Monster Inn

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  1. Welcome! Welcome to the Special Inn here you will find great comfort for all you species needs! There are several features you may like!
    Hot Lava Hot Tub

    Giant Swimming Pool

    Ball Room

    Play Room

    OutDoor Sports Facilities


    Please enjoy your stay! If you have any questions please come to me! My name is Gabrielle Nightshade. I am the owner and I will always be at the front desk for your convenience!
    Oh! and remember our one rule NO HUMANS ALLOWED.

    (optional bio but it does help other RPers)
    Special Abilities:
    Other: (guest/residence/house keeping/doorman/ect.)

    Anything really goes... just try to keep it PG-13 and no "perfect" characters or god moding. You can swear all you want. No bullying and if you have a problem with anyone, just come to me.
  2. Name: Gabrielle Nightshade
    Gender: Female
    Age: Ageless
    Species: Fairy
    Special Abilities: multiply body to be in several places at once, lifts/moves things with her mind
    other: Owner
  3. Name: Zada Waterwood
    Gender: Female
    Age: 116 (16 for a human)
    Species: Vampire
    Special Abilities: Can become a bat, can hypnotizes others to do her will or forget things. She can blend into the shadows. And she knows hand to hand combat. (She made her father teach her out of curiosity and fell in love with the skill)
    Show Spoiler

    Bio: When she was three years old a angry mob burned down her home. Her father saved her but it was to late for her mother. He brought her to Monster Inn in hopes to protect her from the humans. She has always wonder why they were so bad but she obeyed her fathers rules or at lest for the most part. She does however respect and fallow the rules of the inn. She usually can always find something to occupy her time at the inn.

    Other: Residence and she does help around the inn when needed.
  4. Gabrielle walked around the halls going room to room checking on the residence when she stopped in front of Zada. "Well good morning Zada! I hope I didn't wake you."
  5. "Good Morning Gabrielle. No your fine I've been up." Zade wasn't that tiered so she had been up for a while in this morning even though it wasn't that normal for a vampire. She seemed to do that a lot even if it may seem a little dangerous.
  6. "Well I guess as long as you're not outside..." Gabrielle joked. "If I may ask... There is a stack of papers that need to be delivered to my office. Can you get them from the front desk please?" Gabrielle knew well that job could have been easily done herself but she liked making Zada feel needed.
  7. Zade laughed at the joke. "Yeah I can take the papers. I'm glad I can help." Zade enjoyed doing task when Gabrielle gave her any no matter how simple some may seem.
  8. Gabrielle smiled and moved on to the next room. Then the next. Then the next. Some may say her job was boring but in reality it was the best job she could ask for.
  9. Zade walked off for the front desk to get those papers for Gabrielle's Office. She reached the front desk and looked for the papers. Once she got them she began to make her way to the office. Once at the office Zade then dropped off the papers and began to plan what she might do for the day.
  10. One of Gabrielle's doubles sat in the office and smiled at Zade as she entered. "Thank you." She then got straight back to work. There were several of Gabrielle's doubles lingering about and sometimes you can't tell which one is the original.
  11. Zade smiled at Gabrielle's double. "Your Welcome. Any time, and you know how I like to help."
  12. Business has been rather slow around here, But that doesn't mean work doesn't need to be done.
  13. "Yeah your right. I hope it picks up a little for you." Zade said smiling were you could see her fangs.
  14. [​IMG]wolf form

    Name: nivek
    Gender: male
    Age: 18
    Species: lycan
    Special Abilities: using wind for tricks
    Appearance: profile pic- human pic up top for wolf form.
    Other: guest

    nivek fresh out of the pack now on his own to find a new place to call his own. nivek travels alone with no pack seeing as he just got realesed from his old one now on a rumor of this inn he goesw to it hoping for a plce to call home

    nivek knocks on the front door awaiting to see if the rumors were true.