Month Long Halloween Roleplay?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Ive been wanting to run a small, month long group roleplay themed specifically for Halloween. I think it'd be the most fun to do a murder mystery but I'm completely open to other ideas. I would need a co-gm to help me out and I'm hoping to have no more than 6 or 7 players on top of us two GM's. The rp would end when the month does, or uo to a week after and it would be very low stress :) active players are best to get through it in a month, of course. Let me know what you think!
  2. I love Halloween and I would so do this XD.
  3. Yessssss I love murder mysteries :D
  4. Awesome, looks like we have some interest. Now, what kind of RP do you guys want, and are any of you looking into Co-GMing?
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  5. I would love to Co-GM with you if you will have me.^^ For RP idea's we could roughly work off several Halloween kind of ideas for it , lots of options to be thrown about.
  6. Sounds good then :)

    PM me and get we can to work on developing it!
  7. I'm interested :)
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  8. Hey Akashi ^_^
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  9. Hey hey.. How are you doing. <3

    About time we get to RPing again. XDDD
  10. Will totally get to you in a few then!
  11. We could do a Supernatural Murder Mystery maybe?
  12. Sounds good guys ^_^ we'll start working on a simple plot to get us going
  13. Hey guys. Is there still interest In this? I think @Shayla may have gotten sidetracked. I'm going to post an intro tomorrow as, as soon as I get my laptop charger back :3 I apologize for the silence!
  14. still here.
  15. Still interested!
  16. Cookies for everyone
    Now we wait for my laptop to get its charger back -_- :P in the meantime, why not start making characters for a role play set right around 2000?
  17. More so work had me a bit busy :P I can work on it tonight. Just a general OOC area with the idea and save a CS later for their main characters , Serenity?
  18. I'm interested if you'll have me...
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