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Legend of old states that Darkness blessed a tribe of humans. Ones that welcomed the night and it's creatures, ran with the wolves, and lived their life by loyalty and blood. The gift Darkness bestowed was the change, shifting their blood from that of normal humans to include the gene of the wolves they cherished. They became stronger, with better eyesight and hearing. Healing at a slightly faster rate and only needing to fear the poison of silver reaching their bloodstream. Most notably, an ability to shift from human form to wolf. Their lifespans aren't any longer than the average human.

Called by many names, including lycanthrope or loup-garou, the werewolf struggles to exist in our modern world. Keeping to their own clans and laws, they only mingle with the humans when necessary. Over the centuries many myth and legend were told of the werewolves. True or false, human kind feared these creatures and chose to hunt them. A werewolf may mate with humans if they like that sort of thing, but it's forbidden to bare their children. They believe The Curse was born from those unions, thus it is a act punishable by death. If a halfbreed exists, they do not exist for very long. Clans are located all over the world, but numbers have slowly begun to dwindle. The Age of the Were is long gone.

The werewolf curse is what sparked the fear and legend of these beasts going mad with the full moon. It doesn't affect all werewolves, only those infected by it. They believe a clan member fell in love with one from Light's tribes and Light, angry with the audacity of these creatures blessed by the Darkness, laid a curse on their children. Come night when the sun reflects off the Full Moon, their blood will boil and their skins will change. Their former beautiful forms will twist and turn ugly. To a wild and chaotic beast that only thirsts for blood. Similar to rabies or other viruses, the curse can be passed through a bite or blood to were or human. The Curse is impossible to control, thus many clans will ostracize or kill anyone that becomes infected.

Geoff Larrow lead his pack as a favored Alpha. But on night he was killed trying to defend clanmates when a few humans realized there were werewolves in their midst. Someone in the clan had let their secret slip out, by loose tongue, uncontrolled hunting, and attacking humans. The leaderless pack was forced to move or risk having the entire clan's identities discovered. They bought new property in Montana near small but bustling little vacation town called Raymond. For year they lived, but without a leader the young weres became restless and out of control. This time they drew attention to themselves not just by humans, but by Hunters. To make matters worse, one of their pack committed the worse of sins - getting a human pregnant. The Council of Weres sent agents to "get rid of the problem". Before the pack could sneak out of town, most of it's members were slaughtered.

Come to present date...
For the past five years, those that managed to survive the pack's genocide have lived scattered and on the run. Now, word is being sent out that Saraliya Stonelake has procured new land in Canada and a new safe home for those that wish to return or join their pack. She is Alpha. They will not run any more. All those that pledge loyalty to their pack will be protected. And after a promise she made... it includes the five year old half-were child that shouldn't exist.

Saraliya intends to make a stand. Glendon, Canada will belong to her pack come hell or highwater. Yet, she is unaware of just how big of a fight they are going to get...

Glendon, Canada is a northern village in the Alberta providence. It boats a whopping less than 500 population, many of which are already refugee or packless weres now pledged in to Saraliya's command. It's cold here, even though it's the summer months. Humans do not believe in werewolves, however Glendon natives have their legends, since there has always been a were presence in this town. It's why Saraliya chose it to be their home. There are no vampires or other races, and there is no magic in this roleplay.

Character Options:
- A were part of Saraliya's original pack, that has come to live in their new home.
- A native were to the town that is now part of the pack, or prefers not to affiliate.
- An outsider were that has just got to town.
- A human that lives in the town or has just gotten to town.
* If you are a human native to Glendon, you CAN already know about werewolves and be keeping the secret. It's up to you!​

Unless you have already spoken to me about the character, we're not allowing were hunters, or were-law enforcers, as we already have plans for those and want to avoid having too many.


[noparse]Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History: [/noparse]​

Accepted characters and basic essentials will be listed below. :D

Saraliya Stonelake: /F Alpha Wolf of the Glendon Pack.
Rion Larrow /M The son of Geoff Larrow.
Noel: ??/M Mysterious pain in the ass.
Donna: 23/F Hiding from her pack Alpha. Has a young 5 year old son (Tavos).
Bradley Parker: 25/M Adopted a 9 year old son (Aidyn) with Sean.
Sean Grey: 25/M Is looking for a cure to the curse/disease.
Zack: 36/M Grace's ex.
Remmi: /F
Sollux: /M Donna's mate.
Coco Deveraux: 17/F
Alex Lesper: 19/M Escaped experiment labs with Zack.
Matthew Kirch: 27/M Biologist looking for a cure to the curse.
Ethan Deveraux: 30/M Banker and Glendon Native
Owen 'Wanderer' Walsh: 19/M Wanderer looking for a new home.
Jason Bain: 30/M
Jacob Basha: 58/M
Rex Cunningham: 25/M

Grace Colton: 32/F Human that made a were baby! Under the pack's protection.
Daniel 5/M NPC. Grace's son. He is half-were and in mortal danger should anyone outside of the pack find out.
[posting my bios here!] >>;

Character Name: Saraliya Stonelake
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Alpha Wolf. (Real Estate Agent!)
Age: 27
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Secure her pack's future.
General Personality: Dominating and domineering. Refusing to back down from ANY scuffle whether she is right or wrong. Fearlessness has earned her some respect points, but at the same time it makes her reckless. Her determination to do whatever it takes to lead her pack has paid off, but she's made sacrifices and mistakes that she now harbors a lot of regret for. Saraliya has the best interest of the clan at heart, but is unable to show it as she thinks she needs to keep up appearances to hold her seat as Alpha.
General History: Being a younger sibling, Saraliya was living in the shadow her older sister cast. Her tiny and cowering shadow. She made a huge effort to stand out, be strong, and be more than everyone's little bitch. She suceeded very well. For a young wolf, she had the respect and admiration of many. But just as many felt she was just an upstart from a weak family.

Saraliya sacrificed her personal life for the sake of protecting her pack. Now she is Alpha and holds on tight to that role and the promises she made to protect all it's members. Even the ones that shouldn't exist. She hopes to turn Glendon in to a sanctuary and foundation for their race. Create a safe place for weres to live where they are not hunted by humans or at the mercy of an out-dated were law.


<b>Character Name:</b> Grace Colton<br>
<b>Gender:</b> Female<br>
<b>Species/Race:</b> Human <br>
<b>Age:</b> 27<br>
<b>Birthplace/World:</b> Montana<br>
<b>Occupation:</b> Real Estate<br><br>


<b>General Appearance:</b> <br>
<b>Strengths:</b> Physically fit from lots of labor.<br>
<b>Weaknesses:</b> Borderline diabetic, and needs to keep an eye on her blood sugar. Too much or too little and she can get very sick.<br><br>


<b>Current Goal/Purpose:</b> Take care of family property.<br>
<b>Talents:</b> Shooting, horseback riding, and playing darts.<br>
<b>Inabilities:</b> Drinking, talking in front of big crowds<br>
<b>Fears:</b> Wolves, large breed dogs, serial killer movies.<br>
<b>General Personality:</b> Grace is that "girl next door". The one everyone knows and has some funny story about. She won't take any shit from people, and has a sassy mouth when she wants to. But she's fair minded and keeps to her own business. Grace isn't very socialable - she has no problem chatting with people, but prefers to stick to herself and what she's working on. Her maturity and sense of responsibility has earned her a lot of respect with the people around town.<br>
<b>Inner Personality:</b> What you see is what you get. Grace is secure with who she is as a person. She knows what she wants from life, how she'll get it, and is on the right track. Nothing ever rocks her boat.<br><br>

<p class=head>HISTORIC BACKGROUND</p>

<b>General History:</b><br>
An only daughter to wealthy Ranchers, Grace could have ended up spoiled. Instead she was raised with those good old fashioned down home values. Family, Hardwork and Honor! As a child, she was a rambunctious little tom boy. Climing trees, catching animals, wrestling boys. Puberty switched things up a bit. She got more involved with girly things like beauty pagents, cheerleading, and trying to be rebellious. For awhile she went through a phase of wanting to move out of the country and do ANYTHING but ranching. She even ran away from home for two months.<br><br>

But, on her little adventure, she realized how much she really missed her family and their home. Grace came back with a new perspective, graduated and took college courses that'd fulfill hew new goals. She had what she needed all along right there in Montana.
Character Name: Sollux (refuses to use his last name)
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Alpha of another pack. Hunter of hunters and blood traitors.
General Appearance: Tall, 6'6" in human form with bulk to match. His hair is matte black and in wolf form he has a silver patch between his shoulders. His skin is covered in many small scars especially prevalent around his shoulders. His most distinguishing feature are his bright amber eyes, he is the splitting image of his father and easy to mistake for a loner by the way he carries himself.
Current Goal/Purpose: To find his woman. To protect his family (pack is family). To kill the hunters who kill weres, and the traitors who curse all weres.
General Personality: Sollux is a wolf on a mission. Not a assigned bu the council of anyone, its personal and nothing and noone will get in his way. Hunters kill us without knowing us, their punishment is fitting to their crime. Blood traitors, those who bring the curse, who doom us all by consorting with humans and producing half breeds They're even worse than the hunters. The mad, those victims of the curse. They're lost to us anyway.
General History: Sollux was the son of his pack's previous alpha whose mother died one winter then we as a toddler. He barely remembers her. Far more prominent in his memory is the full moon there his life changed forever. Sollux's father afflicted by the curse turned on his own pack growing into a monstrous form. The males of the pack banded together and attacked his and Sollux, five years old at the tike watched his father get torn to pieces. It was that night he swore he'd become alpha and we swore he'd rid their kind of the curse and those who brought it on them.

When he met Donna he was already alpha of his pack despite still being in his late teens and with his pack helped her escape the watchful eyes of a group of hunters. He asked her to join his pack, like he did with all 'strays' he met but she refused, and it wasn't until the next time they met, at a grave yard thats she accepted.

Under his leadership the pack became a collection of varied personalities, many members being recruited loners and strays. Outcasts among weres with as little patience with the council as their leader and he usually went hunting with one or two lieutenants. But now, with his pack wiped out by hunters on the same night his mate disappeared he travels alone.

Now with his mate missing he follows her trail, determined to find her and his son.

Theme Song:The Animal - Disturbed
Name: Coco Deveraux
Gender: Chick!
Job/Role: Student, niece, wolf!
Age: 17
Appearance: char/tumblr_kyk2on3vMq1qzllero1_500.jpg
Personality: Naïve and full of energy, Coco has the trusting heart of a child and the forgiving nature to match.
Coco is traveling with her uncle, Ethan, to search for a pack that might accept them into its ranks. She has been with her uncle since she was young, though she never did learn what happened to her parents. Ethan has been old since Coco can remember and always capable of taking care of her bouncing, bright-eyed self with his calm ways.

Coco admires her uncle greatly and hopes to be like him one day, when she has grown up.
I guess i can stick a shortened version of Rion, Noel, and Donna's bios here! XD

Character Name:
Donna Larrow
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Wife/mother
Age: 23
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: To protect her son and unborn children; to wait for her mate; to help Rion
General Personality:
General History: Donna is Rion's younger half-sister whose mother became estranged from her pack. She never met her father but her mother often spoke of him well and as a result, she holds no ill will toward him never being around although she does regret he was unable to be. Her mother raised Donna to know and be comfortable with who and what she was, despite living in a dominant human community. Donna dreamt of becoming a nurse but when she was 16, she witnessed her mother's death at the hands of two were-hunters. She spent the next two years of her life tracking down the last surviving member of her mother's pack which is when she met Sollux. Although her search ended with her being unable to fulfill her mother's dying wish, it took her to Sol, her one and only mate.

Character Name: Noel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown; he looks 13 now!
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History: No one knows anything

Character Name: Rion Larrow
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Mechanic
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History: The only son of Geoff Larrow, Rion ran away from home and never looked back. He arrived at Raymond, the town the pack moved from, just as aspiring alphas began their bid to become the next leader. He refuses to talk about what he was up to between disappearing and reappearing. A confrontation with Council wolves hints that
Character Name: Zack Andrews
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Travelling companion of Alex, former Council Enforcer
Age: 36
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: To see if Sara honored her promise to watch over Grace, and his unborn child, as well as to locate, and eliminate key members of the Were Council in order to force it's collapse, and in turn force his kind to adapt to life without the old laws in order for survival, and progression.

General Personality: Half a decade ago, Zack would have been known to be always itching for a fight, and looking for a chance to make his superiority known along with a hearty sense of humor, and a generally positive disposition of the world. Since his capture, and torture however, he's much darker in mind, and soul. Seeing the true intent of individuals both Were, and human alike, he's developed a loner personality in regards to most people. Most people minus Alex who he see's the same qualities in, which has created a sort of... father complex towards the younger Were.

He views everyone, and everything as foolish, even himself. Having learned through the numerous years he's fought and killed for the Council, and for humans, Zack believes that nothing is inherently good or evil. It's simply a matter of perception.

The most major change is the great deal of patience that he's developed after being locked away for two years in a laboratory ran by an unknown secret organization.

General History:

The former High Beta of another rival pack, Zack's clan was eliminated by the Glendon pack when it was originally under Geoff Larrow's leadership, and he was recruited in response to his prowess, as well as his status as an Enforcer of the Council. Dividing his attention between the orders from the Council, and the general needs of the Glendon pack, Zack eventually met a woman named Grace Colton whom he bore a child with.

It was then that accounts of his disappearance differ. Some say he abandoned her, others say he was killed, but the truth of the matter was, he left in order to meet the coming tide head on. He left to kill the Council in order to protect his child, and it's mother.

Five years have come and gone, and for those that recall the brave, and arrogant Beta they will notice a dark change within his grey eyes. The years have done something to him, and what it is will shake his fellow Weres to there very core, for Zack has changed...
Character Name: Alex Lesper
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Travelling companion of Zack, Tribeless Werewolf
Age: 19
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Repay Zack for saving his ass, find somewhere he actually belongs and generally prove himself worthy of respect
General Personality: "Cocky little shit with a chip on his shoulder" is what many would assume of Alex at first glance. Easy to rise to taunts and slights, he is also quick to lash out at people either verbally or physically. He seems to have something to prove constantly, and thinks that the way to do so is to take just about any joke, taunt or insult as a challenge.

This is largely the product of Alex having never fitted in anywhere in his life. He's been a traveller, constantly on the move and rarely having a chance to settle and find a place where he fits in. As a werewolf he has always found himself left out of human society, and sees this new pack Zack has told him of as his first chance to truly fit in with his own kind. As such, he's desperate to show that he's worthy, but is going about it in all the wrong ways. He's deeply insecure about the fact that he learned about his true nature on his own, and will brutally lash out if someone should taunt or tease him for this.

Alex is a fiercely loyal individual; once someone earns his trust he has their back through any and all troubles. Zack is one of the other werewolves who has earned this trust, after he helped Alex escape the facility they were both being held in. Alex seems to have difficulty recalling events in the facility before he and Zack escaped, though he often has nightmares of the place. It is theorised that this is because his mind may have suppressed these unpleasant memories.
General History: Alex is a Ghost Wolf, a tribleless wanderer of the world. He grew up in orphanages and with foster parents, unaware of his heritage for the most part. He frequently changed foster parents due to his violent temper and unnatural strength and ferocity. He discovered from an early age his shapeshifting abilities, and has trained in his various forms religiously, not wanting to be "less of a wolf" than others of his kind.

Finally managing to escape the care system and live his life as he wished to Alex spent several years in the city, in the company of the more unscrupulous characters there. Falling in with a group of car-thieves, Alex learnt the skills of a mechanic as well as being taught how to jack cars and strip them down for parts at chop-shops.

His criminal activity, as well as his unnatural skill at escaping the police, earned him the attention of a group tracking werewolves, however. Alex was captured and held in a facility for a year before he was freed by a fellow prisoner named Zack. The two broke out of the facility together, and Alex has been following Zack north since, to his companion's old tribe.
Character Name: Matthew Kirch
Gender: male
Job/Role: Biologist/werewolf
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
Matthew is dedicating his life to studying what causes the werewolf "ccondition"
General Personality: Matthew thinks very highly of himself. He is often quiet, throwing himslef deep into his research. He hates not understanding whatever makes hima werewolf, and will stop at nothing to fully understand it. He is very kind and has gave a great deal of money to saraliya, to help care for the pack. he is inquisitive, and prefers bluntness. while many hope that his research will find a cure for their condition Matthew does not mind being a werewolf. In fact he believes that a cure is a pipe dream, he simply wants to understand the condition better.
General History: Matthew grew up in western Montana, his parents owned a large tracts of land south of Ennis. Matthews parents were both surviviors from two different packs, they both legally owned large amounts of land in montana and Idaho. They both died when matthew was in his teens, the young werewolf sold his parents land to a large gold mining company for a large sum of money. He went to college at the University of Montana, and majored in Zoology. After he received his masters degree he continued his education in Washingon. That is were he met, by chance, another werewolf. Her name was Katya, she was from Alaska, and was studying medicine. Katya also had received land from her parents and sold the mineral rights. The two were married shortly after they had both graduated.

After a handful of years they heard reports of a pack forming in montana. They came to where they had heard the werewolves were gathering but it had already been abandoned. They were able to track the wolves to canada. they were among the first to arrive at the new location. Matthew and Katya were readily accepted (as much for their money as their education) Katya proved invaluable as the packs doctor, and many believe that Matthews research is going to find a cure.

Character Name: Ethan Deveraux

Gender: Male

Bank Manager/Wolf


General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
To keep his urges in check.

General Personality:
Ethan is generally friendly and kind, especially since he has to deal with everyone in the town at one point or another. He's very stingy about money however, but that's due to his job. He can be rather reserved and quiet at times, preferring to watch everyone from afar.

General History:
Originally from Quebec, Ethan's family moved to Glendon when he was in his late teens. He left only for four years as he went to college back in Toronto but returned when his parents passed away. He couldn't find a buyer for their home so he decided to stay and work at the bank, quickly taking over and falling in love with the sleepy little town. He was aware of the new tribe of werewolves entering his territory but he's decided to take a wait and see approach with them, hoping that he might find a place in their pack. He traveled with his niece, Coco, whom he is very protective of.

Character Name: Sean Gray

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Investigative Journalist/Wolf

Age: 25

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To discover the cure for the cursed form of werewolves, although he refuses to try and "fix" the natural born werewolves.

General Personality: Sean is more laid back and quiet. He likes to go with the flow but still has a natural curiosity that drives him to investigate things that he shouldn't really poke his head into. He has a sense of adventure and doesn't shy away from a chance to go explore the trails in the wilderness around Raymond. He likes making friends and is generally friendly towards everyone but can occasionally get a bit of a temper.

General History: Sean grew up in a small town much like Raymond and only a few hours away, he grew up fairly normally, aside from the wolf transformations. He learned to hunt on his own and pretty much had to learn everything about being a werewolf to himself, thinking it would frighten anyone he told especially his parents whom he is still very close to. He went through school without incident and decided to not risk going to a bigger city for college where his secret would be found out or he might not be able to control his urge of the hunt and kill someone. Instead he decided to enroll online and move to another quiet town just far enough from his parent's eye, ending up in Raymond.

After the Raymond Incident he traveled with Parker, and soon came across Aidyn on their way to NYC. Living in the big city, Sean finished his schooling while shouldering the responsibility for caring for Parker and Aidyn. One fateful night Sean came across one who was bitten and cursed, after having to put the cursed were down he became interested in learning how to cure those that have been cursed. Soon hearing of the his old pack's reunion in a small town in Canada, Sean packed up his life in NYC up and he took the boys with him. Maybe now he could have some silence and start his research in earnest.
Character Name:
Bradley Parker; Often just goes by Parker


Wolf and Father


General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
To support his little pack in everything they do

General Personality:
Parker’s got a love for animals since he grew up on a farm. Even though his world was turned upside-down, he continues to be optimistic and unafraid. He's matured a lot since leaving Raymond to be with Sean, but still has that juvenile personality and desire to run, hunt and chase. Around Aidyn, he's very fatherly and protective. Anyone who dares threaten his family will regret it. Something he's learned about himself is he's terrifying when angry.

General History:
Bradely Parker grew up on a farm and at the age of 18, he moved to Montana to work with his Uncle. There were acres of land available that Parker wanted to earn money to buy so he could have a farm of his own and someday have a family of his own, but nothing went according to plan... His secret of being a werewolf was kept secret from everyone except for the clan members who were scattered about. He one day was unable to resist his hunger and slaughtered all of the animals of his Uncle's farm. Parker cannot remember too well, but he was certain that he killed his Uncle along with the poor animals...

When he gained a little more control, he ran far away from the farm and happened to run into Marette. The werewolf was covered with blood and tears, so she took him in to help him feel better. He was employed at her shop, but later on was unemployed because she ran off in emotional trauma, then got killed. Sean was around to support him in the sad moment, though. And afterwards, the two of them decided to move.

Nowadays, he only wants what Sean wants, therefore is there to support him in every way possible. Aidyn, a pup they found, is also his priority. Life is busy for him being a dad, but he loves every second of it. He thinks of Sean, himself and Aidyn as their own little pack of wolves.

They now live in their own house in Canada, living amongst other wolves. While his lover does his research, Parker plans on helping Aidyn continue to grow. It's good for him to meet other werewolves.

Character Name:


Wolf pup/adopted son to Parker and Sean


General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
Live to learn and learn to live

General Personality:
Aidyn has an innocent charm like most children do. He's always anxious to learn something and open to making new friends. Big, dark figures intimidate the boy because he relates them to his parents' killers. He actually believes that dressing in brighter clothes will help his fear. When he's angry, all he does is pout and cross his arms, then won't talk until an apology is given. The same is done when he's sad, sometimes with tears involved.

General History:
When he was only 4 years old, his werewolf parents were murdered by a pair of hunters. During the fiasco, he fled the scene and didn't stop running until he was out of energy. Poor little Aidyn came across an abandoned house, more like a shack, and collapsed in it. He laid there cold, exhausted, starving and sick.

Fortunately for him, two male werewolves found him: Bradley Parker and Sean Gray. They stepped out of the car to get some fresh air and go for a walk to stretch out their legs after long hours of travel. They were heading to New York. Hearing the cry of a boy, they rushed to the old shack and found him.

Unable to deny the child's need for attention, they quickly took them back to the car. While Sean drove to someplace they could stay, Parker held the pup on his lap with a blanket wrapped around him, feeding him some of the food and water they had.

Since that day, he's called the two adult wolves his Papas.
Character Name: Owen 'Wanderer' Walsh

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Guitarist/singer of the semi-amateur indie rock band, Firecookies, but had to leave for reasons explained below. Now is just a wanderer, taking that as his name should any person that he doesn't yet trust ask. He also took one year of a college course in carpentry, so he knows his way around wood joints etc, but then didn't turn up for the other half of the course - he took a year out to work on becoming an indie-rockstar.

Age: 19

General Appearance: Human: Attractive with sweeping black hair (darker than pics), deep blue-green eyes (like in pic 1), tall (around 5'8''- 6''), fairly skinny but lean-muscled:
View attachment 3378 View attachment 3381 View attachment 3380
Wolf: For some reason, his eyes remain blue-green in wolf form. He is strong and young and his phisique matches that of his human: slimmer than average, but lean-muscled. He also has a thick black pelt, just like his human hair, but with contrasting white fur on his legs, throat, face and muzzle:
View attachment 3379

Current Goal/Purpose:
Running as far and as fast away from England and his homeland of Ireland as possible (see below). He has heard rumours of a safe haven for Weres and heads eagerly towards it, hoping for refuge and anonymity. He dreams of one day reuniting with his old bandmates or beginning a new band, but acknowledges that it will probably never happen.

General Personality: Like most wolves, incredibly loyal once his trust is gained. He is wary of taking wolf form often, but when he feels comfortable, his favourite thing to do is just run and feel the wind through his fur. Owen is a rather quiet person, which is a stark contrast to how he was before the incident, but he is very good natured and enjoys laughter. More often than not he is brooding and thoughtful, however, thinking of times lost and hating his self-imposed banishment from his old life. He is really lonely - he feels that being a Were cuts him of from everything that he had and was before - he really needs a friend to show him that being a Were opens more doors than it closes and is a blessing - not a curse. He misses his friends, family and old girlfriend Anna, all of whom he was extremely close to and he wants more than anything to see them again - but his head tells him he must move on. (I'd appreciate anyone wanting a relationship (developing, then romantic or otherwise ;D) for Owen, I just realised what a crappy past I've just put him through. I think he needs some lovin' - PM me if you're in any way interested and we can discuss something :D)

General History:
He had a relatively normal childhood, without shifting at all, only his love of dogs hinting at his true form. Then, at the late age of 18, he was playing their biggest gig so far in London and something - he remains unaware what - clicked inside him, and his body transformed right there, in the middle of the stage. Suddenly a sleek black and white wolf was there and, disorientated in his new form, Owen almost got caught trying to save his beloved guitar. Thankfully, he managed to escape - somehow with the instrument - and quickly packed up and left. As he is seemingly unable to leave his guitar behind, he can't travel in wolf form, so his going is slow. He heads to Canada, sleeping in his car, terrified of being reported to the police or something because of what he is, he needs answers and a safe place. His current car is a Chevrolet Avalanche pick up in blue, that he hotwired a while ago:
Already spoke to most of you about your bios. >:D Looking good.

Glad to have miss Kitti back! <3

And Silverwolf, Owen is great!

We just started Chapter 2. :D This chapter is introducing our NEW pack members and focusing on the young wolfies and everyone's hopes for the pack's future. So you guys go ahead and start posting whenever you're ready. It's MORNING!
Well now that the OOC is up and I've read through it and been keeping up with the posts as best as I can, this was what I was thinking about for Jason if you think it would work with what you have planned plotwise. Though with the direction Chapter 2 is going in maybe he shouldn't show up until the end? If not you could prolly just confirm him dead along with Natasha.

I hope it's not too late~! ;_;

Character Name: Jason Bain
Gender: Male.

Job/Role: WOLF, Beta, Former peacekeeper turned ruthless killer.
Age: 30

General Appearance:

The once youthful complexion has now hardened into a more mature look as a result of extreme grief. Unkempt but still relatively the same length, his hair could almost pass for a wild feathered hairstyle if it were actually intentional. His clothing now looks far more ruined than it used to, practically no more than rags in certain spots due to the amount of combat he has seen over the past 5 years. Basically it makes him look like little more than a homeless vagrant. He often has unshaven stubble but somehow has avoided a full beard so far. But the most enigmatic change about Jason is that now even though his eye has had plenty of time to have fully healed, for some reason he still wears an eye-patch over that eye while in human form. . .

Current Goal/Purpose: To avenge the death of Natasha and the pups killed by the council back in Raymond.

General Personality: A once shy young man who hated seeing their former leader die at the hands of a Werewolf hunter. He was friends with Geoff while he still lived and felt guilty for not preventing the Hunter from carrying out the job. His life-long love for Natasha had finally started to bring him out of guilt when she was killed by the council along with several young pups during the escape from Raymond. This put an entirely new form of guilt into Jason that has hardened him into something just shy of a pure killing machine. He doesn't care about anything but getting revenge. Part of him blames Zack for bringing the entire mess down on their pack through his stupidity in getting Grace Pregnant. Only familiar faces can calm his soul now, if that.

General History:

Jason was born and raised by the clan, becoming friends with those the hierarchy would allow him to while also proving himself a few times as a ferocious fighter. Often he stuck up for Natasha growing up even though he was actually younger than the Omega level. Bain was one of the few people who tried to talk her out of leaving the clan and was happy when she stayed. He even managed to befriend Geoff while their former leader still lived and tried to learn a lot from him after encouragement from his own father.

While his father was only a Beta-wolf, he had Jason somewhat late in his life and tried to pick someone for the young pup to look up to in case he died before too long. A couple generations ago their family had a member become the Alpha Wolf and his father somewhat hoped that his son might grow up some day to shoulder that same responsibility.

But when that hunter showed up. . . everything changed.

The night it happened Jason butted in on the battle between hunter and hunted, trying to aid the Alpha male late in the fight against Cyrus. He managed to surprise him, coming out of the woods with fangs bared. It caused the Werewolf Hunter to drop his current weapons when the blunt force of a tackle knocked him down. Unfortunately while his ferocious style had gotten him far in some fights. . . Cyrus had much more skill. With his bare thumb Longhurst put out Jason's eye, Geoff knocking the two apart, ordering the younger to "Leave before you get yourself killed!"

After finding out their leader had been killed he felt guilt for having supposedly left him to die. His eye was slowly healing behind an eyepatch. . . wounded as deeply as his pride.

While living as a Bartender he would hardly resort to physical violence of any sort for the longest time until things heated up. That forced him to fight alongside Saraliya and the others in quite a few baroom brawls. But at the same time his life-long crush on Sara's sister Natasha could no longer reign itself in and the two had fallen deeply in love. They wanted to be the other's mate for the rest of their lives and have pups of their own.

For the escape from Raymond he and Natasha had planned to escape with the pups up north into Canada but they were attacked en-route in Jason's truck. By a mix of luck and their combined cunning the two escaped the attackers in a river. At first the two lovers had survived the initial strike, but then things turned for the worse with how bad the wounds dealt to her were. Natasha's long standing hindered healing abilities finally did her in and she died. But Jason's body was tougher and he survived. . . with the one thing he had truly loved taken away forever.

This left Jason in a darker place of grief and guilt than the death of the former Alpha ever had. Unable to commit suicide knowing her murderers were still out there somewhere. It was then he vowed to his mate's corpse that he would not rest until she had been avenged. He vanished from his former pack-mates without a single word aside from bringing Natasha's body Saraliya. Since then no one of his past has seen hide nor fur of him. But for the past five years he has taken a radical switch from his old tendencies and has barely held onto his human form.

For five years he has hunted down who he could find of those who had attacked Natasha and he. Most of them are dead now. Only a few remain. Yet this has not come at without consequences as the council has now put a price on his head. Interestingly enough he has managed to evade capture through one means or another all this time. Now his search has brought him in the direction of Saraliya's new settling grounds.
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Been looking for an entrance.... Was ging to randomly show up in the evening and scare the shit out of Donna but arriving with a perfect stranger is more Sollux' style anyway. His pack was recently wiped out and he'd be looking for recruits.