Monster Hunt

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    "Well if they don't then they will be sorely mistaken and get killed at night or in the woods." When they got to the town there were signs of struggles and fights. Pots and crates we're broken and eventually the two ran into a dead body. "Hm...the people may already know of the monsters....or some unlucky souls were out last night." Vasner ignored the body and walked towards the center of town, if this was the right way.
  2. Rose gingerly stepped around the dead body. The dead majorly creeped her out. Just because she had an uncle in the death business did not make it anymore comfortable for her. But before completely walking away she took off her shawl and put it over the body as a sort of makeshift shroud, said a prayer, and quickly walked to catch up to Vasner. "The dead doesn't seem to phase you." Rose said
  3. Vasner somewhat watched while still walking forward, "That was nice of you, and you are right. I have seen enough death to not be phased by it any more. I don't know why something like that gets easier though." He looked around to find people but there was almost no one there. The few that were had run by and didn't make eye contact, "Where is everyone?"
  4. "Maybe they are in their houses. I would be too if I had been alone last night. The sight was pretty scary." Rose said thinking back to how the undead were walking around with the monsters. "Do you think we should knock on doors?" she asked while walking around the center of town looking in the booths. "I'm not seeing anything here."
  5. "I guess you're right.....well the best thing-" before he could finish his sentence the sound of metal boots marching on stone could be heard and a small battalion of soldiers were in the center of town. The King's right hand man stepped from the center of the soldiers and shouted as loud as he could, "The King summons anyone brave enough to venture forth into the now monster infested land and cleanse it of these impurites!" He stepped back into the battalion and they marched off.

    Vasner looked at Rose, "Hey we should go to the castle and see the King. It might be fun to join the soldiers and tag along if not help."
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    "That does sound like fun. Although i'm not sure they would let me join, girls aren't usually soldiers." Rose said kinda sad. She did want to join Vasner on this hunt but they may not let her go. "But i'm willing to give it a try. What should we do with this thing?" she said pointing to the monster body in the wheelbarrow. "We certainly can't take it with us."
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    "I'm sure they will let you join when they see your talent! Hm....I guess we could just dump it somewhere."
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    "How about in the woods? That may be the easiest place to dump it."
  9. "Ok lets dump it before we go see the king and join his soldiers!" He started off towards the forest and was getting excited at the thought of finally doing something exciting.

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  10. Rose skipped along in front of Vasner, excited by the thought of going to see the king. "Do you think there will be a reward?" she asked turning around to face him. "Maybe we'll get to become knights or lots of gold or something!" Rose said excitedly
  11. "Hopefully we get something. It would kind of be a letdown otherwise haha." When they finally reached the forest Vasner dumped the monsters body and looked at Rose, "so you ready to start our adventure?!"
  12. "As ready as i'll ever be!" Rose said while she watched Vasner dump the body. "Is there anything we need to get before we leave?" she asked turning back the way they came.
  13. "Oh maybe some food? Just in case we need to eat since I don't have any money." He thought for a moment just to be sure they didn't need anything else. It didn't seem like there would be anything else they would need.
  14. Rose seemed to consider this for a moment before saying, "Hmmmm.........true. Looks like we will have to make a stop at my house before we leave. Also i need to get my animals and lock up."
  15. "Alright lets head back then!" He started back towards Rose's house, trying to imagine what would happen at the castle.
  16. Rose noticed that Vasner seemed deep in thought, so she poked him. "What are ya thinking about?" she asked.
  17. He looked at her and laughed, "Oh just how our adventure is going to start is all. I mean it could go a million different ways!"
  18. "True...very true." Rose began to think deeply about what Vasner said. He's right this thing could go a million ways and either end good or badly. Rose looked over at Vasner and thought for our sake, i hope it ends well.
  19. Vasner poked her on the shoulder and laughed, "And now what are you thinking about? Oh wow how did we get to your house so fast?" They were already in the slight clearing that surrounded Rose's house. (Lol they were thinking too much xD)
  20. Rose looked around a the clearing "Oh wow! I didn't even notice we were back here." she said before going into the house. She walked into a closet and came back out with two bags. "Here you take one and fill it with food. I'll get the mirror and any other weapons i can find around here." she said before heading off to her room.