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  1. The school is set deep in the forest. A tall castle with iron gates. Children of all kind attend. Werewolves, vampires, zombies, and much more.

    rules: no fighting.

    romance is ok.

    if you wish you maybe a professor but please list whst subject you are teaching.
  2. Name : payne

    age: 17

    Species: werewolf

    Payne was running late as normal. She hated her room mate who was constently turning off her alarm. Sighing she dashed toward the hall of lockers and gathered her books. Most of the students were already in class save for one or two who lingered in the halls.

    Her spikey black hair hung over sparkling yellow eyes which gave away her species most of the time. She was short, around 5'4 and rather skinny. Grabbing her books she raced into the clasd room and sat doen.
  3. Name: Elena Waters
    Gender: Female
    Species: Siren

    Elena was sitting in her first class of the day surrounded by students of all kinds. It was loud and Elena tapped her pencil on her desk to the beat. Waiting for the teacher to start class she runs her fingers though her blonde hair. Her hair had tons of textured waves and was very sun streaked from her time in the water. She watched the clock with her blue eyes that seemed to scan everything.
  4. Name: Luke Masst

    Age: 2200 (appears to be around 30)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Half-elf

    Notes: Luke is a professor within the castle. He specializes in all things nature oriented and teaches with avid enthusiasm and passion. He has been teaching with this particular school for 523 years.


    With a loud creak, the heavy oaken doors to the classroom swung open. With confidence adorning his every step, the professor strode briskly into the room and took his place at his desk. The resounding clang of the doors shutting behind him echoed throughout the ample space, bouncing off of the stone walls with clarity. Clearing his throat, Luke trained his amber eyes on the students he would be teaching this year. His searching glance revealed quite the omnium-gatherum. Species of all types, large and small, sat before him. The sound of chatter, squawking's, roars and other means of interspecies conversation resounded deafeningly, with no sign of reprieve. Sighing softly to himself, Luke made a strange motion with his hand.

    A pulse of blue and white energy exploded forth, passing over each of the students in a shimmering wave. The effect was immediate. With impunity, the magic caused everyone in the room to become incapable of speech. Stubbornly, mouths continued to move, but no sound issued forth. With a score of confused and panicked students now giving him their rapt attention, Luke smiled. With a slow and deliberate motion the half-elf stood, resting his hands on the gnarled wooden surface of his desk as he did.

    "Greetings! And welcome to Hearthwood Academy! My name is Luke Masst, and I will be your instructor for the duration of your stay with us."

    Luke bowed slightly, hands held out with palms facing upward. Straightening after but a moment of this courteous gesture, Luke proceeded to pace the classroom and continue speaking.

    "I am happy to see so many new faces joining us."

    Stopping amidst the students, Luke clasped his hands and smiled warmly at each of them.

    "As your first class exercise, I would like for you all to introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about who you are and where you come from."

    Looking inquisitively towards the students, Luke clicked his fingers. Vanishing in a cloud of green smoke, he reappeared in a seated position at his desk.

    "Would anyone like to volunteer to go first?"

    After waiting a moment in silence, the aged teacher laughed. He had forgotten to remove the silencing charm. Grinning like a child, he waved his hand, releasing the silencing spell and permitting the students to speak.
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  5. Elena hadn't even noticed that she couldn't speak, she just thought everyone had shut up. She was doodling as Luke talked and then when he started to speak about volunteers she put her pencil down. Elena looked around, noticing no one was going to go. She laughed to herself and raised her hand. "I'll volunteer" She stood up looking at Luke and smiling. "Hi I'm Elena Waters, I'm a siren, I'm from South Beach, California, I'm 17 ands I can make people fall in love and control liquid water." She smiled brightly before sitting back down and returning to her doodling. "Glad I got that over.." she said as she was usually quite shy.
  6. Smiling broadly at the young siren, Luke nodded happily.

    "An absolute pleasure to meet you, miss Waters."

    Looking back to the class, Luke placed one hand on his hip and held the other to his ear, inviting more students to introduce themselves.

    "Anyone else? Come now, don't be shy!"
  7. Payne raised her hand timidly and stood . she chewed her lip nervously but bowed respectfully

    "Im payne black sir, from manchester england. im a werewolf,"

    She looked around and swallowed hard. A siren? She had dealt with those before but she said nothing as she returned tp her seat.
  8. Elena looked at Payne as she sat down somewhat near her. A werewolf huh? More like furry giant dogs to her. Well they were.. just like she was a fish out of water. Her blonde hair fell into her eyes as her eyes scrolled the classroom. Hmm werwolf.. she wondered what kind.. as she'd only ever seen them in books. She'd never seen half of the creatures that people introduced themselves as. This was Elena's first year at this school, she'd been kept close to water her whole life and now she was quite alone, no family or friends, and no water. Elena put her head on her desk looking bored as she worried more and more about this new school.
  9. Amber eyes crinkling as he gave her a broad smile, Luke crossed his arms and chuckled.

    "Miss Black, the werewolf. I'm honored to have you."

    Looking at the rest of the students expectantly, Luke raised his eyebrows. He was met with nervous silence. Chuckling heartily at this, the professor made a motion with his hands that looked similar to the motion a blossoming flower would make, if sped up. With brilliant color, beautiful green wisps of energy flowed from his fingertips, racing throughout the classroom and causing a dramatic transformation to occur. In a flash, luscious greenery began to cover the whole class. Flowers, bushes, grasses and herbs of all sorts surrounded them within seconds, covering the ceiling, floor and walls. Little golden fairies appeared also, flitting from plant to plant.

    Walking casually up to a fairy that was busy flitting around a berry bush, the professor held out his finger. The tiny creature saw this and giggled. Flying into the air, the fairy perched on the outstretched appendage, settling onto his index finger like one would sit on a bench. Eyes flashing with all the knowledge he would impart over the course of the year, Luke picked a small luminous berry from the bush that the fairy had been on moments before. Holding the berry up to the class, Luke spoke with power and clarity.

    "Can anyone tell me what this little golden berry is called?"
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  10. She nodded and watched the room transform. She was use to this as she had lived with wood elves for many years. As the fairy fluttered down to his finger she looked at the berry and tilted her head.


    She raised her hand

    "Im not sure what they are called here but we called them healing berries. if ground up with certain herbs they cured burns and cuts"
  11. Name: Marcus Conners


    Gender: Male

    Species: Android (Sentinel)

    Looks: Human

    Marcus listened in to the class behind a closed door, realizing he was already late. Oh awesome. First day at this weird new school and I'm already getting tardies. Marcus hesitantly opened the oak doors to the classroom only to find everyone in the classroom staring at him. "Um...hi," he looked toward the teacher. "I'm sorry I'm late sir, I have no excuse and I apologize. I promise it won't happen again," Marcus said in a nervous tone. He spotted an open seat and looked back at the professor. "I'm just going to um...right," he said. He was quite embarrassed and if his face could turn to any color it would be red, however that wasn't possible due to the fact that he had nothing but futuristic alien tech machinery under his skin. The isle to the open seat seemed to be a little cluttered with books and bags and such. Instead of making a big deal and embarrassing himself even more by tripping or something of that nature, he decided to softly leap off the ground and gently float over a couple of students making sure not to accidentally kick anyone in the head, only to land softly in his seat. He tried not to make eye contact with anyone one as he let himself down into his seat, but he knew every pair of eyes was on him at this moment of time. It was kind of hard to ignore that fact.
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  12. The sound of the doors swinging open caught the professors attention, causing him to pause before acknowledging the answer that miss Black had just given. With obvious embarrassment advertised on his face, a young man walked in nervously.

    "Um...hi," he looked toward the teacher. "I'm sorry I'm late sir, I have no excuse and I apologize. I promise it won't happen again," the young man said in a nervous tone. He spotted an open seat and looked back at the professor. "I'm just going to um...right," he said.

    Smirking kindly as the new addition took his seat, he waved a hand in dismissal.

    "It's quite alright, young sir. The first day of school can be quite hectic sometimes. After 523 years of teaching within these halls, I can assure you that you are not the first who has passed through those doors a bit behind schedule."

    Gesturing about the class, Luke asked,

    "Would you care to introduce yourself to the class?"

    Not forgetting the young werewolf, Luke clenched his fist and fist pumped, indicating his pleasure with miss Black's answer.

    "And that is correct. Very good, miss Black. As for their name, they are called Golden Dewberries."
  13. Elena watched the small fairy creature with her blue eyes. They followed the happy little creature as she fluttered and flittered about. Soon after a boy walked in quite late. Her eyes landed on him and she couldn't help but giggle with some of the other girls as he blushed bright red. He floated over the heads of some students as they ducked. She watched him from his seat a couple rows away.
  14. Oh well thanks Professor. Put ME on blast...

    "Um sure! No problem," he lied. Marcus stood up and looked around the class at everyone's faces. He noticed a couple of the girls and gave slight smiles to each of them. Pretty much all of them were above average when it came to looks, but one girl caught his eye. An absolutely beautiful blond. His eyes stayed on her for a while. Of course she was staring back so he wasn't sure what to do. He smiled at her awkwardly then turned back to the teacher. "Well my name is Marcus Conners. Feel free to call me Marc, and I'm an alien that all I need to say should I add anything?" he asked feeling even more embarrassed than he had a minute ago.
  15. name: treva
    age: 16
    gender: female
    specias: faun
    looks: [​IMG]
  16. treva noticed him staring at elena and smiled at her knowing there was a spark. she giggled to herself about it and continued drawing little rabbits in her notebook.
  17. The professor tapped his chin thoughtfully, pretending to give Marcus's question some real thought. Holding up his finger as if to say 'eureka!', Luke looked excitedly towards Marcus. He then let his finger drop, displaying mock confusion and disappointment.

    "No, I can't think of anything else to interrogate you on, Mr. Connor. Thank you for speaking up! I'm glad to have you."

    Laughing good-naturedly, Luke returned his attention to the lesson at hand. The fairy on his finger was reaching towards the berry, making little squeaks. Scoffing playfully, Luke flicked the berry into the air. The fairy squealed happily, flying up and catching it instantly. It then proceeded to hug the berry tightly, drifting lovingly towards the ceiling. Looking up with affection, the professor muttered something under his breath. The ceiling suddenly became something similar to a projector. On display for all to see was the Golden Dewberry, along with lots of information involving its species, harvest time, physical and medical properties and the like.

    "If you would all turn your attention to the screen, please. Which of you can tell me what creature cultivates the Golden Dewberry?

    Luke walked amongst the students once more, stopping next to the desk of a young fawn.
  18. Elena laughed to herself at Marc as they made eye contact. She heard a girl behind her giggle and she turned around and looked at her. "Nice rabbits" she whispered and smiled to Trev before turning back her book, glancing up at Marc every once in awhile
  19. Name: Scrubz

    Age: unknown

    Species: Dhampire but with extra abilities

    Looks like my profile pic but in an orange jumpsuit

    Occupation: The Janitor

    Walking round the corridors with a spray bottle attached to his belt and cloth in his hand Scrubz noticed a large android just walking into class. He chuckled to himself thinking how many other kids he saw being late. He asks out loud “you think the same”. Yet no answer came to him, he frowns and leans against the wall.

    Scrubz seems to always ask questions out loud but it never was directed to someone nearby. It seemed like he was waiting for an answer elsewhere and to him it was. He expected an answer from inside his head which never came.

    It’s been one month now living here in this school and he still has no memory since then. Scrubz was found walking round the streets naked and having no memory. He was soon enough picked up and Scrubz went with the authorities willingly.

    The authority found no database on Scrubz and was completely clueless of what he was and where he came from. The closest they got to identifying him was a Dhampire but some abilities didn’t match.

    Since Scrubz didn’t do anything wrong apart from indecent exposer they offered him a janitor’s job in this school only because he didn’t keep still in his cell and managed to deep clean his cell while he was waiting with his T-shirt and spit and did it in seconds.

    Scrubz had extraordinary speed much faster than a normal Dhampire and he used that to ability to clean quickly. The authorities never understood why he cleaned but for Scrubz it just kept his mind occupied and tries not to worry about his past.

    The teachers at the school were notified and were pleased to accept the help since the last Janitors quit. Scrubz was told where his new cell was and it was the boundary of the school and was fitted with a tag buried under the skin just in case.

    The final words of the authorities were “Until we can find out who and what you are you will clean this school and put your abilities to use. Just clean the school and you can do what you wish but stay inside the school. You know what’s good and bad”.

    Scrubz had no problem with the circumstances and just thought of what he would do if he was in their shoes. He’s noticed a few of the teachers around and noted there are definitely some supernaturals that will put anyone in there place.

    “Come on Scrubzy get up” he said to himself. By now he’s almost curled up on the floor leaning against the wall. Scrubz pulled himself up and head towards Luke’s classroom and leaned outside just listening on what Luke is teaching.

    To Scrubzy some of these things seem so foreign to him so he thought he would learn.
  20. Payne let a low growl of annoyance out as she heard all the giggling. Jeeze this was annoying. rolling her eyes she bowed her head to the professor and turned her attention the the screen. thinking for a moment she raised a hand

    "Unicorns sir? Perhaps hippogriffs during the winter. nymphs and satyrs could also eat them. but arent they deadly to humans?"

    Seeing the other male walk in she knew this was going to turn into something of a dating class for the girls. she merely ignored them all and went back to listening to the teacher.