Monster Hunter: S.O.S

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  1. These are dark days we live in on this earth. With little to guide us from the shadows of danger. We used to gather in our farms, mine ore in the land, and live in peace. For years, villages all over have been mercilessly attacked and destroyed by Monsters. Wyverns. Even the fish have become a danger to us people. But as time passed, mankind grew the courage to face these beasts. These men and women were those who took up arms, and resisted the bloodshed-- who carved their name and title into history. We call them... Monster Hunters.

    The first were formed in the Kokoto Village to the north in the forest and hills. The next to follow was a small snow town, the Pokke village, which took refuge in the Snowy Mountains. The amount of ice gave the people a natural endurance for the cold. Jumbo village was built near the Jungle as a port-like settlement. The hunters there are specialists in tracking. The Moga village is built on a desert island in the middle of the ocean, where the best swimmers are born. The last to come as a new settlement was the Yukumo village, built as a neighbor to the Kokoto village. From there, the villages had joined forces and created the Hunter's Guild, where only those of skilled arms may roam. Training school allows us to train to the peek of our ability, every other day we capture and let young hunters train with the monsters.

    We soon branched out and received helped from smaller races of sub-human creatures, called Felyne and Melynx. They showed us special ways to take parts of monsters and forge them into weapons and armor. Hunting had never felt so strong since then, due to the legend that the armor gave the user special abilities. As time went on, so did another small race join the cause--Shakalaka. Small mask wearing creatures that seemed brutish at first, but took a liking to humans as they crew on us. They work with some Felyne as comrades alongside hunters, which gave the experience a bit of flexibility.
    However, harmony was short lived when Hunters began to face things.... worse than what they have fought before. Bigger, fiercer, stronger, and stranger beasts had arisen from nature's wrath. Aquatic creatures we call Leviathans, Brute Wyverns, Fanged Beasts, Fanged Wyverns, and Elder Dragons... Even as we have many hunters, mankind still hangs in the balance. These creatures have gotten so powerful, the best we have done is repel them back from whence they came. Fortress across the map have been fortified for the purpose of extremely large Elder Dragons. But they have grown old and worn, without those to guard them, yet the dragons sleep. But we have no other choice... We must act!

    Come to the aid of more than your village, dear Hunter. This is an S.O.S from the Makura Frontier for your skills. Bring your all, and fight for the last of us!


    This RP will be hosting aspects from each Monster Hunter game. Markets, Forges, Villages, Monsters, Items, Equipment, etc., you know the drill. There shall also be real world aspects included. For those interested, but do not know much of the creatures/settings, there is a link below that shall help you get acquainted.
    Any other questions, please IM me! :D
    1. No God mode, but no death. Being Monster Hunter RP, if you fall in the field, you fall unconscious. However, this is left open for death among friends or family v.i.a. NPC characters your player has. (Max amount of NPC: 3 per player)
    2. Hunting a monster is not as easy as '1, 2, 3'. It will be hard to take down depending on the creature. Keep in mind as well that the game master will hold control over the Monster.
    3. Companions are allowed, but to a degree. If you have a human companion, you may only have one. You may only have two companions from the shaka or the Felynes and Melynx. For example, you may have: One human and one Felyne, or One human and a Melynx. Two Felyne, or Two Melynx. One Felyne and One Shaka, or Two Shaka.
    4. Post proficiently. It doesn't have to be large, but at least a paragraph. I strongly encourage you to avoid sentence posting.
    5. Enjoy! :D

    Monster Hunter Lore and Basics


    Appearance:(Piture required)
    Armor Used: (Which Monster's Hide do you wear?)
    Armor Effects: (What abilities does it give you?)Extra Equipment: (Optional)
    Weapon Specialty: (Longsword, Sword &Shield, Greatsword, Dual blades, Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Lance, Gunlance, Switch-Axe, Hammer, or Hunting Horn?)
    Preferred Weapon:Companion(s): (Must have name)
    Home Village:
    Why did you become a hunter?:





    Armor Used:
    Barioth Blademaster

    Armor Effects:
    Cold Cancel
    Marathon Runner
    Heat Surge

    Extra Equipment:

    Weapon Specialty: Longsword, Greatsword, Sword & Shield, and Dual Blades.

    Preferred Weapon:
    Sword & Shield

    Appearance:(look to character image)

    Home Village:
    Pokke Village


    Haku was born and raised in a family of Hunters. His parents were the most revered in Pokke for their cooperative skills, and hunting expertise. His father wore Azure Rathalos Armor G, high-grade armor for only the toughest hunter. His father, Kaiden, wore the title of Rathaslayer--an expert Rathalos hunter; while his mother, Misuki, was the Kirin Maiden-- Huntress of Myth. They lived a rich life among the village which raised him into a decent young man over the years, until he was about four years old. On his fifth birthday, Haku sneaked out of the village and went up into the snowy mountains were he was attacked by a Barioth. The family Felyne being around, it quickly ran home and informed his mother and father who came to his aid. Unfortunately, neither of them had faced a Barioth before and cost them dearly. In an attempt to save her child, Misuki shattered a part of the mountain and fell with the creature to her death. Sadly her death only wounded the beast, leaving Haku feeling guilty.

    Later in life, around eighteen, Haku took up hunting. At first his father was against it, but knew he could not stop him. It took a small adventure, but Haku finally managed his first kill. The same Barioth that killed his mother. From there on out, he became a hunter to carry on his mother's memory. Using the same Red Wing Greatsword as she did.


    Haku aims to carry on his mother's memory and protect the village. His father quitting the game, he is the only one left in his family to carry on the mission.
  2. i will join you in the battle my fellow hunter just give me time i need to get a computer XD
  3. Take as much time as you need! Also, welcome to fray!
  4. [​IMG]

    Armor Used: (Which Monster's Hide do you wear?)

    Armor Effects: (What abilities does it give you?)
    Weapon Specialty:
    Longsword, Sword &Shield, Dual blades,

    Preferred Weapon:
    Dual blades
  5. I was wondering if I could join, I haven't really played monster hunter but I read a lot of stuff from the link. I couldn't find a lot of monster's besides the newest ones so I was wondering if you could help me with that?

    Name: Kaimana (Kah-mon-ay)
    Armor Used: I'll edit it in once I find out more about the monsters.
    Armor Effects:
    Weapon Specialty: Bow(Can she use that?), long sword
    Preferred Weapon:BowCompanion(s): None
    Home Village: Moga Village
    Bio:I will add her bio once I have read a little more about the game.
    Why did you become a hunter?:Kaimana became a hunter because she got tired of watching her people getting attacked by the monters and was determined to do something about it and help.

    My bio has a few things that I will edit in later once I have studied up on the game a little more.(:
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