Monster Hunter: F U!

Speaking of Nargacuga, you should try fighting Barioth. It'd kick Narga's ass. That this is SO GOD DAMN FAST!

Anywho, if you get a Wii, or if Redd checks back here, my Hunter ID is MFAL7X, character name is Noise. HR is now 31.
Sooo, I'm aiming to make a character for IW, and I've decided to make a character from the Monster Hunter universe. I'm thinking of using the Guild armor from MH3, the Espina armor from Frontier, Khezu armor for MHFU, or possibly even the Alatreon armor from MH3. Opinions?
Male or female and regular or S series sets?
Male, and probably G Rank. Though right now I'm leaning towards the Espinas armor.
Duly noted.

I'll be honest, I've mostly dealt with female armors. I can't help it that I based my MH character on Leona Heidern from King of Fighters.