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    Somewhere in Japan sits a lovely little rustic Onsen/Ryokan. It's nestled between hills in a valley hidden from prying eyes just outside a tiny little community of very unique people. The main building the Onsen looks like it's seen better days though with a few roof tiles missing here and there and some interesting markings in the wooden posts.

    The warmth of summer has been swept away by the earlier typhoons and now the chill of Fall is in the air. It was on a fall morning that Hikaru, the young man in charge of the Onsen realized that he had no idea what to do and that his guests were due to arrive sometime that afternoon. While his parents were the proper owners of the Onsen they were gone off on a sort of midlife crisis and second honey moon and were promised to not return until... Hikaru wasn't sure when they were going to be back.

    Hikaru just wanted to paint but he was out of time now and had make himself presentable. He rushed around and changed into his kimono as his yukata had paint on the edges now and he tried to wash a streak of green off his hair only to notice his stained fingers.

    “Shit!” He found himself wailing as the paint spread into his hair but he didn't feel like dipping it some sort of cleaner! “Where are my geta!?” Hikaru looked around frantically, his large single eye scanning the room.

    “Soutamaru-san! Soutamaru-saaaaan! Oh why am I calling for him? He won't know either! Ahhhhhhh! Oh wait!” Hikaru tossed an assortment of canvas aside and found a single geta. Another toss of his precious art materials and he'd found the other.

    “Am I missing anything?” He asked himself as he slid into his geta and started to clack his way down the hallway to the main door. “Waaah. I'm so not ready for this!” There was still paint in his hair and paint on his hands and his kimono was a little sloppy. He was definitely not ready for this.

    “We-Wel-Welcome to the Seidou Family Onsen and Ryokan!”

  2. "Hello," greeted the customer waiting at the front desk. He towered over Hikaru, leather-clad and lit cigarette in one hand, eyes twinkling and teeth bared in a wolfish grin as if he were enjoying some private joke. "I'd like to get a room."

    The guest- or Hirohata Ryuji, as he'd taken to calling himself- was trying very hard not to laugh aloud at the owner's disheveled appearance. His eyes traveled slowly from the smattering of green paint in the young cyclops's hair down to the kimono that was not quite properly tied and down still further to the geta on his bare feet. One of Ryuji's eyebrows quirked upward. There was something patently... adorable about his host, and that thought only made his grin widen. This certainly hadn't been what he'd pictured when he'd imagined the owner of the Seidou Onsen and Ryokan.

    "My bike's out front. Is there anywhere in particular I should park it?" As he took a step forward, he tilted his head towards the door, beyond which rested his beloved American motorcycle. Harleys were the only real bikes, as far as Ryuji was concerned.

    "Name's Ryuji, by the way. Hirohata Ryuji. And what can I call you, dollface?"
  3. [​IMG]

    This certainly not the first patron Hikaru was expecting! "I..." He found himself tongue tied and blinking. The man looked human and drove a motorcycle but there was no way a human could have found this place. "Hirohata-san... You have a motorcycle? We do not have a place for cars but we do have 'covers'." He motioned with his hands to indicated it was something one could put over one's mode of transportation.

    "I'm Seidou, Hikaru. It's very nice to meet you!" Hikaru bowed formally, at least that he could do right! He straightened himself up and adjusted his kimono a little better. It hit him that this was why you usually had help to put on a kimono. He couldn't wait to be back in his yukata!

    "You aren't on the guest list..." He looked over the book before turning up to face Ryuji again. "I'm sure we can squeeze you in though. If you'll follow me, I'll show you to your room." Hikaru gave him another smile and started down the hallway. He knew just the room for this strange man, it was big and was on the walkway path so he could go outside if he wished to smoke.

    Hikaru wondered if he was a yakuza and if he had tattoos.

  4. Ehhh? ... Really, what is that child calling me for this time? Ears twitched as he heard the echo of his full name and what sounded like frantic motions to find something lost. Too bad though, because Sou had no intention of helping. Hikaru could consider it a little life lesson... don't put things where you won't uh... remember where they are later? Something along those lines, yeah.

    Still in his cat form (it was the best way to sleep), Sou yawned and stretched front legs out over a small area of his futon, clawing just a little at fabric as he did. Barely a foot above the ground, the nekomata padded over to the screen door and squeezed through the slight crack he'd left open the night before. Paws carried him though the halls then, not that he planned on doing much work... not so early in the day, anyway. No, what Sou wanted to do was see how the son of the owners was fairing so far and... Oh, was that paint?

    As funny as the paint stained hair and fingers were, Sou's demeanor remained perfectly calm and well, cat-like as he hopped onto the front desk with ease. He didn't really look at the two as they made introductions, the nekomata was already tucking legs under his body and relaxing, appearing ready for another nap so soon after waking up. But he was justified, having spent much of the previous night preparing for the new round of guest, and he still had the roof to repair but that was better saved for later.

  5. The evening air always sends a wave of calm through the strange body that she had never grown accustomed to. The breeze blows a tuft of hair from her shoulder as her big, chocolate-colored eyes stare down at the little map, then up at the beautiful building. She takes a snif before smiling. Even in her masked form, she still has her keen senses. She never gets over that.

    Kasumi hasn't been in Japan in many, many years. Too busy travelling the world that she had forgotten the simple pleasures to be found in her home country. The smell of cherry blossoms in the spring. The colors of the fall. The anticipation of winter. In all actuality, summer was always the only season she would never miss.

    Because of this, she has decided to buy a few traditional kimonos as well as a couple mini kimonos. Today, she stands there with a little black mini accented with pink cherry blossoms, the waist bow also a gentle pink. Of all things, this kimono is the best to show off the long legs of the short woman she takes the shape of. Even her feet are adorned with short wedges, which took Kasumi her first few weeks in her human form to get the hang of. Now, she makes it look graceful and beautiful.

    Finally deciding to step inside, she grabs her small backpack and throws it over a tiny shoulder. Standing only 5'2", she is a petite creature with the image of innocence, would it not be for that obvious cat-like grace she walks with. She takes her first few steps forward, peeking inside the low building curiously, before fully stepping inside.

    ​"Hello," she says wistfully, smiling at who seems to be the owner, "If this is the right place, I believe I left a reservation a few weeks ago by phone..."

    Taking a better look at him, Kasumi can't help but giggle lightly at the streak of green paint in his light colored hair. Adorable, he is. It's obvious that he wasn't ready for his patrons to come in yet. But ready or not, they came. And are coming. She is sure there will be others arriving later on. And a host with paint in his hair and a crooked kimono isn't always taken lightly. For Kasumi, though, it feels...homely.

    She looks around briefly, her eyes catching sight of the two-tailed cat jumping onto the counter. A smile quirks her glossed lips, her hip jutting out just slightly before she looks back to the young owner, giving a small bow. "I apologize if you are not ready, sir, but my journey has been long, and I would much love it if I could spend some time here...this place is very beautiful.​"​
  6. Hikaru had scowled down at Sou as the lazy cat found a spot on the desk. Luckily for Sou, Hikaru had his hands full with Ryuji. As the cyclops was leading the leather clad man down the hallway towards the room, the door opened again. More customers?! So quickly too. Hikaru was hit with the overwhelming doubt that he indeed didn't know what he was doing.

    He tried to think back about what his parents had done but there had always been two of them and there was only one of him! "Welcome to the Seidou Onsen! One minute please!" He looked panicked as he tried to remember all the guests that were due that day without looking at the book. "of course! Ahhhhhn. Waaah." Hikaru practically hopped from one foot to another before taking another bow and leading Ryuji towards the room he'd picked out for him. "Hirohata-saaan, this is your room! I am so sorry, I wasn't expecting everyone to arrive so soon..." At least the Onsen took care of some things by itself...

    Hikaru opened the sliding door to Ryuji's room and there was a neatly folded futon and a yukata waiting on him. "I must attend the other guest now, but please make yourself at home!" Hikaru's eye looked towards the hallway with worry.
  7. From the darkest corner of the room that served as lobby and entryway to the onsen flashed two pebble-sized orbs, one of which was hovering just slightly lower than its partner. It was the light from the door sliding open and closed again with each new guest that had reflected silver off of his pupils while he watched the scene from his comfortable spot, blended with the darkness, perched upon a narrow little end table that was holding a vase of lazily shifting and wiggling flowers.

    At first Keir had been amused with the flowers that so much reminded him of the pet snakes he'd once owned. He'd been sure to keep his face away from those flowers, just in case one developed a rather dumb idea. But now.. Now he was delighted that the onsen had just opened and already the first guests seemed so fun and interesting.

    Would this year be even more entertaining than last?

    Only time would tell, but a little part of Keir was just overly happy that he was once again visiting the onsen that he so very much loved to frequent. In amongst the amusement and the plain ol' happiness was a little bit of confusion though. Seidou Onsen was run by Mr. and Mrs. Seidou. 'And yet where were they?' he'd asked himself. He had also been pondering about the kind of person that would turn out to be the stand-in for the owners.

    He'd not considered that those two business associates and casual friends of his had a son. So Keir was surprised into remaining silent while the guests began to arrive, his gaze shifting from face to face but always finding its way back to the young master of the house and the tormentingly adorable everything that he was.

    Keir's mouth watered.

    But once Hikaru vanished down the hall with a handsome guest, who just so happened to smell so utterly of sex appeal that it left Keir hungry for more, the lust demon finally emerged from his dark blanket.

    He pushed off of the end table with the grace of a feline and casually made his presence known by strolling into the light, hands tucked into the pockets of his expensive, fitted pants. They were black, as was the suit jacket that went with it. The plain white dress shirt he was wearing had once been buttoned all the way to the top with crisp and neat tie over top but now two of those top buttons were undone and the tie hanging loosely around his neck.

    A lust demon usually enjoyed a little thing called fashion, because the better said demon looked, the more appeal he or she put forth. But in this day and age, it wasn't as if humanoid demons could just hang out in a cave and lure pretty, but dumb, but really pretty maidens in for a little meal. These days, humanoids lived out in the open and right under the noses of the, for the most part, oblivious humans. So it was against his will that he had yesterday been forced to wear a mundane human business suit for the sake of meeting with mortal clients.

    You see, Baek Keir owned a sweets shop on the other side of the country. It was popular even with humans and when it came to the monster community, one in three would have either heard of him or had personally visited his shop full of candy and pastries and cakes and chocolates. He didn't own a chain; he believed in quality over quantity. But nonetheless, he was a bit of a celebrity in both worlds. And the Seidou family had forever been one of his best monster clients. As a result, he was often invited to spend time at the onsen whenever he felt he was due for a vacation.

    This was why he already knew all about Soutamaru.

    "Strange to see you even moving around this early in the day, Two Tails," the lust demon mused. His voice had more than once been compared to melted butter, flowing honey, silk against bare skin... It was the perfect tone - neither too high or low or too manly or boyish. And much could be said the same about his looks. At the moment, however, the mussed suit, carefree posture, and slight upward curve at the corners of his mouth put a youthful spotlight on him.

    Dark eyes flicked to the young woman still waiting on the bumbling Hikaru, caught a sliver of light and flashed, then quickly glanced away again as the man came to a stop in front of the desk that Soutamaru was currently lounging upon. "Let's make something clear, Lazy Whiskers. If you claw up my futon again like you did last time, I'll take it as an invitation to join you in yours."

    He knew damn well that the cat had a human form. How else could he be hired for maintenance? But Keir had never seen this human form. He wondered if the cat turned into something cute like... Like this girl.

    Gaze moved to the female guest at that point, though his peripheral vision remained thoroughly aware of the ill-tempered feline he still faced. He said nothing, content to look her up and down and determine the quality of her taste.

  8. Ryuji gave the girl who had entered just behind him a grin and a wink before Hikaru led him down the hall to his guest room. She'd smelled distinctly feline; it seemed that the two-tailed creature lazing on the front desk wasn't the only cat hanging around. He might have been tempted to linger and cause some commotion, had he not been so distracted by the bumbling innkeeper's endearing antics.

    "This'll do just fine," he told Hikaru, leaning against the door frame and eying the cyclops up and down. His next words were teasing. "Don't worry about me; I can get in and out of my own clothes. But maybe later you can give me a little tour?"

    He still hadn't gotten a chance to see much of the local sights, and he was already itching to explore. There were a few places in particular which Ryuji intended to scope out... and a few people as well. The young Seidou proprietor was fast rising to a significant position on that list.
  9. If Hikaru could get any redder he'd look like an apple. "C-Clothes?!" He managed to squeak before bustling away as fast he could go. Which wasn't very fast thanks to his kimono and geta. He hated it. He wanted his yukata and his plain flat zori. Kimono and geta were just too much for him! He huffed as he appeared back at the front desk, the blush lingering on his cheeks. He managed to catch a bit of a man talking. He squinted and hobbled over to the guest book.

    "Baek-san? Baek, Keir?" Hikaru blinked his opalescent eye up at the man. "I have one guest in front of you ..." He bit his lip. This was the Baek-sama who made those delicious treats! Not to mention his parent's long time friend. He felt lost again but sucked it up and gave him a friendly smile. "I'm Seidou, Hikaru! Pleasure to meet you." He bowed at him and then scurried away to the Lady of Feline Origins.

    "Miss, if you'll follow me. This way please." Hikaru set off down a hallway, hoping and praying the lady Kasumi was paying attention and following behind him...

  10. The man from the shadows forces a wave of cover Kasumi's general apathhy, and she stares at him with widening eyes. Her arms cross beneath the long sleeves of her kimono, nose twitching as she takes in the scent. He moves to the double-tailed cat and speaks to him, making her head tilt slightly in curiosity, chocolate eyes watching, opaque at his strange, sultry voice.

    Were she in her cat form, she would have sneezed at the man. But being as she is in her human form, holding tight to the straps of her backpack, she can do nothing more than stand there, nose wrinkling, knees locked together, and stare.

    Then, he looks back. And her eyes widen. She becomes more uncomfortable, unsure of what her body is telling her. A cat does not generally feel the way this human body is feeling now. And her confusion only grows more and more with every second his eyes trace her body. She huffs through her nose, finally regaining some sense.

    "Wanting a picture or something, sir?" This is said with mild sarcasm, even as her light, gentle voice hitches slightly.

    And then she is saved by the young master, who comes back from the hall, flustered and flushed in the cheeks. "Miss," he says quickly to her, making her gaze flick over to him, "if you'll follow me. This way, please." And just like that, he turns down the hallway, assuming she'd follow.

    And she does, skittering past the strange man that makes her feel...different. Making her way down the hall, she follows directly behind him, round eyes looking wistfully around the place. "There are hot springs here, yes?" she asks gently, hoping this is the right onsen, "If you have time, after you show me my room, could you also show me the pools? I really would love to relax here..."​
  11. Sou watched Hikaru shuffle off as he led the way for the Ookami guest, walking awkwardly in the shoes he clearly wasn't used to. The brownish cat looked forward again, showing fangs with a big yawn, ears twitching cutely as he did. For a moment he seemed completely obvious to the other cat demon waiting near the desk. He wasn't, it just appeared that way as he stared ahead with half-lidded eyes. It was so early for him, why was he even awake? Oh yeah, to keep an eye on the Seidou kid... and by 'keep an eye on,' he really meant laughing quietly at the boy's awkwardness.

    Eyes slowly closed as he readied for a literal catnap, it was about then that he noticed the other presence in the room. A shadowy figure decided to show himself and the cat glared with clear recognition, a low growl already rolling in his throat. Baek, Keir... that insufferable demon. Already he was grinning with all the confidence in the world, and it annoyed Sou to no end. Sleep was out of the question for the moment so he sat up in his cat form, turning his attention to his precious fur. He seemingly ignored the man now as he nonchalantly groomed himself, licking at the back of his paw. He could talk with that smooth voice all he wanted, he refused to be phased.

    But then came the threat, and the grooming slowed to a stop. Claw up a futon? Why, he'd never do such a thin-- oh yeah he totally did, it was great. Completely worth the scolding he got from Mrs. Seidou. But an invasion of his personal and important sleeping space was not something he wanted, even so, he didn't intend to give in so easily to threats. That may have been why he clawed up the futon last year... he wasn't sure, Keir did so many things that irked him, there was a list of reasons to deserve a good clawing.

    Golden eyes glared, both tails swishing slowly back and forth as Keir stared down the Kasumi girl, clearly making her uncomfortable. She asked her question and Sou took the opportunity to strike. Sharp claws extended as he lunged all of them into the expensive looking suit jacket of the lust demon, Sou heard the satisfying sound of fabric tearing under his paws before quickly escaping the top of a shelf behind the desk, where he curled up and relaxed.
  12. The road was long, but Shiki didn’t mind gazing upon the massive overgrowing trees and many flowers along the way. She rolled down the window half way so she could take in the fresh air of what the trees were giving back to the world.
    Refreshing. Just as much as her tea, though it never has the same effect on her as it does on Humans. Her various teas seem to have different effects: Overjoyed, sorrow, happiness, energetic, and the list goes on, but there is one specific recipe she will never give to anyone....

    Finally the taxi closes to a stop in what seems like an open space and springs her back to the present from the dark memories of her past.
    “This is far as I go, Miss. You sure you know where you’re going?” The taxi driver leaned back to face Shiki giving her a concerned, yet hard look.
    “Yes, I’m sure. Arigatou gozaimasu.” She gave him, the driver, a warm reassuring smile before getting out of the car. The driver helped get her suit cases out and handed them to her.
    “I’m sorry, normally I help customers with their belongings, but I have no clue where you are going...”
    The man looked reluctant to leave such a woman in the wilderness alone and yet he was also relieved. To him the atmosphere was too... calm. Shiki giggled at the man. She knew his heart was in the right place wanting to protect her, but also wanted to self preserve himself. A mild coward is what the Soldiers of War would call him.
    “Trust me; I know where I’m going. I have a cabin close by,” That was a lie. “I’ll be fine on my own, thanks again for your concern and help. I think this should be enough to reassure you?” Shiki pulled out ¥8000. The man’s eyes widened and didn't want that much from her, but she made him take it for his troubles.

    Welcome home, Shiki, the trees seemed to whisper to her. She started walking when she could no longer see the taxi. She knew it would be too much for the poor Human to take in if she were to just disappear into thin air in front of him. Just a few steps in and she could already see the Onsen Ryokan, an old antique look for a building. She was glad to have made reservation weeks before arriving; this is what she certainly needed.

    Shiki set her bags to rest and knocked on the oaken door.
  13. She had a natural beauty, a plain face with very subtle makeup. It was the kind of face that most human men would overlook. This was because most human men were shallow - they were always drawn to the woman whose face was heavily covered in makeup for the purpose of making her look stunningly beautiful. But they never thought about what the woman would look like once she washed her face. This young thing standing off to his side had subtle beauty but at least it was real. And Keir never had and never would be attracted to only one "type" of person. He was neither a slut nor desperate.

    He just wasn't picky.

    So when the woman grew bothered enough by his stare to give him a defensive word or two, his response was to smile gently, sure to throw a bit of charm into the mix as well, certain that the look would settle her uneasiness about him.

    "That would be lovel-- argh!" He'd stupidly taken his attention off of the cat and now he was paying for it by becoming the feline's personal pin cushion! Claws raked down his suit jacket and right through it. Sharp little things they were! But by the time Keir could even think to react properly, Soutamaru had sprung from his chest and made himself comfortable on a high-up shelf. Looking a little disgruntled, but partially amused, Keir moved around the desk and narrowed his eyes up at the devilish feline. "Jealous? Just you wait until I catch you in your human form, Soutamaru. Just. You. Wait." His eyes flashed silver at that point and a dark two-inch line crawled across his face from the right side of his chin, up over the bridge of his nose, into his left eyebrow, and disappeared into the hairline above.

    He was still smirking up at the cat when Hikaru returned looking a little frazzled and all turned around and lost. He was sure to step away from the shelf before glancing the young master's way. "It's fine, Hikaru-kun," he murmured, bowing a little in response to the youngster's enthusiasm. And then he was left alone in the little lobby with the ill-tempered cat that was most certainly plotting his death.

    What fun~

    Keir was just about to continue taunting Soutamaru when a knock came at the door. He glanced down the hallway into which Hikaru and the young woman had disappeared, then decided that someone had to help that poor one-eyed-beauty out a little bit. Of course Soutamaru was far too lazy for that, so naturally, Keir stepped up to the door and slid it open. Promptly he leaned an elbow and hip against the door frame, the elbow resting above his head, the hand comfortably cupping the back of his neck. His free hand sat tucked snugly into his pants pocket and one leg was crossed over the other at the ankle. Lips curved at the corners of his mouth as he asked the woman standing there, "Can I help you, Miss?"
  14. Shiki looked up at the man as he leaned against the building in a rather unprofessional manner, and clad in leather which appeared to be scratched. She gave a quick peek over to see if the owner was inside, but she didn’t see anyone that could be. </SPAN>

    “Is the owner here?” She asked as politely as she could. Wait a minute, is this the right place? Maybe she turned the wrong way. “Perhaps I have the wrong place.”Shiki blushed in small embarrassment. Best to keep a friendly face in case the man is someone she doesn’t want to cross paths with. She’s heard rumors from her kind of bandits and thugs, but never believed it would happen to be around here. Keeping her suspicions to herself so he wouldn’t detect anything, she kindly waited for a reply. If the owner wasn’t around she would leave. </SPAN>
  15. "Of course!" Hikaru had bubbled at the young lady. With his head so full and his nerves strung so tightly he'd forgotten her name and the rest of his guests already. That knowledge made him feel more than a little bit uncomfortable with himself. He paused outside a sliding door and pushed it open. "This is your room, Miss... It is room Four." He gave her a smile and then went on.

    "Down the hallway and to the left is the women's baths. Would you like me to show you? To the right is the men's." Of course the hot spring was outside that area and split with a bamboo divider so the water could flow freely but no one could peek through the fence. Which worked out rather well.

    "I should get back to the rest of the customers." He was blushing again. "To the left, Miss. Please observe all the rules normal to an onsen and there are education posters on the walls of the bathing area if you are unfamiliar." He was red. "I, erh, ahn." Hikaru bowed and then shot off back to the front. It sounded like there were more people!

    Hikaru couldn't run well in the geta and in a fit of temper kicked the dratted things off, hiked up his kimono and ran ever so carefully back to the front and slipped into his geta again. He felt pleased with himself. Getting into the geta at high speed wasn't that hard! Of course that was when he tripped. Luckily there was a desk there to catch himself and he hung onto it dizzily. "Ahhhhhn..." He squinted. Another customer! Another young lady. Well, at least the other one wouldn't be all alone now.

    "Welcome to the Seidou Onsen, Miss!" Hikaru picked up the guest book and gave it a look through. "You must be... Ai-san?" Love? Really? He went crimson, the blush spreading haphazardly across his face, down his neck, and over his ears. "One moment please, another guest arrived in front of you!"

    Hikaru peered up at the man who was now slightly worse for wear and he blinked. What was the man's name again? He quickly checked the book. "Baek-san?" He bit his lip and hoped he recalled it right. "If you'll follow me, I will show you to your room now."
  16. Shiki Ai giggled at the bustling body of who seemed to be the owner of the place. It looked like she came to the right place after all. She let out a sigh of relief; the man in front of her was a customer. Still, she wondered why those scratch marks where there. It didn’t matter. Shiki came a long way from home just to be where she could belong.

    “Ok, I’ll be out here waiting!” She called out to the clumsy busy body, smiling that same warm smile. She set her bags at the nearest large tree and gazed up at it. Quickly looking around making sure no peeping eyes were around, Shiki let her True Form out. Soft lilac hair fell around her face and past her shoulders and translucent butterfly wings - golden yellow with orange shades – appeared. She flew up high to a tree branch and looked out to the horizon while she waited, patiently.
  17. 220px-Jaejoong_cropped.jpg Hayashi Tatsuo wasn't big on showing up on time anywhere. He preferred to linger and smell the flowers as he passed by and observe the people and places he passed by, which was why he hadn't taken a train or a cab or any form of transportation other than his own feet. Life would wait for him, and he had eternity after all. Meh~ such was the life of a Zennyo Ryuo. He sighed when he settled down the sweet blossom onto the brick wall that incased the Onsen he was heading to. He had heard the place was open, and that it was to die for. A place where he could be himself and not have to worry about who or what saw him and what they saw of him. Scaly tail aside, he could at least get to know some of the other creatures that came in to experience the comforts and rejuvenating qualities of the hot springs. Now if only he could remember what the Onsen keeper's name was.

    The rain-dragon strolled across the pathway that led up to the inn, the trees were a lovely color, and soon he would rest for awhile as December would soon be upon them. A perfect time to visit the sweet warmths of the hot springs. It would warm the chill that would take over everyone's bones. Tatsuo raised one slightly bushy eyebrow at the gathering of other creatures that surrounded the front desk of the Onsen-Ryokan.

    He smiled, a brilliant smile as he looked between all of them, and chuckled, "Well! at least I know I've come to the right place." he stuffed his arms into the long sleeves of the trench coat he was wearing--tan in it's coloring, which paired nicely with the burnt red and black colored dress shirt he was wearing, and the dark brown slacks he had underneath. He hated these clothes actually, there was nowhere to hide his dragon tail under these sorts of clothes--so it trailed behind him, curling and moving of it's own accord as he came to a stop at the front desk. "This is a lovely little place~" he grinned as he looked at the place with all of it's little imperfections and details.
  18. Aww~ She was confused and Keir thought it was a rather cute look for her. He'd opened his mouth to continue with his little roleplaying as an onsen worker, just to see how she would react, but then the real young master had to go and ruin his fun. Although, the lust demon had to admit that the manner in which Hikaru had gone about ending his charade was far more entertaining.

    An eyebrow hitched skyward as he cast a look over his shoulder. A smirk was as plain as day on his lips. So clumsy, that young master, and it was warmth for his heart. And the way Hikaru bounced back up again like nothing had happened was enough to turn that smirk of Keir's into a full-out grin. Yes, the boy was bumbling but he also brought a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to the onsen and because of that, it really felt like home.

    Content to remain silent while Hikaru tended to the newest arrival, Keir pivoted and leaned his back against the door frame, stuffing both hands into the pockets of his suit's pants while gaze traveled back and forth from face to face. When he was addressed, he nodded slowly and pushed away from the frame, pausing twice: first by the desk, then by the little end table to pick up his suitcase, casting Soutamaru a little mischievous wink as he left the room trailing Hikaru.

    As guest and stand-in owner trekked the hallway toward his room, Keir was sure to walk a little bit behind Hikaru, head tilted a little, amused smile. He wondered how long it would take before the young man realized he'd lost one of those horrible geta back when he'd so gracefully tripped and nearly landed on his face. It didn't take long before Keir couldn't bare to watch the dizzy-brained boy looking so disheveled. Hell, there was even paint in his hair!

    "Cinderella-chan," he called. "I think you lost your glass slipper," he teased, dangling the geta by the strap from his extended index finger. "If you don't mind?" Smoothly, he dropped to one knee and gently took hold of Hikaru's ankle, lifting the young master's foot high enough so that he could slip the geta into place. He tilted his face upward, eyes sparkling with ideas, lips curving even as he murmured, "Perfect," and rose back to his feet.

    "Shall we continue?" he asked, picking up his suitcase once more, feigning innocence.
  19. No. Hikaru had no idea he'd lost a geta. None at all, even though without it he was rather... lopsided. He was hobbling down the hallway without even realizing he was hobbling. "Cinderella...?" Hikaru slowed down and blinked slowly and that was just enough time for Keir to make his move. The dark haired man was on one knee in front of him, holding up the slipper and before Hikaru could protest, his ankle.

    Surprisingly enough, Hikaru didn't blush this time. He just looked down at Keir as the man gently set the geta back on his foot. "Thank you, Baek-san..." He was losing the geta as soon as he got Baek, Keir to his room. He was going to lose the damn kimono too. He couldn't move and he swore the bloody thing was making it hard to breathe. "Of course Baek-san."

    Hikaru puttered down the hallway, the image of Keir's face burned into his mind.

    The man looked good on his knee's.

    Hikaru wanted to draw that scene.

    "Here we are, Baek-san. Room eight." It was close to the end of the Hallway. "Down the hallway and to the right is the way to the men's baths and their part of the onsen." Hikaru gave him a smile, his eye focused intently on Keir-san as he opened the door for him. "Please make yourself at home." He inclined his head at him and then walked away, not going towards the front desk.

    Hikaru changed quickly into a soft blue yukata, tied loosely at the waist with a black sash. His geta were abandoned and instead he slipped on his soft indoors zori, just straw sandals. Nothing complicated to walk in. He spent a minute analyzing himself in the mirror. No, he couldn't be in this image. It was all about Baek-san's face. That look... Hikaru liked it.

    He made his way back to the front desk only to find yet another customer. "Welcome to the Seidou Onsen! Make yourself at home and please wait a moment. There's a young lady in front of you. Miss... if you'd like, I can show you your room now?" Hikaru said softly.
  20. Sou hissed in response to yet another threat from Baek. Large golden eyes watched as that line traveled over the other demon's face. A mark of his species, Sou had always assumed, and like always it sent his feline instincts ablaze. He wanted to lunge and chase after that mysterious line, but that would literally mean attacking his face, something the lust demon may actually enjoy. So he ignored the urge and went back to quietly watching over the room like the lazy kitty he was, purring with in his content state.

    Two new arrivals, and one was already getting eyed by Baek, luckily the girl seemed too clever to fall for his charms. Or maybe too oblivious.... She was a little too far away to tell what kind of being she was, (his way of telling was usually through scent) but what he could smell, was rain, which intrigued the two tailed cat. He watched Hikaru stumble back into the area to show another guest to their room, and he almost fell down this time around. Poor thing... I should help cheer him up later. ...Did he really just think that? Sou blamed that scent, that lovely rain scent that was so... calming. So much so that he only purred as Baek winked on his way out.

    The curly haired cat of brownish gold stood on all fours then, hopping down off the tall shelf with ease only to leap back onto the front desk in front of the rain dragon. He made eye contact and retained it for few moments, all while a soft little purr rolled, his two tails swishing slowly back and forth. And speaking of tails... His cat instincts took over when he noticed the dragon's tail, and Sou hopped down the floor and padded around the other just to eye the way that tail moved and curled. A louder purr now as he started pawing playfully at the dragon tail, batting at it between both front paws.
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