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  1. In the year 2020 all the countries and continents came together to make one big country and all the races got mixed, pure blood people are rare. This marked the end of war, racial injustices, and national disputes. This world was called Utopia. The world believed that earth was now perfect, but they couldn't be more wrong.

    In the year 2030 earth became overrun with monsters. Monsters of different kinds. No one knows where they came from or how they evoluted, all we know is they are savage beings here to claim the earth as theirs and murder every last one of us. The citizens of Utopia divided themselves in three districts. Casador the hunting district that lives in the mountains, Jihau the underground district, they live underground they're entrance is a cave, citizens are only allowed to go above at certain only to get water, food, ect. Or with special permission from the mayor. And trava the district that is the richest it is a great city surrounded by wall, citizens are not allowed to cross without special permission.

    Hope came in the year 2035 when an organization was created called the defeders they are utopia's saviors dedicated to slaying monsters they're base in in the heart of utopia. Surrounded by all three districts. They start training at the ages of 13-14 and the become official defenders at age of 17-18. It is now 2135 and utopia still hasn't come together once again, but there is still hope

    Types of monsters
    Classes (ranked from least deadly to most deadly)
    Mischief Monsters: this class is the least deadly because killing is not in their nature they merely do things like steal things, break stuff, make messes, and scare cattle. Mischief Monsters are not to be slayed, but to be trapped for studying
    Corrupt Monsters: this class refers to creatures such as gnomes,and pixies who were corrupted by monsters, like Mischief Monsters Corrupt Monsters are not to be killed, but to be trapped in order to save them
    Fear monsters: this class of monster cannot kill physical, but they can give you hallucinations in order to lead you to your death. These monsters feed on fear, and they can see your fear against you to kill you.
    Murder Monsters: Murder Monsters are the most dangerous class. They cannot be approached without caution, due to their murderous nature these monsters kill the first living thing that is not a monster they see, they are merciless savages. The only thing they ever think about is killing.

    Mischief Monsters
    Gargels: these monsters turn into stone on the day, and come alive at night they turn to stone when exposed to light.
    Goblins: these small green monsters may look cute, but they cues a lot of mischief unlike gargels Goblins only come out during the day.

    Corrupt Monsters
    Gnomes: gnomes are about twice the size of your pinkie. They are hard working creature, when corrupted they are evil beings with the desire to kill, and they travel in groups.
    Pixies: the only difference between Pixies and Gnomes is in the appearance. Pixies are slightly taller then Gnomes, and unlike Gnomes Pixies are thin and have tinny toes, they have eyes that light up in the dark
    Fear monsters
    Shadows: these monsters lurk in the dark and attack those who are scared of the dark by using hypothesis and making the the victim believe he/she is dreaming and gides him/ her to a river to be killed
    Ghouls: these monsters shape shift into the thing you fear the most before attacking you.

    Murder Monsters
    Grongs: these monsters look like bald human men, with black eyes, and no mouth, but they are more then that. Grongs are strong enough to carry atleast 800,000 lb. These monsters are gigantic about one and a half the size of a human. These monsters are born from the flames of a stone called starium, a stone that falls off from the sky when crushed together with 100 lb of these stones starium can cues flames grongs are born right out of these flames. Grongs have the ability to use medival weapons, strangel their victims, or turn their victims to sand. grongs can only be killed when shot in their weak spot which is the center between their eyes.
    Demons: these monsters come from hell they have sharp claws to stab their victims, and they eat their victims soul. These monsters are half the size of a grong, they have the ability to posses humans, and fly.


    Defender weapons

    Defender's gun (has three different kinds of bullets, vindel bullets, regular bullets, and holy bullets)
    Defender's sword (can only hurt monsters)
    Snap trap (for Mischief Monsters and Corrupt Monsters)
    Net trap
    Tar pit trap
    Defenders's spear (can only harm fear monsters)
    Defender's bow (has two different kinds of arrows regular arrows, and holy arrows)

    1. You can have no more than 5 characters
    2. Godmodding is never okay
    3. No Mary sues or Gary
    4. Don't kill a character without the role player's permission
    5. No immortal characters
    6. No magic characters
    7. All your characters must be human

    You can play as a regular citizen, a defender, or a defender in training the choice is yours

    Scars or tattoos:
    Weapons: (if defender)
    Theme song: (optional)
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Korudon Hatare (Koru for short)
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    District: Jihau
    Personality: aggressive, irrational, brave, selfless, emotional, stubborn, cares about others, seems like a jerk, but once you really get to know him you'll find a kid who's just emotionally distressed
    Height: 4'9
    Weight: 120
    Scars or tattoos: none
    Likes: people who are honest, people who stand their ground, clocks, corn, self defense, and reading
    Dislikes: monsters, people who talk bad about Jihau, people who talk bad about his family, bullies, idiots, cowards, and people who make fun of his name.
    Weaknesses: he is too reckless, he sucks at setting traps, and he tend to think with his heart instead of his head even when his life is in danger.
    Strengths: fast, strong, quick learner, and really strong.
    Weapons: Defender's gun, and defender's sword
    Family: his parents died when he was too young to remember and his brother died when he was thirteen
    History: Koru's father was a veteran defender he lost and arm and a leg in a fight. He was the soul survior in an attack by grongs. Koru's mom died in child birth and his dad died when he was three due to an accident when he was getting water, were he fell in the river and drowned. His older brother Shinko took care of him, Koru had a very strong bond with his brother. Shinko had many maps he showed Koru saying that when he turned Shinko turns eighteen and is old enough to travel to the other districts he was gonna show his brother the world and they were both gonna live in a blimp if they can find the money. So Koru worked hard to make his brother's dream come true, his little steam powered machines he made by himself, he sold fruit he picked, he even passed for being sixteen so he could work... Until one day everything changed, Koru and Shinko where outside to get fruit then, but they saw that all the trees in the field out of fruit. The sun was about to set and it was almost past curfew, they were just about to go home, until Koru saw a hill with a tree on it dispite Shinko's wishes and yells Koru decided to go ahead and run there to pick fruit. Right behind him was a grong who was just about to kill the boy, till Shinko tackeled it and at his little brother to run home. Koru did as he was told he ran down the hill once he was down he heard his brother's screams of agony he turned around to look back as the screaming stopped and saw sand trailing down from the hill. Koru fell to his knees and started crying. Shinko was only seventeen at the time only a year away from reaching his dream. The next year Koru signed up to train to be a defender he is now on his first year as a trainee. He ranks 2nd on his class and he was among the five chosen students to be the first to be field tested.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Carmen Tenio
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    District: Casador
    Personality: brave, serious, smart, anti social, and resourceful.
    Height: 4'8
    Weight: 118
    Scars or tattoos:

    Likes: knives, potatoes, violence, working out, and other
    Dislikes: rich people, slackers, idiots, arrogant people, and monsters.
    Weaknesses: not good at teamwork, stubborn, and reckless
    Strengths: fast, agile, strong, and has a keen eye
    Weapons: defender's bow, defender's gun, and defender's spear
    Family: her parents died in a demon attack when she was twelve, and her older sister went missing. Now she has a younger sister and brother, and an over protective older brother
    History: she was born in a southern town in casador which was the at famine at the time. When she was five her father taught her how to hunt , when she was six her older brother, Mason taught her how to fight. She became a very skilled hunter, and fighter. When she was twelve her town got attacked by demons and her parents died there. During the attack she tripped and a demon came on top of her, he was just about to kill her, till her older sister, Lily, came in and helped her up, the most the demon could do was scratch her in the side of her abdomen. The scratch was deep enough to leave a scar. After that attack she and her siblings were forced to live as refugees in a camp in a northern part of casador. The next year her Lily signed up to train to be a defender, she was one of the first to be field tested, but unfortunately she went missing during her field test. One year later Carmen signed up she's now on her first year, top of the class, and was among the chosen five to be the first in their class to be field tested.
    Theme song: YouTube
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