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  1. Deep in the forest, further than any human bothers to travel, is the Windor Manor. Here is where numerous creatures unknown to man live and go about their daily lives. Though it is far too dangerous for regular humans to live here considering it's bog of a pool, carnivorous plant garden, and not to mention the whole Mansion is alive. There's plenty of room for everyone and the house is full of everything a monster could need. Only, Windor Manor is full of mysteries...even the fact that the Mansion is owned by a human is a mystery! (Although, no one seems to question it).

    We at the Manor are eagerly awaiting your arrival!

    Borderline rules

    -NO HUMANS ALLOWED (with the exception of the owner of Windor Manor, and my unfortunate family friend of his)

    -Witches, warlocks, and any other magic wielder ARE allowed.

    -You can be a crossbreed of species...even ones that don't make sense
    (just don't over do it)

    -The type of monster your character is can be made up.

    -Furries are allowed if you so choose.

    -No god-moding abilities.

    -If your character is a vampire, PLEASE attempt to keep them traditional
    (Although I won't mind if you change little aspects or want to give them spf 1000 so they can go out in the sun for a little bit)

    -RPrs of all skill levels can feel free to join.

    -Feel free to make multiple characters and introduce them at seperate times, or all at once.

    -Characters can be new residents to the Manor, guests, or have been living there for a while now.



    Name: Ryuzaki Ventus
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 16
    Short description: About average height for a teenage girl, wavy medium brown hair, orange eyes, pale skin tone, slim figure (kind of lacking in the chest department :P), long eyelashes...ect, ect...
    Personality: Very practical, sarcastic, and can be harshly blunt at times. Over all, she's a very down to earth girl with a good head on her shoulders. Ryuzaki knows that her name is meant for boys, and theres a reason for that. She doesn't really care about species as much as she cares for personality so she gets over the fact that she's surrounded by monsters pretty quickly.

    Ryuzaki stood frozen as the wind blew through her hair, causing her to shudder. "Wh...what just happened?" she asked herself recapping the recent event.

    This was insane, her parents were driving her out into the middle of FREAKING NOWHERE. She had seen nothing but trees and trees for over an hour now. There wasn't even a road, they were driving on some bumpy dirt road that seemed to be making itself as they drove along (she could have sworn she saw a couple trees move or grin at her). It just kept getting creepier and creepier as they continued to drive.

    "Umm...Mom?" Ryuzaki asked, raising a brow. "Where exactly are we going again?"

    "Your Uncle Ferris's. You don't remember?"

    Ignoring the fact that Ferris wasn't her uncle at all (simply a friend of the family) and continued where she had left off. "Yeah, but why exactly are we in the middle of the woods? Did you get lost or something?"

    "Of course not!" Her father chuckled "Ferris lives out here!"

    Ryuzaki blinked. "Out in the middle of nowhere? You're sure?"

    "Actually, we've just arrived!" her mother explained, kicking her daughter and her bags out of the car before promptly driving away.

    Now here she was, stranded, pondering what exactly just happened. Picking up her suitcases, she turned around to see a freaking massive gate that had begun to creak open for her, revealing a gigantic (and totally spooky looking mansion). As she began to walk forward and onto the property, there was a sudden crack of thunder and it started pouring. Needless to say, her walk became a dash as she approached the Manor. Now soaked, Ryuzaki rang the massive doorbell.

    No more than three seconds later, the door was swung open and the sixteen year old was picked up and swung around by none other than the man who had named her...for some reason, the only names he had suggested were those for Japanese males.

    "Ryu-chan~!" Ferris cheered before pulling the fairly confused girl into his chest. "How long has it been since I saw you? Two years? I'll never forget the day I helped your mother birth you on that bus! She really isn't good at planning, huh?"

    Attempting to squirm out of his grip, Ryuzaki choked out "F-Ferris! Can't...breathe!"

    The 20-something blonde set her down and smiled at her. "Sorry about that, Ryu. You know how I have a hard time containing my excitement sometimes.​"

  2. Name: Zohar LeMaitre
    Gender: Male
    Species: Furry
    Age: 16
    Short description: Stronger, taller, faster, and smarter than the average teenage furry. Happens to be the dream boy to numerous girls, but he has yet to find his dream girl. Quite the figther.Carries a lazerrifle around with him (he has it all times O_O).
    Personality: A little hard headed at times, but layed back mostly, very cool with things. He's not too loud, known for keeping a straight face, has a boldness that he never shows. He let's people find out. He also tends play mind tricks on people he doesn't like. (He likes a scarce amount of people...his mother, who's now dead. And an old best friend he hasn't seen in years. The only two people who has ever seen him smile).

    Zohar walked into the mansion. He looked around the place then put down his luggage. His lazer-rifle strapped to his back. His fur soaking wet. He got real pissed off at the gate that lead to the kept closing by it's self. He had to kick it harshly for it to finally stay open. But he was finally inside, then as he sat down and saw the owner walk out to greet someone, he couldn't exactly see yet, due to the massive door in the way. Then...he saw. A girl who looked about his age walked through the door with the owner. He squinted his eyes at her, then took his eyes off of her and looked at the ceiling. "Is that a human girl?" he asked, his voice slightly roaring (which he kind of couldn't help) and his voice breaking any noise that was being made before. He slowly lowered his head to the both of them then stood up and strolled towards them. "The place just for monsters, and creatures and there is...a human girl?" Before Zohar could go any farther he looked at the girl again, then swallowed. Something about her was grabbing him. He tried to ignore the feeling, and looked away again. "Please tell me she's not an actual human man." He couldn't go one sentence with out something about the girl grabbing him...then he though...'could that human girl be....nah that's impossible.' He looked at the owner. "So is she supposed to be here?"
  3. Names: Lillium and Morlin (Colors of names used as respective dialogs)
    Gender: Female and Male
    Species: Both Elves
    150 and 200
    Personality: Bubbly and happy, Lillium is very friendly with everyone. She seems younger than she really is because she isn't very mature. She wants to be friends with everyone, but she finds it hard to talk to people the first time. Animals are a big passion.
    Morlin is also friendly and charming but he is much wiser than Lillium. He loves girls and wants to find a girl he can spend all of his time with. This makes him a kind of a womanizer. Hates animals, which is the only thing that he and Lillium disagree on.

    Tall with longer legs and arms. She has extensive black tattoos that look like vines wrapping around her arms, torso, and legs. Her hair is blonde and goes down to her waist in ringlets. She wears it mainly in a ponytail with strands of hair falling out of the hairband that frame her face. Her favorite outfit is a black baby doll dress that accentuates her thin waist. Her ears are only slightly pointier than a humans and are pinned closer to her head than sticking out. Her eyes are green and can see very far. She wears flat shoes made out of leather.
    Morlin is the same height as Lillium. He does not have tattoos on his body but has a large scar across his nose. He is also blonde, but his hair falls to his shoulder and is straight. His ears are pointier and stick out more than Lillium's. He wears white button up shirts and tight dark green pants. His shoes are the same as Lilliums. His left eye is blue and his right is green. His eye turned blue after he was hit in a fight and since then he has had worse sight in his left eye.

    Lillium and Morlin have lived in the mansion for two years now. No one know the relationship between them two and no one needs to ask.


    The mirror on the wall in Lillium's room fell to the floor and shattered as she was waking up. She stared at the wall with uncaring eyes, "There goes another mirror." She gingerly stepped out of her bed careful to not step on the large shards of glass. As soon as she was out in the hall she took four long strides to reach her neighbors door. Inside Morlin was punching the wall he and Lillium shared. He had put padding on the wall so he wouldn't break though, however this made it impossible for Lillium to do anything without hearing constant thumps.

    "Take that you damn...whatever!"
    Morlin put all of his might in his punches. He brought back his fist to punch once again when a hand clenched around his elbow. Collapsing on the floor, Morlin clenched his elbow in pain. Lillium towered over him with fire of hatred blazing in her eyes, "DO. NOT. DO. THAT. AGAIN." With that she left to her room again. First fight of the day and it was 7:30 in the morning.
  4. Name: Darceous Prinston
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire/Demon
    Age: 625 (Appearance is approximately late teens to early twenties)
    Short Description: With the height of 5'7", Darceous has short black hair, deathly pale skin and steel silver eyes. He constantly dresses semi~formally (Always found in a shirt and tie yet sneakers and jeans, all of which are black minus the tie which happens to be purple, as well as the lining and designs on his clothing.) and, at all times, carries his twin scimitar (the fairly thin ones) through loops located on his pants legs. Note: His clothing choice often makes him seem as if he is glowing and, due to his double parentage, he is known as one of the few vampires who can walk in sunlight (Though it still gives him a headache.)
    Personality: Sarcastic, Jokey (often times to the point of pulling pranks), Tricky, Intelligent, quick witted. Darceous is the abandoned and unspoken son of the one known as the first Vampire that had relations with a femme possessed by a demon, though both shunned him at birth and left him to the world. Now having learned what it takes to survive, he tends to treat others with a caution and dislike that most find abrasive and rude, though this is simply his defense mechanism. (Darceous has been the current resident of the Mansion for around seven months now and was used to constant newcomers.)

    ~* The constant noises from the elven kin down the hall had disturbed Darceous once more. He had currently been in a deep studying of theology, attempting to gain an understanding to the point of such nonsense, when the thumping had started. Though he was used to it, the shattering mirror had broken all concentration and, slamming his books back onto the desk, he exited his room, a small snarl residing on his lips whilst his voice grumbled to himself. *~ " I swear, in all of my travels, I have never met such an unkindly pair of elves in my li--."
    ~* He stopped short for, during his crossing across the balcony and steps that lead to their respective side of the hall, he instantly obtained the smell of something... Irregular. A human. A human of a different scent then one would normally expect. A quick turn of his feet had the male gripping the railing that protected one from falling off over the balcony, peering over his thin (and hardly worn) glasses. Though it took no effort to find the owner of the scent, it still surprised him beyond belief. Having completely forgotten about the elves and their rambunctious actions of the early morning, he rested his chin within his right palm, the respective elbow leaning onto the railing as well as his left arm draping over it, body hunched forward with his legs crossed behind his back. The scent of the fairly wet furry also rose to his nostrils, though Darceous quickly dispelled it from his attention and kept his eyes trained upon the owner and the newcomer, mumbling to himself (as he often did.)*~
    " Well, well. What have we here? A newcomer, though one that is rather out of place here... "

    Turning around to see who the voice belonged to, Ryuzaki's eyes grew wide. 'A...a FURRY?!' she mentally gasped. She hadn't seen anything remotely close to him in her life! Well...except on the internet, but she didn't think they actually existed. Needless to say, Ryuzaki decided to remain silent to avoid offending him.

    Ferris, on the other hand, acted like normal and simply smiled before saying "Well, of course...this is my little Ryu-chan~ Don't worry, she won't bite! That is unless you piss her off, then she can be quite the scrapper!"

    "Shut up, Ferris.​"
  6. Name: Enlite
    Gender: Male
    Species: Half-Angel/Half-Demon
    Age: 16 years
    In looks Enlite is more angelic than demonic. He has pale skin and big red eyes. His hair is a soft pink color. It is about chin-length and frames his face. He is cute, in a girlish sort of way. That said, people he meets are usually surprised to find out he is male. He has a tattoo of a pair of branch-like wings on his back. Most angels can summon their wings and use them for flight, but Enlite’s demon blood prevents him from doing this. He can curse and bless objects, however. He appears sweet, delicate, and innocent. He is none of these things. His innocent appearance makes people trust him and doubt he could do any wrong. He tries to hide his demon nature whenever possible, but it is most noticeable at night, when his eyes gleam and an ominous dark aura seems to follow him. His usual clothing is T-shirts or loose sweaters, with skin-tight jeans and Converse. All of his clothes are either white or pastel-colored.
    Angels and demons naturally hate each other. Because of this, Enlite has been outcast for most of his life: The time he spent with his mother, and the time he spent with his father. His father and the angels welcomed him warmly enough because he appeared sweet. They quickly regretted this, however, when they saw he was anything but. Enlite is mischievous. He lies. He doesn’t speak much; He’d much rather listen and learn other people: their motives, their desires, their fears. And with his demon sight, reading the soul itself is an easy task. The only downside to that is people can tell when their souls are being read. They get very uncomfortable and cold all of a sudden. Enlite likes to cause chaos, then sit back and watch it unfold. And just before the chaos dies down, he slinks away and avoids all the blame. The angels resented his behavior, and he was banished from Heaven at the tender age of twelve. Among his mother and the demons, he was pitied. They were, after all, the creatures who lurked under beds and in dark corridors; the creatures who possessed and corrupted souls… and then there was Enlite, who barely could frighten a butterfly from a leaf. He fit in for the most part despite his appearance, until they realized… he was too sweet. He didn’t enjoy killing and corruption the same way others did. He was mischievous, not evil. He enjoyed having friends. When he wasn’t bored, he was gentle and even somewhat kind. The demons found this completely unacceptable and promptly banished him from Hell. He didn’t put up much fuss: he hated demons and angels both. His angel and demon sides are constantly fighting for control within his mind, but he has learned to suppress both of them--for the most part.
    With nowhere left to go, he ended up here…

    Enlite has been at the house for a little over a year now.

    Enlite hadn't slept a wink the entire night. Yesterday afternoon he had promised himself that he would watch the sunset, and then go straight to bed. It was a promise he hadn't tried hard at all to keep. Once the sun had set, Enlite found his demon side captivated by the night. Energized by it. He was glued to his spot on the living room sofa, staring dead ahead at the nighttime sky before him as every last drop of light disappeared over the hill. The infinite blackness was beautiful and nourishing, yet his angel side feared it. He found himself unable to move. He wanted to go outside and be one with the night, but angel side kept him firmly in place. Darkness was no place for angels. Life was like this for him often, being the half-breed that he was. Constantly on the border of two vast pools, with ropes constantly tugging at each of his wrists and never allowing him to dive into either side. It was a life he'd learned to accept. The sun began to rise again, and Enlite realized he'd been sitting here for much, much longer than he had planned. Demons' minds were often clouded with evil thoughts. Angels kept their heads clear and saw only light. Enlite's head was a constant struggle between both depending on the hour: day to night, clear to clouded, good to evil. He almost never knew which impulse to act on. Thunder sounded and rain began to pour. The drops on the window reminded him of... crying. Did his mother ever cry because her only son despised her presence? Did his father? The sunlight snapped him from his thoughts momentarily before it disappeared behind the rain clouds. Enlite noticed a girl running towards the mansion. He smiled a bit. He loved meeting new people. More accurately, he loved meeting new souls. Enlite rose to his feet and went to sit quietly at the foot of the grand staircase, right across from the front door of the mansion. He watched curiously as Ferris picked the girl up in a bear hug and they exchanged words with Zohar. 'You should talk to her - first impressions are everything,' said his angel. Enlite considered it. He did enjoy others' company, though he wouldn't let anyone know it. 'Who cares? It's just a human. It's not like you can eat her soul correctly, you half-breed,' said his demon. 'Eating souls is despicable,' said his angel. Enlite rose to his feet, turned around completely and went up the stairs. He didn't like those kinds of thoughts, when his two minds seemed to talk to each other. It wasn't a pleasant experience when your body reminded you its very existence contradicted itself. Back to the problem at hand, even if he did greet the girl...what would he say? He didn't exactly care. He was stealing another glance at the her from the top of the stairs when he heard Darceous murmur something to himself. Enlite turned to look at him. "Are you going to suck her blood or something?" He teased.

    ((Sorry if this is a tad long, I'll try to make my stuff shorter in the future. In other news this is my very first post on this site. :3))
  7. Name
    Katami Alma
    Shape Shifter of sorts
    (turns into a sugar glider)
    Standing just at 45 inches (99 cm), Katami, or Kat, appears skittish in many ways. Her little round face is framed by cropped black hair with bangs that stretch longer than the bob around her head. Her body is small, appearing fragile in many ways. Her eyes are large and round a deep shade of blue that makes one think of a kitten. She is shy, almost always having at least one hand at her mouth to suck on a knuckle or chew a nail. Her skin is whiter than ivory, and her cheeks are a rosy red. She wears a cute little outfit complete with kitty ears and tail, as if she's trying to make herself feel bigger.

    Her sugar glider form is much, much smaller, only stretching to be 6 and a half inches (16 cm) with a tail just as long. Her tiny body is solid white with a small stripe of black stretching down her back before fading away. Her nose and all toes are a bright shade of pink, and her originally big blue eyes are now cute, beady black eyes.

    T128732162844065c4b333526cf3a4b60075398bb622e.jpg img_2088584_2T.jpg

    Siipi Ukkonen
    3 months
    Normally, Ipi looks like an ordinary kitten with unusually large blue eyes. Her long fur is solid black, her chin through to the back of her belly the standard white. However, unlike normal Mowkies, Ipi appears to have absolutely no stripes. But because of her element, Lightning, the stripes are simply muffled by the black fur, only the under hairs of the coat revealing those brilliant blue stripes. On her back left paw is a little mitten the same bright color blue as her stripes...except a bit more noticeable. She is small, even for a Mowkie, only stretching to be 7 inches, from tip to tip. Of course, with her being so young, it only makes sense.

    Upon the greater use of her abilities, Ipi has the power to grow a set of wings that don't necessarily touch her back, but do give her the power to fly. These wings almost look like dark storm clouds, sometimes dancing with strikes of lighting.


    The shadows of the woods begin to spit out two tiny forms, blurry as they stumble through the thick foliage. She stands slightly behind him, one hand clutching his shirt, the other bent so that Katami can hold the tiny Mowkit the crook of her elbow and still suck on a tiny knuckle. Her eyes are huge and scared as she clings to him and her precious Mowkit as it continues to make tiny mows always followed by a little kee from the other Mowkit resting in the arm of the boy she clings to.
    "They'we scawed, Wunas," she whispers to him, not wanting to admit that she, too, is afraid, even as she tugs on his shirt and bites the knuckle as she talks around it. Her body shivers just as the little Mowkit cries another Mow to be answered by a louder Kee.

    They'd been wandering for quite some time now with no food or shelter. He had said it would have been better to travel in their animal forms, but being as small as she is, it never really helps little Katami to travel that way. That and they can only truly shift when their bodies come under extreme stress or when they're hugged by the member of the opposite sex. Neither of which has happened as of yet. But with her hungry tummy and great fear, she's bound to change at any point.

    But just as she begins to feel weary from all her traveling, Katami and Runas come upon a great mansion in the middle of the forest. How this mansion came about or why it is here is a mystery to the children. But for them, it means hope. Shelter. Perhaps even food. Even the Mowkits seem to like the idea of it. Especially the little kit in Katami's arm. Siipi is tired of waiting, and before anyone can grab her, the little kit wriggles from Katami's arm and bounds for the mansion with an exclaimed Mow! Kat stays back a moment, crying, "Ipi!" before finally making up her mind to follow suit. Letting go of Runas' shirt, she runs after the kitten, her bare feet slapping over the large tree roots and crunching over the foliage of the forest floor. The hood of her dirty outfit falls to reveal her cropped hair just as tiny rounded ears appear atop her head, the sign of her stress. Before she knows it, even as she catches the kit, she finds herself in the threshold of the giant mansion, shivering in fear as she cries, frozen in place to await her young knight, who she so stupidly left behind.

    Only now does she realize that it's pouring. Only now does she realize that she ran right through a giant gate that seemed to open for her and her tiny kit. Only now does she realize that if she doesn't get out of the rain -

    A small sonic boom occurs as bright blue smoke covers the change of little girl to tiny white sugar glider. Suddenly, Kat is blinking her beady eyes while resting with her feet on either side of her Mowkit, bushy tail flicking as she continues to shiver under the now much heavier rain, looking over to see her soaking clothes sitting empty on the ground. Without another moment to spare, Ipi makes the decision to go inside, glad that there's just a big enough crack to push her way in.

    The room is massive, and people are inside talking rather loudly. From her point of view, everyone seems ginormous, but then again, she is the size of a mouse. Clinging to her Mowkit, she looks back out the door in hopes that Runas will make his appearance soon, grabbing her clothes on his way inside.​ least she's inside now.
  8. Name: Runas Alma

    Gender: Male

    Species: Shape Shifter

    Age: 10

    Short description: Runas is about 4'5" 95 lbs. He has long red hair and a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek. He always carries around a toy Sakobato. Runas is a shapeshifter and whenever he is huggedd by anyone of the opposite sex (other than Katami) or his body goes through extreme stress he turns into an adorable fox. He cares about nothing more than Katami and his Mowkies. He would do anything to protect them.

    Normal Appearance (open)

    Fox Appearance (open)



    Gender: Male

    Species: Mowkie

    Age: 3 Months
    Short description: Ferrum is an adorable Silver mowkie with black stripes on his back. His little belly is competely white as well as all of his legs, with the exception of his front right paw, which is completely silver. Like all mowkie, Ferrum is blessed with an elemental power. His is metal. He can bend it to his will and control it. Though, being the mowkit he is, it often backfires on him.

    Apearance (open)


    The thickest part of the woods having finally released them, Runas giggled as the "Mows" and "kees" alternate back and forth. As long as he could feel the ever adorable Kat clinging to his shirt, he was at relative ease. He giggles silently to himself again when she told him about how scared the mowkies were. Her voice saying his name never failed to bring a smile to his face.

    He strained his eyes, his stomach ever gnawing at him, and thought he could make something out in the distance. It looked like a...a mansion. Without so much as a warning, He saw a flash as Siipi's tiny blue body bolted by him and sprinted towards the mansion in the distance. Runas realized that he no longer felt Kat clinging to his back and sees her run ahead. "Kat! No!"

    He immediately runs in persuit of her, but not only does she have a good head start on him, but she's pretty fast for her size. His mind is on nothing other than protecting her at this point. He sees a bright blue flash ahead of him and his heart drops when he sees that she is no longer there. At this point he pushes himself as fast as he will go.

    When he makes it to the door, he sees her clothes, and realizes what happened. Poor thing He picks them up, draping them over his arm as he steps inside the door and picks up both Mowkits and Kat in her sugar glider form. He looks around and notices that they aren't alone. "Can anyone tell me where we are?"

    He looks down at the trembling three cradled in his arms, and remembers his own stomach as well. "And also," He grins really big, "Do you have any food?"

  9. ~* The voice of one of the very few occupants he could actually stand (let alone talk to) rose above the din made by the newcomers. Having befriended the strange creature quite some time ago, it was then that Darceous finally took his eyes away from the appearing masses to direct them towards Enlite. *~
    " Perhaps. And perhaps I'll take yours as well, my friend. Demon blood is something I've always been fond of, and I've heard that Angel blood has a sweeter taste than normal. Certainly better than any humans. "
    ~* Smiling at the comment he made, Darc's form turned to lean backwards against the railing, arms crossing over his chest while he kept his level gaze towards the man. Though they were at the least friends, he still had a hard time trusting others, as he knew Enlite had the same issues due to his rather troubling parentage. Perhaps that's why the two may have bonded together with at least a basic friendship, something rare enough for Darc himself.
    A backwards tilt of his head allowed an exaggerated yawn to flow forth from his lips, his arms then stretching back behind him, each hand holding the other, until a small pop was made and his hands fell limply back to his sides. The right found it's way into the corresponding pocket, the left gripping onto the bar gently (so as not to break the thing as was his normal issue with such) and his body once more relaxing against the pole, words flowing smoothly instead of the usual choppy annoyance or slightly high pitched mocking tone he normally carried. *~
    " Blasted elves woke me up once more... All the banging and mirror shattering. If they're that ampt to be with each other, quit using the wall as a medium and simply do it... Anywho, why were you at the bottom of the steps? Certainly not trying to say hi to the little one, are we? "
    ~* His right brow raised in a slight curiosity as he waited for the reply. *~
  10. Enlite almost smiled at the comment about Angel blood.
    "Of course not," Enlite practically huffed. "I was just looking. Human souls are quite interesting..." He was trying to lower his guard and not appear so defensive; Darc was his only friend, after all. What Darc offered was as close to understanding as Enlite was ever going to get. Besides, Enlite didn't actually like the girl... did he?
    Enlite walked over to the rail and leaned against it himself, resting his elbows on the railing. He made sure to leave a few feet of space between him and Darc. "So what brings you out to the balcony? Were you planning on talking to her?" He kept his expression neutral--an act he'd perfected over the years--but he was genuinely curious. The souls of other demons were difficult, if not impossible, to decipher. Darc was a mystery to him; It was one of things that somewhat attracted him to the other, but he never let on.
  11. Now noticing the new guests, Ferris gave his signature winning smile.

    "Oh, welcome to Windor Manor, little ones~" he started, "I believe this is just the place for your kind..."

    As he continued to ramble on about what it's like in the mansion, and how they wouldn't have to worry, Ryuzaki found herself getting lost in thought and suspicions...she knew she had seen a flash of pink earlier, and she was trying to find the source...not only that, but she knew she had heard faint voices that didn't belong to anyone downstairs. Examining her premises, she eventually saw two people talking amonst themselves at the top of the stairwell, since she had heard the words "human girl", she could only assume they were talking about her.

    "Hey." she called out in a flat voice. "I can see you up there, and I can hear you talking about me. Why don't you come down here and join me; eh, gentlemen?"

    Now even though one of the two had pink hair, she still had this gut instict that he was male. You never really know these days, anyway.
  12. The sudden rise into the air startles Katami into a tiny squeak as she looks around in a panic, only to realize that both she and Ipi have been lifted into the cradling arms of Runas. Slowly, she relaxes, listening happily as he asks the bigger people where they are and if they have any food.

    The blonde woman turns with a smile, welcoming them. She says something interesting, as if she knows exactly what the four are. She sits there shivering, her little eyes looking up rather curiously as she says in a tiny, confused voice, "Ouw Kind? How do you know what ouw kind is?" This is a shocker to little Kat. The Alma family was wiped out, the bulk of the curse with them...apart from a few stragglers here and there. But this family was huge, and they were never keen on sharing what they were. Even though, technically, Runas and Katami are related, it is such a distant relation that it was only acknowledged by the Alma family, itself.

    But those people are gone...long gone. Even the parents of the two children were wiped out. How Runas and Katami survived is a mystery even to Katami. And as she looks up at the strange woman from the arms of her Runas, she wonders this aloud. "D-do you know the cuwse, or (which is pronounced more of an "oow") whewe ouw famiwy went?" Her gaze is almost hopeful as she looks up. Ipi makes a small mow which is followed by a little kee from her brother, as if to say, "Can you just feed us and give us somewhere to sleep?" as she looks up at Runas almost grudgingly for confining her to his arms.
  13. ~* Before he had even gotten a chance to reply, the voice of the girl cut into their conversation. Though he did have a slight interest in her presence amongst them, the tone of her voice slightly irritated Darceous which was made known with the curt and cut motion of his head jerking in her direction. His eyes peered down at her over his glasses and, for a moment, a crimson flash of irritation lit up within them, red hues seeming to harden into steel at her interruption.
    However, such an annoyance disappeared as quickly as it came, Darc having his body fully facing the young girl now. He was popped up on his elbows once more, hands dangling over the railing, his gaze softening and eyes lowering so that he would see through the reading glasses once again. *~

    " It seems we've been caught, Enlite. Perhaps we should go over and introduce ourselves? "
    ~* And, in a hushed tone, he quickly added to his friend. *~
    " And yes, I was planning on talking to her. But it seems as if she's made the first move. "
    ~* With that, his right hand gripped the railing and, with a simple push, he sent his form sailing over the railing, the newcomers and even the Owner and young female themselves. He landed in a graceful crouch directly behind the young one, hands once more residing in his pockets. A small motion of his head allowed him to face her, the hint of a smirk playing at his lips whilst he examined the youngling. *~
    " Now, as for you.. What rude interjections do you have now to break a conversation, young one? And the name is Darceous, not 'you' or 'hey' or anything of that nature. Not trying to be rude, but I do hope you learn the name? "
  14. Before Ferris could reply to the little ones, he was cut off by Ryuzaki speaking to a couple of the residents before Darceous decided to join them on the bottom floor in a flashy manner...despite he had scolded him for doing that...MANY times. Before Ferris could scold him for repeating the said act, the vampire had began to speak to his friend in a voice of covered irritation which Ryuzaki had quickly responded to by smiling sweetly. To the average person, it came across as any other sincere smile, but he knew better. Having known the girl for 16 years, he knew that seemingly sweet smile meant instant death...well, for him at least. Typically, once he had been stupid enough to earn that look, he would be on the ground in a second in an inescapable German suplex...

    However, she only did that because she knew him well enough to get away with it. Ferris often wondered what she would do if a complete stranger had managed to earn that look.

    "My apologies..." Ryuzaki cooed, sounding genuine enough to confuse Ferris. "It was not my intent to be rude, seeing as you are so annoyed with my unavoidable presence...correct me if I'm wrong, but I could have sworn that I heard the two of you discussing something about a human girl. Which is most likely me, seeing as the only other human here is Ferris, and he is no lady. At first, I did not like the act of being spoken about behind my back...but then I realized that that was most likely not the case so I attempted to break the ice..." she paused. "I realize now that I was out of line for attempting to start a conversation."

    She was then cut off by Ferris covering her mouth and nuzzling her face with his cheek.

    "Please pardon my fiance...she must be awfully tired from having to dash out in the rai--!" He was swiftly shut up by an elbow to the rib.

    "FERRIS, YOU SICK PEDOPHILE! WHY DO YOU KEEP TELLING EVERYONE WE'RE ENGAGED?!" Ryuzaki barked, breaking free from her childhood friend's grasp...however, her rage simply seemed to energize the man as he stood back up.

    "It's about time you quit the innocent act. I was about to barf, Ryu. You're a lot cuter as a loud mouth..."

    "I...I can't help it." she mumbled, looking at the floor. "I'm sick and tired of people judging me without a second thought...​"
  15. Name-Slender man


    Species- Slender folk

    Appearance. A tall thin man wearing a formal black suit an a tie. He stand around seven feet tall and his limbs seem to long for his body. His skin is a pail white color and on his back are several pairs of tentacles that can extend to any length. Where he should have a face there is nothing just smooth skin.

    Personality- Is a pretty introverted guy when it comes to talking to people because he was alone for so many years. But ounce you get to know him he is not a bad guy...except for the eating children part. He dislikes talking about his dietary habits and other things pertaining to his food. He has a certain fondness for animals and anything furry.


    Slender man walked through the door of the large lavish mansion and straightened his suit. It had been many years since he had visited this place and as usual he wanted to look his best. With a quick brush of with his tentacles he got his suit as dry as he was going to get it. He walked farther into the room he found the room occupied by several other species and races. He sighed to himself and walked to a corner of the room so he could survey the situation before he would make any moves. He had never meet any of these people before and he was not about to make a fool of himself in first impressions or contact..