Monster in the Mansion

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Fantasy, Sci fi, anything in which the world itelf is extremely interesting.
In this RP, players will be people who's job it is to keep a monster at bay by outsmarting it.

The story goes Iike this; A young man living alone in a mansion is afflicted with a curse... Every night he turns into a monster at a random time after the sun goes down, and turns back at a random time before the sun comes up. His only warning of when he is going to turn is that he can feel it ten minutes before it happens.

Each night he does everything he can to keep himself inside the house... But is running out of ways to outsmart the monster, and so has offered large sums to those willing to keep it from leaving.

Unfortunately, he has no idea what the monster actually looks like, or is truly capable of. But when it get's injured, the young man gets injured as well.


The starting date is December 14, 1910.

Mansion is in an undisclosed area in Georgia, in a forest clearing. Players were brought there by a carriage with a curtain over the windows.

Other supernatural phenomena do exist, though they are scarce.

The young man has been the only inhabitant for years, and the mansion is quite messy. Covered in cobwebs and dust, as well as scattered papers and books. Claw marks litter the walls.

There is a large graveyard at the back of the house. The graves are unmarked and randomly placed.

*I think I have all the nessescary information.*

*Any questions or suggestions are encouraged.*

*Still thinking of a better title.*

*No seriously, I'm stumped for a title. I need some suggestions.*
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