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  1. Title is a work in progress... if you have a suggestion, go ahead :D So I don't have all the details fleshed out, but I do have a lot of key points worked through. I do realise this concept has a whole world and plot to it, so I don't know how that'll effect people's interest. This is supposed to be a supernatural slice of life, with some action and romance thrown in, and lots of magic and plot. It's supposed to be more lighthearted and fun, but who knows how it'll go. Characters could be either human or Anons, focusing mainly on their struggles to keep secret, form relationships, and live among humans while protecting them from danger.

    Plot Synopsis: A group of supernatural creatures called Anons, born from human belief, must adjust to living in the Modern Mortal World. They must live inconspicuous lives among the humans, while simultaneously increasing the amount of belief in the world in order to live on. All the while, following the laws and failing bureaucracy of the Immortal Realm.

    Will they adjust to living in a modern human world? Will they be able to keep their existence on the down low? Can they prevent all belief, and thus themselves, from fading away? Can they really live up to the Immortal Realm standards? And is something more going on behind the scenes? Follow the humorous hijinks of these misfits as they learn to fit into a culture in which they don't belong, and try to stay out of trouble.

    Being immortal isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    The bustling city in which you live is a typical metropolis. People rush to work, into shops, to their schools. There is money to be made, products to purchase, drama and gossip around every corner. Technology whirrs, people dream, and pigeons strut about the pavements, quite at home in these urban streets.

    Not everyone finds it quite so easy to get used to.

    On the corner of 13th Street sits a very ordinary looking apartment building. Red brick and a touch run down, there's nothing unusual about this particular place. A little out of the way but still close to the city center, it'd be the ideal place to live for some. Except these apartments never go on sale on the market. They're all reserved for very special individuals....

    • Anons •

    There are lots of things human beings don't quite understand. Perhaps in ancient times, when people were more in touch with the elements, they understood the magic around them. It was easier then, when gods were gods, monsters were monsters, and mischievous spirits made themselves known. There was a lot more rogue belief floating around, but these days, it's hard to come by. The magic of this world is waning, simply because no one believes in it anymore.

    You're an Anon. Specifically, a sentient entity that popped into existence one day in response to a belief or collective belief, usually as a personification of a concept. You survive and thrive on this belief, it fuels your existence. The lucky among you, known as Progenitors, are born from large beliefs held collectively - the manifestations of Death and Love being examples. These entities are ancient and practically immortal, for even in the modern world, people still hold a special place for them in their hearts and minds.

    Others of you aren't so lucky. Some of the more fragile among you may have been born from a whimsical thought of an individual, and your days are as fleeting and precious as a butterfly in spring. Most of you fall somewhere in the middle - Concepts that hold enough weight to live a prolonged existence, but not enough to fuel your powers permanently. You live in a state of making ends meet, while enduring the trials and tribulations of mortal society, trying to maintain enough belief to perpetuate your existence while keeping under cover. Or, perhaps, saving up enough to move to greener pastures.

    •Anon Apartments•
    Theres more then meets the eye to this little redbrick building. Thirteen floors high, only the Anons that can pass as human admirably live on the top thirteen floors. Down below the ground its another story. A hidden stairwell and lift allow entry to the secret underbelly of the complex, which stretches on infinitely by magical means, an Anon city in itself. Restaurants, parks, activities and shops, prisons and magical laboritories to name but a few stretch down into the depths. More Anons live here, some in the deeper levels don't interact much with the outside world. This place is both a refuge from the humans and a lonely reminder of the home beyond the veil, so far away.It is only here that magical conduct is allowed, and some floors are decked out in coliseums for sparring purposes. Others are entirely magical zones, with unusual plants and creatures not found in this world.

    • The Immortal Realm •

    The Immortal Realm is the place beyond the veil, where all belief exists eternally. It's a paradise over there in some respects, for once an Anon - or soul - crosses into the immortal realm they cannot die while there. In ancient times the border between the Mortal and Immortal Realms were blurred, and one could step from one to the other like visiting a neighbour. These days it's not quite so easy. It is an increasing rarity to find a working crossover point - a place where the veil is thin - in the wild, and often rituals are required to open them. The whole ordeal is made that much more complicated by the fact that the Immortal Realm has taken some pointers from it's Mortal counterpart. Namely, paperwork, laws, jurisdictions, and an awful lot of inefficient form-filling procedures.

    Nowadays, only authorized portal-hot spots and appropriate crossover procedures are recognized for crossing over to the Immortal Realm. Things are made worse by the fact that there aren't as much time constraints in the Immortal Realm, where time works very very differently, and the world moves slower. There's a waiting list a mile long to get in, and the higher-ups don't seem that bothered. They are, however, very concerned with the belief situation in the Mortal Realm.

    • Arrival •

    There are many reasons why an Anon ends up in the Mortal Realm in the first place.

    The first and most common reason is that Anons are born in the Mortal Realm from a human belief. It can be very disorientating for a fresh-faced Anon to pop into existence in the Mortal modern world, and some older Anons are assigned the occupation of going out into the world and finding these new Anons before they start causing trouble. Then they're exposed to the procedures and paperwork, and it may be many centuries before that Anon earns entry to the Immortal Realm, if they don't wither and die first, or turn rogue.

    The second and equally common reason is an Anon is sent back to the Mortal World. This is usually to help with the current critical belief situation, as when belief dies, so do the Anons in the Mortal World that rely on that belief. Not to mention, as magic decreases, so does the effect Anons - and by extension, the Immortal World - can have on the Mortal World. Magic has been steadily dying for many centuries now, and the Immortal and Mortal worlds are separating more and more. The Immortal Realm is on high alert, and more and more reluctant Anons are being sent back through to the Mortal Realm to help.

    Another reason an Anon may be sent back to the Mortal World is because they're on community service. The Immortal World has their own rules and systems to follow, and may send more innocuous criminals back to the Mortal World to do their time as a form of punishment.

    It is a rare thing indeed for a Anon to desire to come to the Mortal World, due to the threat on their survival, and the fact their abilities are a lot more limited here. While in ancient times Anons were just as powerful in both the realms, this is now not so. Not to mention, of course, the many laws that limit the type of conduct allowed in the Mortal Realm. Sometimes, though, Anons who love humans may come on vacation to the Mortal Realm. It's important to note vacations are usually just as long term as placements, due to the inefficiency of Immortal Bureaucracy. Very few opt to take them, as their is little chance of coming home anytime soon, and many Anons are trying to get out of the Mortal Realm, not in.

    Some Anons are unable to leave the Mortal Realm due to unfinished business, enchantments, curses, medical conditions and other such things. The specifics vary greatly from individual to individual, as well as the type of compensation or sometimes, work given.

    Rarer still, people may escape into the Mortal Realm, such as outlaws, those in danger, or Anons just running away from certain situations. Any unauthorized entry into the human world is dealt with accordingly, however, it is important to note very few Anons are returned to the Immortal World as punishment. Usually, their punishment is enacted within the human world.

    • Laws and Guidelines •

    There are many laws that allow the Immortal Realm to operate at peak inefficiency. Here are some:

    - Humans are not to know of the existence of Anons, as this can affect the delicate dwindling balance of belief in the world. Plus, lots of paperwork.

    - An Anon and Human should not fall in love or have a romantic entanglement, as this can compromise the first rule.

    - Any movement between realms MUST be authorized, particularly if going to the Immortal Realm.

    • Critical Belief •

    Often Belief and emotion go hand in hand. When a buildup of collective negative emotion happens, but with no fully consciously formed belief to anchor it, the result is a Critical Belief hotspot. Like a tornado, this is a short term critical event that can cause all sorts of danger and trouble. Ferocious monsters, curses, events, supernatural activity, all these things can be examples of Critical Belief events. They are usually short lived but can be dangerous and also alert humans to the existence of Anons. Critical Belief events can be both small scale and large scale. It could be as simple as a family argument that causes a Critical Belief spike. Generally only larger scale Critical Belief events are dealt with by a professional team, but sometimes, small scale events can escalate or merge. Many small scale events can be as dangerous as a large one.

    • Immortal Occupations •

    Certain Anons have specific jobs to undertake while in the Mortal Realm, associated with the belief that spawned them.

    The most important and most common job among Anons is the fulfillment of any requirements of the belief that spawned them, for example, the Grim Reaper to take the dead beyond, Cupid to make couples fall in love. These jobs usually take priority over other Anon jobs, depending on how well that role is already filled and how taxing it is to do.

    Many other Anons, however, are there for the general functioning of the two Realms. Here are some examples of jobs an Anon might have in the mortal world.

    • •Young Anon Initiator - tasked with locating and initiating Anons into Immortal culture and jurisdiction, and limiting the amount of chaos, fear and damage they create. Often these Initiators are paired up with Anons with psychic abilities, in order to anticipate or sometimes, roughly locate Anons before they are created.

      •Bureaucrats - tasked with helping the Immortal Agenda within the mortal realm, these are the people to turn to for paperwork, forms and proper procedure.

      •Containment Officer - These officers are tasked with preventing critical belief outbursts and closing down danger areas before an event happens.

      •Rogue Bounty Hunter - tasked with tracking down and preventing Rogue Anons from causing trouble, they arrest Rogues or - in more serious cases - take 'em down. They also deal with critical belief events.

      •Guards - Usually around designated Portal Zones to prevent unauthorized use or in heavy-Anon areas, such as the Apartment Building, to prevent Mortals from catching on.

      •Memory Manipulator - Tasked with manipulating the memories of mortals who see Anon-related events, they are the last line of defense when Containment Officers and Rogue Bounty Hunters fail in preserving current mortal awareness. Often this is a dodgey business and frowned upon unless unavoidable.

      •Public Relations - Adept at interacting with humans, they facilitate good Anon-Human connections to prevent exposure and place Anons within suitable Human workplaces or schools.

      •Official Informants - tasked with collecting information and statistics on trends within the Mortal and Immortal communities, as well as keeping tabs on suspicious Anon or human behavior.

      •Architect - tasked with the creation of Anon-appropriate buildings and living conditions, as some Anons have special requirements.

      •Psychoanalyst/Counselor - for both humans and in particular Anons, their job is to keep Anons sane and happy and deal with any emotional issues, trauma, or just as counselors. This is partially a preventative measure to stop Anons going Rogue.

      •Anon Resources - Often working with Psychoanalysts, Bureaucrats and Public Relations, they make sure requests are taken care of quickly and effectively for good Anon wellbeing.

      •Service Providers - often Anons need specific services filled. Some examples may be Chefs who prepare special meals that meet dietary requirements not otherwise readily available in Mortal Culture, or someone who provides Glamours for Anons who must conceal themselves and have no shape shifting abilities, or Anons to conduct specific wedding or other social ceremonies in accordance with Anon beliefs, to name a few.

    And that's what I have so far! Any takers? I'd like this to hopefully be long running, and I have some plot ideas in mind, though nothing set in stone as I like roleplays to evolve naturally.
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  2. This is interesting! In fact, I think I may have a recently developed character that would fit in quite nicely here.
  3. Excellent! You in?

    and purely out of interest, are you making an Anon or a Human :3?
  4. Yep, with an Anon, no less.
  5. Awesome! I'd like a few more people to say they're interested and then we can get sign-ups going :3
  6. A couple questions, though. A: Do Anons suffer from allergies same as humans, and B: Do they respond to temperature changes like humans do?
  7. it depends on the Anon and what belief the Anon was created by. Some Anons may have similarities to the people or group of people that origionally held the belief (for example, an Anon created by children's beliefs may have a childlike personality). Or, for example an Anon who is the personification of winter would probably be intolerent to strong heat, but one who is an unstoppable warrior personified might not even flinch if on the edge of a volcanic rim. Basically yup, Anons can have intolerances and personal quirks just like humans do :3
  8. I am SO for this idea, although I'm not sure if I have enough time yet on my plate to take it. I'll be watching until I make up my mind, but I have a few questions, too!

    1. You mentioned Anon's have special housing needs? What are they?
    2. What do Anon's look like? They must be able to live with humans, but you said some cannot, and live in the city underneath the red brick apartment. Do they look human? Do some not? How about age (by appearance)?
    3. What qualifies you to live on the upper floors of the said apartment? Lower floors?
    4. What kind of concepts create these Anons? This is probably a very broad question, so I guess I'll ask a few ideas I had while reading and you can say yay/nay so I can get a good idea of what is/isn't allowed.
    • An Anon created by love at first sight
    • An Anon created by the concept of Anon's (wouldn't this Anon, if existing, be a taboo and against the rules? Could prove very interesting)
    • An Anon created by a revolution (the spurred ideology that comes with it)
    • An Anon created by a single persons mourning over a deceased family member (in fact, this brings up: Negative Anons? Or only positive?)
    • An Anon created by a single person falling in love with somebody (very delicate Anon? Would they need to help maintain this relationship or thus risk vanishing?)
    • An Anon created by a family ideal
    5. What would the plot of this roleplay be? Just the Anon's living their lives? Would you allow a further plot to develop if players wished to do so and you approved of it?

    Sorry so many questions, but I'm just very curious and I feel it could help flesh out the idea a bit more.

    If/when I do join, I'll probably be interested in playing an Anon or two.

    TY! :)
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  9. Oh my gosh, this sounds awesome! I'm totally interested too!I'm already thinking of a character as we speak.
    *rubs hands together mischievously*
    I don't have any questions so far...I'm thinking about being an Anon, but I'm not quite sure yet.
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  10. It depends on the belief that created that Anon, for example, an Anon created by a belief of monsters in the dark may be very sensitive to light and live in the dark/wear special gear when out in the light. An Anon created from a belief in mermaids may prefer to live in a place filled with water, even if they could walk around in human form when not exposed to it.

    Yup, some look human and some don't. Again, it would vary greatly depending on the Anon. I imagined that the characters would either look mostly human, or be able to purchase a glamour from within the underground complex (adding some interesting dynamics if the glamour should wear off while they're out and about!). For the purpose of the roleplay, I would like the Anons to have a human form in some way if they plan to interact with the human world. Mind you, Anons that have gone Rogue who want to cause lots of mischief might forgo the human form. And some Anons may want to rebel and sneak out in their most natural forms in the middle of the night for kicks.

    Age appearances varies greatly too, an Anon created from a desire for eternal youth may take on the appearance of a young adult or child. Whereas an Anon who represents wisdom could look like a wisened old person. There's plenty of freedom in designing a character, I'm hoping we get some really cool Anon concepts that are more interesting then run of the mill elementals (although that's fine too, but I think theres room for lots of really unusual stuff!)

    Speaking of, I really like your ideas! All of those concepts fit in fine, although I need to think more on the second one. Like darn, that's a really interesting paradox there xD I need to mull that over. hmmmm... there's a potential plot line in there somewhere... could be very monumental actually! Could I perhaps incoperate that suggestion into a storyline at some point?

    Let's see, Anon concepts...

    First there's the Progenitors, who represent huge concepts that affect every human being on the planet on some level, way back to when the caveman first roamed the earth. Things like Love, Life, Death, Sun, Moon, Creator, Destroyer, these progenitors are practically immortal and in some cases, their existance spans back to almost the beginning of the earth, so they're in no danger of dissapearing like alot of other Anons.

    You can have Anons that spawn from a desire, Anons that are created from a fear, Anons that are created as an explaination to things people don't understand. Certain Anons may even have many names across the ages, or change over time as different cultures contribute to their continual existance.

    Anons that spawn from collective beliefs are stronger then Anons from an individual.
    But, the strength of belief is also important. So an individual who believes in something vehermently is more valuable then a collective that believes in something for a few days and then stops feeding that belief.

    An Anon created by love at first sight would probably not be in fear of dying. Their belief is always renewed as more people fall in love in this way, or believe in the concept. Some options could be, this Anon may be changeable as so many people fall in love this way often, or they may be more like water, with a definite personality but easily adapting to the world around them. They could be peaceful and at ease in the world as they believe in the beauty and love around them, or they might be super passionate and impulsive, easily swayed by romantic ideology. Lots of different ways an Anon might be created by a concept :D

    An Anon created by a revolution would, first, uphold the ideology of that revolution. This Anon might be more in danger of dying if the sense of that revolution died out. However, it could be the history and feeling of that revolution gets passed down and becomes the heritage of that group of people. An Anon born from a revolution that became an aknowledged part of history and got it's own holiday, for example, would be alot less likely to die then one born from a failed revolution that got little recognition.

    Some wierd ways it could go is that this Anon, if the belief was a lesser known event, may get desperate and try to spark that revolutionary spirit in those they meet around them. Another interesting one to think about :3

    Ooooh! This was something I've been thinking about while making the thread actually! I was thinking that when a person dies, loved ones may have a belief about that person, and it would create an Anon of that person, aka a ghost. What'd be interesting about the concept you suggested is how the Anon might react to finding out they aren't the actual person, but a collection of beliefs and ideals the family held about them. In this way, the Anon might have some of that person's memories and characteristics, but also exagerrated in areas the family assosciated with that person. So they wouldn't entirely be them, but like an imprint built from the impressions of those who knew them. This Anon would probably be very easily affected by the changes in belief of the family who thought of them. The danger would also be that this Anon might grow weaker after time. Perhaps some Anons, who might of origionally faded out of existance, became known as ghosts. Then they slowly lose their origional imprint, and become more of the stereotypical spook, as the people who knew them passed on and only the ghost legends remain. I was also thinking that there might be souls that automatically end up in the Immortal Realm, I had a reason for this at some point, but I can no longer remember why it's applicable to the actual roleplay, other then just nice flavour.

    Awwwh, that Anon would be super delicate! There'd probably be alot of Anons created by one sided loves that don't live very long. That Anon would definitely have to help the people that created it in order to survive. The only hope for that Anon to exist long term would be for that love not to fade. Perhaps some Anons may live several generations, if the story of the love that created them is strong enough that it gets passed down in stories to the younger generations, who are then inspired by the tale. I am not sure what abilities that Anon would have, I'm sure there are some sweet ones though.

    An Anon created by a family ideal might be attached to that family, they may have to prevent that family dying off or having an inheritance crisis. If it's a cultural familial ideal, they'd be pretty set in terms of survival, so long as that family ideal stayed intact.

    I have some plot candies, but nothing set in stone. I am totally open to plot developement! I do want there to be threads through the roleplay that tie everything together.I want people to also have the freedom to persue side plotlines based on their characters too. So far:

    1. Belief is diminishing and has been for some time. This has meant that Anons' abilities are weaker and weaker in the human world, and crossover points between the two worlds are growing less and less frequent.
    2. The Immortal Realm is trying desperately to increase belief in the Human World by sending Annons through with jobs relating to their belief. They're even thinking about sending some Progenitors back across the veil to really help out, if they can convince them.
    3. Despite this, the Immortal Realm is not taking drastic measures to secure belief in the human world. This could be to prevent a backlash against Anons, as well as preventing Critical Belief to be created (might change that title to Chaotic Belief, makes more sense.) Some Anons may disagree with this approach.
    4. Over however many centuries, as Belief has decreased, the amount of Laws governing the Immortal Realm has increased substantially. Young Anons who need assistance maintaining belief are now far more likely to die before ever even seeing the Immortal Realm. Even Laws preventing relationships between Anons and humans - something common in ancient times - are now in place.

    I'm throwing around some ideas about Anon escaped prisoners, rogue Anon factions taking matters into their own hands, and perhaps some Anons getting tired and breaching an Immortal Realm Portal. I also have an inkling about a Creator Progenitor, but it's all still very hazy and not quite in place yet. I love ideas so feel free to worldbuild!

    oh! almost missed it, the Anons that live above ground are just more human in alot of ways. So, they may not need glamours to hide their appearance as their natural state is quite human-looking. Also, an understanding of human customs so that if the neighbours see them, the building doesn't look suspicious. They may also be people who spend alot of time out and about in the town, mingling among the human populace. Alternatively, people who may be needed very quickly, like people who work in containment or memory manipulators, would probably live very close to the first floor or just underground. And anyone who works with human relations would live on the above floors, since they specialise in looking normal xD

    Welcome Sol-Et-Luna! Thanks for taking an interest. That takes us up to a definite three potential four... I think one or two more people and then we can start, although some fleshing out of plot might be necessary. It's getting pretty late here, but if we get some more interest I may be able to get the signup thread up soon :D
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  11. Your idea and concept is just so thoroughly done out that I'm already geeking out about it xD Thanks for answering all the questions! And use whatever concepts you like from it; you are the GM, I think you've got that liberty :P

    So I really really want to join now. I'll just have to see how things go about. I'll probably make a CS anyway and decide AFTER I make it :P
  12. Oh Goddess of words please allow this mortal writer to join it ! I am so up for this idea and well, please allow this mortal to join.
  13. Glad to have you Pepper! That's enough people to get this show on the road :D I'm super excited and will have singups up today. I might flesh out some sections a little more like examples of different types of Anons for the Anon section, but other then that, it'll probably remain the same :3
  14. Thank you very much ^^ by the way, can I be human ? I know it might be a cliche or not, but i have a feeling that playing as an Anon will no't be such a brilliant idea >.< i am sorry >.<"
  15. playing as a human is just fine! I was actually hoping there would be some human characters, so I am glad you want to be one :D
  16. OOC/Sign up thread is up!
    Monster Maladjustment

    I'm pretty-ing up the first post to make it more readable, but it's open to character sheets :D
  17. Q: The pic, can it be normal human, real, alive or an anime sort of picture ?
  18. any picture you want, whatever reflects your character best!
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