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  1. Nestled right in the center of the biggest forest of the Paranormal Realm, the Monsuta High School raises from the ground for show the world how big and enormous it is. The whole forest is like an inmense land that could hold a whole city, but now that the school is right on its center, the forest is more than a perferct barrier protector. The high School is also really big, turning the greatest pride of the Paranormal World. The school is home of lots of inhuman beings that came from many places of the Realm in search of a good education for their future.

    Today is the first day of the new school year. Old and new students, all of them of different species, rushed through the front gates of the school carrying their backpacks and wearing their elegant, yet juvenile uniforms under a beautiful, cear and blue sky. Laughs, screams of joy and chatting could be heard anywhere around the place. Most of the old students sat on some benches that were surrounding a squared fountain for talk about their summer break experiences and anecdotes with their already know friends. The new students, most of them, were wandring around for socialize in hopes of fiting into a group. It was 7:00 A.M. in the morning, so everybody had some free time do do such things or even a small tour around the school.

    Exactly at 7:30 A.M., the school messenger that turned to be a scary looking zombie with a patch on his left eye and a big scar that through the middle of his face, clapped his hands in the middle of the crownd, hoping to get their attention. "Alright right, listen up, folks! Shinku has an important announcements for all of you, so Shinku would like you to pay attention". Every student went silent and looked at the messenger, trying to see who was Shinku. They only saw one person, so they put a kinda confused expression. The messenger laughed a bit, his voice deep and a bit rashy. "You're already looking at Shinku, you bunch of silly monkeys!" he said with a chuckle and shooking his head.

    After a bit, he clearedhis throat and turned to his right, raising his right arm and pointing with his right index finger at the Auditorium that were a few miles from him. "Mrs. Aisaka wishes to meet every single of you in there for the Open Ceremony. So, Shinku wants all of you to be good and follow him!" With a nod, Shinku began to walk toward sthe Auditorium, smiling brightly as he slowly moved with some funny robotic movements. A drop of sweat appeared behind his head as he suddenly couldn't move. He sighed deeply. "Yarg... Shinku's limbs are a bit in "rigor mortis". Please, don't mind him and go with Mrs. Aizaka. Shinku needs to rest until the effect passes away".

    The students nodded and headed towards the Auditorium, talking about what happened to the poor messenger and what the School Principal would say in this Open Ceremony. The old students sighed and began to tease about how long her speeches always were.

    ZHIEND - Trigger (Opening Theme)


    Schoolgrounds of Monsuta High - Auditorium
    7:00 A.M.

    "Alright, this years, I have to say this and this... Mmh, I can skip these lines... Oh! I definitely have to say these ones!" Mrs. Aisaka was behind some long and big courtains on the stage of the Auditorium, preparing herself for the her big moment: the anual speech on the Opening Ceremony. Even that every time she looks like if you born to make this kinds of things, it wasn't like that. Before every speech, she gets really nervous and practice hard for make sure every went perfect and to not embarrass herself in front of the hundred of students. She had some papers on one hand and a pencil on her other hand, adding, deleteing and making some quick notes besides everything she wrote for the speech.

    Like always, she was wearing her black principal uniform. Her scarlett hair were tied on a ponytail and her voluptous lips had a bit of soft pink lipstick on them. Feeling really curious, she stepped closer to the courtain and peeked outside at all the students that were getting inside the Auditorium, choosing were to sit. He siged deeply and bit her lower lip, feeling a great wave of nervousness. "I know I've been on this for 4 years now, but... I STILL NOT ACCOSTUMED TO IT!" she thought with a big drop of sweat behind her head.
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  2. -

    Megumi grinned as soon as she caught her first glimpse of the school and quickly picked up her pace, eager to be on school grounds once again. She looked down at her feet and giggled to herself, happy to be at one of the only places where she feels at ease. Both her hands and back were occupied with her luggage and they were starting to ache already "I know i'm going to be sore tomorrow" Meg murmured to herself and sighed just when a sudden gust wind of flew up from behind her and tumbled her hair all up in her face. Megumi spat and shook her head to try and get all her hair away from her eyes and mouth, nearly crashing into a group of girls next to her "Oh! So sorry" she quickly said to them followed by a quick bow of the head. Meg looked up and noticed that some of the girls were actually some classmates from last year, they all laughed at the same time and greeted each other. They chatted for a bit but soon parted ways and Megumi dashed ahead towards the dorms.

    Once inside her room, Megumi dumped all her belongings in a corner and flopped on top of a bed. She sprawled herself across the sheets and stretched her limbs as far as she good. Meg laid there motionless for a good amount of time while placing the back of her hand on her forehead and staring up at the ceiling. She knew that she could've used her fairy dust to help her carry all her things, even for a bit, but she decided to get some exercise done since she did have to prepare herself for the track season. She wondered if there were going to be any new members interested at all, actually hoped for any new members, she recalled the team having only a few people last year. Megumi closed her eyes the turned to the side, resting her hands in front of her and thought it was time to head out to the main yard in case any announcements were to be made. She happily jumped out the bed and made her way to the door while putting her shoes on at the same time. Once out her room, Meg dashed back near the entrance of the school just in time to hear Shinku's announcement. She tried catching her breath as she listened and quickly straightened out her uniform and finger combed her hair as she began to follow Shinku to the auditorium for the welcome announcement from the principal. Once inside Megumi spotted a couple of other former classmates and calmly waved at them, soon taking a seat in one of the over-sized but incredibly warm theater chairs.
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  3. Avante's presence was almost unknown as he stalked the campus. His things were neatly stowed away in his room, and now was the time to teach the little sophomores what he was about. And no better way to do that was by pranking the principal. Sure, anyone who had common sense would never even think about it. But, no one said he used common sense on a daily basis.

    So, in kitten form, Avante snuck back stage and silently watched as the principal nervously went through her notes. He was hiding behind several props from a drama performance last October. This was a beautiful moment for him, seeing the anxiety taint the young woman's features. It was such a raw moment to witness. This would be the welcome speech of a lifetime. The spell he'd memorized last year fell of his rough feline tongue, a dark pleasure in his light brown eyes as he watched the papers vanish into thin air. Just as stealthily as he arrived behind the stage, Avante fled the scene.

    After quite the long sprint around the building, the bajang entered with a rowdy group of jocks, laughing and carrying on with them. After all, he did do a prank for them a few years back and they had remained on good terms since then. He found himself a seat next to some pink haired chick and casually adjusted his hat. He casted a sideways glance at the girl. "How was your summer, eh?" He asked, trying to make some light conversation so that he wouldn't be an immediate suspect when the principal recognized that she had fallen victim to a prank.
  4. Mizuki Aisaka and Shinku
    After a bit, she let go the curtains and turned around to walk towards the small desk where she put the papers from her speech. She stood in front of it and widen her eyes as she didn't found the papers anywhere. "WHAT!?" She desperately began to look everywhere: under the desk, around it and even in other places of the stage, even on a trash can. That was with no avail and she covered her mouth with his hands, sweating nervously and if her heart could beat, it would had been faster and deeply.

    "How could those paper just disappeared just like that!? I swear I put them there!" She quickly called out for Shinku, who slowly came from a small hallway that led to the backstage. He looked at Mizuki with a tired smile, yawning a bit. "Shinku have heard Mizuki-chan calling for him. In what Shinku may help Mizuki-chan?" Mizuki quickly turned to face him, her face filled with only worry and dispair. "Shinku-kun, something terrible have happened! My speech, my beautiful speech which I've worked all the past week has just disappeared!" Shinku blinked twice with a kinda surprised expression and he slowly looked around. "Oh, that's really something, Mizuki-chan. Shinku feels bad for it, so he will help Mizuki-chan".

    He scanned the room with his exposed purple eye and sensed some residues of magic around the table and behind some old props. He tilted his head in confusion ad looked at Mizuki. "Shinku has found some magic residues on the table and behind those props, Mizuki-chan. Shinku suspects that somebody sneak inside and stole Mizuki's speech". Mizuki narrowed her eyes and shook her head in disbelief. "That's impossible. I was here all the time and noting escapes from my sight, Shinku-kun. besides, no one on its common sense would do such a thing". He scoffed a bit as she fixed her glasses. "That if they don't want to face an awful punishment..."

    Shinku chuckled as he looked at her and shrugs, some of his bones cracking a bit as he went into "rigor mortis" once again. He sighed with a smile. "Well, apparenly, Mizuki-chan let in somebody. Also, will you help Shinku, please? Rigor mortis has attack Shinku once again..."
  5. [​IMG]

    Ruby's everything was aching. She leaned against the wall of her dorm trying to catch her breath. She was pretty strong, but trying to carry around a backpack, travel bag, and guitar case was still hard for her.

    At least now she could relax....



    The principal's speech!

    She immediately hauled ass out of the dorm building, trying to get to the auditorium as fast as she could.

    By the time she got there, she was sweating and practically gasping for breath. She located an empty seat and dropped herself into it, feeling triumphant.

    She hoped that she hadn't made too big a scene, but at this point, she didn't really care.


  6. -
    It was getting pretty full inside the auditorium as more and more students began to arrive and took their seats. The building was pretty big, enough to have many seats left empty, but it was also always a bit cold in there too. Meg crossed her arms and legs to try warm herself up and indulged herself some more into the chair to inherit some more of its heat. Due to the seats feeling so warm and comfy, she decided it wouldn’t hurt to just take a little light nap before the principal started with her usual speech… not that it will prevent her from falling asleep during the speech as well. She nestled deeper into the cushioned chair and tilted her head down, allowing her hair to fall down and cover her face. But that didn’t last too long because as soon as she fluttered her eyes shut there she felt a soft thud on the seat next to her. She slightly jumped, startled from the sudden awakening.

    She slowly turned her head to the side and a quiet sigh escaped her mouth, relieved to see that it was just some cheeky looking boy. Megumi blinked a bit to try and clear her sleepy vision as the boy spoke to her. “Oh umm-uh, summer...” She paused for a second and thought about how her summer really went down before answering the boy “It was great, loved the sun, couldn’t get enough of the ocean” she lied and plastered on a giant grin as she tried her best to hold back a yawn, not really thinking much about how the boy even sat here so quickly. She only just rested her eyes for a second, not really recalling anyone making their way over to the seat next to her.
  7. Mei was rudely awakened by light shining in her eyes. Damn photons she grouched internally. For some reason her back was killing her. She heaved a giant yawn and stretched. During said stretch she felt her stomach drop, and turned to she asphalt and bushes rushing up to meet her. She landed face first in a bush under the tree she'd fallen out of.

    Ah shit, that's right I slept in a tree last night. It was all coming back to her now. Her mother had dropped her off at the school the night before, but failed to mention that the dorms would be locked and therefore inaccessible to Mei. She stood and rubbed her sore nose.

    Hopefully it won't get all disgusting she thought. The Academy was much different during the day than the ghost town she'd seen last night. It was bustling with life and commotion, two of Mei's favorite things. There was a large mass of students pouring into one of the buildings.

    Looks like that's the place to go. She got her stuff she'd stashed in the bushes last night. She made her way to the dorms and found her room. After packing all her stuff in her room she changed from the clothes she'd slept in and put on her stuffy uniform. Mei then headed out, she shoving away anyone who bumped into her rudely, though not before cussing them out. She weaved her way through the throngs of students and managed to plop down into a cushy seat. Mei frowned, the seat was kind of high up and her feet lifted off the ground when she sat in it. Mei almost didn't notice that she was seated right by some sweaty exhausted looking girl.

    Mei looked at her curiously, What's up with her? She thought. She decided to voice this inquiry.

    "Hey, what's up?" She asked
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  8. black-crow-king.regular.png

    Aoki walked into the auditorium as it flowing with life, the lanes were filled with people. It was almost impossible to walk without knocking into someone or brushing up on them at least. His cat, Nova, was happy as can be walking in between his legs. Growling at anyone that bumped into Aoki or itself. Aoki scanned around the theater and did not see too many seats that he liked. He crouched down and picked up his cat, raising it above the crowded area. "Choose a seat. I'll go to where you go." He said to the animal, setting on a nearby student's arm. Nova jumped from arm to arm, head to chair, rarely ever touching the ground. The cat jumped into one of the rows and pounced onto an open chair before sitting down on it, meowing loudly.

    Aoki managed to wade over to the row and step foot into the line of seats. There he smoothed out his tie and fixed some of his cuffs before walking towards the seat and picking up the cat. "Good job, I will get you something when we get back." Aoki patted the cat and put him on the shoulder rest. He glanced back and saw a girl with pink hair talking to a man with questionable style of clothing. "Oh! Sorry. I usually do not sit in front of people. Cat chose it." Almost on cue, Nova meowed and poked its head above looking at the man, before ducking down again. "The cat gets what it wants." Aoki said, finishing his thought and smiling. He slumped down, his knees touching the back of the next seat and his head about half way covered by the seat. "If it becomes unbearable I can move, if you wish." He said to the two behind him. ​
  9. Shinku and Mizuki Aisaka
    After a while, the rigor mortis of Shinku finally vanished, letting him move once again. He sighed with relief and looked at Mizuki with a smile, whom was still looking for her papers. "Damn it, Shinku! I'm in a big trouble if I don't find my speech. It's almost about time for me to go out there! Please, help me". Shinku chuckled a bit and looked at the curtains. He closed his eyes and sensed an odd aura that came from one of the students amoung the crowd. "Mmh.. Shinku has found someone who may help Muziki-chan with the search of the speech", he said and slowly opened his eyes, turning his gaze to the Principal. "Aoki Sakue-san is the student's name".

    Mizuki turned around to face Shinku. "Ah, yes, I know that student since last years after a small issue he got into". He fied her glasses with a kinda confused expression. "But, in what he could help us, Shinku-kun? He's just a student, you know?" Shinku let go a chuckle and slowly walked through the curtains. "Mizuki-chan will see in a bit..." Once in the middle of the stage, he looked at all of the students with no hint of nervousness. For been a kinda hideous and scary looking zombie which anyone would run away from him, he really had a high steem about himself for doing thins.

    He cleared his troath and fixed his gaze where Aoki was sitting with his cat. "Aoki Sakue-san, please, come down here. Mrs. Aisaka would like to request your help". The were a sudden gasped of surprised that came from the students and they all turned their heads to see what Aoki would do or react.
  10. Avante blinked slightly in surprise when a cat jumped on his arm and took a flying leap into the seat in front of him. His attention was barely focused on the pink haired girl as she talked about her summer. She was lying anyways, so there wasn't much to pay attention to. "Oh, that sounds fun." He spoke simply, wondering what the deal was with the cat. He felt tempted to transform and start a casual conversation with the feline, but he was just getting used to being in normal form again, so he remained his blonde haired self as he awaited the stupid welcome speech.

    A familiar face coming along and sitting right in front of him brought a grin to his face. "Aoki! How you been, man?" He spoke with ease towards his fellow classmate. This conversation didn't go as planned, however, when Shinku called Aoki down. "Damn, you're stealing my thunder. Usually I'm the first person to get in trouble." He huffed with a pout and sat back in his chair and his arms folded across his chest.
  11. Arrived at school after the summer is always something new since their is a lot of new faces, Saito arrived to the school with his hood over his head while he was looking at the sun Arh.. Its to bright, why does it have to be so hot, that is the only thing that have been most annoyed while being alive. Saito was looking around at those new faces that have arrived to school, while he was wandering around, Damn... What should i do first Did he said while thinking of what he was suppose to do, Man.. how can i have forgotten what to do.. i mean im senior now. After walking around sometime, he saw a poster where that stood The school Principle will say welcome back to the returning students and welcome to the new students in the Auditorium, don't miss her speech. When he realized Oh.. That's right. The welcome speech, man im starting getting slow, well gonna be fast im already late. When he arrived to the Auditorium, there was a lot of student sitting down already, he looked around looking for a free seat. He founded a seat close to bunch that were having a conversation. He took the seat and waiting for something to happen. Hoodie.jpg
  12. Mizuki Aisaka
    After a bit, Mizuki came out from the backstage and walked towards a podium with a microphone that was besides Shinku. As the studnets saw her, they slowly stood up and began to clapped with respect at her, some of them, especially the boys, comenting about how pretty and stunning she was.
    "Man, we really have a pretty sexy Principal, don't we?"
    "Yes, yes... Toobad she's way too old for us..."
    "Damn it! Life is so unfair!"

    As she stood in front of the podium, Shinku slwoly looked at her, blinking once with a smile. "Ah, it's Mizuki's time for the speech?" The Principal nodded, slowly looking at him with a small grin on her face. "It's okay. I think I really don't need some stupid papers for make a good speech. I guess I have to improvise for this time". She scoffed with a pride and fixed her glass with her eyes closed. "Still, I want you to find who's behind this little prank. I won't let this go unpunished..." An evil smirk got draw on Mizuki's face, an eerie purple aura around her. Shinku chuckled nervously, a drop of sweat behind his head. "Shinku thinks that's a bit scary, Mizuki-chan..."

    He then stood aside from her, still waiting for Aoki for come down. Mizuki looked at all of the students and gestured with her right hand for them to take a seat. As they sat down, their attention went towards her and only her. With a sighed, she nodded and topped the microphone with her index fingers, some tapping sounds echoing around the Auditorium. As she noticed everything was alright, she picked it and looked at them with a smile.

    "Welcome, dear students, old and new, to Monsuta High School. I'm Mizuki Aisaka, your School Principal since the foundation of this school. I'm really honored, proud of it and I hope this new year to be another great one to remember. I bet the Summer Break was quite fun at all, but now we're back to the school life, where we can reuite with those dear friends we probably didn't saw on the break" She fixed her glasse with as she kept her gaze on the crowd, glad that so far everything were going on a right course. Some students smiled widely by that last sentance, some hugging their friends and chuckling a bit.

    She raised her right hand a bit as she continued with her speech. "This year will see many exciting changes for our school! We've finally had, for the first time, opened our doors forevery male teenage that wants to seek knowledge and a better education. Because, why not? They also deserves it, right? We also have the privilage to accept some exchange students that came from all parts of the Paranormal Realm, so please greet them with open arms as they try to get used to the ways of the school. Now, I would waant to highlight some important rules of the school policy. Please, listen up carefully and with attention, that way you will avoid get punished by the School Patrol".

    Some students let go a slight groan and the mischivious ones frowned at that, not happy that she made some changes on the school rules. She knew they would break them anyways, but at least they cannot came with the excuse "You didn't warn us neither told us about that" excuse. She raised her right hand and began to point out her statements with her fingers. "Number one, no destruction of the school property. Yes, accidents may happen, but if we found out proof that the damaged was made on purpose, prepare to face a severe punishment and even a suspencion. Number two, and this fits more for the males, no boys in the girls' dorms after 10 o'clock. Same goes for the girls. This is something I really don't need to explain, because I guess it's more than clear. Our dress code isn't that strict. If you can't afford to buy the school uniform, you can come in proper casual clothing. Girls, please, don't come here with something provocative, no unecessary flesh showing, especially over the chest and legs. And if you're a weird species that doesn't wear any clothing, well, um..." She fixed her glasses with a slight chuckle. "Just wear something, even if its some leaves covering your private parts, mmh?"

    A sudden laugh from the crowd boomed on the Auditorium. Even Shinku let go some laughs after such a funny statement. Mizuki giggled a bit and looked down for think about what other things she could say.
  13. black-crow-king.regular.png

    Aoki was just getting relaxed. Nice warm and floofy chair. Nova started curling up on his lap and closed his eyes.
    Then some asshole needed to wake Nova up and force Aoki to get up. Thanks floating voice from the void. Thanks.

    Aoki patted Nova awake and then put him on the chair seat before stretching and walking into the isle. The principle started saying her speech as he was nearing the steps of the stage, her voice twice as loud from the speakers and her normal assertive voice. The room hushed as Aoki walked onto the stage, some people whispered about his status of his clan when he approached the podium. Or that is what he thought. Mostly, people whispered to each other, "What the hell is that guy doing?"

    Aoki grabbed the mic from its stand and gave it a few taps, even though he knew it worked. "I didn't do it. I have no idea what your talking about. Whatever it is I didn't do it. All I did was arrive, come into here with my cat, and sit down. I had it jump on a few peoples arms. So I guess I am sorry whatever. But that guy in the third row, my cat did bite you and you are bleeding very profusely from your leg. Probably should go to the nurse. I didn't do that either! The cat did it! The cat had its shots! Actually its not my cat! Who brought this cat? Not my cat. YOU KNOW THIS IS A NO PET ZONE WHO BROUGHT A CAT? JERRY I KNEW YOU BROUGHT THIS CAT. JERRYYYYYY!" Aoki put the mic back into his holder, making sure it was snug and secure. He fixed the Principles bow slightly, "You look nice today." He said to her before walking over to the zombie fellow and pulling him towards backstage. "What was I needed for again? My cat bites one guy last year, and one time this year...probably was the same guy...and he is suddenly marked as the devil! I...Well...I guess he is a devil cat. So...You got me there. But really, what was I needed for?"
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    The principal speech has begone, you could hear that from the crowd mumbling and from the guys who was getting turn on by looking at the Principal, Sigh.... Same every year.. guys who gets dirty minds just by looking at our principal.. he was gazing at the Principal the same moment Heh.. Even though i have to admit, Lady Mizuki looks gorgeous as ever.. he stopped talked and listen to the rest of the speech. He grin after hearing about the cat that bite someone, but he was also confused, Did he just said a cat?? Well.. none of my buisness, the only thing he could do was watch and wait to see what happen next.
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  15. tumblr_n9kmh4fn541tgjvjgo1_500.gif

    Lily Kisa

    - - - -

    And she was late. Wonderful.

    The Slime succubus quickly made her way through the halls, all the way down to the assembly as there was a piece of butter toast in there mouth, clipped between her teeth as her lips were slightly sweetened by the butter, carefully melted and spread across the top part of her bread. She was wearing the standard, school uniform, which fluttered as she was rushing on by, as though she were flying. "Ahh I'm late, I'm late!" She kept scolding herself. Well, it was her fault that she slept in anyways, gods, her mother was so upset when Lily finally woke up. The girl eventually made it to the auditorium, opening the door, making them slam a bit too loudly, but she hoped that it didn't interrupt the speech. Though, it would have caught a teacher's attention, and had put a poor first impression on her. She was probably out of breath, so she took the bread out of her mouth, bending down a bit as she panted a bit, holding the other hand up with one figure pointed up, as though to say 'gimme a second or two'.

    Her eyes were a bright turquoise colour, and her hair was More blue, with a tiny hint of green high lights, tied back into two, long and neatly organized twin tails that fell down to her waist. Her hair was curled up into loose locks, along with bangs falling over her face. Keeping her hair up were two black ribbons, and along with the school uniform, she had a simple black bracelet, with a bright red, heart gem embedded into the it, like it were fit for it personally. If she happened to interrupt the speech, she would apologize.

    "Haa... Ha... Sorry for interrupting.. Forgive me?" She said, taking in a deep breath, and smiling innocently, and cluelessly. She didn't seem to mean any harm, but she certainly would have been seen as an eyesore. Though, she was pretty attractive, and appeared loveable, and so it would be easy to forgive her.

    She blamed her mother for keeping her at home until the morning, it took her a while to fly to get to the school really, which was annoying.
  16. Mizuki Aisaka
    Just when Mizuki was about to continue with her speech, the boy that Shinku called out minutes before, came into the stage. She widen her eyes and opened her mouth as the boy took from her the microphone and began to talk with the students, saying something about that he didn't did who knows what. He also said something about his cat bitting someone leg, blamming the poor thing for wathever he just did. She was shocked and kinda surprised by the balls he had for doing such a thing like interupting her speech.

    She scoffed and fixed her glasses, obviously angry with him. As he finished talking, he put back the microphone on the stand and bowed at her. Unlucky for him, that won't free him for the big scold and punishment he will recieve later. Just when she was bout to tell him something, he quickly walked backstage, dragging Shinku, whom was totally shocked and perplexed by what just happened. "Y-Yarg... Shinku request you to be careful. Shinku has a fragile body!" he shouted as Aoki dragged him backstage.

    After they disappeared from the stage, she cleared her throat and turned to look at the crowd, blushing faintly with embarressment. "Well, um... My apologies for what just happened. Don't worry, I'll make sure to give that boy a good punishment to remember". She smiled a bit evily and raised her hand a bit. "Well, where I was? Ah, yeah, about the rules..." Just when she was about to say another word, the doors of the Auditorium burst open, interrupting Mizuki once again. She widen her eyes and frowned angrily, her eyebrows flickering a bit. "A-Another interruption...?" she thought and chuckled a bit, rather looking like a total psychopath. "Hehe... Looks like I will whoop some asses so early in the morning..." She didn't mean that literally, but she would really gave Aoki and this new girl that apparenly came late a great punishment they won't forget.

    Losing her control, she smacked the podium with her hands so hard, that she literally made some cracks on it. The students gasped and widen their eyes, totally speechless. Some of them laughed secretly, whispering that this was definitely the best speech of their lives. She stood besides the podium, her eyes glowing red and galred at the girl. "You... Come down here and go backstage. NOW!" She turned around and walked backstage as well.

    As she came inside, she glared at Shinku and Aoki. She growled and walked towards the boy. "In what the hell you was thinking, Aoki-san!? Why in the world you dared to interrupt my speech!?" She yelled at him so angrily, that the shouts cpuld probably be heard around the Auditorium.
  17. A smirk grew on Mei's face. This assembly had gone from boring to slightly interesting. The cat ordeal, an interruption, and now the principal's outburst. But it was time to break this thing up, Mei was getting tired of sitting in that chair.

    The crowd had already been stirred up, and there a was nervous tense air around. It wouldn't take much, not even anything creative.

    Mei closed her eyes and focused, searching for some poor inattentive mind. There was a kid asleep near the back.

    Perfect, she grinned, poor sap wouldn't even remember a thing. She focused in on them and opened her eyes. She saw that she was now in the back of the auditorium, she also had a closer view to the girl who'd interrupted. She ignored this though and took a deep breath.

    "So can we leave now, or what? Cause I have a massive dump to take!" She said loudly in the student's voice

    It was silent for a long while before the place erupted in a chaos of different reactions. Some of agreement and some of disgust. A large portion of people just burst out laughing at it.

    Satisfied she left the student's body. Once in her own she added her laugh into the mix. She looked back at that student who was looking around, confused.

    Needless to say she was pleased with her work. This crowd would be hard to calm down and it would be hard to pin it on her.

    The perfect crime she thought still giggling.
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  18. Amaya Suzuki
    From amoung the scandalous students, a blonded haired girl with beautiful crystal eyes, stood up and looked around. She clicked her tongue and placed a whistle on her mouth and blow at it as hard as she could. The sound was so laud and annoyed, that everybody went silent and glared at her. They widen their eyes as they realized who she was. She was Amaya Suzuki, the tough School Patrol leader that always put an order amoung chaos every time she works on it.

    As she finally got their attention, she dropped her whistle on her chest and whipped her hair a bit with a frown. "You guys should be ashamed of all this", she began to say out loud, crossing her arms and walking amoung them. Some studnets quickly stood away from her way and she apparenly was heading towards Mei and Lily. She stood in front of them and looked at them with a serious expression, looking at their eyes. "You girls are in such a big trouble for interrupting Mizuki-sempai's speech. You're lucky, thought, I'm in the mood for a quick gamble".

    She whipped her hair a bit and smirk a bit, pointing at them with her right index finger. "If you managed to solve one of my riddles, I will let you go unpunished. But, if you answer wrong, I will punish both of you twice the time". The studnets gasped with awe as they mumbled things between them, looking at Lily and Mei with a concerned expression. They knew how hard Ayami's riddles were and how awful it was not answering them. It was best just to reject her offer and accept the punishment.
  19. tumblr_mpea7mqZ8A1rsp9xno1_500.png

    Lily Kisa

    - - - -

    "I'll gladly accept!"

    The girl brightly chimed, as she really loved riddles. She had a habit of coming up ones for herself, and solving them on her own. Well, mainly because she asked herself random questions. Really now, it was fun. "Oh oh, and I want you to answer a riddle from me as well, just for fun?" She asked, as though she were a child. Though, asking to ask them a riddle would be considered a letter of challenge, coming from her, or however the receiver would take that as. The girl's eyes were sharp, and her hair was blonde, but tied into two long, blonde twin tails, almost like her own, but her hair was a different colour. She didn't really care much about punishment, since physical pain didn't hurt her at all, unless we were talking about work, but she didn't mind that either; it was better than feeding off males at the very least.

    "Though, I'm guessing my apology alone isn't enough, right?"

    She asked, innocently and happily. It was almost as though she were taunting her, and Lily, being herself, had her eyes wander down to the girl's breasts, as Lily giggled. "Ms. Flat." She concluded. She didn't mean anything personal, she just had the habit of sexually harassing females, and males, to some extent.

    Lily stuck out her tongue playfully, as she happily greeted the other girl with a wink.

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  20. Avante watched in partial horror and sheer joy as the assembly fell to pieces. "Well fuck. I think I may or may not have lost my reputation over this load of shenanigans." He sighed, watching as trouble welled up on all points around him. While things certainly weren't boring, he knew he wasn't receiving credit for the clusterfuck of things going on at the moment. This was a true shame. He pranked the principal and no one even knew it. The bajang felt all too tempted to walk out and drown his sorrows in blood substitute down at the food court.

    He transformed into his kitten form and stealthily hopped down from the chair. His tiny, cute little paws didn't make a sound as he slunk his way to the exit back stage. With the student body's focus on the ditz of a girl who was dumb enough to take on Ayami's riddle challenge, he stealthily crept up onto the stage and disappeared behind the heavy curtain, swiftly hiding behind the props upon seeing the principal mid-rant on poor Aoki. He silently moved along towards the exit hallway, his heart racing with adrenaline. Avante loved trying to be all sneaky and shit.

    He paused for a second, a wicked idea coming to mind. He would need a distraction in order to get out of the building, after all. The spell to make the principal's papers reappear fell from his rough feline tongue, and they fell like snow throughout the auditorium, copies upon copies fluttering through the air behind stage as well. With his magic done, he bolted from the scene as stealthily as he could. The papers would hide his escape anyways.

    He bursted from the building like a bat outta hell, not daring to look back until he was a safe distance away. No property damaged, no one harmed, no rules broken per-say. He hurried off to the food court before he could be blamed for any of the chaos.