were bigger and badder than her she would need everything that she could cram into her beat up 85 Honda Accord. Remmi drove around the country, leaving no paper trail, eventually making her way to Montana, where she decided to stop running and face her life. Remmi has only been in Montana for a few days and stumbles on a small quiet town of Raymond.