Monty Oum, animator for Red vs. Blue and creator of RWBY, passes away.

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  1. I was scouring the Iwaku Gen threads thinking I might find a post and literally right after I clicked onto the gen threads this popped up.

    And now I don't really know what I'd even say about it.

  2. He was such an inspiration for me and my creativity. If you read the thread, it says to honor Monty in a creative way. I believe I will be doing so today. Rest in peice Monty. Too young and too soon

    “The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.”

    Lao Zhu
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  3. I don't think I have much to say on the situation anymore. Death happens, it's inevitable, we just have to learn to move past it. Instead of grieving we should look back on what Monty has accomplished in his short life, he did what he loved. He worked as a combat designer for the game Afro Samurai. Something he created for fun (Haloid) was called "the most interesting Halo-related fan movie in existence."

    He created RWBY, something that sat on his mind for years before being put into work. RWBY popularity had even reached Japan meaning Monty had created the first American-Made anime series to be marketed in Japan.

    In the future, when there are many more amazing people and content creators, Monty will be listed as inspiration for atleast one of those people. All these accomplishments (In which there are many more), from a highschool dropout at that. Monty was an amazing person, and inspiration to many. May he rest in peace, and may we do something creative today to honor him.

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  4. wait


    this isn't a joke??
  5. ... What?!

  6. i know, right?

    for once, i am without a joke or witticism
  7. That was my reaction when I first heard it as well. I don't keep up with general Rooster Teeth news, so I hadn't heard that he was even in the hospital.

    There's not really much to say about it, as far as I'm concerned. Shit sucks.
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    "They are living, but you perceive it not."


    His death is sad indeed, but to me he isn't truly dead. Simply went on to the next life and, if Allah wills, is probably still making more RVB and RWBY stuff.
  9. Oh, shit!




  10. Undead Fantasy 6

    RUBY (U for undead)

    Red vs Blue Vs Zombies

    Monty lived on!
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