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Monster in Disguise

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by TwystydWhyspyr88, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. The sun had set hours ago, and the once usually quiet city put on a new face. The clubs on main street opened their doors to the night owls, college students, business men, the random tourist. The most popular of these was Club Angel, all in part of the dark and strange mystery that has surrounded it for many years. It was rumored that men, and even some women, would venture in, but never be seen of again. Some said ghosts were to blame, murders, kidnappings. So far, none had really hit the mark as to why people were disappearing. And because these people usually had no other family or any real connections in the city, investigations were dropped after a few months and forgotten.

    The building was packed this Friday night. It was the clubs usual weekend for Costume Contests leading into Halloween. Music poured from the speakers and out into the night, greeting those who still stood outside waiting to get in. Inside, bodies covered the dance floor, grinding against one another as the house DJ kept the music going. Along one side was the bar, packed full of drunks clambering over one another, hitting on the poor bar tenders, striking up a few vocal fights.
    At the end of the bar, where it was less chaotic, sat a young looking woman. Her tall frame was clothed in a long black silky dress, around her neck sat a choker with a bright pink rose nestled in the hollow above her sternum. Auburn hair fell down her back in loose waves, her bangs held back with bright pink and blue roses on a head band. Her pale face was covered in a brightly colored sugar skull design, lips painted black. Bright blue eyes scanned the room, looking for any potential "fun" as she called it.
    A nearly bored expression crossed her face as she slid the empty glass back to the bar tender for a refill, leaning forward with one elbow propped up on the counter. With her other free hand, she twirled her hair around a finger, slowly and thoughtfully. She just had to be patient, it was still early, and the night held many possibilities.
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  2. The woman behind the counter nodded and once again grabbed the bottle of what the girl had been drinking. "Waiting for someone?" She asked with a smirk as she poured the drink, the strong liquid illuminated by the lights of the counter and the shelves behind her. She was stunning with ice blue eyes that seemed to pop out, especially with her long, jet black lashes and vinyl colored eyeliner outlining them. She had long straight raven hair and wispy, angled bangs that shone in the lights and complimented her porcelain skin. There was only one thing that was off about her, out of everyone in the entire bar, staff included, she was the only one not dressed up in costume.

    She looked around at the crowd, large, drunk, sexually frustrated, laughing, dancing, and drinking all of their cares away, the same as usual every year at this time. She shook her head and looked back at the girl, pushing her drink across the bar to her. "Don't worry about that one, I've got it." She said, indicating that she should keep her wallet where it was. She proceeded to look the girl up and down, examining her demeanor, and her costume. It was simple, but it fit.
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  3. She looked up at the young woman working the counter, the same one who had been giving refill and refill for the night without question. She was a pretty girl who seemed sweet. Almost too nice for a place like this full of sleaze bags. "Sort of, I suppose," she answered, shrugging her shoulders a little as she watched the dark red liquid filled the glass again. "Just hoping to find one decent person out of all these drunks is more like it." She smiled softly, one that barely turned up the corners of her lips, not showing any teeth. A trick she had learned long ago to keep from scaring people away.
    As she went to reach for her wallet form the small purse that hung off her shoulder, she paused and looked back at the girl who told her the drink was on her. "Well, in that case..." she said, lifting the glass up in the air in a form of a toast. "This is for you, miss....?" she asked, probing for a name.
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  4. "Good luck with that one. Some of them come through here. Some are friends of mine." She explained. She chuckled a little as the girl held up her glass and beckoned for a name. The woman poured herself a drink and held it up, clinking it against the girl's. "I'm no Miss, but my name is Lucinia. You can call me Lucy." She stopped to take her drink, which only took a couple of seconds. She placed the glass back on the counter. "And you are?" She asked with a thin brow raised above the other. She poured a different drink and slid it down the counter to an opened and waiting hand, one she saw frequently. She nodded as the girl raised her glass in thanks. Her eyes returned to the girl as she grabbed a couple of glasses from under the counter and started drying them as the conversation continued.
  5. Clinking her glass with the girls, she downed her own drink, letting out a sigh of joy. "Nice name, Lucinia... Unique, I like it." She glanced over her shoulder, watching as a few rowdy guys started yelling at each other, near to blows before one of the bouncers came over and calmed the situation down. "As for me, my name is Helena," she replied, tilting her head to one side as she watched the girl slide a glass down to the waiting opened hand, without a single drop being spilled. "That takes some skill," she pointed out, giving off a small laugh. "So, tell me Lucy... Why is it you are not dressed up for this fun occasion? You'd make the perfect porcelain doll, you know."
  6. Lucy bowed her head appreciatively, "Thank you, dear." Her head quickly turned to watch the same thing that had caught the girl's attention, then sighed and shook her head. "Every night." She took in her drink in a matter of a couple of seconds before placing it back down on the bar, then turned and looked at the girl she now knew to be Helena, "You've a nice name as well, Helena." She smiled, then laughed a little at her next comment. "/That/" she paused, "Takes a hell of a lot of practice." She picked up another glass and started to dry it. "Hmm? I appreciate that." She said, turning to the sea of people dressed up as ghouls, ghosts, witches, and other monsters, "It doesn't take make-up, plastic props and cheap capes to make a monster" she teased, but there lay a small twonge of some other emotion in her statement. She quickly got off of it with her next comment, "Who knows, maybe I'll do it another night or next year, but only of you're here." She said with a friendly, playful wink. "I like your make-up by the way, you do it yourself?"
  7. She raised a brow at her comment of not needing props and makeup to make a monster. But, she let the comment go for now, running her finger around the brim of her glass. How true that was, she thought to herself, grinning. After hearing her words, she shrugged her shoulders once more, sitting up straight now. "Well, if that is the only way to see you get dressed up, then I suppose I can come back tomorrow night," she replied, returning the playful wink. Slowly, she got to her feet. Standing up, she was on the tall side, a little under six feet at the least. "And yes, I did. Thank you. Sometimes I think I have a little bit too much time on my hands." She turned a little, looking over at the back exit door, her eyes sparked a little, and not just from the light, before she turned back to Lucy. "Would you excuse me for a few minutes?" she said, with a slightly exaggerated bow, bending at her waist. "I would love to continue our little conversation."
  8. A few more glasses were dried as their conversation went on, but they just as quickly had to get used. She smiled at Helena's reply. She nodded her head impressed that she did her own makeup. "Maybe you could do my make-up for me." She offered with a laugh. Lucy turned her head with Helena's, then nodded as she turned back around, "Of course I can." She replied as though the answer was obvious, and returned the bow playfully. "I'll be here." She added before looking off in the other direction as she slid another drink down the bar, turning and waving at a male who had just walked in dressed up as Frankenstein without the green skin.
  9. Smiling faintly, she turned from the bar, weaving her way through the crowd. Brushing off those who tried dragging her into the squirming crowd of dancing bodies, she finally slithered up to the man who was standing at the exit, a lone beer in one hand, pack of cigarettes and lighter in the other. He was a decently handsome man, tall, well built. Disheveled black hair and his chin was covered in a five o'clock shadow.
    His blue eyes lifted from the floor at Helena, looking slightly confused, but smiled gently. "Hey there," Helena whispered, leaning up against him a little. Taking the pack of cigarettes from his hand, she pulled two out, placing one between her lips, then his. "Lets go, shall we?"
    Disappearing through the back door into a dark alley way, the man lit up their cigarettes, taking a few slow long drags himself.
    He never spoke a word, only seemed dazed and off in another world. Helena set herself up against him again, her fingers wrapped around his jaw and turning his head to face her. Yep, there was her answer. He had the lost look of someone who had given up on life. She smiled, pulling his face closer, before she leaned in, bringing her lips to his neck.
    He tried squirming away, but her grip only tightened, ivory fangs that extended grazed against his skin. She could feel his pulse beneath his flesh, his heart racing as he finally understood there was no escape. Without a second thought, she pierced his flesh, crimson liquid flowing into her mouth. It was sweet, warm, satisfying as it burned its way down her throat, a feeling of refreshment tingling through her body.
    It barely went on for a minute, before the pale lifeless body fell from her hands. She stood there, a wicked grin on her face as she brought her hand up, wiping up a few drops of blood from her lips, licking them off her finger. Pulling a small vial from her purse, she popped it open and shook out a few drops of a strange purple liquid. As soon as they hit the body, it began to burn and turn to ash, blowing away in the breeze. Returning the vial to her purse, she stepped back through the door. The people were still in full swing, the must never seemed to stop. She couldn't help but dance her way back through the crowds and returned to the bar, thankful her seat hadn't been taken. Sliding back into her seat, she leaned back against the counter to watch as the people came and went.
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  10. After Helena had left, Lucy conversed with a few people who struck up a conversation with her, though none lasted very long, got quite a few more classes dried, and more cleaned to be put under the counter. A few people came over and drunkenly hit on her, gender as much of a variant as hair color. A witch, a pumpkin, a couple of Draculas, one of which with a cheesy "Transylvanian" accent. All of which she blindly blew off and redirected. Lucy didn't see herself as pretty, just mistaken for it through many people who were being deceived by their intoxicated state of being.
    She finally placed a glass back down on the counter as she turned only to see Helena make her return. She greeted her back with a warm smile, and another drink. "Hot minute date?" She asked teasingly before gesturing to her lips, "Your lipstick is a little bit smudged, Helena." She explained. Regardless of the things Lucy knew, she assumed Helena was just a regular human, more regular in fact than most who came through here. After all, especially at night and in a sea of costumes, how could one tell? Lucy simply figured Helena had gone off for a quick kissing session, or accidentally smudged her make-up after blowing her nose or something and didn't notice so she could fix it.
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  11. Turning to Lucy when she returned to her area, she gave a soft smile and nod. She hoped Lucy wouldn't question her disappearance, and when she spoke, she was glad she didn't. It would be easier to play it off this way. "Oh, just thought it was someone I knew. I was wrong, but hey, hell of a kisser," she teased back with a wink. Upon hearing her lipstick was smudged, she inwardly yelled at herself. She was getting careless, anything could give her away if someone knew what to look for. "Oh, well. Thanks for that," she said, removing a tube of black lipstick from her purse and fixing it, using a finger to wipe off any that had smudged elsewhere. "So, it seems you manged to handle the crowd while I was away. No one causing troubles, are they?" she asked, watching as a few Frankensteins and mummies wandered up to the bar, ordering their shots and hitting on the poor helpless intoxicated women. It made her laugh, how petty humans could be in their need to have sex, reproduce.
    At least with her kind they were a bit more romantic about it. Dates, courting, flowers, sometimes jewelry if the person seemed worthy. Rolling her eyes, she tuned her attention back at Lucy.
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  12. Logan entered into the club with two other people. He looked at them with a grin. "Welcome to adulthood guys. Have fun and I'll you 2 tomorrow." It was always fun bringing pups in here for there coming of age ceremony. It was the one thing he loved about being the next in line pack alpha. He made his way to the bar pushing a few of the drunk women off him. Logan was rather tall standing at 6'3 with a athletic build. He had a chiseled jawline with white hair and red eyes. He immediately saw the 2 females conversing at the end of the bar and recognized one from his previous outings here. He approached with a friendly smile revealing his canine fangs. "Hello lucy."
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  13. "Good deal then, I suppose" she chuckled as she poured yet another drink. "Anytime" she winked back, watching as she went to adjust it. Other than the eyeliner commonly seen complimenting her icy blue eyes, Lucy didn't do much with make-up herself, but found it interesting to watch others do theirs, especially with more experience than herself. "No, not particularly. When you've been here as long as I have, you learn a few things. No more than the usual, though." She replied with a smile, laughing a little Aya she watched Helena curiously examine human life and tendencies from afar.

    Her attention, however, was quickly taken by something else: a familiar face approaching the bar. She smiled a bit as he stopped just beside Helena. "Logan" she replied happily, clearing off a space on the counter before she swiftly swung herself up and over it, landing on the other side of the tall male. Now that she was on the opposite side of the bar, it was easier to see a lot of her features. She was thin, but she definitely had some angles, and some curves about her figure. She wasn't very tall, but not necessarily considered short standing at five foot six inches. She stood on her tiptoes, her flat converse shoes bending at a rough ninety degree angle as she gave the man a quick greeting hug. The loose grey T-shirt she wore rose just above the waistline of the black jeans that hugged her legs and rear.
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  14. As the man approached, greeting Lucy with a toothy smile, she lifted a brow in question. Simply could be fake fangs you can get at Halloween stores, contacts, possibly a wig. But, then she could be wrong and he was comfortable enough to be able to blend in with everyone. Shrugging, she watched as Lucy jumped over the counter, greeting him with a hug. Obviously they knew each other, and had seen one another on a regular basis to rouse such a reaction from someone.
    She waited in silence as they greeted each other before clearing her throat some, leaning over and waving her hand a little. "Hi there!" she said, before throwing a hand in the man's direction. "My name is Helena."
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  15. logan gave lucy a quick greeting hug and then looked over at the other female who had just introduced herself. "hello helena, my name is logan." he extended his hand out for a handshake. after shaking hands with her he turned his attention back to lucy. "how is it going tonight." he asked knowing full well that not everyone in here was human.
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  16. Lucy leaned up against the bar after the hug and quickly pushed herself up to sit on it as she watched the two meet. She looked back to Logan to answer his question, "Eh, it's alright. The usual for the most part. Most are just costumes, though." She replied, indicating that the majority were human. "Babies?" She asked, gesturing to the two he escorted in, then quickly left to fend for themselves. She looked over at Helena, and now that she was a bit closer, she could see a lot more of her. She reached over and pet through her hair with one, soft stroke, adjusting a few strands that stuck out of place.
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  17. After shaking Logan's hand, she returned to her drink, downing it one gulp before rising to her feet, stretching. She listened closely, over hearing Lucy's words "most are just costumes." This intrigued her, maybe this fragile looking girl knew more than she truly let on. With this, she leaned up against the bar, one elbow propped up on it with most of her weight there as she cocked her head a little to listen, keeping a straight face as she did. Hell, maybe this Logan person was more than he appeared, too. This could turn into an interesting night for sure.
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  18. logan chuckled slightly at her reply. "Its always like that at this time of the year. yeah they just became of age so i decided to bring them here." he sat down at the stool to continue his conversation, but stopped when he picked up a familiar scent. "I smell blood." he looked over at helena following the scent. "looks like our friend here isnt as normal as she says she is."
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  19. Entering the club alone, Kimmy stood there silently gazing at the flashing lights and dancing bodies. It was her first time in Club Angel and was looking for fun on Halloween, after a long day of work. Slowly pacing between the crowd dressed as a sexy devil, she quickly eyed the bar and made her way towards it. Kimmy was a average girl that stood about 5'6, with long, wavy, chestnut brown hair that fell to her lower back. Her eyes were bright hazel green and the dimples of her cheeks deepened when she smiled. She wore a short, bright red, bodycon dress that was opened in the back of it; exposing her softly tanned and toned back. She wore black high heels that accentuated her long toned legs. A thick, busty, curvy girl with an hourglass shape, seduced onlookers of her beautiful body. Capturing the eyes of many, those who gazed upon her she quickly shooed them away. The thought of being eye candy was the most fun of her night. No one had ever captured her attention, nor did she fall for anyones' tricks. She smiled gently as she moved quickly to the bar and sat gracefully on one of the empty stools. She diverted her attention to the bartender and waved her hand softly so she could order a drink.
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  20. Helena eyed Logan for a moment, then smiled brightly, two ivory fangs protruding just enough to rest on her bottom lip. "Well, it seems your friend here is good at finding the truth, eh?" she said, glancing at Lucy with a wink. "And with that being said, you're not very human yourself, are you?" she whispered at Logan, before spotting a newcomer at the bar.
    Raising a brow, she looked at the woman, tilting her head. She was quite attractive, and she could't help but smile at her shooing the men, and even a woman or two away. The things alcohol did to humans, it was entertaining, yet a little pathetic. Shrugging, she excused herself from Lucy and Logan, knowing Lucy would have to return to her duties, and wandered over to the woman, patting her shoulder lightly. "Men, huh? They get worse with a few drinks in their systems," she said with a smirk, eyeing a few more who were staring at this red clothed Devil.
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