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  1. So there's always a movie about a bunch of kids working at some rinky dink place in the summer, right? Well how about an rp about a bunch of kids working at a rinky dink place in the summer? :D

    There will be six teens in total (References to the show '6Teen' are welcome) working at a resort. (You may reference 'Stoked'.) Except the difference between this resort and the one in 'Stoked' is that this one is a resort for monsters! Uh hm, well they don't like being called 'monsters'. And according to the Supernatural Beings Act 294; We should call them humanoids or by their race name.

    So you play a human teenager who has been hired to work at The Pacata Resort, in an attempt to forge stronger bonds between the supernatural and regular humans. What better way to show trust then to toss six teens into a place filled to the brim with monsters?--Ehm, I mean humanoids.

    So is anyone interested?

    Feel free to ask questions. This is a rough draft so suggestions are welcome and changed shall be made.
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  2. I think it sounds like an interesting idea! Monsters humanoids and humans! That's always a good idea! ;)
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  3. Glad you're interested! Do you have any suggestions?

    I'm thinking about letting some people play the resort guests.
  4. That would be fun!

    Will the humans be staying at the resort/go home/have a home there? (Kind of like Stoked)

    And what will some of the jobs be for the humans?
  5. The humans would stay in a sort of apartment/suite, that's not as crappy as the dorm in Stoked but not too awesome either.

    The jobs would be;

    Front Desk Manager
    Room Service
    Waiter/Waitress at Resort Restaurant.
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  6. Eh. I think it's house keeper!! (I should know, I'm at a hotel right now. Goodness)

    Awesome! I think that sounds good.
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