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  1. Not a guide, I just found a cool image thing while browsing imgur.


    Feel free to share your own!
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  2. I found this, and I don't think anyone's posted anything like it here before. Enjoy!

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  3. These are really helpful!
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  4. I'm glad! It's great how those little things often escape people. :> It's fun to notice them more once they're pointed out!
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  5. Also thought this one was cute...

  6. Awww this one is showing up super tiny. :< I cannae read it.
  7. Well poo Mood...It's showing up fine for me, but I'm on midnight, so yeah. idea how to fix it actually...sorry. can everyone else see it?
  8. It's not the color scheme... Hm. I'll see what I can do.

    Found it! Here in higher res. =D
  9. AWESOME! I just liked the jungle theme, because punctuation often feels like traversing a thick jungle.
  10. Agreed. xD It does get easier the more you travel through it, too!
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