Monthly writing challenge #1 Music time!

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Alright! Its finally time for me to unleash the monthly writing challenge on the artsy section! These are just like the weekly ones except you'll be writing a complete story! Not only that the winner get a cookie and a shiny new award too!

This month being the first month I want to try something a little different. You will take your entire music library and put it on shuffle, then play the first three songs that come up. Your story should mach the tone of your interpretation of the songs for each part and try to weave them into one continuous story listing the songs that its based on at the end.

If the song has no lyrics or you can't understand them then just go by tone.

You can post your stories here or in your blog, but if you post it in your blog post I link here so I don't miss your entry. I'll be accepting entries until the first, that new years' night for most of you.

Get listening, get writing, and have fun!
I have no idea where this came from. This is what I came up with. I'm pretty surprised with what happened below….. maybe I should try sleeping the next time I even THINK about posting something like this. Understand that I in NO way condone this behavior, but from an interesting angle, I'm unsure of how this POV came to be. This is pretty intense, read under your own choice. This will probably be the last horrid thing I ever write, due to the fact that it honestly surprised me.

His feet took unmeasured, uneven, weaving steps as he tried to stay upright while walking along the street. All his life he wanted one thing, and now that he had been able to achieve his darkest, most sinful desires, regret and sadness washed over him every time he even thought of what he had done. When he was with her, everything was perfect, and they would live a lie, a perfect deception. But when they were apart, the evidence was clear that it wasn't meant to be and that they were going against some ancient will of man.

Who could possibly argue that this was wrong? Who dared to even try to go against it without possibly understanding his folly! He loved her! There was nothing wrong with that, there was nothing wrong with that at all! They just didn't understand. Not a single person around him could possibly understand the way this felt. The way she felt. The way her hand wrapped around his, the way her perfumed skin warped his mind. They couldn't possibly even comprehend the way his mind would just… slip when she would look up at him with those big brown eyes, like the color of clean, earthy dirt, surrounded in a sea of snowy white, and confessed her love for him. Who was even at fault for the horrid sin?

And so, now he walked, with the pace of a drunken fool as his mind distanced itself from its sinful body. For a moment he hated how he had allowed himself to be so tempted and to even give in to those alluring temptations. He was a fool, a corrupted, sinful, tainted fool. He had the darkness upon his lips and he loved the taste. He only wanted more, like a drug that robbed him of his mind, he found himself loosing his morals if only to have her. He would loose everything, if just to have her. At any cost.

The price he paid to have her, and he didn't even know if it was worth it; All of his life turned upside-down, and to live in the shadows of life, lying at every moment to hide what had become of his broken existence. He would battle himself to the end of his sanity to try and figure out where he went wrong… or where he went right? He had gotten what he wanted, true, but was what he wanted, something he was meant to have? He didn't know. He didn't know. How could he even start to understand the undoing of his own mind?

His name was Nicholas Krepton, and he resided in Ohio. He resided in a small, small town in Ohio, some little "out in the middle of nowhere" area. No one really knew him…. Or her for that matter. And that was the point of it, wasn't it? Moving away from Maine, away from the crowded living, out from beneath peoples' noses. For freedom, for the ability to be able to follow their desires. To indulge in fantasies that would truly have a grave outcome should anyone even come close to getting a hint at what they were possibly trying to even think of attempting.

There were be moments where he found clarity and grew disgusted with his thoughts, but then she'd be there. He was her brother, and with every waking moment with her, she convinced him that she loved him and that it was right and good. And he wasn't keen on trying to resist her, but on the other hand, he was unsure of how to live with himself - and so, a plan carefully crafted itself in his mind.

Nicholas would have to come up with a way to figure out his life, to admit to what he was doing. To try and figure out if what he was doing was right or wrong. But his thoughts were so distracted and his body wandered along the street, alongside tall stalks of corn. His confusion ran so deep that his equilibrium was affected. He felt sick as he came upon their house, the broken-down structure that was on its last legs. It was crudely put together, and seemed to be falling apart at the very seams, but for some cruel reason, it was made to survive and hold on past the time that it was supposed to be condemned. It was very reminiscent of how he felt at the moment.

Clinging onto the last strands of some long forgotten strand of sanity, hoping to stave off the darkness inside of him this time as he entered their house. He felt a chill in the air as he opened the door and came inside. It was maddening when he heard her feet on the stairs, or the look she gave him when he looked up at her, into those beautiful brown eyes. Ones he shared with her. Dark blond hair that flounced and flopped around as she bounced down the steps to bound up to him and wrapped him in an embrace so tightly that he feared that what would come next would surely mean an end to the plan he had tried so hard to complete in his head.

Right now, it all seemed unimportant as he could smell her skin. Or feel a strand of her hair brush across his face as she snuggled against him, as though they were simply lovers. Doing what nature simply intended. Some deeper part of him was calling out to him, trying to send him a reserve of strength against her. Trying to figure out a way to battle the decay of his disappearing morals, he resisted her embrace and tried to ignore her. He attempted to keep walking, his aim was for the kitchen. But she dug her heels in and it seemed as though she was unlikely to give in without a fight.

To understand, she meant no harm. She was merely so naïve as an object of his dark, demented affection. A pawn to every whim and desire he had. Something so pure, it made the world go mad in trying to corrupt her. But even in such a heinous sin, she was still just an angel of a woman. Too pure to ruin, even in this situation, she merely wanted to love and be loved. Life's purest desire, rotted and corrupted by what had originally only been a whim for him, and the desire for her to please him had done nothing to help him at all, only feeding the demons in his mind. There was only one answer, and with it came the calm of final understandings.

No longer confused, a simple answer remained as he spoke meaningless words to her, he broke free of her embrace and walked into the kitchen with her at his ankles, close behind, like an energetic puppy. And within a moment, he had a kitchen knife in hand and quietly turned on his heel and heard the whispered noise of steel against skin, effortlessly parting it as life halted in it's wake

The blood sprayed and dripped, meanwhile the gurgled, wet gasps from the innocent were ushered as she collapsed to the floor, convulsing and attempting to stem the flow of blood, to stop it. Confusion and sadness deeply imbedded into her eyes, filled to the brim with tears as they searched around.

Those eyes looked up at him, the color of shit.

He gently picked her up as she gargled on her blood, drowning in her own essence, lovingly holding her, as a groom would hold a bride as he carried her torn and trembling body back through the kitchen, holding her close as he turned and started to climb the stairs, not a word spoken as his thoughts converged into one order in his brain, repeating itself over and over, unable to stop, and without any other answers, he followed it. Anything to stop this dreaded horror his life had become. But there were no answers that could cure this. There were no answers in which sacrifices weren't made.

And so, they now made themselves unknowing atonements. There was no other way to seek forgiveness. There was no other answer, and this was the end of any other solution. His only relief was that he wouldn't have to last long as he kept climbing the stairs, his bloodied body and that of his innocently-sinful sister only partway on the incline that would help them. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of hers, a hatred spawning itself, piercing through his skull as he realized how much simpler this could have been if she had just reacted differently. As he looked down into those pleading eyes, with only a measured amount of glimmer left in them, he wanted nothing more to destroy the two brown orbs that looked back at his. He wanted to destroy what was alike between them and right the wrongs. But that alone wouldn't even be the start. No… he would have to bear this burden as he absolved her of her crimes and his own.

On the top of the stairs now, he walked across to their bedroom, laying her gently onto the bed as he then headed for the bathroom, gathering his razor.

And as he came back, he broke it, withdrawing a single blade as he headed for the bed where she lay. Within moment, a strangled gasp and a grand effort to scream with a slit throat, it was done. With nothing left to connect him to her, he tossed away the blade and gazed down at the torn and mangled body of what had been his sister as he pulled her into his arms again, pausing for a moment before going to the window, looking out at the vast cornfields as he slid the glass pane up, a gust of wind blowing into the room as he picked her up again and then within moments, had thrown her out the window.

Not even listening for the thudding sound of an already dying body becoming further mangled, he walked downstairs, out the front door and gently retrieved the body before walking with it and placing it down at the edge of the cornfield that she had loved to look at so much, and within only hours, had her buried there with the aid of a shovel that had been in the house already before they had moved there.

And then, the process repeated itself as he went back to retrieve the knife and walked upstairs, and at the top of the steps, he dragged the blade over his throat, pressing so hard that he could feel the edge dragging across his bones. It didn't end there… as with his sister, he destroyed their likeness and then made a blind dash for the window, and for a moment, he soared.

Then, in the next moment, regret consumed him and he wanted nothing more than to go back and change things again.

But it was a moment too late.
Okay, I don't think this is very good or strong but it's all I got for my music choices~!

Last Kiss (Album version) - Tanpopo
Rainbow Pink - Sayu and Koharu
Strangers When We Kiss - Pink Lady

The sky faded slowly into twilight and then into full night, Kaori looked up at the clouds as they rolled by the moon. The small port town of Yokosuka was quiet these days, the snow had just began to fall and everyone was inside keeping warm. Her gaze drifted down a bit to watch the flakes of snow dance about her. It seemed like an elaborate ball that they were having, flakes twirling about one another, sometimes connecting as they drifted noiselessly to the ground, resting together in large piles sometimes, othertimes caught by a branch of the sakura trees, perching elegantly on twigs. It truly was a frozen ball that they partook of, and it brought a small smile to Kaori's lips.

Getting up from the swing on which Kaori had perched she began walking back towards the center shopping road, to where her mother worked, selling fish that her father had caught on his long trips out at sea. She recalled the last time she had seen her father, it was some weeks ago, she had hugged him softly and he kissed her on the forehead gently, promising to return safely. She had no reason to doubt that, after all he returned every year. It didn't take her long to approach the shopping road. A few of the indoor shops were still open but for the most part everyone had closed down completely for the night, even if it was still early. Kaori's gaze drifted from one shop to another and the few people walking about the snow crunching softly beneath their feet.

Kaori's gaze stopped dead on Hiro, a boy from her class. She had always had a large crush on him and she felt shy to approach him. It was made worse by the running commentary in her brain, she had two overly bubbly voices in her head that would try and convince her to do things, sometimes bursting out in song. Kaori always blamed her mother, who would constantly listen to pop music at the oddest hours of the night. However this particular night they seemed to be working with Kaori, instead of against her.

"Doooooo it~ It'll be great! Trust me!" Pinku one said, the visual representation of her popping into Kaori's mind, a cute little girl roughly the age of ten dressed in a puffy pink dress, with long white hair it was all very anime to Kaori.

"YEAH! It'll be okay~" Pinku two chimed in, a girl almost identical to Pinku one except her hair was a vibrant red. She gave a thumbs up to Kaori and urged her to approach Hiro.

"No, Pinkus I'm not going to...he's too handsome, he wouldn't ever want to talk to me!" Kaori pleaded softly, almost under her breath.

"Do it or we'll start singing!" The Pinkus said in unison.

"You wouldn't do that!" Kaori shook her head, the visual representations of the Pinkus falling over from the shaking.

"You asked for it! Ready Pinku two?"

"Ready Pinku one!" The girls grabbed each other's hands and microphones appeared in their hands and they began belting out a super sugary sweet and cute love song together.

"Aaah! Okay! I'll do it, I'll do it..." Kaori would do anything to stop the singing as they waved to her.

"Good~ Bye bye Pinku!" They dissapeared as Kaori stepped over to Hiro.

Hiro smiled as she stepped in front of him, he was a bit taller then her and had longer hair, he always dressed very well out of school and it was part of what Kaori liked about him. She shook the thoughts as a blush came to her face, she was still nervous about talking to him but if she didn't she'd get a non-stop show all night from the pinkus.

"Um...Hi Hiro..." She said softly, looking down at her hands.

"Ah, Kaori, how are you? Enjoying the winter vacation so far?" He asked.

"Uh...yes, are you? I thought you were working at the dojo in Yamanose?" Kaori asked, drudging up just enough courage to look up at Hiro's face, he was smiling and she felt her heart skip a bit.

"Yes, you should come visit sometime I'd enjoy seeing you. In fact, I'm going to be going there tomorrow if you'd like to visit." Another broad smile came across his face, and Kaori noticed him blushing ever so slightly.

"I'd love to! I if my mother doesn't need help watching the shop..." Kaori returned the smile.

"Well how about, well would you mind if I walked you home?" He scratched the back of his head and turned his gaze away from hers.

"I..I'd love for you to..." She smiled warmly, her heart was pounding a kilometer a minute but she was so excited, he was actually talking to her and better yet wanted to walk her home. Did he like her as well?

"Maybe this uh...could be like, a date?" He asked shyly, turning his body sideways from her. Kaori's eyes nearly popped out of her head as he asked.

"I would love for it to be a date!" She cried out, almost embarassingly to herself. Hiro didn't seem to notice, or mind, instead he extended his hand to her and she took it, walking towards her house the snow softly crunching beneath their shoes.

In her mind the Pinkus reappeared and gave Kaori the thumbs up and faded once again, leaving a small message, "Told ya so."
Okay my songs were strange but they were
1. No Vale La Pena (A spanish song meaning 'Not worth while") by. Issac Delgado
2. Holding out for a hero from the Shrek Soundtrack. by Jennifer Saunders
3. The fight song- Marilyn Manson

Norman's Story

My ears popped as we started our decent into San Juan. I had always wanted to go back to my roots and since I was on leave it was the perfect time. I myself was born in California but as for the rest of my family never left. As soon as we touched down and I started down the air stairs I was home. It was like I had never left.

The fresh air littered with jet fuel and sweet mango made me smile. Hitching my bag up onto my shoulder I could feel the eyes of my ex staring me down as I started down the air steps. Well maybe she wasn't staring me down but it sure felt like it. She had always been critical of me and that was why she was my ex. Sure we shared a child but with my lack of funds and her being born here on the island she had more leverage than I did. At any rate she agreed to this once a year visit granting me permission to see my own daughter.

I damn near held my breath as I started towards her. She had come alone, again. I don't know why she did that. Rachel didn't have to stay home but she made it a point to pick me up and lecture me the whole back to her house taking special care to point out all my faults along the way.

"Hey stranger" She called me. Looking up I could just make out her brilliant smile under that tropical hat she wore. No matter how much of a cow she could be, deep down I still loved her.

"Hi, where's Rachel?" I knew the answer but had to play along.

"She is with my mom, you know that." Her eyes told me that I was on thin ice right then and there.

"Ah, sure whatever you say your island your rules right?" My cheap smile didn't fool her and sure enough it was just the trigger she had been waiting for.

"So you're still holding onto old memories huh? Looking at my hat are you? It's from Cabo, I know. It's pretty and I like and it's old but with your checks I can't get a new one let alone school supplies" She was on roll.

"You haven't change Norman you haven't changed a bit except for around the middle I guess. Rubbing my neck we pulled out of the parking lot I could hear the engines of the planes spin up and had to laugh thinking that those weren't the only engines getting ready for takeoff.
A sudden jerk and gagging engine forced me to look at her and away from the air field.

"You're still a whiz at driving a stick I see" I said it before I realized it and a sharp pinch to my thigh reminded me of her temper.

"You wanna walk hero?" she snapped at me.

"I'm sorry, hey easy on the clutch" I spoke to late as she stalled out in the crosswalk. Horns were blaring and she looked rattled. The swarm of pedestrians laughed and walked around the car.

"I hate this thing. I hate this piece of shit." She tried over and over to jam the car into first gear and was only grinding the hell out of the gears.

"Honey, honey breath its ok, here switch with me and I'll drive the light will change again and we are gonna get hit." Touching the top of her hand that rest on the gear shift told her I wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Fine!" she snapped and ripped her hand away. Her door swung wide open as she marched around the car and damn near hit a man walking by. I climbed over on the inside and closed the door just in time.

"So is everything alright?" I had to ask her. Sure she had a short fuse and loved to flip me shit but this was something else altogether. Her heavy sigh and slapping of the visor told me I hit the nail on the head.

"Norman just drive ok." Her tone told me everything and I knew she was about to start crying. Spotting a small turn out I pulled over and cut the engine.

There was nothing there but the hedge that blocked the view completely so I had nothing to look at except her lovely curves and big summer hat. Hearing her crying emotion took me over and all the love I still felt for her had me pulling her into my arms.

Soothing her hair and rubbing her back from my odd angle I did the best I could to comfort her. I hated to see her cry. I always did.

"Mirada, mirada mi. Look at me please." Cupping her chin I tried to see beyond her dark sunglasses. Speaking to her Spanish came natural. We bounced back and forth so much we called it Spanglish.

Holding her felt so right again but I knew she was engaged or something to some guy but I didn't care. Right now she was with me and to hell with it. I rubbed her back as she started to open up and kissed her temple.

"He is cheating on me and I know it. I saw it I walked in on him but he still says it was a onetime thing."

She sobbed at this point and not only was I pissed off but I was turned on. What the hell was wrong with me? I listened to her some more and not once did I let go her. I felt her body and smiled but that smile changed as I touched a spot on her neck and she pulled away.

"What's wrong?" I could feel her withdraw from me.

"Nothing I'm just tired and I slept wrong. Besides my mom says he will behave once we are married"

"Escuhe mi, okay. Listen to me. She is one to talk being married two times and having five kids with three different men. She is the last person that should be telling you what to do with your love life alright. I might not have been the best and being gone a lot didn't help but I never, ever cheated on you and shit I still haven't even gotten a girlfriend." My sudden confession made her pull back to look at me.

Shit I was screwed now.

"Are you telling me that you haven't been with anyone since we broke up?" she looked mad and surprised.

"Ah, no not really" My heart ached telling her this. She had moved on and I well just never got around to it and with internet porn why put up with the drama of a real relationship. I had things handled, kinda. She blushed and giggled like when we were together. For a moment she looked happy, she looked like she was my girl all over again. A spark lit up inside me.

I wanted to fix things, I wanted to do the right thing and by god I wanted to take her right then and there. To hold her close and feel her dig her nails into my back. I wanted to be all the things that I had promised her but failed to do. I was too young, stupid and proud. But things were different now.

I was silly, I was in love and smitten with her. I wanted to believe that somewhere under all the bitchy ice queen bullshit she really was a girl that needed a real man. I wanted to be her real man. Shit I was a solider for crying out loud.

"Norman, look I know you mean well but I can't. I'm not ready and yes he is being a bastard but we can't." She didn't even look at me as my heart sank. I was crushed all over again and the song in my head did match the one on the radio. I was her fool all over again.

"Norman things just aren't meant to be that's all" She sighed and looked away just enough and her sunglasses slipped. Why didn't I see it before?

"Did he hurt you?" My tone was lean with anger as she sobbed anew.

"He didn't mean to, he was drunk" she was shaking as I turned the car back on.

"Is he home alone then?" my tone was ice cold.

"Yes, Norman wait, what are you thinking?" She looked scared but my mind was set. No one and I mean no one was ever going to lay a hand on my wife, even if she was an ex she was still my wife and always would be.
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Acceleration. His foot pushing in excess on the peddle, feeling the four barrel carburetor doing its job. He was a speed demon, on the open road, showing no sings of slowing. Thank god he taken that worthless fucking governor off the vehicle, cause sometimes you can't just drive 95. Signs past by like specks of dust lost in the wind. His eyes were glued -no superglued- to the road. Any mistake at this speed would be devastating. He had read a story once, about how your arms were nothing more than wet noodles in a car when doing anything over 50mph, coming to a dead stop that is. However, he was sure the last thing he would do is try to guard his face with his arms, hell no, at this speed? Either way, what a fucking rush.

His palms were getting sweaty. A sour copper taste was on his dry tongue. Below his chest, where his heart pounded at a mercilessly fierce pace, two knees shook, not out of fear, but out of a pure adrenaline surge. His feet, that he was sure had become solid cement blocks, were poised, read to lift off at any sign off obstruction in the road, but slowing was the last thing on his mind. Go for the gold, no holds bar, five to the fucking sky, all the way.

105 - Tension, set off by the fact that his seat belt hung uselessly at his side

115 - Pulse up, feeling like a hammer hitting his temple

120 - No stopping now.

125 - And BOOM

A tire blew out and then there was Nothing.

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In an instant, the rush was gone. What took it's place was a mix of peace and confusion, tranquillity and solitude. Something was off, but at the same time everything was good, nice and dreamy. Like having a beautiful naked women in the room with you: he didn't have any desire of leaving. Why leave? It seemed that everything he wanted was right here. He was walking through a garden on a sunny day. All his worries were gone and his mind in a state of unknowing realization.

The sound of twisting metal and shattered glass.

He heard the sound, but it was far off and unimportant., similar to how a boring TV show might sound if it was playing in another room, distant and detached. He listened to it for a moment, then moved on. He was walking through a forest, a moss garden lining the delicate floor. Everything was at peace with everything else. However, despite the serene quality, something was off.

Bright lights and a piercing feeling as he flew throughout the window.

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From his view, in the drivers seat, everything was in slow motion. As the front end of his car collided with the concrete wall. First he saw the hood of his car crinkle up like paper, like fucking paper. Then, as yellow and white bits of plastic from his turning lights peppered the windshield his body lifted from his seat. For a moment, half a millisecond, he was airborne. If his consciousness wouldn't have been heightened to the level it was, he would have never noticed it. Next, his body pitched forward, as his head connected with the windshield. He could see every shard of shattered glass, every crack, from the window. It was beautiful in a way. Seeing the glass spiderweb and twist and crack into an intricate design. His head smashed through the windshield with the ease of a circular saw through plywood, his body followed shorty after. By this time, as if there was even time to notice, he felt every bone in his shoulders and arms break.

Returning to the garden, now ignited in flame, his soul lays to rest, his body will remain.