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    OPEN SIGNUPS - Monster Musume: Debauchery in London! (OOC & Signups)

    Il Limo sat calmly on what must have been the least crowded flight she ever took. It was quite fun taking a boat over to Pantelleria, the closest island with an airport near her home, but deep in her malleable, squishy heart, Limo knew that she was going to miss Italy. Ignoring for a moment that she doesn't even have a biological heart, the young slime girl couldn't understand why papa and mama wanted their little figlia to move. She had so many happy memories with them. One of her favorites was from the day that Limo was to be baptized. Of course, no one had predicted that she would turn into a giant blob, and was thus rolled out of the church by the priest.

    Well, it was funny to her, at least. Mama was keen on giving the family heirloom to her on this perilous quest for knowledge. She supplied Limo with a little golden rosary, one that would protect her from loneliness and fear. But sitting in her cushioned, airline chair, all by her lonesome, it was difficult to understand how a piece of jewelry would stop homesickness. Limo's English was as good as it was ever going to be. The same could be said for her Italian and Latin, but the latter wasn't used much beyond Sunday Mass. When the nose of the plane stooped downward, she raised both of her arms and offered an obnoxious "Wheeeee!", even when the massive aircraft made contact with the runway.

    But alas, Limo reached her destination. This was London. Excitedly she peered out of her window, only to be disappointed with the image of the airport blocking the rest of the city. Already she could tell that it wasn't like Rome or Palermo. Home was home, and it took a while to digest the fact that this was home now. Limo danced and twirled her way off of the plane, nearly hitting several bystanders with her luggage, although their frightened cries were met with rambunctious giggling. A waterproof coating was placed over the chain of her rosary, so that Limo could wear it along with her signature white dress. A strong temptation to explore flared in her mind. It was promptly extinguished when an airport greeter called her out by name. He was sent by the academy, no less, and the same limousine that was used to transport every student now waited in the humongous parking lot, eager to bring Il Limo to the heart of London, where the Rothbard Academy for Humans and Monsters proudly stood.
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  2. Front Gate Rothbard academy to the courtyard

    Damien stood there in awe at his new school, it was everything he had imagined. He took a second to remember the journey up to this point, the long hours of studying, the pressure of maintaining an above average GPA and all the shrine visits in order to make it to these wonderful gates.

    A tear formed in his eye as he adjusted his uniform and took a step inside the gates. He had made it, this was the first step in making his childhood dream come true. A big grin came over his face as he continued inside. "This place is huge, I can't wait to start meeting people."

    As he continued he noticed alot of necessary upgrades to the campus. For one thing there was a pool that ran all along the grounds. "This must be for mermaids, and other underwater creatures." As he looked into the deep pool a perverted thought crept into his mind. 'Do mermaids swim...nude?, or maybe in skimpy bikinis?' Damien's cheeks got red as he imagined a scantily clad mermaid.
  3. Along the grounds of Rothbard Academy, a somewhat large Ogre wanders the grounds carrying a box of supplies, humming as she goes. Veronika didn't really care much for the school or what went on at it, busying herself with helping the staff in last minute touches, she keeps her distance from the front gate for now there wasn't much for her to do, or that she wanted to do. Students would be coming in soon enough..speaking of students and work... Smiling a bit to herself, Vera decides to quickly drop the box off then find a nice tree to hide behind, to take a little nap.

    That couldn't harm anything or anyone right? Pleased with this reasoning, the Ogre's path was set for todays morning activities.


    Joining the Slime girl at the Limo was yet another student, though from another flight, keeping her distance the woman seemed to carry more luggage than most yet all of it was locked. Wearing a Green Chinese dress, the red head seemed to simply stare forward with a bit of contempt as her tail sways lightly in the air. The Dragon-kin were relatively well known for their prideful natures and various excess, and this one didn't seem any the more different.

    Looking at the Slime briefly Rikako snorts to herself. A slime was of no worry to one such as herself. Unlike the slime the Dragon seemed to have found her own way here, if it was by guessing, intuition, or prior knowledge was yet to be known. Before this can be questioned the woman puts left hand over her right fist, bowing in an ancient custom of her people and thought the human orient. "I am Rikako Lanying, I decided to save you the trouble of finding me." Ending her bow, Rikako quickly moves the conversation forward her hands resting on her hips as if in position of authority.

    "Are there others joining us, or have you collected them already?" The Ryu-Jin asks matter of factly, seemingly in a hurry, though her manner of barring seemed more commanding than questioning.

    Returning her attention to the slime the Dragon-kin did ponder how well versed was this slime at speech..maybe some knowledge could be imparted to it if necessary.
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  4. Limo swung her legs back and forth merrily in the limousine. Her feet were bare. The seats were much more comfortable than on the plane, that much was certain. She was distracted heavily by the playful swinging of her transparent legs to notice that another passenger had entered the vehicle, at least until it started to move again. The roads of London were shockingly smooth, compared to the Italian countryside, but the difference in traffic was painfully more obvious. However, Limo's full attention was earned only when the dragon girl spoke, mildly interrupting the slime's repetitious movements. The dragon's elegant green dress hypnotized the slime girl. She stared blankly, not for a moment thinking of how to respond to her question. Limo knew Italy and only Italy. Foreign things baffled her utterly.

    "Hello, it's-a-me, Limo!" she introduced herself in the only way she knew how. She performed a little jazz hand-like motion at the sound of her name. The limousine driver, sensing the bewilderment in the slime girl, opted to speak with Rikako from up front. He sounded Scottish. "You two lassies are the only ones I'm escorting at the moment. No need to worry, we'll be there any moment," he stopped talking when Limo found the words that she wanted to say. "Mama and papa said that Limo is going to a big school. Is the scaly lady going there too?" she referenced Rikako in something akin to the third-person, all the while keeping unbroken eye contact.
  5. Medea Sol
    Medea Sol
    Medea Sol
    Pool not far from Courtyard
    Mentioned: NPC Female Guide | Damien
    Interacted with: @Kurogane86
    The young woman glanced about from her seat in the soft and padded wheelchair, her guide pushing her along as they traveled through the grounds. She had recently transferred here, having arrived several days ago in the country to unpack her bags in the underwater dormitory that had been provided for her. After a request had been put in, the large room had been soundproofed, so the young woman may sing to her hearts content without having to worry about other beings hearing her. Since she was the only Siren accepted into the school, they had been eager to follow her requests, even providing a waterproof touchpad so she may speak while wet.

    Her gaze lingered to her side, aquamarine eyes catching the light and flickering much like the ocean, watching the water to her side. With a sign to her guide, the wheelchair stopped beside the connecting stream between two of the pools. Biting her bottom lip, she hesitated just a moment before slipping off the chair into the cool and refreshing water. It lacked salt, making it easy for the freshwater species to live in it, though she wondered if there was a salt water pool too. It was so clear she could see along the length of the pool; she was the only one in it.

    Medea, being a light swimmer and lover of water, slipped out of the long dress she had been wearing above water, pushing it up onto the edge of the pool for the guide to pick up and dry for her. She would need it come the beginning of classes, though for now she planned to enjoy the water rushing around her and through her gills. Blue and grey scales mixed with greens and whites flashed underwater, hidden until she reached the large pool of the courtyard. It was then that she broke the pristine surface to come up on a rock in the center of the pool.

    She had pulled herself up, settled on it on her backside when she noticed the human not far from the water. It had been so long since she'd seen a human male, since all her caretakers had been female. Those who worked with her assumed that her voice affected only the men around her, and thus had not thought to ask her what she could really do with such an angelic voice. If it had been in her to be embarrassed then she would have blushed, though the Siren was not well versed in social normality, so dressed in a rather revealing bathing suit top and frilly bottoms, with nothing else to hide her unblemished skin and fins.

    She blinked, long lashes shaking drops of water onto high cheekbones where it mixed with the water quickly dripping from her body. The layer of mucus on her skin retained the moisture she needed to live, but repelled extra when she was above water, keeping her from becoming unappealing to the eye. The corner of her mouth lifted, full lips parting slightly in a small smile. The boy in front of her was not unattractive himself, blue eyes glittering in excitement, a hot flush of red across his cheeks. He must be new here, if he was early to look at the grounds.​
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  6. Rikako sighs heavily at the other girl's means of introduction..she was somewhat more smart than the typical slime, though her language skills were lacking, still it was a step above what normally made up the bulk of the Slime girls own species.

    Sitting across from the slim at the other end of the vehicle Rikako glances back at the driver hearing his reply. "No need to worry is there..hmph.." Keeping her own thoughts on how wasteful this was for only two passengers, there likely were times it was only one. With her tail curled up partly in the seat beside her running down to the floorboard, and partly in her lap Rikako takes in most of the sights with an occasional glance, the Westerners had strange structures and strange ways, it was better to not focus so much on them.

    While that could be ignored or put down as curiosity, the slime girl could not be ignored. It's-a-me...? That sounds like something from a game those humans play. "...No, it would be, Hello I'm Limo. Or I am, My Name is, several variations really." Sighing and correcting the slime before she can ask what the Ryu-Jin considered the most obvious reply, Rikako decides to address herself once more, if for the slime girls sake..or sanity at wondering if there were two Limos..then again maybe she wasn't that dumb.

    "I am Rikako Lanying. A Ryu-Jin, Cousin of the Dragons and Dragonewts, do not confuse me for a Lizard." Staring hard after the Scaly nicknamed Rikako coughs lightly as if to change the subject, or rather to get it back on track. "Yes, Limo was it, I am a student at the same school as you. Unless there is some other school here for monsters that I wasn't aware of." Giggling lightly at that she takes note of the slimes stare, it was like a child that had something to ask...or was Rikako herself so out of place.

    "Yes? it the Dress? Or something else to ask?"
  7. Rothbard Academy pool - Interacting with @Shadow_Snow_Storm

    Damien shook his head violently back and forth trying to shake the perverted images from his head. "no, no, no I can't do that. I have to have a clear, clean, good intentional way of thinking while i'm here. I have to b.." Damien heard a noise coming from the pool he looked around and saw a completely stunning girl looking at him. Her beauty was hypnotizing. Her skin looked flawless and smooth, her hair looked shiny and bright. Her eyes and lips were glittering. Damien's eyes opened wide as he finally realized he was starring.

    "oh i um didn't mean to um." Damien closed his eyes and coughed clearing up throat and clearing his head. He stood up, straightened out his uniform and started to walk forward with his hand extended like he was going for a handshake. He suddenly realized it was a mistake when he ran out of floor. Damien hit the water. He tried his best to swim up but the duffle bag around his body was starting to get heavier and heavier, his bag filled with water and started to drag him down to the bottom of the pool. He panicked and tried to free himself but his jacket, tie and straps got in the way until he was tied up.

    'How did this happen. i went from introducing myself to drowning.'
  8. "Ri-ka-ko..." Limo struggled with the otherwise simple pronunciation. "Rikako!" happily she repeated the name, just to remind herself of how it was properly spoken. "You don't talk like mama or papa. They got mad too when Limo's English was not-a good like yours," the slime girl's head appendages stood up at the sound of the limousine driver laughing. Limo transfigured her arms back into her body, and she suddenly resembled an armless blob with a feminine face. She took that particular form so as to refrain from touching the Ryu-Jin's dress. One of the academy's advisers threatened to send her back to Italy in a jar if she made aggressive contact. Whether or not it was a joke remained unclear to Limo, who took the threat wholeheartedly.

    The driver announced their arrival to the massive school. "Alright, looks like we made it," he whistled as he found a spot in the nearest parking lot. "Welcome to the Rothbard Academy for Humans and Monsters. You two should already know the rules," he handed out a flier to the two passengers. The information was vital; washrooms, dormitories, kitchens, classrooms, recreational centers, everything that a student would be expected to use was here. Limo, quite literally, poured out of the open door and whimsically turned into a puddle, slowly crawling to wherever her curious mind dictated. "Can Limo stay with Rikako? Limo gets-a lost very easy," the slime girl turned back and pleaded, upon recognizing that she didn't understand the flier. Not that many slimes attended this school, and thus the staff had little in the form of being able to care of them.
  9. Walking through the empty hallways of his house, a boy in formal clothing, with the Rothford's Academy for Humans and Monster's seal adorning his tuxedo's chest lost his time thinking about the current situation of his. His parents were never home, the house was completely his for the next years... Maybe for his entire life. He walked, aimlessly, until he reached a large room. Maids and butlers stood in line, forming a pathway for the young butler. There were piercing eyes and some criticism, but most of it was simply shrugged off by his astonishingly gentle smile. It was almost as if he wasn't fazed by their stares at all. Some of them were more lenient with his choice of Academy, others, more traditional, would've preferred if the boy had studied by himself. It was a difficult position, but his parents had agreed with his idea nonetheless, mostly his father.

    The room was a classical room. It had a large painting of his father on the second floor's balconies. The young man made his way downstairs, followed by his personal butler. Although dismissed, the older man walked behind him faithfully with a smile on his face. Finally, upon reaching the first floor, the boy made his way across the pathway that was formed by maids and butlers, each on one side forming a perfect line as they bowed with his passing. The young Crowley. That was how they saw him. The boy forced to be just like his father or his mother, the best. It was understandable, but the pressure could be suffocating. Not for this boy, though, no. He knew how to deal with it. He had done so his entire life. To someone else, this was completely abnormal, but he had seen this so many times already that it became routine. He tried many times to make this not happen frequently, but his mother insisted in it being so, as she wanted the workers of the place to have respect for him while he was still young. The effect was being contrary, however. Many people didn't agree with the youngest Crowley's ideals. He was as much of a shadow to his father, as he was to his older sister, who was, just like his parents, a perfect woman.

    After making his way out of the hall and into the yard in front of the house, he enters a classic limousine after his butler opens the door. Sitting on the car's seat, the young man took a look outside the car to see the blue sky and a hot day. It was perfect. The sunny mood was great for his first day of class. However, he couldn't help but wonder how people would see him. If one were to see what just happened, their impressions of him would clearly be misplaced. They would think of him and his family as crazy monopolizers who care for nothing but their own pride. "All of this stuff about tradition and class, honor and respect... I find it way too easy to misinterpreted. It worries me even more that other people are free to look as they will into this." He thought out loud as the car started and made it's way out of the yard and onto the road, towards his new school... Rothford Academy.

    It didn't take long. In fact, it took just a few minutes. His house was near the school, something his father likely planned. As the car stopped, the driver got out and opened the door, which James was already in the process of opening. After the door was open, the young man thanked the butler and made his way to the gates. The old man started following him, but he quickly turned around and convinced him to go home. He understood their worries, but he didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about him like in most places he went before. Right now, he wanted to just meet people and see what would happen.

    James wasn't wearing the school uniform, but his father said it would be okay. After all, his tuxedo still had the Rothford Academy Seal. If he were to be honest, he hadn't agreed with it. He wanted to look more normal than anything, but, again, respect and tradition needed to be followed. His mother said that a man of the Crowley family would never wear a uniform that disrespected them or made them look lesser. No, they had to look apart. Otherwise, they were not the Crowleys.

    Sighing, the young man started to aimlessly walk around the still empty halls of the school. It didn't seem like there were a lot of people yet. Still, he was called here for a reason and he likely would do so later. His father wanted him to meet with the Headmaster in order to make plans for the Student Council election, which had to be done early this year. James thought of going there later today, he still had a lot of people he wanted to meet and he still wanted to see about the school and how it would go.
  10. Early to rise, a young German woman with wolf ears and tail on her person began her daily exercises. She typically did a combination of push ups, sit ups and the like in the morning before starting her day. It was kind of built into her routine. And while it wasn't really intended for it, it also helped relieve stress or aggravation whenever she had it.

    Ilse still held very mixed feelings about this new school of hers. Under normal circumstances, she would've been ecstatic to be here. The lycan was rather free-spirited and did want to travel and visit places she had never been, not that she wouldn't always love her mother and home, but it wasn't as if she came her willingly. She was in trouble and needed to learn how to handle things "like a human". What the hell did that even mean? Well, she did know what her mother meant by that, but if most Humans didn't handle things in that manner, why did she have to? Dropping to the floor, her feet straightened out and glued together while her hands placed against the ground aligned with her shoulders. She'd begin with some push-ups as she recalled the last time her mother and her spoke.

    "How the hell is this my fault?!" A past Ilse shouted in anger. "He was going beat the crap out of that poor ru-" Though she was quickly interrupted and made quiet by her mother's retort; the ability of the mother holding the last word seemingly holding true even in the realm of monsters. "You can't simply settle everything by asserting your power! Especially not on humans! This isn't the forest, there are laws and rules here! And every time this happens it—" Pausing, the mother looked to her daughter who, now, held an averted gaze and her ears planted face-down on her head. Sighing, she pulled her into a hug. "This isn't a punishment... Just... You're a good person and you mean well, but it doesn't always come out or seem like that."

    By now, Ilse had flipped onto her back and began pulling her torso up in some sit-ups. What worried her most was how worried her mother appeared. She never actually hurt someone or did any real damage. Well, when the police got involved, it was typical for a mother to be angry, but she looked almost scared about something that Ilse obviously hadn't figured out. Maybe about her dad? Her mother never spoke about him—Why was that?

    "Bah... Whatever..." Letting her torso fall back to the ground, Ilse sprawled out for a moment in thought, then looked over to her alarm apathetically. She still had ten minutes. Wait. Ten minutes?! "TEN MINUTES?!"

    Shooting up, the lycan rushed over to the shower, taking a quick one before shooting back out and dressing herself in the uniform. She was rushing so much, she couldn't even do her daily complain regarding being forced to wear a skirt, though at least spats underneath wasn't forbidden. It was times like these Ilse was grateful to be a monster and a werewolf in specific; speed and agility were her specialty, so if she really hauled ass, she could make it. Unfortunately for—pretty much anyone that chose to travel to places normally, "haul ass" for Ilse meant pretty much run through, passed and over things like the protagonists of the Prototype series. The final two victims of having their means of transportation used as platforms to leap off of were the two limousines parked in front of the school. Luckily for the rich boy, he had exited it prior, however he definitely heard the metallic thud and the two girls in the other vehicle definitely felt it. To be fair, Ilse did make it on time, and didn't put giant dents in the cars she pounced on—maybe a couple scratches at the most.

    "YES! Killed it!" Looking at her phone, she had minutes to spare. Unfortunately, she hadn't realized that she likely pissed off the owner of both limousines.

    Jumped on the cars of: @Yzmael @RedArmyShogun @Uncle Legens Legentis
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  11. "I..." Taken aback at the slimes arms vanishing. "What are you doing...Put your arms out like...pretend to be halfway civilized!" Rikako shouts out half way angered, the other half seemed more of shocked or in contempt at Limo's actions. "And keep your form! Have some pride in the sake of you appearance!" Rubbing her temple with her left hand the Dragon girl makes her own way out, tail swaying behind her, quickly grabbing her bags, she seemed to have little issue in carrying them. The slime on the other hand either had nothing or it was brought by some other means.

    Fortunately given what Rikako actually was here, Limo was a cause of she knew somewhat how to care for. "Hmph fine, I may even teach you to propperly speak...even with that distrubing way your people have... Its only so you don't get to be a problem. Very well I shall aid you in this task.." Glaring at Limo Rikako coughs slightly. "Now form yourself up, and stop wandering, else your flow into a drain!" Shaking her head at the thought of that, things would go very baddly with how toxic that area was, though she was curious about food..slimes could eat almost anything but a more green diet was better for them, whereas she was a meat eater, mostly fond of fish. "Well Limo, come with me, I'll set up our room..but let me be clear, don't mess with my luggage..more so any thats locked. If you are a good girl I may get you a dress like my own, and a treat I think you will very much enjoy."

    Slightly distrubed by the Wolfman, well woman's antics Rikako makes it a point to remember the appearance of that one. A lesson would have to be parted upon her, but such barbarism was to be expected from her kindred, was it not?

    Regardless things had to be done first...enforcement, even if covert could be done later..and soon enough.

    "Don't follow that Girls example Limo..I have a feeling something scary will happen to her soon." Smiling thinly at that the Dragon motions with her tail as if to encourage the younger one to follow.


    Meanwhile elsewhere the Ogre yawns it seems people were arriving, this would put a damper on her plans to sleep..first was a lizard with antlers...ah a dragon then. With a puddle of goo that seemed to carry a dress with it, all the while being yelled at by the dragon, who seemed to be attempting to help her. A Rich boy of some sort, well rich by human terms..or too dressed up. She wasn't sure what to make of him. Then there was a a Lycan. That one was interesting and in such a rush. Though her hair reminded Vera of a snow fox. Those were always cute.

    Approaching the girl the Ogre does as her people are accustomed when seeing someone or something, with a lack of the concept of personal space, the Ogre simply walks up behind the Lycan, laying a hand down upon the wolf girls head, the much larger Ogre begins to play with her smaller friend, first petting then scratching behind the ears, as if natural to treat her as such.

    "eheheh..Nice moves. Why in such a hurry? Class is boring.." Still petting the wolfwoman the Ogre has a pretty big grin on her face as her shakles few chain peices clank with one another. "I would hug you, but something this fluffy I worry I might get too excited and crush it! Smoosh flat like a pancake....mmm pancakes!" Veronika says cheerily.

    "Oh yeah! Names Veronika Barbet, you can call me Vera though. Who are you little jumping wolf?"
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  12. Limo smiled at the dragonewt warmly, instinctively blocking out her initial aggressive tone. But instead of following her new companion right away, she leaked into the limousine's trunk (precariously leaving her attire on the ground), and while inside, she rapidly expanded in size, bursting the storage compartment open. Her luggage was picked up by several tentacle-like appendages, though Limo's body was still reminiscent of a harmless blob. The limousine driver was lamenting at the damage caused to his vehicle; roof dents and ruined storage compartment alike. A few of the slime girl's bags were absorbed into her amoeba-like body, where they awkwardly protruded all over. She had greater control over her digestive system than most of her kind. Limo's smile stretched tenfold at Rikako's kind acceptance.

    "...Disgusting way our people have..." momentarily she was taken aback. "What does that mean? People only say Limo is disgusting when she is thirsty. They get all scared and run away, but Limo has no idea why. They don't like getting chased, either," suddenly the slime girl looked forlorn, and she rolled along with a somber humming to Rikako's feet. She 'stood', reclaiming her humanoid appearance, but her clothes were still sitting unapologetically basking on the ground. A liquefied tendril sprang out and snatched Limo's white dress, hat, and rosary, where they covered up a few pieces of her luggage, though others still poked out from underneath the dress. Finally her hands resurfaced, clapping at the opportunity to earn a dress like Rikako's. "Can Limo be friends with the fluffy girl? Limo wants everyone to be her friend! Even if mama and papa said that not-a everyone is nice all the time like-a me."
  13. As Damien's panic started to cause his clothing to tangle about a sudden pair of hands could be felt undoing the latch on his bag before a pushing force cause both him, and the person holding onto him to start swimming upward right back towards the light. As soon as the air returned to their lungs a males voice started to cough behind Damien as the person who had saved him swam towards the edge of the pool before pushing Damien back onto land.

    "That was a crazy stunt you just pulled laddie you alright," the male's voice was immediately revealed to belong to Damien's savior A irish looking teen with white blonde hair. Once he cleared the water from his own lung Jack pulled himself also out of the pool as he proceeded to take off his own shirt revealing his muscular lean muscles as he twistedhis shirt trying to get rid of as much water as possible. Once he was satisfied he laid it flat behind himself before he turned back to Damien.

    "You alright? Should I go fetch your bag? Oh.. hello their I didn't see you there," Jack chuckled as he waved to the girl on the rock in the center of the pool as he removed his shoes. So first day at school he had seen someone almost drown as well as met a aquatic monster. Interesting first day it was turning out to be one might say as the irish teen proceeded to turn to Damien helping him get untangiled from his clothing knot.

    "By the way name is Jack whats yours?"
  14. "..." Looking at the slime girl with an almost dead pan look Rikako sighs heavily. "That! THATS RIGHT THERE IS WHAT I MEAN! You-You..Wha...No!" But it was too late, the slime had partially vandalized the mans trunk then took her own bags in a grotesque display.

    Watching her carry the luggage that she had was...something else to say the least. Pointing, or attempting to, the Dragonewt drops some of her own luggage. Suppressing a grimace this is exactly what she meant, right here. Upon the bizarre display, and then the passing foot rub, red hot anger soon becomes pale white shock. Playing out across her face the Dragonewt's face suddenly seems calm.

    Mumbling to herself it was clear everything was not calm, or rather the Ryu-Jin had simply blocked out the display and why the passing of Limo had bothered her so. "..hah..ha..don't burn her its fine..." Laughing to herself even the Limo driver seems slightly concerned. Dragons and their Kin weren't to be trifled with normally..and this one seemed to have snapped.

    Rikako calm yourself, Slimes aren't smart enough to attempt making you look like a fool as this one has..its just how she is likely..and how she is needs a bit of a guiding hand..part of this job is helping prevent disputes..

    "...Ah..Driver, just file that under the proper forms all damages will be fixed for free, I can have the proper forms sent to you if you don't know which ones to file." Turning her attention back to Limo, the Dragon wanted far from this situation. But at least this should keep the driver from making a scene, though he likely seen it enough by now or was used to it...or so she hoped.

    "...Limo was can be friends with her. You can also be pleased to serve me. I think that sounds like an honor for you. I'm going to give you simple instructions." At first pondering having the girl fetch a cart to put all their bags on and then explaining why people were disturbed by this, or even other monsters, Rikako pauses. This might not be the best of all ideas after all.

    "..follow me, and just watch others. Look at how we carry things, or deal with others, then maybe you'll see whats strange about what you are doing. As to if you can be her friend Limo, thats all up to you...I need a nap.." Pinching her forehead before grabbing her own bags, this was going to be a long day wasn't it? Making sure the slim did follow there were aspects of Limo that couldn't be helped, some the humans might even like, but you didn't purposely do things like that to draw attention, she would have to try and reason with the slime girl, and teach her why when she was thirsty people were scared. There was simpler ways to take care of a slime after all.

    Heading inside she still needed to make contact with her sponsor family as it were, and set up a room for, well whoever and however it was done really. It seemed the Wolf girl was stopped by an Ogre, it was likely best to leave that be for now, or so she assumes.
  15. Damien suddenly felt someone's warm touch on his arm. His jacket was covering his eyes so he couldnt see his savior. He felt the buckles loosen up, then the weight was gone. He was being pulled up that's when it hit him.

    'It must be her the water girl who was looking at me earlier. I can't believe this I'm such a dork. No wait. What if it's just like in that movie, a mermaid saves a boy and she loves him forever.' His cheeks reddened again. 'Maybe it'll be like this'

    Damien thought of a scene where she drug him onto the walkway but he wasn't breathing. 'She would be concerned and give me CPR right away. I'd wake up just in time to feel her soft lips on mine, and when I wake up she'll hug me tightly.' Blood started coming out from his nose dispersing into the water.

    When he was finally pulled up he pulled his jacket from his face to see another guy. "Huh?" Damien broke for a second. He replayed the whole scenario except with this guy instead of the swimming beauty. He held up his hands as if to say stay away. "I'm not into dudes" he blurted out.

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  16. Rikako's display of apparent horror made Limo giggle profusely. Her 'hair', or just really long, greenish head tentacles, swayed with every bounce and step, as walking like a normal person was simply no fun for the slime girl. The limousine driver was espousing curses that even the most experienced of sailors would find repulsive. Thankfully he was a respectable distance away from the two new students. "Rikako looks upset!" Limo proclaimed loudly, for all the world to hear. "Limo wants to help her new friend! Limo can follow orders really good, like when mama and papa let Limo tend the rabbits and feed them alfalfa," she giggles at the peculiar-sounding word which ends her sentence. She did like rabbits quite a bit, though. Not a single complaint had arisen with the offer of servitude.

    Following the dragon with a soldier-like march, of which she gained from watching old film reels of Mussolini (despite her caretakers forbidding such an action fervently), Limo started to dwell on what being like other people entailed. She liked herself. Never before had she considered that her actions were strange or unusual; it was simply the way she was. Occasionally a slime's behavior might be altered because of their diet, but long-term changes both frightened and mystified Limo. She also wondered what her dormitory was going to be like. Normally she slept in cooking pots and bathtubs. Actual beds tend to get messy when a slime occupies them.
  17. Medea Sol

    Medea Sol; Siren
    Courtyard Pool
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    The Siren had been about to raised her hand, a small wave and a smile, though the male walked forward as if he didn't realize that he was about to reach the edge of the concrete. Her lips parted, a warning on her lips when he tumbled into the water, panicking almost immediately. Could this human not swim? As she had slid into the water, feeling the water shaking in front of her where she couldn't quite see him because of the flailing foam and bubbles caused by his distress. She had reached him, a hand on his shoulder, failing to lift him with what little space she had now with him swiftly sinking down. She was a Siren, not a Lamia, with little more than average human upper body strength and no ability to use her tail to lift.

    When the second hand brushed hers she looked at the other human male, grateful that someone else had noticed their struggle. A brave man to jump into a pool with potentially dangerous creatures in it, simply to save a stranger from drowning. She watched him unclasp the boys bag, letting it fall to the bottom of the pool just as the boys breached the surface of the water. She didn't say a thing, nor break the surface herself until she was sure they were alright and she was alone. A deep red blush crossed her face, embarrassed and concerned, shy around the human males. Shaking her head she lightly smacked her own cheeks, out of view from the men, bringing herself back to reality. This was no time to be shy, even though both of the men had been attractive and saw her.

    Reaching down she picked up the lost bag, using her powerful tail to propel herself and it back to the surface of the water. She breached, arching up onto the edge of the pool, sliding onto the concrete with the bag in hand. Concerned for the boys she left it aside, and looked between the two. The blonde looked fine, though without his shirt she instantly looked away, refusing to stare. Human males needed to pay more attention to their appearance, especially around ladies, apparently.

    Her hands played together, her tail fins still in the water, though her wing fins fluttered behind her, the soft membranes turning a light pink, betraying how nervous she really was to be around the two attractive human males. Her lips parted, seeming as if she wanted to say something. Tooth bit down on her bottom lip, nervous about speaking with her voice. Unfortunately she didn't have her tablet, so she couldn't speak with it. All she had was her voice then. A very distressing fact. ​
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  18. Face palming at the slimes reaction, Rikako is wise enough to guess part of what the slime was thinking, what needed to be changed and how. It was mostly bearable until the marching began. "Limo..Do you see anyone else walking like that, or carrying luggage inside of them?" In general she didn't expect Limo to change her personality, but there was a difference in being different, and running naked through the streets screaming through a microphone.

    Remembering about the rabbits the girl could at least be trusted with small animals...she hoped. "You don't need to change yourself Limo, but you need to be aware of the things you do, and how they may seem to others. Earlier you mentioned how others were scared of you at times, your answer to that is simple to find." She wouldn't tell Limo exactly what to do, and what not to do. She had to learn and reflect, which might be difficult for a slime..but this one seemed a bit smarter than most she had known of.

    "But enough of that, lets get our room." Leading the pair off with her own bags carried by hand, she wished to inquire about the room, the Assembly would be soon after all, they didn't have time to terry about. Finding the nearest Administrative office, it seemed the Ogre from before was carrying out some sort of conversation in the halls. That could wait. Bowing politely to the Desk Clerk Rikako introduces herself.

    "I am Rikako Lanying, my transcript should be here. I wish to inquire about lodging on campus."

    With that a female Human sectary nods clicking away at her computer. "Ah Yes Miss Lanying, we've been expecting you. We here at Rothford Academy have taken a page out of the Japanese book on this situation and have set up custom housing units, Generally eight to twelve students are given a complex inside of the schools west wing. Minus the bedrooms a large communal bath, laundry room, kitchen, and living area is in each unit for recreational and living purposes. Each room does have a customization feature for each species that might possibly reside there within reason..hence the eight to twelve, some species need more space after all. Each room is rather modest in size however." Starting off with more of an explination the Ryu-jin huffs not wanting this to go on longer than need be.

    Cutting her off Rikako didn't want that much of suspicion thrown on her right out the gate. "A student room will be fact its likely better for me. How are room assignments carried out, and do you have a room suited for a slime?"

    As the pair continue a brief back and forth banter arrangements are soon made. With the same Chinese style bow as before, Rikako accepts the keys motioning for the slim to come. "We'll each have our own room, yours has a humidifier so you won't dehydrate as fast, from what I gather it will be room four. I'll just pick whatever suits me. Likely Room One, so I can always watch the entrance. Regardless, this Key, don't absorb it, and keep it in something proper. From what I gather your room is mostly tile and rubber walls so you don't soak into them. It has a normal work desk for study, as to the bed, well you don't really need one, but it has a slight..tub form plastic sleep area which seems to have a fog dispenser and water its like the clean swamps or lakes your kind likes."

    Handing the Key over, she wondered how many more would be in there...more so how many humans. She herself while making it sound like she would browse, took room one in advance. It was like a typical room, minus the bed was designed more in mind for one who slept on their stomach. Other than that, the rooms from what she gathered weren't big, then again minus to study, sleep, to store personal items and to relieve ones self the rooms weren't meant to be lived in like a home. The housing was with room One taken, that defacto made her the floor head. Her investigations and commanding nature could be more easily overlooked then.

    Leading the way by directions the Dragon pauses briefly to collect various sale and advertisements she seen posted by the local community merchants. While money wasn't really an issue for Rikako, and the schools allowed a generous food allowance, never mind her own work, she liked to save as much as possible, that was very important after all. Though it was a shame they had to exit the main campus building to reach the west wing. Judging by the damp stairwell it seemed the wolf girl also stayed here...though that was conjecture on the assumption the former had fled from here.

    "Will Limo, put your things away and we'll head for the assembly, I'm sure that will be fine, yes?" Strangely the girl had been quite thought most of this, no doubt she was likely the sort that liked following orders, or others to do the thinking. Though also it was possible her mind was consumed with least her room if it worked like advertised would keep the slime from absorbing from any of them...though she had to be extra careful to make sure Limo never, ever made it to the baths..
  19. Limo carried a dumbfounded expression upon entering the elaborate administrative office. Awestruck, she pranced around the room, trying to comprehend every little object (pens, magazines, tissue boxes, plants) in sight, dropping only a handful of them along the way. The slime girl was a bit more careful in not catching Rikako's attention, but that didn't say much. It was mostly going on while the dragon was discussing the arrangements with the human secretary. Limo didn't pay much thought into the detailed description Rikako gave of her room; as a slime she was just happy to have one. She snatched her personal keys, staring at them intently, fighting a brief memory lapse and a natural inclination for all things shiny. "Limo will put her things away quickly! Limo doesn't like having luggage in her abdomen for too long, no?" Her Italian accent grew seemingly stronger with each passing moment.

    And just like that, she springs off with incredible speed. Her watery composition propelled her. It took about three minutes until Limo could figure out which door was hers. Occasionally she put her key into multiple doors, testing out which one might work. Upon hearing the distinct click in one of the unassuming wooden doors, Limo pulled on the handle as hard as she could and opened it with ease. She threw her luggage onto a nearby chair, depositing all of the property she had brought, except for her white dress and meager straw hat. "Why are we-a going to an assembly? Limo wants to explore! There are so many new things to see and touch! I think I'm getting thirsty..." her head tendrils began reaching out ominously, but that same gleeful smile adorned the slime girl's face. She walked out of her uniquely-built room to regroup with the dragon.
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  20. Ears perking up, Ilse glances over in the direction of the slime and the scaled-woman. She had pretty damn good hearing, so she could hear the dragonnewt talking shit as well as the slime remained friendly and optimistic as was expected. Though, to be fair, the wolf-girl did put a dent in the car unintentionally.

    Before the German girl could continue scowling at the ryu-jin, she soon felt a presence on her. Something made contact with her head and she tensed, before feeling that the hand began rubbing the top of her head, then moving to behind her ears. Against her bitter judgement, Ilse grinned happily accompanied with perked ears and a gleefully wagging tail. The girl certainly didn't seem to care much for conversation at this point in time, likely due to the affectionate petting; there were some moments which Ilse simply behaved like a dumb animal rather than cognitively. Still, she looked cute-enough like this, eventually realizing she was just submitting to the petting like a dog and spun around after hopping away.

    "Whaddaya think you're doing, scarin' the crap out of me like that!" Ilse questioned with an accusing point, though a lecture wouldn't be very convincing coming from the woman that was just a few moments ago happily swishing her tail from side to side—actually, it still was wagging a bit. "Ah... I'm Ilse Scholl... and... Wait! Why're you chained up?!"
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