Monsters on Maple Street

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    To masturbate or to assault?

    That is the question.

    *Rod Serling stumbles in, hair wild, and a ring of white powder around his nose. He staggers over behind a podium, and begins to speak, an undertone of amusement in his voice*

    Maple Street, USA. Late Summer. A tree-lined little world of front porch gliders, barbecues, the laughter of children, and the bell of an ice cream vendor. At the sound of an engine rumbling and two dogs humping, it will be precisely 4:55 PM on Maple Street...

    A new family is coming to Maple Street. Kinda like the Adams family, except this family has built a cabin on the Edge of Sanity where they live year round.



  2. Name: Lil' Beater
    Age: 13
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Gender: Male

    [ame=""]YouTube- CHARGER MASTURBATES FOR 10 MINUTES[/ame]
  3. Name: Uncle Willy

    Age: a hairy 19



    Gender: Male

    Personality: Creepy. The guy you might walk on the other side of the street to avoid. He Likes basements and cellars, as well as collecting hair -from other people. Abundant fetishes that range from everything you've ever heard of to some you have only had nightmares about.

    Wat: Was once arrested for peeping on a lady while she gave her dog a bath, while wearing nothing but a bit of surgical hose wrapped around his body.
  4. Name: Deadbeat (or Beater's Dad)
    Age: 1086 (45 years spent on this earth)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: You really expect me to put something here?
    Wat: YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO ME!!!!! Whats that? Yes dear, right away dear. I'll be back once I get the shopping done.
  5. Name:

    As if she'll tell you.

    Show Spoiler


    Don't touch her...uh..."chefs" knife. You've been warned. Has been known to be a bit ditzy.

  6. IC up tomorrow.
  7. Awesome. Already working on Uncle Willy's Intro Post.

    I think this rp might have what it takes to cure my insomnia.
  8. Or double it.

    I have a feeling I'll be contracting it for this too.
  9. All that has been said has been said. I absolutely loved the concept, the beginning and the like, and I do agree that it began to fall apart later on, but yeah, like thatguy said, I couldn't help but feel the NPCs didn't have that extra 'C' with them i.e. they could be a bit more character-like.

    While I do like the idea of different-GM-different-round, even if it gets a bit clustery, I do feel that a consistent co-GM might've fixed your various pauses by being... well... consistently there.

    I do love the Afterlife, but I don't think I'll compare it other afterlives since... well... this one's my first. You did what you could to make it as intriguing as the main storyline. While I would say that bluelady has the same issues as other NPCs in being less 'C', it didn't feel that way since she stuck with characters for a good long while, where she had more time to show how character-like she was, even if to a limited extent.

    There's setting, there's execution and there's characters. I'll do that later.

    What do you all think of Ben? I myself thought I executed him well from an Alien Force Season 1 and Ultimate Alien point of view. It was certainly better than my attempts at the character 7 years ago... maybe 5.... damn, those were the days.

    Buddy as well. I had bigger plans for Buddy, but ultimately, they could not be excuted. My big boy will be taking a break in Ben's next appearance, Into the Stars, before reappearing in the Berserk Game.

    At least I now know that I have a bit of trouble depicting non-talking characters. Need to work on that.

    I should probably retcon Ultimates in his next appearance
  10. Kirby lolololol. Works for me.

    IC half-done. When it's up, preferably Vay and/or Corvus go first, as they are the parents, but whoever gets there first.
  11. "Business?" He asked before kissing her deeply.
  12. POOOOST! *chases Odd, swinging about a 3x4*
  13. Yea, post.

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  14. Lyra jump away from the table and ran to the fridge.