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  1. The world is a dangerous place, filled with all sorts of demons and monsters. Some are intelligent, some are mindless beasts. Some are simply hunters who kill to survive, while others seem to enjoy human suffering. Some possess the body of animals, while others could pass for men in the wrong lighting. These monsters inhabit every nook and cranny of the world.

    Mankind has never prospered in this place (see: monster infested), but small havens of civilization are able to survive. They grow just enough to feed themselves, and a small force of watchmen, along with palisade walls, are able to keep most monsters from attacking. From time to time, however, there is a threat that the local militia either can't or won't handle. For monsters too large or vicious to kill, or too fast or too clever to catch, Hunters are called in.

    Hunters have no or little magic, no special training, nothing to distinguish themselves except the occasional bit of talent, luck, and a willingness to throw themselves at monsters no rational human being would tangle with. Those that survive more than a week are usually paid well (or at least given enough food to make it to the next town), wandering from place to place and offering their services wherever they can find a buyer.


    In a world plagued by monsters, a few brave (or foolish) souls hunt down the worst of them. Be it for wealth, thrills, fame, a deathwish, or some misguided sense of heroism; there is almost no threat these people won't deal with.

    Post your character sheets and any future questions here.



    Appearance (picture or brief description):



    Anything else you'd like to include:
  2. I'm joining this, but I need to have a think on character first. I need to decide whether to go for angstfest or a complete fool.
  3. Name: Leoftieue (Leo) and Gedrick

    Age: 19 and 24 respectively

    Leo stood around five foot and three inches with pale skin and light brown hair cast in a single, wide braid as was the custom of her people in the northern provinces. As part of her lineage as well, she was bestowed the grey-white cloak of a kielek or "whiteborn" in their tongue. Her form was narrow without a hint of curve to it, more lean muscle and missed meals than soft and gentle looks. Across her back rested a twin-marked scar that stretched from the nape of her neck down and around to rest right below her naval, a testament to the bonding ceremony between warrior and kielek. Once made, both parties are bound by blood to defend the other should it come to that. Should a member of this ceremony be slain, than the other must first avenge the fallen member before death takes them.

    Gedrick, Leo's denja "sworn shield", stood a head taller than his charge with equally pale skin and hair that was more blonde than brown that hung in ragged strands to his shoulders. He too bore the mark of the bonding, mirroring his charge's. If the two were to stand back to band, the mark would form the crude shape of a curved kite shield. Gedrick as far as build went fared no better than Leo, though where Leo could not wield sword, spear, or axe, he could with relative ease. Beyond the scar of the bonding, the only other wounds that plagued Gedrick were the scar beneath his eye, spanning from cheek to cheek. The other was a burn that had left his left arm completely numb, even to this day. The days of the fierce berserker charging, flailing around was replaced by one wielding sword and shield with a habit of beating the metal upon the wooden surface of the shield.

    Leo's garb and her symbol as sandalph - "magic user skilled in healing" - made the entirety of her equipment save for the dagger that had marred her flesh along with Gedricks, the blade always entrusted to the kielek.

    Gedrick always carried his shield, painted to resemble a red bull's head, along with his broadsword. Armor proved no use against the foes he faced, and so instead of heavy plate and chain he wore nimble cloth woven with stronger fibers, better to dodge a blow than to deflect it. Across his back hung two balanced axes - a reminder of his past - and a spare shield of equal make and look to the first.

    Beyond that, both of them carry bare survival gear. A tent, bedrolls, water, etc.

    Quick and simple here: Gedrick is the warrior, Leo is the cleric/mage/healer

    The ritual would be at dawn, as was customary. An hour before the sun rose, so that darkness would be subject to the pact and dawn would still see the blood of the wounds and know that the vow was sealed. As was traditional, both parities would be prepared spiritually for the bonding ceremony. For the kielak, this involved sitting in a steamer so that the pores might open before bathing in tubs of ice water so that impurities might leave the soul.

    For men it involved a similar ritual, save that the man must swear an oath to both father and mother of the kielak moments before the bonding. There Gedrick found himself, kneeling before the two nobles, if the term even applied. They were not rich: they were powerful. They had not gold: they had steel and iron. They had wore no crown: they wore the mail of warriors past.

    "And if you shall die in service to your bond, you will accept that you will die unsung, unremembered." The priest spoke, carrying the ancestral sword of the father. In passage, the sword would be handed to the denja in trust that he defend the kielak. It was not one to be used in battle, instead it was to be carried and protected.

    "It is a burden I take willingly." Gedrick replied, though few ever meant the vow. For every warrior, the chance to die in battle was a chance to be taken. This would be mean, more likely than not, he would die to poison, perhaps assassin's blade, or merely death's welcoming hand at the end of the wandering path.

    The priest lowered the sword so that Gedrick might draw it from the wine-red sheath. Next was for the father to nail a stud in the sheath - one for each hand it passed from. This sheath had put one before Gedrick's was nailed in. A new blade, though no less priceless. The blade would long outlive Gedrick, and he knew it. To see the clang of the sentence of life echo broke most, though he spared not a flinch as hammer struck in nail.

    Task completed, he brought the blade sheath back to Gedrick who took it and set the blade down with the scuff of steel upon leather.

    "Then I deem you fit." Said the priest, then the father, then the mother.

    All Gedrick could do was bow his head.

    The procession - for Leoftieue had gone with a gathering of the wiser wives of the village - met at the great hall. Inside hung but six torches, dully glowing red in the darkness. This was intentional, for too much light was deemed ill luck for such a ceremony. First came Leoftieue, Gedrick following behind her. Neither were particularly gleeful of the occasion - for it meant an end of one life and the start of another, one that involved a rather painful transition.

    "If would turn your backs." Came the voice of the priest, drawing the dagger.

    All Gedrick could do was bow his head...
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  4. Name: Reyl Mork

    Age: 42

    Appearance: Reyl is a thick set man of about average height, a walking brick. He has long red hair and a beard to match, both usually disheveled and dirty. His body is dotted with scars and crude stitching, with one long, jagged gash running down the right side of his face. The last two fingers of his left hand are stumps, cut cleanly at the first joint.

    Equipment: Reyl's weapon of choice is a poleaxe, heavy enough a weapon to cut through the tough hides of most monsters, long enough a weapon to keep enemies at a distance. He also keeps a dagger at his belt, just in case. He's most commonly seen wearing a simple chainmail shirt and gauntlets, with only padded leather leggings to cover his lower half. When travelling he wears a tattered brown cloak, one with almost as many missing bits as the man himself.

    Talents: Reyl has been fighting the horrors of the world longer than nearly anybody he's ever met (most don't live particularly long in his profession), and as such has developed a keen intuition regarding their movements and intentions. Never caught off guard by his adversaries, the man has a simple but effective style of fighting based on strength and precision.

    Other information: Despite his somewhat fearsome visage, Reyl carries with him a reputation of being a mostly fair and rational man. When asked why he does this sort of work, his usual reply would be something like, "I do it because I'm good at it, I need to make a living somehow, and I don't have a hell of a lot more options. Now let me get back to my work before it ends up eating the both of us, aye?" Despite living in a world filled by demons and magic he's never been a superstitious man, and he's developed a strong disdain for those who would pray for aid or seek answers in ritual rather than facing matters themselves.
  5. Name: Vance hadix

    Age: 23

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Equipment: a standard double edged sword that his father gave to him when he first became a monster hunter image.jpg

    Two short daggers for close up encounters image.jpg

    A custom made hand crafted crossbow image.jpg

    Two hidden wrist blades that slide under Vance's sleeves image.jpg

    Talents: Vance is very skilled in the art of assassination and blade work. He learned from his father who was a hunter before Vance.

    Anything else you'd like to include: Vance grew up learning how to be fearless and how to be a strong leader. His father made sure that Vance's mind and blade were equally sharp before introducing him to the job of monster hunting

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  6. Evening up the gender split. And I'll probably have to bring in a new character at some point. This one will be amusing, but probaably shortlived.

    Name: Molly Swan

    Age: 26

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Equipment: Usually fights with two weapons, either a pair of curved blades or a sword and mace.

    Talents: Unadulterated rage, along with a helluva lot of luck.

    Anything else you'd like to include: The girl should probably be locked up somewhere, we'll put it that way.
  7. I like the lineup. Plotwise, I'm thinking we start with some random monster hunting, "just another job" sort of thing to introduce and familiarize the characters. Depending on how that goes there might be an actual overarching plot, but for now it has been left to simmer at the back of my mind. Feel free to come forward with suggestions about that if you have any. The IC thread should be up soon.
  8. Well two good short term plots would be something like a rival group bagging all the game, the second being some "big beast" that could be rumor, but we got on the quest anyways.
  9. Still some availability?
    If there is, I'll put up a CS ASAIC.
  10. I did have a question about combat. Is it all text based? Dice and text based off the rolls? Or GM trump card style?
  11. Name: Kandrian Valarius Daichden

    Age: 21

    Kandrian is 6'2" tall, has broad shoulders, and large hands and feet, with a slightly muscular build.
    He keeps his dark blonde hair, with streaks of auburn, black, and platinum blonde, either in a ponytail or hanging free at shoulder-length depending on the situation, usually putting it up to eat.
    His body is covered in faint scars that he doesn't even remember how he got, a darker one down his left eye, yet the eye is unaffected and still usable, despite how it appears.
    He usually keeps the lower half of his face covered, only letting his greenish-blue eyes be seen, yet when he doesn't have his crimson scarf drapes across it, he reveals his face to have a small beard and moustache, with his sideburns connecting to it along his jawline.
    His skin may bear the marks of countless injuries, yet it is still an off-white color, with bits of red or tan in certain areas along his body.
    On his torso, he wears a sleeveless, leather-like jacket, for easy access to any tools he requires for specific situations, while his lower half merely brandishes a pair of pants with plates on his shins and knees.

    Kandrian's primary weapon is a large, collapsable sword that he usally has on his waist or back, depending on the situation. The blade is a pale blue, and shimmers in light like damascus steel, yet it is much les brittle, and appears much thinner when "sheathed" due to the blade retracting into itself instead of its handle, yet it still maintains its sharpness. The handguard appears simple, yet is in reality a large hook, designed for breaking horns or weapons caught within it without doing severe damage to them, so that the parts may be used or reused while maintaining the same quality of its original part or parts. The handle is wrapped in leather, yet the scaley hide beneath it is partly visible through small gaps in the binding, it is dark red in color, yet the pattern of the scales indicate that it was removed from some sort of wyvern or the like. Adorning its small, silverish pommel is a strip of sturdy material of unknown origin that allows the sword to be swung by it without snapping, and the feather on its end resembles that of one of the great bird monsters rarely seen nowadays. The sword's smith, Valarika was Kandrian's mother, who built it from materials that his father had returned home with on his adventures, making it a perfect momento of those he left behind.

    Stix, Stowns, Blud, and Bone:
    Kandrian rarely has a reason to use the blades on his belt, yet when he's too close to an ememy, or in tight quarters that prevent him from affectively utilizing his greatsword, he wields a pair of daggers and footblades, that, in actuallity, are daggers themselves, held under, and gripped by, his feet. The four blades have a similar design scheme, yet each is made from a different material, one made from a horn, cut and flattened into its current shape, one from a type of highly durable wood, sanded and smoothed to near perfection, one is made from a sturdy type of rock, chipped to its current form, and the last is made from a type of continuously flowing liquid surrounding a crystalline structure in the center.

    Named after Kandrian's grandfather, this small crossbow was owned by Dargoz, Kandrian's father, in memory of the great warrior. The bow is kept on his left wrist, hidden under his sleeve for use when he either needs to be quick or quiet in the disposal of monsters or non-lethal protection from fellow hunters. He keeps the different types of arrows needed for it in a pouch on the opposite hip, for quick or quiet reloading.

    Master Mold:
    Among all the weapons in his repitoire, Kandrian has a pouch of tools that he uses to build, repair, and fine tune weapons and equipment, which is how he obtained the funds necessary to to make it to where he is.
    The pouch has any tools he needs for nearly any situation, as it was yet another gift from his mother before his parents' demise.
    The items contained within are made from a light, yet durable, metal, allowing him to carry his "kit" inside the pockets of his jacket without having to worry about them breaking or slowing him down.

    Despite being moderately tall, Kandrian's stocky body causes others to think that he is unable to have any semblance of speed or reflexes, yet, despite his build, he is very flexible and dextrous, able to get away with scars from what would have been fatal wounds.
    This dexterity also allows him to incorperate different types of fighting styles into his repetoire, yet most he merely makes up on the fly.
    His ambidextrity allows him to easily wield a weapon in each hand, yet what most others do not realize is that he is actually omnidextrious, able to fight with his feet in the same manner as with his hands, such as holding and using weapons with them, or blocking attacks, which is why his shoes are deigned as they are.
    Kandrian also has the knowledge of his mother's craft, allowing him to determine the best components for new equipment, as well as how to most easily and effecting combine them to their full potential.
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  15. Sure, but I'm giving this one til the end of the week.
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