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    The Onsen sits back far away from the road and is surrounded by trees and boulders, the forest is lush and overgrown here and the sound of the busy city seems far away. This Onsen-Ryokan (Inn) though is special because only a certain sort of people can find it and book reservations at it.

    Monsters. Beings of supernatural origins of usually Japanese origins but sometimes they get a foreigner or two.

    The Onsen-Ryokan carries it's age well and definitely appears to be a multi-generational building that could be anywhere from fifty years old to one hundred and fifty years old or perhaps even older. It's currently 'Fall' at the Onsen and is the middle of October there. The leaves are starting to turn and the typhoon season is over. It's a lull before the windy season in early December and the Onsen-Ryokan is at rest as well.

    So welcome to the Monster Onsen!


    This OOC is a place to discuss characters and history and what's going on in the story. ^-^ Please enjoy my take on Onsen's and (not so scary) Monsters for Iwakuween! You can post your characters in your blog or in here if you want to make a character sheet.

    The general feeling for this game is very 'slice of not so ordinary life' and a bit of comedy. Character interaction is highly encouraged and the guests should definitely mingle and feel free to explore the town as long as they don't cause trouble!

    There is currently only two workers for the Onsen, my character who is the Owner and Shiny's character who seems to a general 'jack of all trades'. If you'd like to play a worker just ask and we'll see what can be done. ^.^
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    A Tribby JumpIn RP, you say? I've always wanted one of those. ...With monsters? And onsens? And Iwakuween?

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  4. Is this like, the Onsen in Spirited Away?!

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  5. *has always wanted to be a maid at a Japanese house*

    Well, I was thinking of being one of those weird maids... But I still don't know >w<
  6. Cammehbug, kinda sorta. Only on a much smaller scale. There's an outdoor hotspring as well as indoor baths. ^.^ I'm taking a lot of my resources from Wiki. ^^;; Though Spirited Away was an inspiration. It's not that weird or that busy though. :3

    Frakenille! You want to play a weird maid? What sort of duties would you like and how long would you have worked there? I'd rather it be under three of four years at the max. Also you absolutely have to be a monster. ^^

    If anyone needs a list of Japanese monsters here's a resource!

  7. Name: Baek Keir

    Age: Too old to mention.

    Race: Lust Demon; he feeds on anything relating to sex (ie. emotions, physical contact). He disguises himself as a Korean-American human.

    Occupation: Sweets shop owner; eating certain foods from this shop will have the same effect as taking an aphrodisiac. His sweets are popular at the monster onsen, which makes him a valued business partner.

    Reason for visiting: Pleasure, courtesy of the onsen.

    Personality: He's the cool and calm sexy bad boy you wish you had the courage to ask out. He's known for his charismatic and party-boy demeanor. He's a leader and hardly ever a follower. He's quite aware of how well-known his name is in the monster world and he likes to strut his stuff, but that's not to say he has too much ego. He simply has bountiful confidence. When he sees something he wants, he goes after it, sometimes even regardless of the consequences. He's a hard worker, and has never been the kind of demon to harm humans. In fact, a great majority of his customers are young human women. He's openly flirtatious, though always aware of how much is too much. He's quite aware that he's handsome and he often takes advantage of his dazzling smile. He loves to party and have fun and he's usually chock-full of energy, unless he hasn't "gotten any" in a while. He's light-hearted, hardly the kind to start a fight, but he's also curious to the point of causing trouble and rather touchy-feely.

    History: "Nothing worth mentioning, Beautiful."
    Appearance (open)

    Theme Song (open)
    Watch Me Move - Fefe Dobson

  8. Reposting from my Blog!

    Name: Hirohata Ryuji
    Gender: Male
    Species: Ōkami

    Appearance: Ryuji appears to be in his early to mid twenties, with shaggy hair and painfully good looks. He's tall for a Japanese man, standing at six feet, with broad shoulders, long limbs, and big hands. His fashion sense tends toward American biker territory.

    Occupation: Owns a chocolatier business. He comes up with the recipes himself. In actuality, he's a local shrine deity who turned to selling chocolates in order to get devotion when people stopped visiting his shrine. Why chocolates, you ask? Because he has a sweet tooth and he likes baking and making sweet things, got a problem with that?

    Reason for Visiting: Relaxation. Even gods need a break! It has absolutely nothing to do with scouting out the local competition.

    Personality: Ryuji is somewhat wild and reckless. He rides a motorcycle, favors leather, and smokes like a chimney. He's also a huge flirt, hitting on anyone who catches his fancy. If something is dangerous or involves pranks, it's right up his alley. However, the other side of the coin is that his sense of morality is very keen and he detests lowlifes or those who cause others harm. He's also fiercely protective of the people in his life, although he's too embarrassed to admit that he cares most of the time. His temper is extremely volatile, and he's prone to cruel remarks that he regrets later, but his general demeanor is playful and he's actually a bit sensitive.
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  11. Current Owner Hikaru (open)

    Name: Hikaru
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Pretty!

    History: Hikaru lived a fairly normal life for a cyclopian monster in a Japanese town who's parents owned an Onsen/Ryokan. He had his daily excitements but to him it was all fairly normal. He never caused much trouble for his parents or at school.
    He graduated from school well and went on to a nice high school farther away from home. There he wore a 'human' face with all the eyes and other various things where it needed to be. This led to college. Also as a human. As a college graduate in art, Hikaru realized he wanted to go home and paint. Home was pretty, painting is great, and all was planned.
    Except for one little thing. Hikaru's parents decided to go on a second honey moon that quickly turned into a 'traveling the world' thing that is definitely a midlife crises or something along those lines, at least to Hikaru. So Hikaru has been home for two weeks and with letter in hand he finds he needs to open up the Onsen/Ryokan and accept the customers who have reservations. Hikaru really has no idea what he's doing but he's going to try his best.

    Random Notes: Hikaru has a serious sweet tooth but more than that he LOVES food. Especially fried food! He can usually be found with something edible in his mouth. He's also sensitive about his one eye. Hikaru has a delicate constitution and is frequently sick.

  12. We should be talking! ^^; I want to hear about what you guys are looking for and into for this. Also, if people are having character issues please talk to each other. ^.^
  13. Name: Soutamaru "Sou"
    Gender: Male
    Species: Nekomata, a two tailed cat demon.

    Job: Cleaning, laundry, landscaping, etc., the general jobs that help in keeping the Onsen-Ryokan clean and ready to accept new guests. Most of his chores get done in the late evening or night hours when many are sleeping.

    Appearance: Sou is most often seen lazing around in cat form. In human form, his choice of clothing are usually warm colored yukata or kimono.

    Personality: Growl, hiss, scratch attack! ...Pet my belly?
    Sou doesn't personally deal with guest as he's not much of a people-person... or people-cat. He often shies away from attempts at petting, or responds with with a scratch or bite. On the other end of his moodiness, he can also be affectionate. Every once in a blue moon, towards his co-workers or otherwise, he can be sweet and maybe even rub against a leg or two in kitty form.

  14. Is it too late to join?

    Name: Kasumi
    Gender: Female
    Species: Benevolent Bakeneko, a more rare case in the cat demon species

    Occupation: Backpacker: She loves to travel around the world, spending a few months in each country, finding jobs here and there. This utilizes her shape shifting abilities very well.

    Appearance: Having an air of mystery about her, Kasumi tends to wander around almost aimlessly, whether in her human or cat forms. She is secretive and seductive, striding along gracefully with a near smirk almost always on her face.

    Personality: As long as no one touches her, Kasumi is actually a very social creature. She loves to play, her favorite toys being the catnip mice, and run around like a kitten, something she hasn't done in centuries, and generally have a good time. However, when she says don't touch, she means it. Even though Kasumi is a benevolent Bakeneko, she still has the usual kitty cat temper.
  15. Kitties everywhere! It's a Jump-In so it's never to late to join. ^.^
    ...Unless it's dead. *L* :D Welcome to the Seido Onsen, Silent!
  16. So, can the monsters shift to look human, or are they always in their monster form? Or can we choose?
  17. Oh wonderful, Sou has another kitty to pick on~ >:3

    Also, I think being in demon form, taking human forms, or human-like forms is up to personal choice?