Monsters, Girls, and a Quest?

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  1. I'm just looking for someone that's willing to do a weird thing with me. Basically, there's monster women who attack men for their semen. Weird, right? Well, I want to do that. If anyone's interested in knowing more or wants to do this with me, I guess you could just send me a PM.

    Wow, I'm sorry being so awkward. I know this is a Liberteen forum and it's specifically made for these kinds of things but I just feel so.. different for not putting a fancy intro post, a list of things I like, or an in-depth explanation. o.o
  2. Is anyone interested? :0
  3. Maybe? More info please?
  4. Oh, sure. What do you need to know, specifically?
  5. What roles are you looking for basically.
  6. The monsters are dominant by nature. Since, well, if they're submissive they wouldn't be able to get anything.
  7. Are you looking for the monsters or victims???
  8. Oh! I didn't understand what you meant. I'm looking for monsters, I guess.
  9. Okay, sorry then xP I'm no good at that kind of role. Sorry a,
  10. I wouldn't mind trying something new. :oo
    Dominant monsters, you say?
  11. Awesome! If you're definitely interested, how 'bout I message you and we can start planning? ^-^
  12. Sure! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.