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    Sometimes he wished he could sleep.

    Being stuck in a permanent state of hyperactive consciousness and sensory overload could grow tiresome after a while. Sometimes Shannon loved it, and other times he wished he could take a break from the scents and the noises and the colours. Shannon could not remember what it was like to sleep, but he often envied the oblivious children he was surrounded by every day. This was one of those times.

    He walked through the halls of Witham Secondary College like Moses had walked through the Red Sea; people parted for him and his sister, Evangeline, who stood by his side. Shannon and Evangeline had differing opinions as to why people did this when they walked through the halls. Evangeline thought it was because they were both very attractive and the closest thing this small town had to models or celebrities. Shannon was less vain and thought that the humans had a natural instinct to shy away from predators. Also, Shannon had a reputation for tripping people who annoyed him too much.

    The Winters siblings reached their lockers, which were next to each other because the school organised its students lockers by alphabetical order. Shannon busied himself by extracting the textbooks he needed for the first two periods of the day while Evangeline blabbed on about some TV show he did not care about. Shannon often wondered how Evangeline so easily managed to adjust to modern life. Despite both of them being from the late nineteenth century, Evangeline had an iPhone, blogged and acted like a normal teenager. Shannon, on the other hand, barely knew how to use his flip phone and busied himself with actual, physical books. The only remotely modern thing he enjoyed was music.

    Evangeline froze and actually stopped talking, causing Shannon to frown and look down at her. "What's wrong?" he asked in a low voice, his smooth, regal accent sounding like something out of a turn-of-the-century movie.

    "Do you smell that?" Evangeline whispered, her eyes staring into space.

    "Smell what?" Shannon snapped impatiently. He inhaled deeply. He smelled linoleum and cheap paint, a sickening amount of Axe body spray and perfume ... and a deep, woodsy, musky scent that stood in stark comparison to the rich, meaty aroma of human blood.

    Shannon whirled around just as the werewolves walked past he and Evangeline. A boy and a girl. The boy looked sensible and kind of boring; the girl had violent pink hair and was startlingly pretty. They made eye contact; he knew what she was and she knew what he was.

    They were being showed around by the vice principal, his mother's second-in-command. Shannon watched them until they turned the corner.

    He turned to face Evangeline. "Well, shit."
  2. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Yet again her family had to move to a new town, start all over again, well not entirely all over. The last town they lived in had some unexpected hostility when an accident happened with her step-mother. That woman always got herself into some kind of trouble. This new town was fresh, a good place to take refuge until the time comes to move again. Athena had already become accustomed to the routine of new schools. Meet a few teachers, learn how her locker works, look around the school as if she was happy to be there, same old story on and on. This year she would be joining Witham Secondary College for their current term along with her step-brother, Lucas.

    People stared at her in awe as she walked down the hallways promptly after the vice-principal. They looked not because they knew who she was, how could they since this was the first anyone has seen her, but because of her vibrant hair. It was something different, something she was proud of and she didn't particularly care who approved or disapproved of it.

    "Look." Her pale green eyes trailed to those whom she knew were different. Athena could smell it a mile away and she knew they noticed her too.

    "I know. Just keep walking." Lucas looked briefly before returning his eyes forward. He didn't want to start anything on his first day. Lucas was more of the model student who kept to himself rather than one to pick fights he doesn't need.

    Athena only smiled seeing that this school just became much more interesting to her. The vice-president showed them around the school to all the key points they would have to know about before handing them a folder with the same information. Typical of the first day. She and her brother kindly thanked the vice-president for his assistance before letting him go about the rest of his day, surely he had something better to do that this.

    "You know Lulu this is going to be a lot more fun than or last school. I can't wait to meet everyone." Athena was beaming with excitement, ready to start her day as a new student at this establishment.

    "Stop calling me that." Lucas rolled his eyes as he leaned up against the wall, perusing through his folder.

    "Stop calling me half pint then." She sassed him back earning her an exasperated sigh. At her old school they would call her Goddess, in reference to the Greek goddess Athena, but mostly because of how easily she got people to do her bidding without question. It was too easy to manipulate mortals in her opinion. They only live but so long so they feel the need to do as much as possible whenever it's possible, especially when a pretty woman is involved. "I suppose it's about time we meet the locals."
    Shannon had not encountered any werewolves since 1945 in Greece. That particular altercation had resulted in a long, ragged scar that ran from the nape of his neck to his hip. Despite this, he harboured no bitter feelings towards the species. It was his fault. He could never keep his mouth shut.

    Evangeline, however, held a grudge on werewolves as if she had been the one who had been marred by one. Shannon watched her as her hazel eyes followed the two wolves, a mix of rage and hatred seeping into her expression. Her lips pulled back, baring her shiny teeth as though she was going to attack them in the middle of the hallway. Shannon reached over and closed her jaw, raising his eyebrows at her.

    Evangeline batted his hand away. "This is completely unacceptable." She and Shannon had the same articulate, regal accent that made their classmates sound like street trash. "How could Genevieve possibly allow this?"

    "I don't think Genevieve actually meets the new students," said Shannon, sighing with boredom. He leaned against his locker. "Such tedious jobs are left for the vice principal. Poor man."

    Evangeline closed her locker with a sharp snap. "Well, I'm going to go and speak to her," she announced. "We cannot have their kind in our school. Do you care to join me?"

    "I would, but I really don't care," Shannon drawled. Evangeline scowled and turned on her heel, marching away, ignoring the lustful stares she received from the boys around her. Shannon also turned and made his way to his form assembly class.

    Of course, the pink-haired girl was standing at the front of the room, speaking to the teacher. The entire class was trying and failing to sneak subtle glances at the poor girl. He had received the same type of looks on his first day, but unfortunately, due to his own looks, they had never ceased. Shannon tried to slip past the teacher and make his way to his seat, but Mr Jones called him forward.

    "Shannon, come here please."

    Shannon sighed and stepped up to the desk. He towered over the werewolf girl, and he wasn't even that tall. She was just tiny.

    "Shannon, this is Athena Belvidere. Athena, this is Shannon Winters." Mr Jones sounded very bored. "Shannon, would you show Athena around today? Make her feel welcome? Your mother would want that."

    Being the son of the headmistress had its downsides and perks. A downside was having tedious tasks thrust onto him, like this one. A perk was getting to use the teacher's bathroom.

    "Sure," Shannon agreed. Usually he would have argued his way out of acting as Athena's tourguide, but he wanted to talk to her.

    Why were there werewolves in Witham?

    He turned to the girl and motioned for her to follow him. Luckily, the desk beside his was vacant, as the girl who had used to sit there -- his ex-girlfriend -- had moved classes when Shannon had broken up with her. He could see her friends shooting both Shannon and Athena daggers as she sat down. He ignored them.

    "So, Athena," said Shannon, pitching his regal accent low enough so only she could hear him. He knew werewolves had a heightened sense of hearing. "Athena. The Greek goddess of wisdom, war and battle strategy. You know, she used to fight with Poseidon quite a lot. Do you have the same problem with water? You wouldn't want to get your fur wet."

    He made eye contact with her again. She had no way of escaping this. Even in a room full of stupid children, Shannon pressed. They couldn't hear them, anyway.
  4. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Perfect. The teacher had assigned him as her little guard when he stopped her in the doorway. She felt the lustful eyes of teenage boys and envious girls through the walls themselves. Everyone wanted to see just who this new girl was. Her brother had disappeared some time ago to find his class. The two of them being in different years meant that he had different classes, which she was okay with.

    Now this Shannon kid was not only a vampire but he was also the son of the headmistress. This was getting better and better in her eyes. She didn't resent vampires like her parents do. She actually found them quite interesting. There were no vampires in her last town, although there were other creatures. Her step-mother, being the crazy woman that she is, killed them in cold blood along with a few other human residents. Of course the town never knew that it was her but they still had to move. This new town had the one thing Lucas hoped wouldn't be here, vampires. Her family can handle virtually anything the world can throw at them but vampires was a different story. For whatever reason her parents have, they despise vampires more than any other creature to walk on this planet and would kill them if they had the chance.

    As they walked to whatever seat he was directing her to sit at Athena looked around to all the people in the room. Some gave more menacing glares, her soon-to-be prey, and others gave more friendly looks. She sat down in the chair picking up on almost everyone's conversation but focused more on what he was saying to her. Her lips curled hearing what he had to say.

    "In fact, I'm not afraid to get my lovely fur wet. I just hate to think that water would hold a person, such as myself, back. But you? You must be so hungry seeing all of these defenseless people just sitting in one room with you. The cravings must be unbearable for a blood sucker.." She paused hearing the slight whispers near her. They were talking about her, making assumptions about her and this boy she just met. "One moment." She smiled before getting up out of her seat and strolling right up to the group of girls and guys who were giving her the rude looks earlier.

    "Hello there. I see you've all taken an interest in me." She smiled ever so innocently as they looked at her with disgust. "You see.. I don't particularly like when smart mouthed bitches and their friends make random assumptions about me without my consent. Why don't you just do me and everyone else a huge favor and stop. I won't ask twice." Her voice was so sweet yet filled with authority. As the girls' jaws dropped and the guys started laughing, Athena only smiled and waved as she returned to her seat.

    "I see you have some kind of reputation here, Mr. Popular. What'd you do cheat on their friend or something? I wouldn't put it beneath you to do so. I've probably done worse." She had a smirk plastered across her face as she listened to the girls whine about how she can't talk to them like that. The pink haired girl was content with what she had done. She was sure that those girls would prove to be entertainment for her some day as would Shannon.
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  5. S H A N N O N ♦ W I N T E R S

    Shannon scowled when she assumed he wanted to drain the oblivious children around them, but she quickly redeemed herself when she approached the gossiping girls and put them in their place. He himself had half-decided to do so, but Athena had beaten him to the punch. He couldn't help but smirk at the girls' disgusted and affronted expressions, their hateful gazes following Athena as she returned to her seat.

    "That was spectacular," he said in a neutral tone. "Really, it was. And, no, I did not cheat on their friend. I simply broke up with her when I realised what a dull person she was. No amount of sweet blood can mask the taste of a boring personality."

    Shannon leaned forward, keeping steady eye contact with Athena as he spoke next. "And, for the record, we don't kill anyone we feed from. We don't even feed from many people. Animals are more than enough to suffice. I've never killed a human."

    He leaned back, nonchalant and careless all of a sudden. "And the cravings are simple and terribly easy to handle. I have not had a lapse since 1910, and even then I did not kill the poor girl. She was just a bit dazed the next day."

    The bell rang. As the students around them began to stand and converge into their socially constructed cliques, Shannon snatched Athena's timetable from the top of her stack of books. He quickly read over the classes listed, and smiled. "Well, what do you know," he drawled. "You have the spectacular fortune of sharing five out of your six classes with me! What good deeds did you do in your past life to deserve such spectacular karma! Oh, nevermind, you have mathematics with my sister. You must have screwed up somewhere down the line."

    He handed her her timetable and gestured for her to walk ahead. He was having too much fun with this. "To English, m'lady?"
  6. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Just when she thought her luck was getting better it turns out she has most of her classes with him and the other with his evil sister. She could smell the hatred seeping out the girl when they walked by her.

    "Ah yes. The English course I love so dearly." She said in a sarcastic tone as she got up to exit the class.

    The other girls were still less than thrilled to see the two of them walking around together. Just before her body left the room Athena shot them a glare, it was brief but it was enough.

    "You know I've never killed a human either. I may harm them in some aspect if they cross me but, I've never actually killed someone. My other family members aren't so kind." She kept her eyes forward as the train of people wanting to meet her crowded towards her. It was like she was some kind of celebrity walking down the red carpet. Every guy and girl in the school wanted to know her. She was quick to assume it was because her hair was so pink and they never seen it before not because of her pretty face.

    "So many fans. Maybe I should appease them~" Her lips curled into a smirk as she walked up to group of fairly large guy, presumably the jocks. They were shocked to see the small framed girl stroll right into the middle of their group. "You guys must be so strong right? You see, I'm new here and these girls were already being mean to me. I haven't done a thing, but they were so mean. Think you can handle that for me?" She batted her eyes innocently as she caressed one of their faces. Happily they stormed off in the direction she pointed in to go tell those girls off, her smile widening as she returned to Shannon's side.

    "That should take care of that little annoyance for a while." Her happy exterior covered the mischievous thoughts she had planned for this school. This was going to be more fun since just like at her other school, the guys were so compliant. Without question or hesitation just as a minion should be.

    "You know for a blood sucker you sure are very excited to be spending so much time with me. Why is that? I thought you would have jumped at the chance to get away." Looking down at her class list showed her what room they would be going to next. With no actual idea of how far or where it was, Athena kept an eye out for the room number.
  7. S H A N N O N ♦ W I N T E R S
    Again, Shannon smirked when Athena sent the burly, testosterone-fueled jocks after the girls who had been gossiping about her before. As Athena made her way back to him, Shannon saw one of the jocks hang back and look at her wistfully. He could only imagine the vulgar thoughts running through his mind as he watched the pink-haired girl walk. The boy looked up at Shannon, and Shannon gave him a dangerous, burning stare that sent the stupid boy running in the other direction.

    "Now, why on earth would I simply leave you alone? What kind of tour guide would I be then?" drawled Shannon. He smirked as he noticed Athena was walking in the wrong direction. "Despite that marvelous stunt you just pulled, you have clearly demonstrated that you need me. You're going the wrong way."

    He reached forward, grabbed Athena's elbow and steered her in the right direction. They arrived at English and Shannon was mildly surprised when the werewolf girl sat beside him, in the very back of the classroom. For a werewolf, she seemed to have pretty different views about vampires than the rest of her kind.

    Once the teacher had explained the day's task -- finish the poems they had been writing -- Shannon pitched his voice lower again, low enough that only Athena could hear him. He did not take his eyes off his perfect calligraphy as he spoke. "So, Athena, tell me, how old are you? I know it is rude to ask a lady such a personal question, but I was under the impression werewolves didn't age. Vampires certainly do not. I am one hundred and twenty-six years old."
  8. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Athena finished her tasks with ease as the teacher sat up at her desk completing her own tasks. The other students were either studying hard or goofing off, just as any other school.

    "Werewolves do age, the progression of which varies whether one is a pureblood or a Halfling. I am a pureblood so I appear to not age only because it happens slowly, very slowly. My appearance probably won't change for another few decades. Although, that's not a bad thing given my enchantingly good looks." Her smirk was ever present as she opened the book the teacher had given the class to read for the week.

    "If you must know though, I am one hundred and four years old. My older brother is a bit older than you. He's one hundred and thirty-eight years old." The time went by quicker as she paid more attention to her book. It was a good read but not to the extent of her recommending it to anyone. Soon enough the class was drawing to its end.

    "Well tour guide, lead the way. Since I so desperately need your assistance and all." Athena rose from her seat and flipped some of her hair to fall on her back. Some students already escaped the classroom and flooded the hallways, chatting about nonsense and other useless prattle. Others remained behind to pack their books, keep an eye on the new girl.

    "I've noticed that not one person that we passed didn't try to look me over. Maybe it's because I'm with the esteemed son of the headmistress himself. How privileged I must be to get the exclusive tour with the Shannon Winters. I'm sure all the girls are jealous and all the guys are even more. I'm sure many must jump to the chance to be in your company." She sat on Shannon's desk and slid her hand gently across his face, stopping as she reached his chin.

    "Oh yes the girls must adore you Mr. Popular." She leaned in close to his ear making sure everyone in the room noticed. "You're not like the other vampires are you? I think we'll get along fine." She giggled briefly as she quickly hopped off his desk and went to the door.

    "Well come on then. We have to get to our next class." She said with a smile as the other girls in the room had looks full of envy and anger. She enjoyed the feeling of having others become distressed with what she does. Especially when she was testing the waters. The girls at this school were going to hate her more than the ones at her other school. Athena was too much of a flirt to contain herself around people, even if they were a vampire. It made no difference to her as long as she was entertained.
  9. S H A N N O N ♦ W I N T E R S

    Shannon listened to the information she willingly fed him about werewolves. Given that Evangeline hated the species and Genevieve tried to avoid the subject whenever Shannon pressed her for information, he did not know as much about werewolves as he would like to know. He was an intellectual person with an affinity for knowledge and books, and he liked to extensively research topics he was lacking in. Unfortunately, the school's library did not have many volumes on lycanthropes.

    Shannon looked up at her when she sat on his desk. Her hand was smooth and warm on his chilly, icy skin. He was dead. He had no body warmth or heartbeat. When he had dated Kasey he had pretended he had a medical issue which caused him to frequently be cold. Athena, however, was blazing hot -- and not just her appearance. Her actual skin was the first warm thing he had felt in a while. He could not stop himself from closing his eyes as she ran her fiery fingers over his alabaster skin. They snapped open when she leaned in.

    "You're not like the other vampires, are you? I think we'll get along just fine."

    Even her breath was warm. He could smell her blood, very different to human blood, under the tanned skin of her neck, right before his mouth. "I couldn't agree more," he whispered back.

    He joined her at the door. The stares he received from everyone still in the room simply slipped off his back like water. He was accustomed to staring and weird looks. He enjoyed the attention, but not in the same way his vain sister did. He liked people paying attention to him, because he liked having control over people. He liked getting what he wanted.

    "You would be correct," he said. "About people dying to be in my company, I mean. Girls want me and guys want my sister. The human race is ruled by their silly hormones." He knew there were other reasons; people were addicted to power and drawn to those who held it, even if the powerful ones were the predators.

    "So, Athena, how do you fare with science subjects?" he asked her as they entered the chemistry lab. Like always, the seat beside his was vacant. This was because he had explicitly requested to not have a partner for this subject, but he could change his mind for Athena.
  10. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Athena was greeted with a few gasps and dropped jaws as she sat beside him. This was probably the first time he let anyone sit near him in the Chemistry lab.

    "I wouldn't say I'm the best at science but, I do like to experiment." She smiled as she looked around her. The classroom was well equipped with various instruments used in the scientific field. She didn't know what any of their names were but she knew what they did.

    "Maybe you could tutor me? Or I can just get another willing patron if you don't approve. Just like you said, humans are ruled by their insatiable hormones. Although, I have to say, these people seem to be a little on the brain dead side." The teacher addressed the class as he walked in. He greeted Athena personally, introducing himself and making a comment about how she was the first to be Shannon's partner, earning her a few more looks from the other students in the chem lab.

    "Today we will be conducting an experiment on how to change the color of flames with different chemicals." The teacher spoke as he passed out the lab report sheets to every table. "Try to finish by the end of the class." He said as he walked around to each table making sure some of the students were getting started.

    "I did something similar to this at my old school." She said excited to be doing something interesting on her first day. At her old school, the first day was usually light work or something boring that involved filing out papers with scientific terms.

    She took one of the strips into her hand and turned on the burner, to a low setting so she wouldn't set the school ablaze. "It's pretty interesting actually." She put the tip of the strip that was dipped in a chemical into the fire and it turned the fire into a hot pink flame. "See? It's pretty and pink like my hair." She spoke proudly as she took the strip out of the flame, placing it on the lab table.
  11. S H A N N O N ♦ W I N T E R S

    "I would be more than happy to tutor you, for a few reasons. One, it would piss my sister and your brother off, and two, you'd be likely to fail miserably if you enlisted the assistance of anyone else in this class."

    He watched as she put the potassium chloride into the flame, staining it a pinkish-peach colour. "Very pretty," he agreed. "Though, personally, I think the colour suits you better than the fire." He conducted the same procedure with a piece of calcium and slipped it into the flame, turning it a violent red colour. "This is the colour of my eyes when I vamp out," he noted with a careless tone, like he was commenting on the colour of the lab coats they wore.

    They quickly worked through all the metals given to them. Shannon worked without a break; he loved science subjects just as much as any other class. This was one of the few areas in which he tried to keep up with modern advances. He could still feel the stares, but most of them were directed at Athena. Was it because she was new and pretty and interesting, or was it because she was with him?

    After he had broken up with Kasey, Shannon tended to keep to the edges of social interaction. Sometimes he would hang out with Evangeline and her grotesquely popular friends, but most of the time Shannon could be found in the library or drifting on the very edges of the schoolgrounds. He had no interest in making human friends, and Kasey had essentially been a toy to him. She was young and pretty and obsessed with him, everything a vampire could want in a human subjugate. He knew he had probably broken her heart when he had broken up with her. But, in all honesty, he did not care that much. There would always be more blood.

    They finished the experiment first and were the first pair to return to their table. Shannon, having already written the entire practical report while Athena had finished the experiment, watched the werewolf girl as she wrote. "So how are you handling the attention?" he teased.
  12. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Athena did not break from her work as he spoke to her, intent on finishing the remainder of the project. "I'm used to having all eyes on me. Even in my whole family, cousins and all, out of all of us I was the one that attracted the most attention. Especially when it comes to the opposite sex. You can say that I'm well versed in that field." She said as she finished her work. Taking both of the papers into her hand she strolled up to the teacher's desk and neatly placed them down where they could be seen. Her hair swished from side to side, capturing the light as it flowed behind her when she walked.

    The other students rushed to finish, careless as to what the experiment looked like or what grade they would get as long as they finished. "Idiots.." She mumbled under her breath as she returned to her seat next to Shannon.

    "I like the attention most times. I don't get a lot of it within my own home because of certain complications. I find it easier to relate to humans than my own kind." Her pale green eyes trailed around the room, making brief contact with a few people who were looking at her.

    She was the 'star of the show' as most would say. Always attracting people wherever or whenever she was around. It was the norm for her to be loved by humans. Even back when times were different, people always flocked to her enchanting personality and innocent smile. Little did they know what she really was. How she managed to blend in so well was beyond her knowledge. It was just a skill she always had since the day she was born. Athena, being the extreme extrovert that she was, found it refreshing to be adored by all without having to lift a finger.

    "And for the record, you tutoring me won't bother my brother. He lets me do my own thing until something happens. It's my step-mother who will be more than just displeased. If I may ask though, why would you want to upset your sister? She seems to have a low tolerance for things." Athena perched herself up onto her desk, allowing her legs to dangle of the side. The girl was short enough that her feet wouldn't touch the ground if she sat in the middle of the desk but tall enough so that she didn't look like a child.
  13. S H A N N O N ♦ W I N T E R S

    "Trust me, I harbour no negative feelings towards my sister. I actually love her very much. I just like annoying her." He smirked up at her.

    In truth, Shannon felt Evangeline had to learn to lighten up a little. He was the one who had been attacked by that werewolf in Greece. He was the one who had the ugly scar to show it. Evangeline was the one who was completely overreacting. Not even Genevieve hated the species.

    Shannon propped his elbow on the table and leaned his face against his hand as he stared up at Athena, the werewolf girl. She really was very pretty. Supernatural creatures were often very good-looking, as they were predators and needed to attract their prey, but even if Athena was not a werewolf she would be gorgeous. She was truly blessed with good genetics. Shannon knew he was attractive and, like Athena, he did not even need to try to use this as an advantage. People just did what he wanted them to do.

    "So this is the last period before recess," he said in his deep, regal accent. He wondered if he sounded classy to her. "That lasts twenty minutes, then we have two more periods before lunch, which lasts an hour. Then you have to spend maths with my sister, and then one more period before home time." His eyes trailed down her face, raking down her chest and abdomen and back up, fixing on her eyes. He wasn't being pervy. He was marveling at how human she looked. "I assume you're going to find your brother during the breaks. Or instead meet your adoring fans. You could sign autographs."

    The door creaked open and in stepped Kasey. She was handing the chemistry teacher a note, presumably from another teacher. Shannon spared one small, fleeting glance to see her looking between he and Athena with a confused, angry and hurt look her her face. Shannon looked away, returning his gaze to Athena.
  14. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Athena took a mental note of how he explained the rest of her day would go. It was different than her other school in the aspect that they didn't have breaks. It was class after class then lunch then more classes. Homeroom was considered their break before the day began and that was when everyone did their homework.

    "Trying to get rid of me all of a sudden Shannon? I thought we had a good thing going." She teased as she noticed the girl walk in. She had a different look about her, one leaning more towards anger and pain rather than envy. An opportunity has presented itself before her. This must be the ex-girlfriend he mentioned earlier, given the looks she shot at the both of them as soon as she entered the room.

    "You can't get rid of me that easy." She quickly jumped down from the desk and found herself propped up on his again. "Come on Shannon don't be so shy." Her words rolled smoothly out of her mouth as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him.

    Athena looked back at the girl fleetingly, as if she didn't notice she was watching. The girl almost looked like she wanted to cry, in her opinion this was funny. A woman becoming so sensitive to seeing the man she lost because she wasn't enough was a ridiculous thought in her eyes. Anyone who fell under this nonsensical belief deserves to be single.

    The smell of her perfume, pomegranate and cranberries were her favorite, wasn't very strong unless someone was close enough to her body, which Shannon clearly was. When the girl had enough of watching from the sidelines she attempted to focus her attention else where causing Athena to giggle happily. "Oops." She said with a rather soft tone compared to the true meaning behind it. She enjoyed making others feel miserable without actually having to speak with them.

    "My brother will find me soon enough. I have no need to look for him. My wildly adoring fans on the other hand might be fun to meet." The werewolf released her grip on the boy before jumping off the desk and fixing her blouse. The blouse fit her dimensions perfectly, accentuating her small waistline and midsized chest. She had it buttoned just enough to cover herself, figured to go easy on the boys for her first day.
  15. S H A N N O N ♦ W I N T E R S

    "Oh, shit, you're onto me," he joked when Athena accused him of trying to get rid of her. Shannon would be more than happy to show her around the school at recess. It would be Evangeline who had the problem. When Athena got up and pressed herself against him, he could not help but feel shocked. Obviously she was doing it to antagonise Kasey, which his mischievous side appreciated, but it was still quite unexpected. Luckily, he had had many years of learning how to keep his emotions off his face.

    "Goodness, Athena, we've only just met." Her perfume was lovely and had a sweet, floral scent, but her actual skin smelled completely different. Most werewolves smelled the same; woodsy, musky, often with a hint of mint or pine. Athena was no exception. Shannon found the aroma quite pleasant, a stark comparison to the sickly sweet aroma of vampires. He wondered what he smelled like to her.

    When she released him, he stood up and, deciding to continue to antagonise Kasey, leaned down to whisper in her ear. He put a hand on her waist as he did so in order to steady himself. He used his other hand to push her hair away from her ear. "This is a dangerous game you're playing," he murmured as the bell for recess rang. "Please continue."
  16. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Athena found it rather alluring when she gets grabbed by the waist. It was one of things she appreciated about men. The other was the ability to keep her interested, which very few were able to do.

    "I like danger in case you missed that." Her pale green eyes met his as she had a confident smile about her. She looked back over her shoulders to the girl sitting in her circle of friends for support who looked at the two with rage. They comforted the girl saying things like she doesn't need him and the new girl isn't as pretty. It made Athena giggle after overhearing their conversation.

    "I haven't felt this entertained for quite some time. You're alright vampire boy." She gave him a kiss on his cold cheek, for some reason she found his cold skin refreshing compared to the warmth of human skin. He also had a different scent compared to the usually beings she dealt with. She had never been close enough to a vampire to actually sniff them or touch their skin. It was interesting to her. His sweet scent was alluring to the point of her wanting to bite him. Athena loved sweet things or sweet scents. It made her senses tingle.

    She took out a pen from her bag and wrote down her number on his arm against his will. "So you know how to find me." She poked his nose gently before gathering up her belongings and walking over to the girl whom she was spiting.

    "Hi my name is Athena Belvidere. I'm new to this school and I admit I'm a little nervous." Her tone was soft and innocent as if she was actually nervous. "Hey I have an idea, let's be friends okay? I'll see you around." She smiled to the whole group recognizing some of their faces before turning on her heels and walking back towards Shannon.

    "Come on class is over. I want you to meet my brother before I have to meet your sister." Athena spoke plainly as she grabbed his wrist and dragged him out the door.
  17. S H A N N O N ♦ W I N T E R S

    As he was dragged by Athena down the hall, Shannon read the scrawled numbers on his arm, committing them to his perfect vampire memory. As they walked, Shannon took her hand and wrote his own number on the back of it in curly, loopy numbers. "So you know how to find me," he repeated.

    As they walked Shannon slowly slipped into the lead. Athena may have a dominant personality but she still did not know where she was going. Shannon did not eat, but he used his senses to track down the other wolf, Lucas, Athena's brother, who was sitting in the cafeteria. Alone. How sad.

    Shannon followed Athena to her brother's table. He could not describe or explain it, but there was something about this girl that was completely enthralling. Was it that she was a werewolf? Was it that she was so devastatingly gorgeous? Whatever the reason, she managed to capture the attention of anyone in a room, including Shannon. She was fascinating. He liked her attitude and the careless way she treated everyone around her.

    He hung back a little. Athena was cool and carefree but he did not know her brother. Despite Athena's assurances, he could be hostile. He could feel the same way about vampires as Evangeline felt about werewolves. He looked up, scouring the room for his sister, and was pleased when he could not find her.
  18. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Athena looked at the numbers written on her hand and smiled before returning her attention to her step-brother who sat curiously in front of her. She leaned over to give him a tight hug but it made her skirt start to come up. "Sorry." She stuck her tongue out causing some people to take a double look at her. Some wouldn't believe she was a werewolf in disguise. She wasn't one to start showing skin or being more adventurous until the second day so she stood back up.

    "Lulu! This is Shannon. He's my guide for the day. He's also going to tutor me in science so we might go out later okay? Good." She spoke in a exceedingly jovial manner to which gave her brother even more confusion. She didn't give him a chance to consent of her actions because she didn't particularly care if he did or didn't. She was going to do what she wanted regardless.

    "I see my little sister made friends with the vampire kid. I'm Lucas Dolan." He shook Shannon's hand as common curtesy suggests. "Half pint why don't you go get something to eat. I know you must be hungry. I'll keep Shannon, was it, some company." He gave her a reassuring smile as she happily went off to the food line, a flock of people following in her wake.

    "Let's get some things straight shall we? I don't care if you're a vampire, a werewolf, or a human. That's my little sister. You hurt her and I break you. As long as she's happy then we have no issues understand?" His eyes narrowed as he kept eye contact with the vampire boy. He was very protective of his younger sister around people she took a fancy to. Lucas valued her happiness and safety over anything and he would ensure that she stays that way at all costs. He didn't have any kind of grudge or immediate hatred for Shannon because he was a vampire, it was simply an older brother thing.

    Athena came scampering back with a tray of food in her hands as she sat down across from where Lucas was. "Everything okay?" She asked innocently as she took a bite out a cracker. Lucas shot Shannon a look as if he was saying he better say yes before returning to his food.
  19. S H A N N O N ♦ W I N T E R S

    "I completely understand," said Shannon, in response to Lucas warning him not to hurt his sister. "I wouldn't hurt her. I have a feeling she'd kill me before you even got the chance to if I did."

    Athena returned. "Everything's perfectly fine," Shannon agreed as he sat down beside her. He could feel dagger looks from Kasey and her friends, envious stares of the boys and shock and disgust from someone who could only be Evangeline. He ignored all of them. Shannon resumed his normal position of his elbow propped on the table with his head in his hand. He took the end of one of Athena's rose gold curls and twisted it around his finger as he spoke. "Werewolves need to eat more than humans, right? And you have a higher metabolism? It's only recess and you're both eating quite a lot."

    Shannon and Evangeline did not need to eat human food whatsoever. Sometimes they did so in public, just to keep up appearances and stop the humans from asking them weird questions, but they always had to find a way to regurgitate it later because they physically could not digest it. Sometimes Shannon tried to remember his blurry human life, try to recall the tastes of some of his favourite foods as a child. As human memories were dark and gloomy compared to vivid vampire memories, he usually failed in these attempts.

    Shannon released the lock of Athena's hair, watching it bounce and fall back into place. He looked over his shoulder and saw Evangeline sitting at her normal table, surrounded by her normal friends, with a deep look of hostility plastered onto her perfect face. Shannon smiled at her and gave her a sarcastic wave before turning back to Athena.
  20. A T H E N A ♥ B E L V I D E R E

    Athena felt her hair being moved ever so slightly and noticed Shannon playing with it. Despite how human she looked she had animal instincts and senses. One of her favorite things were when people played with her hair. Rubbing her head, playing with her hair, it all felt so good to her. She paused with a slight almost unnoticeable smile as he did so until he released her curls.

    Quickly, she composed herself and answered his question. "Werewolves generally do have high metabolisms yet we do need to eat more, preferably meat based, food but we don't really like to feed on humans. At least... Lucas and I don't. Eating human food tides us over until later in the night. Besides that, we just like the taste. My stomach is kind of like a black hole that just consumes things and I won't gain a pound." She giggled as she took bite out of her apple.

    "It's like you're always hungry but you don't have to eat. Typically we can go without food for a week and be fine. We'll just be... really pissed off." Lucas stated as he ate his snacks. He wasn't one for talking more than he had to and had enjoyed his quiet time alone reading his books. With his sister around that wasn't exactly possible but he always made exceptions for her.

    Athena looked around to the various cliques sitting at various tables. She held the stares of all the guys and all the girls yet she has done nothing wrong. A few girls even looked like they wanted to fight her. "This is why I don't have female friends." She spoke in a low tone as she made brief eye contact with Evangeline. She looked intent to start a fight right in the middle of the cafeteria. Athena looked back to her tray keeping her head low and allowing her hair to cover her face.

    "I've already made a few enemies. I can live with that." She sprung up, her hair whipping behind her as she did. "I want to explore."
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