Monsters Under the Bed

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    At first they dismissed the noises and movement, thinking that it was their own imagination doing all of this. After all, they were old enough to not believe in fairy tales. But after the first night, the disruptions continued, sometimes well into the early morning. They all heard it though, that rattling and heavy breathing. How embarrassing it was to call Rebecca up to check under their beds - they were teenagers, they shouldn't have been scared. And yet their foster mother didn't find anything, just dust bunnies and a lost key ring. Perplexed, she told the children it was their imagination and they should put it out of their minds. But one soul was brave and one night with the moon light spilling into their room, Leah got onto the floor, lifted up her sheets and looked under...

    And then she was taken.

    Large massive claws suddenly shot out from the darkness, clutching painfully at Leah's sides. She screamed, her pinned arms preventing her from fighting back. The rest of the teenagers screamed as well, but acted quickly. They clung to Leah's hands and arms, pulling hard. But the monster was stronger and deadlier. With his claws digging deep into Leah's sides, he drew blood. The teens couldn't hold on any longer. They collapsed on the floor, watching Leah quickly disappear under her bed.

    Moments later, Rebecca opened the door. She looked concerned, her eyes landing on each of their faces, scrutinizing. One of them was about to speak, and tell her that the impossible happened, but Rebecca spoke first.

    "... Is everything alright? I heard screaming."

    "Rebecca! Leah's missing! Some monster appeared under her bed and - "

    Their foster mother frowned deeply. "Leah? T-There's no Leah here sweet heart." Bewilderment crossed her face, only to be replaced with a cross look. "I hope none of you have been picking up bad habits. I'm searching your rooms first thing tomorrow mourning..." She shook her head, muttering, "First it's monsters and now this."

    She made a sound of frustration, then shut the door behind her. The teenagers were left alone, scared and confused. How could their foster mother have forgotten about Leah?

    You are one of several foster children, living in Rebecca Mink's home. You all sleep in the same room, since she only has two bed rooms. All of you have recently arrived to this new home and are just getting acquainted with Rebecca, your new foster mom. Things are a little cramped here, but comfortable. Food is abundant, no one is yelling at you or blaming you for anything lost in the house. Just because you're teenagers everyone seems to think you're up to no good.... Well okay you have a little bit of history on you, but you can change right?

    I will accept six (6) players and I ask these players to be able to write at least two paragraphs and post once a week. Please be willing to work together and talk amongst yourselves in the OOC if needed. I will hijack players in case things become stale (people aren't posting) or to move the plot along, that will be the only reason I will hijack. I will pester people to post, and you can do the same to me - within reason of course.

    This roleplay is Horror themed, with Adventure mixed in. There will be elements of Alice in Wonderland, along with Where The Wild Things Are, and some pictures to help you... Visualize what is going on. I'll be using some of the creatures I've drawn from the Eight Aspects of Iwaku to either aid or hinder your character's adventures.

    Character Template

    Birthday: (MM/DD/YYYY) *Please remember that your characters should be around the ages of 13-17
    History: *I don't mind if there's a track record on your character so long as it isn't big enough to land your character into Juvenile Hall or Jail. Petty things like theft are okay.
    Biggest fear: *This can be a tangible fear or an idea.
    What would keep you interested in this roleplay?
  2. Name: Leah Amanda Gretchen
    Age: 13
    Birthday: (10/02/1999)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: A brave person at heart, Leah was the first person to look under the bed and the first one to be taken away from their world. She has an iron will and is also very stubborn. Because of how she entered foster care, Leah is very reluctant to love someone, and also feels unloved. She doesn't believe she is worth very much at all.
    History: After losing both of her parents to a house fire, and finding out that none of her relatives wished to adopt her, Leah was put into the foster care system several months before turning 13. Her history is clean although as of late she has been acting up, throwing tantrums and crying in the corner. Rebecca has been trying desperately to console the child, but nothing seems to be working.
    Biggest fear: Not being loved
    What would keep you interested in this roleplay? Character/Player participation

  3. I would like to reserve a spot for this if that is okay. I will likely post my character tomorrow.

    Name: Martin Caulfield

    Age: 15

    Birthday: 07/17/1997

    Appearance: Martin is of average height for his age, but he seems a bit younger than he is. He has short, brown hair and deep brown eyes, with a slightly rounded, childish face. He wears long, black trousers and a brown T-shirt.

    Martin is a relatively quiet teenager without coming off as anti-social. He is friendly and mostly welcoming person, but he does not say much. However, he does have a wide area of interests, thus, he is knowledgeable about most things, not to mention that he can be very creative. He tends to be overly careful, though, and will probably try to convince others to behave the same way.

    Martin was born into an ordinary middle-class family, but it has been soon discovered that he himself was not ordinary. He had, and still has a relatively weak immune system that made him prone to illness. His parents tried to do everything for him, but he still spent most of his childhood in bed, either reading or doing self-study, so he did not manage to make many friends. However, as the years went on, his immune system started to become stronger, and he could spend more and more time in school, and at the age of thirteen, he could finally start attending school regularly.

    However, on the winter of the same year, tragedy befell Martin, as he and his parents were involved in a car crash far away from any civilization. All parties involved in the crash died, except Martin, who could not dial emergency services, so he had to walk a long distance through the cold and snow, without any clothes. He does not remember much of the journey, nor how he made it back exactly, but he ended up almost freezing to death. Since then, he has always feared the cold of the winter, and cold places make him uncomfortable.

    In the orphanage, he tended to keep mostly to himself, only making a few friends, and being extra careful about his health. He is happy to live in the warm house of Rebecca, and cherishes the new friends he made there.

    Biggest fear:
    Cold and diseases.

    What would keep you interested in this roleplay?
    Strange things happening, a mysterious atmosphere, a battle against an enemy that cannot be defeated.

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  5. Name: Elijah Cole Harper

    Age: 17

    Birthday: May 28th, 1995

    Appearance: Black layered hair with a curtain fringe parted to one side. Emerald green eyes. Works at a restaurant in town so he's often wearing his uniform. Unfortunately he smokes, so he's also sometimes seen with a cigarette between lips or in hand. Work is probably the only time he isn't seen with a sketchbook tucked under one arm.

    Personality: Quiet and calm. Since he's one of the oldest, he's protective of the other five. He has a difficult time explaining his thoughts and emotions with words, so he uses art instead. He's talented at drawing and painting, etc, and always carries a sketchbook around. When he's angry or upset, he turns to graffiti and it's because of his record of vandalism (and remaining silent when told to explain) that he's never been adopted or fostered until now.

    History: When Elijah was just twelve years of age, he had a perfectly functioning and happy family. He had a father and a mother, both of whom worked during the day while the kids were in school. In addition to both parents, Elijah had two younger siblings: Jacob, who was eight, and Ariel, the baby sister of three years. Their middle class lives weren't extremely glamorous but they got along just fine and could smile every day.

    That is, until the serial killer moved into the neighborhood.

    Elijah's family was just one of four that were murdered before the killer was finally discovered. Unfortunately the one responsible managed to escape. Every day he wonders why he was spared the same fate as his loving parents, as his brother and sister, and every day, even after five years, he still wonders when that man will come for him.

    Because he couldn't protect his younger siblings, Elijah is very protective of the other foster children, determined to keep them safe. And if he or she were to fall into trouble, he would be the first one running to that child's aide.

    Biggest fear: That Man.

    What would keep you interested in this roleplay? Aside from finding my character in spooky situations, I want to see some building brotherly/sisterly bonds, friendships, and maybe a little young love.

  6. Same with me! This would be my first Rp since I've come back >W< Purty Please!

    EDITED: Here it is!

    Name: Anita Perez

    Age: 13

    Birthday: 04/04/1999

    Appearance: samadhi zendeja.jpg

    Personality: Overall, Anita is a fragile and emotional girl. She doesn't talk much after the accident with her mom. When around people she puts up an act and tries to be happy for everybody else's sake. Inside, she is hurting and wants someone there to be her protector.

    History: After her two parents left their homeland to accomplish their "American Dream" , Anita didn't have any relatives to take care of her. Two years after moving into the U.S her father left her and her mother and took off, leaving them to fend for themselves. Her mother quickly went into depression and one day she ended up overdosing herself with her depression meds. Anita didn't have anyone, and was taken away to a foster home.

    Biggest fear: Being alone

    What would keep you interested in this roleplay? Character involvement, creepiness, lots of details and mysteries.

  7. It's fine, so long as you guys are able to make your profiles by tomorrow. I don't want to reserve spots if other people are able to make their profiles faster.

  8. Name: Lesedi "Les" Zavala
    Age: 15
    Birthday: Dec. 3rd, 1997


    Playful and a bit of a prankster. She's always looking for a way to have a little fun with the people around her, be it playing actual games or just teasing. She's rarely ever serious about anything. Humor is her main defense against the complicated emotions that comes with being a teen who has already experienced so much loss. Very often, she's all smiles despite the hurting inside. And while she does enjoy making friends, she refuses to get too close to people.

    Lesedi lived a very happy young childhood. Her parents had a wonderful love story behind them; her father came to America from South Africa to start his own business. He was successful, and met and married her mother. Les had a nice grandmother too, who helped to raise her. She was as happy as any normal little girl, until the accident. A car accident involving her father left him comatose, and over the time, until he passed, she and her family watched the endeared man waste away. Over the next few years her only remaining family, her mother and grandmother, followed. Her mother by sudden illness and her grandmother by natural complications of old age. Without any other known relatives, she was sent into foster care.

    Biggest fear: Hospitals, Decay

    What would keep you interested in this roleplay?
    Character interaction and growth, and spooky, creepy happenings.

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  10. In Character Thread

    Go ahead and post up your introductions to the Ally and anything else that you wish to add about your character. Also, here's a picture. Body is actually much sleeker than that. >.<

  11. Name: Maddie Howards

    Age: 13

    Birthday: 08/19/1999


    Soft spoken and clingy, Maddie greatly look up to her elders and seeks acknowledgement and reassurance from them. She is easily spooked and have a tendency to scream shrilly when frightened. Studious, she love curling up in a beanie bag chair and read about faraway place. She takes great comfort in wide open spaces filled with natural light and take gladly to any living creature, happy for the warmth and company.

    Being locked up for days on end by her previous guardian had done a number on Maddie, making her skittish and insecure of her own safety and reliant on her more courageous foster siblings.

    Biggest fear:
    Being locked up and life-like toys.

    What would keep you interested in this roleplay?
    Terror, I would love to be terrified!

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  13. I have room for one more player if anyone's interested.
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  15. I have another person who's interested in joining but go ahead and make a Character Sheet. I'll accept the both of you.
  16. Alright thanks! Here we go!

    Name: Trevor Henderson
    Age: 16
    Birthday: 04/03/1996

    Appearance: Skinny and short, his clothes never quite fit him right. His clothing is often mismatched as well do to it coming from so many disparate sources. His messy blonde hair falls over his face and in his blue-gray eyes.

    EDIT: I put a drawing in an attachment. Didn't know how to make it show up in the main post. >.< Sorry for the sketchiness and lack of color. The only coloring supplies I had were crayola markers. XD

    Personality: Timid and soft. He's more likely to stick to himself than to play in a big group. He has a big imagination which often runs away with him. He prefers to take orders than to give them, though is very self-conscious and worries about making mistakes. Because of that, he apologizes a lot, even over trivial things.

    History: From a very young age, he's been bouncing from guardian to guardian. He was told at age 6 that his parents died in a terrible earthquake that caused massive destruction, which is why at first it was relatives that really couldn't afford to keep him on, then foster homes. He's never had a real sense of connection, and each new home makes him fear leaving even more.

    Biggest fear: Being left alone.
    Character interaction and good storytelling are what interest me the most.

    By the way, I'm pretty new to forum roleplays, so I don't know if I'll be able to write long posts like everyone else, I'll certainly try my hardest to make my posts count, though!


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  17. Profile's accepted 8bit, go ahead and make your introduction posts in the roleplay. If you need assistance with posting let me know, I'll gladly help.
  18. Name: Risa hallowitz

    Age: 14


    Appearance: a_slim_blonde_14_year_old_teenage_girl_uk_x1f-1347543.jpg

    Personality: Curious, inquisitive, and determined. Fascinated by how things tick, she is usually off experimenting with the hows and whys of the world. She considers herself more tomboyish than girly, often thinking herself as a fearless leader. She is the kind of little girl who is mild mannered, polite, and respectful. Almost perfect in every way.

    history: Risa's parents had an obsession with perfection. Not the normal insecure-want-to-be pefect-obsession, but the extremely unhealthy kind. They were the epitome of the Jones family. They had high societal jobs, lived in a nice house, had a beautiful child. Yet they harbored the dark secret of what they had become. At every mistake Risa made, they would lash out on her and banish her to her room without supper after an hour's chiding of everything she did wrong. One day she had gotten in trouble at school from a fight that broke out between her and one of the older children. her parents, deeply upset, Swore that she wasn't their child and kicked her out, stating that they had another child on the way and they didn't need an imperfect flaw in their family.
    Biggest fear: Ridicule and imperfection

    What would keep me interested in this rp: Plot twists, character interraction, and interesting scenes.

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