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  1. [​IMG]
    "Monsters—they're real, and they want to date us!"
    -Okayado, acclaimed author of the 21st century​

    The Plot: Monsters. Legends, myths, stories from a superstitious era; tales that we spin and weave to scare little children right before they fall into a deep slumber. That's what monsters used to be. In a way, monsters have always been with us, whether we wanted to believe in them or not. It was quite sudden when this rule, this sacred fact of life that monsters were not real, was shattered beyond repair. The Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act was first penned by the Japanese government, and its massive success convinced the world that it was time for monsters to be revealed. Centuries of secrecy was about to be broken.

    The United States, France, Britain, Germany, China, South Korea, and dozens of other nations passed a winding series of legislation that allowed monsters to integrate into human society. Needless to say, humanity was shocked. Fantastic creatures beyond our imaginations were now in our schools, workplaces, sidewalks, and eventually... in our beds. We're still not sure how that came to be. Don't ask us. It only got weirder from there. A lot weirder.

    While most of humanity goes about debating the nature of non-human integration, a mysterious English billionaire spent a fortune in constructing the Rothbard Academy for Humans and Monsters. It is the first mixed center of education in the entire world, and likewise it is heavily monitored by the United Nations and M.O.N. (Monster Ops: Neutralization), a secret police designed to protect humans and monsters integrating into society. Students are taught of the importance of equality and fairness between species. Teachers, however, work 24/7 in making sure that the I.C.E.A. is obeyed by everyone, which is a more difficult task than one might figure.

    All monsters are required to live with a host family. In public, they must be accompanied by a human at all times. Neither humans nor monsters may inflict physical harm against one another. The most important rule of all is also the hardest one to enforce...

    Lewd activities between humans and monsters are strictly forbidden.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Monster Musume: Debauchery in London (IC)

    Species List (open)
    Species - Originating Country
    Arachne - Greece
    Banshee - Ireland
    Centaur - Greece
    Devil - Israel
    Dragonewt - Mesopotamia
    Dryad - Greece
    Dullahan - Ireland
    Fairy - France
    Harpy - Greece
    Human - Ethiopia
    Kitsune - Japan
    Kobold - Germany
    Lamia - Libya
    Manticore - Iran
    Minotaur - Greece
    Mermaid - Syria
    Nekomimi - Japan
    Monoeye/Cyclops - Greece
    Ogre - France
    Satyr - Greece
    Shapeshifter/Doppelgänger - Germany
    Sphinx - Egypt
    Slime - ???
    Tetra-Arms - Greece
    Usagimimi - Japan
    Vampire - Romania
    Werewolf - Germany
    Yeti - Nepal
    Zombie - Haiti

    Rules (open)
    1. Please adhere to all Iwaku policy rules.
    2. No bullying, trolling, or harrassing other players OOC.
    3. No one-liners whatsoever. At least one paragraph per post.
    4. For the love of Buddha, use proper grammar and spelling.
    5. No godmodding.
    6. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues.
    7. Please follow the advice and guidelines set by the OP and Co-OPs.
    8. This is NOT a liberteen/libertine RP. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    9. Despite this not being a libertine RP, the typical comedy tropes of ecchi anime are fully permitted.
    10. Upon completing your application, make sure to leave a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) at the very end so I can confirm/accept it.
    11. Feel free to tell me if you want any monsters added to the list!
    12. I will accept no more than three characters per player.
    13. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
    14. Please inform me if you cannot post or must drop out.
    15. Have fun!

    Applications (open)
    Teacher or Student:
    Theme Song:

    {td=center|202x16}Student/Teacher & Age:{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Il Limo{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 18{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Damien Kane{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 17{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Rikako Lanying{/td}
    {td=center|194x17}Dragonewt (Ryu-Jin){/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student (M.O.N. Agent) - 80{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Ilse Scholl{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 19{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Veronica Barbet{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 18{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Hiro Tatshiba{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 17{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Media Sol{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 17{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Rasila Sunwar{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Teacher - 30{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Suyin Chenguang{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Teacher (M.O.N. Agent) - 24{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Nora Bléximo{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 16{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Octavia Pesce{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 19{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Khata Ganim{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Teacher - 27{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Motira-Anne Laughlan{/td}
    {td=center|194x17}Moth Papillion{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 18{/td}
    {td=center|187x17}Jack Grenerski{/td}
    {td=center|202x17}Student - 18{/td}
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  2. How many characters are we allowed to have?

    If so I will take both Lamia and Devil.
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  3. The maximum is currently three.
  4. Lamia , Devil and Kitsune please!
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  5. If there is a limit on the species I'll be making an Ogre and a Dragonnewt likely of the Chinese sub species unless the European one I see something of interest.
  6. There isn't necessarily a limit on the species, so long as the actual character number stays within three.
    As for myself I'm torn between Lamia and Arachne.
  7. Hmm are monsters able to be teachers or members or mon, or leave that strickly to humans and npcs? Also I take it this is shortly before the relations part of the law is revoked, poor boyo(s) if the other person I know joins.
  8. Name: Damien Kane

    Appearance: Anime-boy-giz_4ever-34042718-494-564.jpg

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17 soon to be 18 bday in 2 months

    Teacher or Student: Student

    Personality: Damien is a pretty easy going guy. He loves to try new things, and meet new people. He has a soft spot in his heart for anyone who needs help or is alone. He is smart and resilient.

    Background: Damien has spent the last 6 years alone. When he was younger he had the perfect family. His parents would always play with him, they would spend every moment together. When he turned 10 his mother got a job out of the country, his father decided to go with her. Damien was left alone, his aunt would check in occasionally.

    Ever since then he dreamed of having a huge family. A family to share meals with, holidays or even play games with. As he grew he heard about the monster integration program from Japan. He figured this was his chance to fulfill his childhood dream. When Rothbard academy finally opened Damien studied like crazy until he was able to get accepted.

    Theme Song:

    Other: Damien sees his childhood self in anyone who is lonely, which makes him do his best to make lonely or sad people happy
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  9. Nuuuuuu there's a character limit DX Oh my god what am I going to do uh. . . umm. / . .

    Can you had Siren's to the list??? Manticores are also really cool if anyone wants to play one. Rear wolf paws, scorpian tail, reptilian wings and animal ears? What's not to like lol

    Ugh, too many things I want to make, I'm dying over here >.>
  10. I don't see why monsters can't be teachers or M.O.N. agents.
    Poor boyos indeed. :P
    Sirens as in mermaids or harpies? Now that you mention it, I probably will add manticores and sphinxes.
  11. Sirens as in mermaids with wings actually, but more mermaid like depending on the art.
  12. I'll allow it once I am able to see the artwork you've selected for the appearance.
  13. @Uncle Legens Legentis

    I wasn't thinking like, feathers for wings. That would be a little unrealistic - even for a rp that has monster girls in it. The wings I was imagining would be more like fins, or reptilian wings. But I think I've settled on this image here for her. Under the water there's a pair of fin-like wings. They wouldn't be used to fly, more like a tool of evolution to attract without her song.
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  14. Name: Il Limo
    Species: Slime
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Teacher or Student: Student
    Personality: Limo falls in to the shared characteristics that most slimes have. She is absentminded, carefree, and jovial at most times. Her vocabulary is severely limited, and at times she likes to experiment with new sounds (regardless if they are appropriate or not). Limo can be mischievous, however, especially while playing hide-and-seek, simply because the losers are used for 'hydration' purposes. Her childish nature tempts her towards pulling mundane pranks to unwittingly digesting toxic materials to forcefully absorbing moisture on others. Even then, Limo never means to do harm and has a soft spot for helping people.

    Background: Il Limo is about as unable to describe her past as anyone else is. For as long as she can remember, she lived on a tiny produce farm in Sicily, spending her days cultivating melons, grapes, and other fruits for an elderly couple that eventually became her first host family. Although the work was always difficult, Limo enjoyed every minute of it simply for how her host family showered her with praise. The tiny farm was quite successful, given that slimes can determine if something is harmful to human health or not, and this ability helped make sure that their customers felt safe. But things got tougher as the years went by. Limo's 'parents', for lack of a better term, had no choice but to retire once age finally caught up with them.

    Needless to say, the young slime girl was very unhappy with this. She continued to work hard as a nurse while time took its toll on the elderly couple. The same skills that helped Limo out in the field just didn't cross over into housework. She was clumsy with dishes, couldn't understand basic paperwork, got lost while running errands, forgot names and dates easily, and had a nasty habit of attacking pedestrians at random. The old couple that raised and cared for Limo knew that it was time for her to move on. They were hesitant at first, for they treated the slime girl as the daughter they never had. Upon hearing about an academy for monsters and humans in London, a big portion of the couple's life savings were put to good use. They wanted Limo to receive an education, one that would let her live independently, preparing her for the day when she would need a new host family.

    Theme Song:

    Other: Limo runs the academy's greenhouse, due to her natural talent for raising plants and because she enjoys watering them.​
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  15. Name: Rikako Lanying


    Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs) Gender: Female


    Species: Ryu-jin

    (Dragon/Dragonewt subspecies)

    Age: 80 (appearance wise late teens early 20's eastern dragons tend to live as long as 10 human lifespans)

    Teacher or Student: Student* Dormitory M.O.N Subsidiary Agent

    Personality: Rikako has the manners of an aristocrat or noble, but is often lazy and idle. She is also quite prideful and has a tendency to lash out when she feels that pride had been hurt. Because of this she is also quite greedy, rarely willing to spend money on a whim. She also takes her true job seriously making sure the rules are upheld.

    While at first this also seems rather bad, it also means Rikako has some good points. Namely in that shes honest, wise, and can be helpful. Of note shes very good at finding sales or in teaching languages. She is also rather loyal and honorable. Being lazy and dutiful it basically means infractions she sees she'll deal with, but won't actively seek them out on her own..normally.

    In addition the issues the various Dragon-kin hold in regards to the reverse scale, the secret of the Dragon's tail and the nature of being poikilothermic. Given this she has a severe inability to deal with cold weather, which can be fatal to her. Because of this if hard pressed she will seek out warmth, during cold seasons she constantly seems to have a thermos of hot green tea, something that she's given to share with friends.

    Of note is the fact she carries a photo of herself as a small child, though the purpose of it is unknown. As to her relations with humans and other monsters, Rikako tends to be neutral with both parties, reacting as she sees fit, or is ordered to do so by M.O.N. Though she tends to habitually look down on others, passing down her words of wisdom with the contempt of a judge. Is rumored to be able to breathe fire, though this remains to be seen.

    Background: Rikako Lanying is from a long line of what some may call nobles among the Ryu-Jin. Family lore even seems to state that they had a heavy hand in the development of human languages during the early history of man before monsters would vanish. With their rediscovery it seems some truth might hold in this lore as all of those in house Lanying seem to have excellent language skills being able to readably communicate with the humans. Her own life was rather typical if long lived among her own kind with little time outside of it.

    With the agreements reached between Man and Monster, Rikako would at the agreement of her family receive a curious invitation. While the secret Police Group M.O.N was operational in Japan, the four man unit and its handler wasn't enough to handle all global problems, outsourcing to various affiliates a blanket of M.O.N Subsidiaries was formed. Carrying the same affiliation but acting as a "B Team" as it were it remains to be seen if these various units will be merged in time with the Parent company.

    Currently Rikako is enrolled as a language student as she covertly watches the schools activities, while older than pretty much anyone working or studying there she is young by her own races standards. There is also a mission from her family she intends to carry out..however the details of it remain unclear.

    Short of the Owner, headmaster, and local police officials most do not know who the royal acting girl is. Though she has the suit and the means to deal with her fellow kin, she prefers to seem a student, though if her cover is ever blown...she'll likely do the same thing as before, just likely in her outfit, and the school lessons will mean much less than before. Regardless she finds the cultural exchange to be worthwhile.

    Theme Song:

    Other: She has a black office suit and the Yellow and black style tactical gear found amongst SWAT. Like all Dragon races she is very strong and durable with one notable exception. Has access to firearms though its locked away for emergency and worse case scenarios.
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  16. I was looking at the other cs's should I change my characters age?
  17. It's not needed if you don't want to.
  18. I'll make him at least 17 maybe his bday could be soon which would open things up for potential shenanigans. Being 18 would mean legally being able to marry someone.

    I can see the chaos now.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. [​IMG]
    Name: Ilse Scholl | Species: Lycan | Age: 19 | Teacher or Student: Student

    A mix of her kin’s more primitive roots and a peaceful upbringing within human society, Ilse remains rather easygoing and kind most of the time and extremely loyal to those who have acquired her friendship. While intelligent, the girl is pretty dense and gullible to her own bitterness. Another unfortunate trait, her obedience is somewhat lacking. Rather than look at what is said to be right or wrong, she tends to prefer to decide that for herself and act on her own views. Ilse is also rather blatant in her speaking, sometimes coming off as harsher than she actually intends. Funny enough, like an animal, she never means bad by her actions or words, even if she does mess up or do something wrong.

    Another primitive trait, and probably the biggest quirk of her personality, is that she is capable of being goaded into a fight rather easily. While Ilse normally comes off as cool-headed and hard to tick off, she will respond volatilely to hostilities and slander not aimed at herself, but towards those around her and whom she cares for. Thus far, whenever pulled into an angered state, she has always shown self control and never actually caused harm to anyone, or stopped herself were she about to go that far, but her willingness to settle matters in this matter is a constant worry for her mother, and one reason why she was sent to the academy.

    Many lycans reside within the forests of Germany, quietly and secretly. Unfortunately, while many monsters flocked to integrate with mankind, many of the werewolves refused the idea and kept to their normal way of life, which wasn’t much more civilized than that of normal wolves in all honesty. While the lycans born and raised mostly within human society have proven kind, loyal, if not stubborn, those who currently live in or have remained in the wild act with hostility and aggression towards outsiders, with there usually being an “Alpha” that calls most of the shots within. It was in Ilse’s luck that her mother was more considerate of her daughter’s future than the rest of the pack.

    With her mother having brought her to civilization early on, Ilse fortunately showed little traits of her primitive birthplace. While very athletic and constantly out and about, she as well proved to be rather bright with schoolwork which was—well, not a typical trait of her kin to put it kindly. Ilse, of course, grew up enjoying the company of humans, though there were many times in which she took note of their more crueler aspects. Ilse wasn’t a bystander. If she saw something the thought to be wrong or cruel, she wouldn’t hesitate to get in the middle of it, even if she had to use force, which would often get her into more trouble than she’d have liked. To be fair, she never took things too far or hurt anyone, rather stopped situations she thought would turn bad from escalating, which is likely the only reason she’s been let off the hook as easily as she has.

    Still, Ilse’s lack of care for the rules of others was very evident, and while she did like humans, she was smart enough to know there was always a few rotten fruit in the bunch. It was unfortunate that she inherited how to deal with things she heavily disliked from her roots rather than her upbringing. The main reason for her being sent to the academy in london was as it focused on integration. Ilse needed to learn how to deal with things like humans did before she got into trouble.
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