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  1. ☣ ☢ тнє вєgιииιиg☢ ☣

    Dark, Cold..Dead. The winter was tragic, many had fallen sick. Was it because of him? Aergrotas Arzt. The bringer of the plague's havoc. The chill did not bother him, nor did the snow. Off to the wander thoughts of his mind, they lingered in the cause of the sickness ravaging the world currently. Shall he cause the bubonic plague to rise once more? His bones creaked, and withered as he rose from the slightly broken down cot. A rapping upon his door. Odd. Whom would come visit him out here?

    ☣ ☢ тнє мι∂∂ℓє☢ ☣

    He wandered towards the door, rigor mortis causing him to hold a gimp in his step. How lovely. Stiff, yet not dead nor living. Aergrotas gave a groan ashe brought hims to stand at the door's caress. Digits of lithe structure, they opened the door with a turn of the handle. Only to reveal a woman standing before him. How odd, yes? Eyes of a solid white had taken time to adust to the snow's colour, or lack of. Squinting, he gave a brief smile before stepping off to the side, leaving room for her to enter his dank hut.

    ☣ ☢ тнє єи∂ιиg ☢ ☣

    After a moment, he looked around his hut. Crappy, and unkept. There was such a mess, but then again he never stayed in one place for far to long. A stout lad, covered in the inks of the world. Aergrotas was decieving to most, he was actually a force to be reconed with if he so chose to show the purity of his very being. But looking within his hut, there was so much there. Rotting corpses decor'd his tables, and the stench of sickness lingered heavily.

    "Come in, won't you?"

    [A sample of Art and prose? This is a recent post made for Aergrotas on a roleplay.]