Monster Hunters: Summer Cry

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  1. in a world of darkness and the time of monsters and magic. there was many battles lost by man and many deaths. but one day man sent hunters after thoughs monster. they where called monster hunters.

    A girl name Cry and a boy named Natsu but one thing.... Cry's a hybird monster and Natsu is a monster hunter. can they be friends? can there friend ship stay and wil Cry tell him the truth or dose he already knows?

    Cry was walking bac woods right after looking for some food. she walked up to her house made out of wood and flowers. she hade sliver messy hair and black eyes. she waers what man do. she real didnt like people ex since shes when she a hybrid of a monster and a humen. she place her food on the table find wood for the fire. she walks around the woods thinking about life. just as she fond some wood she hears something behind her. she turns to see a monster. she screams and starts to run.
  2. A brand new day, and a fresh new start: that's what Natsu was looking forward to today's schedule. His Mafumofu Armor was reserving his warmth well and he seemed to be gathering quite the bounty of herbs and mushrooms for later combinations. Raw meat for cooking later, and ore for constructing more weapons when given the chance. And yet, somehow he managed to find trouble in his path. Little did he know that this was the start of an entirely new saga for the pages.

    As he explored the area, Natsu heard a roar followed by a scream-- a woman's scream. Whatever made that shocking roar, it echoed trhough the iced caverns; whatever it was, it was large. Natsu quickly evaluated his map and depicted the ruckus was coming from Area 8 on the map. It was a quick sprint from his position, Area 5. It was a straight shot through the cave entrance and a left to the abyss. With that he was on his way and ran for it. Natsu kicked up snow as he heard the roars getting louder, and closer. Coming outside of the cavern he was swept in by a blizzard that blinded him slightly. Pushing through, he heard the feminine screams next to him.. then, ran into him and knocked him flat on the ground. He groaned at the impact, but as soon as he was up, the source of the scream was gone. In fact, the sound of growling had replaced it.

    Natsu became cautious and drew his Bone Katana "Dragon" from its sheath, stepping carefully. Then out of the cold blizzard storm, Natsu was surprised by a large Tigrex. The beast roared and brought it's claws down on his position; Natsu rolled out of the way and slashed upwards with his Longsword. He grit his teeth as the beast jumped back, and made an unsettling roar towards him.

  3. Cry was crying and was scared. she ran away as fast as she could but she didnt get far becuse the thing was right behind her as faster then she thought. she knew alot about monsters but right now in fear she cant remaber anything. thats when she turned to the monster to fight it. but before she could the thing throw her acros and she hit the tree. she tried to stay awake for a few mintes maybe even more just as she started to think she was gointo die but then there was man she watched the battle as much as she could.
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  4. He struggled at first, but soon began to gain his footing on the Wyvern and was ready to take it down. It charged hisposition, and he waited, counting the paces of it's paw-like feet as it came. 3... 2.. 1.. Now! He lifted his sword over his head, then waved it in a downward motion to cut the Tigrex's eye. It lashed back in pain and turned from him, enraged, and obvious at first glance. Veins in the beast's wing flushed red with blood, and so did it's eyes as they flashed ruby red and he announced his anger with a shocking roar that nearly pierced his ears.

    While it was distracted, Natsu looked off to his right and saw a girl, but she seemed so different from the one's at the village. He wasn't sure if she was a vision, but he snapped back to attention once he saw the beast draw back it's body. It charged him at a faster rate than last. Thinking quickly, Natsu threw away his Longsword and drew a sword and shield. He planted his feet in the snow and closed his eyes, holding his guard and waiting for the creature to hit in hopes he'd survive it. The Wyvern impacted him and sent Natsu tumbling off the edge of the cliff where he fell into the abyss. As for the Tigrex, he growled in his victory and flew away to his lair in the mountains.
  5. the last thing Cry saw was the fall and with that she passed out but only for a little. but the only thing that she could think about was the boy that went over the cliff. she knew humens where stupid but she didnt think humens where that stupid. maybe he just wanted to die' s thought

    she wakes up to see its still noon she wasnt out for long anyways "better go cheek if that humen is alive b if hes not may as well use him for meat too" she slowly gets up and walk over to the eage of the cliff. "ello anyone dead down there if you are then i am going to uses you as meat and if you are alive but are wound i am coming to help dont be scared alright" she yells it down below not think that this person can hear her or not. and not think maybe he is hang on a brach.
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