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  1. So I'm a big fan of the world of Monster Hunter. Played it on the old PS2 back in the day and followed up on everything I could up to this point. (Hard keeping up with a new one seemingly coming out every other three months and a need to survive as a college student and now a supposed “adult”) I have always loved roleplaying with friends in the game world and figured why not try something like that on a forum. This was my idea for the story for the beginning of it but I figure if anyone is interested we can expand on the base idea and see what else we can muster up in regards to the overall experience.

    Monster Hunter: Age Of Dragons

    Good morning from the village of Poeika. Though you already know that good hunter. You have been here for as long as I've been Chieftain here. I've seen you and the other hunters we are so lucky to have grow up to be fine warriors. While our village is small, the Guild has taken notice of your talents and has brought many a caravan through at times to let you browse at some of their weapons and armor. With those caravans has come supplies that have kept us thriving through the driest of summers and coldest of winters. And it is through your efforts that we maintain our hold here in the valley and forest that surround our home.

    Yet I fear that these happy days may be growing shorter by the second. I have heard murmurs from other villages in the distance through messengers and even some wagon drivers that strange signs of monsters thought long to be legend have suddenly become more common place. As if these creatures are becoming threatened by something. And thus they feel that they must protect themselves and whatever they claim to be their own. Perhaps it is little more than the worried gossip of those who wish for more excitement in an already stressful world. I pray that it is, but I too have begun to notice that even the sun itself seems to dwindle at times in the high morning sky.

    Not to mention I have also received countless letters and messengers from a some kind of mogul in one of the major cities in the distance. It appears he wishes to have your assistance in collecting monsters for some kind of operation he has been running. I am unsure as to why he would want to collect these terrifying beasts and not use them for tools, but he says they are valuable as “entertainment” pieces. I have no idea what all he means by that, but perhaps it has something to do with the great monsters of our land growing more agitated by the day. These creatures can be far more wiser than we give them credit.

    In the meantime, please be careful today if you should decide to hunt for the monsters that roam the land with us. The villagers here are always in search for your sword, lance, hammer or bows whenever something is beyond their grasp. We must still be on the lookout to maintain our own way of living without too much outside help of course. I wish I could do more, but the village cannot run itself and my hunting days are long since behind me. Should you ever need anything, remember that the village and all whom you help are your kin. We wish for your safety and await your successes, our dear Monster Hunters!


    1. No Godmodding or power gaming of any kind. To combat this we will be using a dice rolling mechanic that will be as follows. When avoiding a monster attack (of which the monsters will be controlled by myself or a GM should anyone decide to join on as one) the GM will throw a dice with 20 sides on it.

    Rolling a 16-20 will result in the monster either breaking a piece of armor or pinning you to the ground. 11-15 will be a grazing shot that will do some damage to the armor but still leave a pain to your hunter. 6-10 will result in you dodging the hit completely while a 1-5 will result in the monster's attack backfiring (ie tripping, missing entirely or an environmental hazard strikes the monster itself) leaving it wide open for attacks by the hunters.

    Dice Roll Breakdown:
    16 – 20: Major hit
    11 – 15: Moderate hit
    6 – 10: Miss
    1 – 5: Extreme Miss

    16 – 20: Major hit
    11 – 15: Moderate hit
    6 – 10: Minor hit
    1 – 5: Miss

    A similar system will be used for attacking with it ending as either missing, minor, moderate or major damage following the same number systems. A major hit could cause a monster to have a piece of it severed off which can be used to make weapons and armor. Should a monster completely miss (roll a 1 to 5) you may add two to your next roll. After hunts, if a hunter does suffer serious damage to themselves or their armor, keep that in mind for the next hunt and put it into your posts.

    2. Be sure to work on your posts. No two four sentence paragraphs. Be sure to develop what you are doing as your character and how the world is reacting as well. The more you write, the more your fellow roleplayers will be able to write back. A minimum of three to four paragraphs a post please.

    3. Be considerate of your posting speeds. If you and another person are in a sequence of just your characters, that's fine. But if you carry on for three pages of just the two characters that takes it a little far. Try to make opportunities for other people to become involved as well and push the story. The more plot lines we can make, the better.

    4. Be sure to inform me if you are taking a hiatus for a period of time. Two days of no contact and I will begin to worry. By the third day I will send a message to you asking where you are at. The fourth day we will remove the character from a scene in some way. WE WILL NOT KILL YOUR CHARACTER OFF AT THIS TIME! You will have a week before that comes to pass.

    5. Be civil. If you disagree on a post or some other basic action bring it up in a polite manner and discuss it as people. No reason to start fanning flames in the OOC or making a scene in the IC either.

    6. Should you have any plans of something you want to do with your or someone else's character, bring it up with them in the OOC or in the PMs before you do it. If someone starts doing something to your character and you don't want it to happen, see rule 5 on how to deal with it. Also, if you have an idea for a plot point, know that I am open to creative collaboration and feel free to PM me.

    7. Enjoy your time in this story. This isn't meant to be work. The only work involved in this is myself making the rules and ground work for the story and you making characters to join. After that it is all fun and games. Please be sure to enjoy it as such.

    8. Should you decide to engage in romance, know where to stop. Don't get too graphic with it. I don't know if people still do this, but if it does get more than just a little steamy take it to the messages and finish the scene out there.

    Character Sheets:

    Name: The name of your character

    Username: Your name on Iwaku

    Age: How old you are? Nothing younger than 18 unless you provide a good reason in your back story.

    Appearance: What do you look like? This only includes your physical appearance. Equipment and armor comes around later.

    Gear: What do you wear and lug into the hunt? Only include your armor and weapons here. Things like flash bombs and traps aren't necessary as you can say you bring them into hunts during IC posts. Keep your armor and weapons for the early part here as rank 1 beginner gear. And remember that there is different armor for Gunners and Blademasters. You can find the armors here: MHFU: Low Rank Blademaster Armors

    Weapons are here. Just click the different weapon types and be sure to find something that is early in the game: MH3 Greatsword

    Personality: What kind of person is your character towards others?

    Back story: Explain to us how you became a hunter in our humble village.

    If any of you can think of anything else to include with the character sheet or the story just let me know and we can bounce ideas of each other. Hope to have some of you join me on the hunt.
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