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  1. She walked silently through the cold, dark and damp streets of the large city she was in. She had been walking for what felt like weeks but she kept going, never the kind to stop anywhere for a moment unless she had no other choice. She had a secret you see, a dark secret that no one alive knew and for good reason. This secret was the kind of nightmares, the kind that had you thinking there was breathing under your bed or that made the floor board creek. She wasn't the type to stay in one place because of this very secret, it kept her moving and leaving a trail of bodies behind her along with many straitened and enraged officers and detectives that had swore to catch her but had so far failed.
  2. He felt her enter his district. She was the one. Jumping from his perch high above the district, he began his pursuit.....
  3. The teen knew she was being followed, she had been at this too long not to at least know that. She reached in to the pocket of her trench caot and gripped the handle of her favorite knife in case the pursuer attacked or at least tried to
  4. He sensed her fear and did not want her to struggle, he meant no harm. Phasing he appeared in front of her. "i mean no harm.."
  5. She felt no fear, only boredom at the fact her follower thought she cared that he meant no harm "then stop following me" she said flatly with a roll of her eyes
  6. "iI said i meant you no harm but you must come with me" His red eye glowed slightly.....
  7. She gave a bark of a humorless laugh and gripped tighter to the knife, hoping to hell this man wanted a fight "and why would I want to do that?"
  8. It is in your best interest you do
  9. Before they could continue their bantering, a small thud could be heard behind the tall man. The mysterious girl smirked at the new arrival.
    "It's about time you showed up. I was about to take this guy down without you." The new figure let out a small chuckle, showing pearly white teeth that shined bright in the moonlight.
    "Don't worry. I wasn't going to let you have all the fun." They said, taking a step closer.
  10. Gekido chuckled as well. "Two on one? how is that fair?" His eyes glowing a little brighter. " And kill me? You couldnt do that if you tried." Gekido felt the shift in his bones and muscles as his body prepared for anything. " Im asking one last time please come with me or i will bring you in. I will not harm you but you must come with me.."
  11. The young woman simply rolled her eyes at the two "if you wish to fight one another be my guest but I am neither coming with you without an explanation and I am certainly not about to get in the middle of a fight I do not need to be in" she said calmly and turned to walk away
  12. The second girl laughed, a high pitched sound that filled the still night air. "Fight? I simply came to offer assistance if needed. I had no actual intention of fighting this man. I figured you had this covered, A-" She was cut off by the angry seething of the girl. "Don't tell him my name! He already knew enough to follow me, and I don't want him to know this, too."
  13. The girl rolled her eyes and began to walk away, she didn't need this sort of utter rubbish and she didn't have the time either. The last thing she needed was to hang around with a trio of clearly insane individuals
  14. "Wait, where are you going? We haven't finished yet!" The girl yelled at the retreating figure.
  15. 'oh no you dont' Gekido thought as he saw the girl walking away. He shift his weight then phased in front of her."Do you want to live? I know your being followed by them and I came to offer you help. I know what you are." Gekido pulled a small coin from his trenchcoat and tossed it to the girl. the coin was engraved with a wolfs' head on one side and a crescent moon crossed by two swords on the other. 'Maybe this will help...'
  16. The girl widened her eyes in surprise, her mouth gaping slowly.
    "You're... You're one of them, aren't you? The protected ones?"
    She walked tentatively over to the retreating girl. "Maybe he is just trying to help. Did you see the markings on that coin?"
  17. The girl frowned and shook her head as she looked at the coin "I have no idea what on earth you two are talking about. You're either lying or insane.I see no reason to listen to you unless you give me some real information" she said flatly
  18. She put her hand on the other girls shoulder, which got brushed off immedietly. "The only way we can provide concrete information is if you go with him. I'm not authorized to say anything, but he can show you everything you need to know. Just go with him. I'll come too. Just to make sure this isn't a trap."
  19. The girl shook her head "no one has yet to come after me until today. I am not going to come with you unless you explain what the coin is and why it matters" she said with a roll of her eyes
  20. She held the coin closer to the girls face. "Look closer. This is the identification system of the protected ones. They keep innocent people being hunted by the government. One of them was after you tonight. You're just lucky he got here before they did." The girl raised her eyebrows. "Who is 'they?'" She asked.

    Before she could answer, their hair started swirling around at a rapid rate. A spotlight was shone on the trio, illuminating the dark alley.
    She gulped. "They're here."
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