Monster High

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  1. Let the fire into you, let the anger start to bew, let your instincts break the rules, let it rise and rise in you.
    Alice stood in front of the large school towering above her. Her fiery red eyes glowed brightly with excitement. She was just glad to be somewhere where she could be the real her. She fingered the ring on her left hand. If someone finds out your a vampire they'll throw holy water on you and try to use crosses and stake you. Though, she's used to it. She then leaned against the iron fence in front of the school, her inky black hair creating a ghost like consept though, it is half true as she is dead. She had to wait till someone arrived that way she can enter. She had to be invited in. Stupid vampire thing you can say.
  2. Jason arrived at the tall tower that was called "Monster High"...what a joyful name....Jason really didn't know what to expect, but he did know that he wouldn't enjoy it. He had human friends. Human's liked him. His human girlfriend liked him even more, before the one human that hated Jason stole her from him. Taking matters into his own hands was the way he was raised, so he simply ripped him to shreds on one lucky morning when he decided to jog to school....wrong choice. That murder was the reason he was sent to Monster High. He was too hostile.

    As he arrived at the gates he sniffed out a vampire. He growled at the scent. As he got closer he saw one girl that was sitting at the gates. And you could tell it was the girl that was the vampire. Her red eyes glowed...but...there was something else about her...something that he kind of liked...but for right now Jason decided to ignore it. He walked up to the gates and pretended that the vampire girl wasn't there. Jason spit to the side and waited to see what this vampire girl's first move would be.
  3. Alice's eyes flickered to the male. A werewolf. She saw him spit to the side and roll her eyes. She knew he was testing her to see what she would do. She decided to not give him the satisfaction and gave him a smirk before turning back to the door. Even though he is not her kind, she couldn't help but there being something about him she felt was interesting. Though, she'd just ignore it for now.
  4. Hora looked up. So this is the school she was invited to. The school had exceeded her expectations of it. She thought it was going to be another school, a school just like the ones humans go to, plain, dull, and having to learn boring subjects like Maths. Who needs Maths when you have the blood of a dark elf? Precise aim and magic could probably get you anywhere.

    Hora then noticed two other people. A werewolf and a vamp. It kind of reminded her about a novel she read while she was in the human world. She stifled a giggle before walking to the vampire. "Hello, I'm Hora. What's your name?" She asked the girl, albeit afraid that she might bite her anytime, or something.
  5. Charini hugged her soft robes tightly around herself, fighting off the cool night breezes that threatened to billow up the cloth and pull it away from her. She stood up on the balls of her feet to get a better look over the fence which guarded the school. It seemed built well enough, most likely able to outlast a hurricane, should one choose to come this way and definitely large enough to carry all of the creatures of the nearby towns. One of the few things she didn't like about it was the name; it just felt like an insult, hearing the word 'Monster'. She frowned and hurried off to the gate where a few others were entering. Maybe her Baba was right though about her needing to come here... Killing an entire village as revenge over one boy, and an Incubus at that, was a bit on the extreme side. Even for a Rakshasi like herself. Sighing aloud softly as a cover up, she took note of the three as she passed the threshold. A vampire girl, dark elf and werewolf boy. "Good evening..." she whispered along with a small nod of acknowledgement, not really minding wheather they noticed of not.
  6. Jason looked up to the two new chicks and acknowledged the one that said "good evening" with a nod. Jason wasn't shy, he just didn't feel obligated to people he didn't know. He clenched his jaw as the vampire girl ignored him. Jason then took a deep breath and looked away as his eyes turned a yellowish color. He hated when people it when people ignored him, but he didn't want to start anything just yet. That feeling about her that he didn't have about any vampire before. He never even had a feeling like this for his girlfriend before. This was odd, but that's what chased his anger away. His eyes turned back to a light brown. He decided to take out a cigarette and his lighter to have a smoke. He stuck it in his mouth and immediately lit the tip. He inhaled and exhaled through his nose before taking the cigarette out and exhaling the rest of the smoke out of his mouth. He then stuck it back in and relaxed, back to the gate. When do they open this damn gate? It's cold out here he thought to himself.
  7. Hora looked at the girl who said 'good evening'. She looked at the girl warily. "Hey~" she replied after much hesitation. "I'm Hora." She added after a short pause. Hora turned to face the school gates. When is it gonna open, she thought irritably. It was getting colder and she didn't bring her sweater. Her tolerance for the cold is really low, and she hoped the gates would open soon.
  8. "Nice to meet you. I'm Alice." From the girl's scent she was a dark elf maybe? She then nodded at the girl who said 'Evening.'. She noticed the wolf smoke and sighed wishing these gates would open. As if god heard her comment. The gates opened by themself and the door to the estate opened causing Alice o raise an eyebrow but, instead of going inside the mansion she went inside the gates and headed to the backyard. She heard there was a garden and wanted to see for herself. Plus, he needed to be invited in first.
  9. It was strange, to be sent here on such a short notice yet Viorel couldn't deny that he was intrigued by the prospect. The years he had spent in seclusion had brought much change to the world, strange new things were around every corner and previously absurd ideas were now common place. Looking back on it his actions were probably, as his Baba had said, obnoxious and childish. At the same time though those 'fireworks' were one of the most amazing things he had seen in years. Or perhaps his father was more concerned about him having set fire to those buildings, how many people had died? No more than eight, it was hardly an upsetting number.
    Viorel pondered this as he drifted towards the gate, briefly glancing around at the others who were waiting as well. They were a strange lot wearing strange clothes. None of them looked like they would be much fun, or at least as quiet as they were now. Then again they were all seemed to be around the age of his big brothers and his big brothers were no fun. The idea of attending school with people who remained so quiet was an unpleasant one. He had to see if they were any fun or not. He glanced around for a moment and found a rather sharp looking rock. He picked it up and bounced it a few times in his hands before tossing it to one of the dark elf girl.
    "Quick, quick! On your feet! Toss it back or you'll die in a sack!" He chanted with malicious glee before breaking off into a fit of giggles. He hopped giddily from foot to foot as he waited for the girl to continue his game.
  10. Ohhhh brother. Another new school to try and get her out of trouble. Monster high? You kidding? Alexis Matsuki was born to make trouble and "Monster High" sounded like the perfect place to do it. Though for a while, she'd be good. Good in Alexis's definition anyways. With a sigh she walked through the school gates, her backpack slung over one shoulder, her black, wavy, silky hair bouncing as she walked. Her dark violet hues were hard not to stare at, she had noticed. So far she sniffed out a Vampire, a wolf, an elf, and something else she couldnt quite make out. Though she was at the lucky end of the stick. Alexis is a shapeshifter, and they cannot be identified by smell. Though if anyone knew anything, only shapeshifters had such rich purple eyes. With a long and heavy sigh, she entered the school, seeing others mingling with each other. "Err...hey. Anyone in homeroom 343?"
  11. Viorel briefly looked away from the elf girl, eying the new girl with clear curiosity in his eyes. For a moment he seemed torn but eventually he turned his back to the elf and crept towards the shape shifter, or at least he thought it was a shape shifter. Baba had mentioned that shape shifters had purple eyes, no matter how they looked, but there was a modern invention that could temporarily change a persons eye color. He had seen them in the store, he tried to try them out but then a lot of people got mad at him.
    He really wasn't sure if she was a real shape shifter or not yet for some reason he didn't want to scratch at her eyes to find out. He followed close behind her before hesitantly grabbing one of her sleeves. Once he was sure he had her attention, he began to ask her his question, something that was harder than he had imagined it to be.
    "Hey, eh, I mean excuse me lady. Er, miss. You're eyes, are you a shape shifter or are you wearing one of those magic eye color changers? I tried them once but my Baba got really mad at me for it, so did the lady at the indoor market house." He stuttered, his face turning a brilliant red color out of embarrassment.
  12. Jason decided to follow the vampire. He overheard her name being Alice...a beautiful name definitely. Jason kept a distance from her, but still kept a close eye. She was heading to the back of the school for some reason. Jason tilted his head. Where could she be going he thought to himself. He decided to ignore the little boy, for he was more interested in this vampire girl more than anything at the moment.
  13. "Whoa!" Alexis was a little more than startled to have her sleeve grabbed. How dare anyone do that. Quickly she spun around, her hand balled up in a fist ready to punch, though she quickly dropped it seeing the innocent guy, simply asking a question about her eyes. Though she rolled her eyes and she looked at him, her arms crossed and her weight shifted to one foot. "I am a shifter, yes." she said blunty, though no one could probably tell, she was actually trying really hard not to be sarcastic. Besides, his face was as red as a tomato. So she decided to give him a break. "Why were you so interested that you needed to snag my arm, neh?"
  14. Viorel had been blushing before, that was true, but it was nothing when compared to what he was doing now. His blood rushed into his face which he tried to hide with his hands.
    "M-m-m-my biggest brother t-t-told me that t-t-to get a gir-gir-girls attention you had to make t-t-them look at you. He-he-he also said the shape-shifters could change in-in-into any animal in the en-en-entire world. Even elephants, I've always wanted to see an elephant cause they are my favorite animal in the world. My big brother said that a real elephant would squash me like a grape so the only way I would ever see an elephant would be to become friends with a shifter." Viorel said, regaining his composure as he kept on talking, although his cheeks remained notably flushed.
    "W-w-would you li-li-like to be m-m-my fri-fri-friend? I-I-I mean if y-y-you do-do-don't mi-mi-mind. We're in the same homeroom and everything. Y-y-you se-se-seem really ni-ni-nice and you have pretty hair." He said, taking on a more pleading tone as he kept, on talking. He could only imagine his brothers laughter if they saw him here, pleading like a child for friendship from a complete stranger. Then again he was a child, one who had been dumped in a school for hopeless cases after he made one too many mistakes. The more he thought about it the more reasonable it sounded, after all weren't all friends strangers at one point?
  15. Alexis just stared at the kid. He was stuttering so much that she actually had to make herself listen to understand his words. He seemed harmless enough, and like a nice guy. Alexis took out a pack of gum out of her pocket, her eyes focused in him the entire time. She put a piece in her mouth and gave a small chuckle. "You gotta chill out dude. Im a person, just like you." She said. Boy was this boy blushing like nothing she had ever seen before. Though she was used to it, at her old school lots of guys had crushes on her, though she refused every one.
    Her head tilted. "We are in the same homeroom you say? Great! We can get lost together." She laughed, and a smile actually spread across her face. That was certainly new. Her face quickly went back to the stern look and she motioned her head to the hallway. "C'mon, I think its this way." She nodded and started to walk, assuming he would follow. "And yes, I can change into an elephant." She commented, just for his amusement.
  16. Alice walked around the garden and was carrying a rose in her hands. She had a sneaking suspicion she was being followed by the faint scent of wolf. She felt her instincts take over and used her super speed to appear in front of the guy with her head tilted. Her hand played with the rose. "Why are you following me?" In a soft melody like voice.
  17. For a moment Viorel wondered if by chance he had misheard her, then he realized that she had said some things he had wanted her to say and he decided he would just hear that. He let out a sigh of relief, a happy grin spreading over his face. He would have to mention how easily he had made his first friend in his letter to Baba.
    It was then that he realized his friend was walking away at a rather fast pace, not that it took him long to catch up with her. He strolled beside her, looking around with bright eyed curiosity as he tried to look at everything at once.
    "Hey miss, who is that picture of? He has a weird hat on. Hey miss, what kind of flowers are those, are they supposed to be glowing? Miss, what is it like to be an elephant? Do you smash those metal carriages and eat from trees? Have you ever been one of those frozen elephants before, the ones with all the fluffy fur on them? Baba told me about them but I never saw em, I don't like furry things so I don't think I would like them." He rambled on, asking questions quickly as he saw something else that caught his interest.
  18. Though trying to be tolerent she was getting a little more that annoyed since being patient wasn't in her nature at all. "Look, kid, I don't know." She turned and snapped at him a little. Then realizing what she had done she sighed. "Err...sorry....How old are you, kid? A freshman?" She asked, eyeing him, and stopping in her tracks to see what his answers were. Though she noticed that she had never answered any of his fully either. Though, she felt like she played it off well enough. "Look I am sorry to be rude but, I don't know. I just got to this school. and I have never formed into an elephant, even though I have the capabilites to do so." She said, turning her head, and started to walk again.
  19. Jason wasn't startled, by the girl but was suddenly a little nervous. "Uh...mostly, because that is that way," he said while motioning back to the front of the castle. He scratched the back of his head and backed off a little. He couldn't help, but look into her red eyes. He was always used to seeing red eyes then immediately slashing or biting the hell out of the person who had them, but this was different and no matter how much he tried he couldn't even touch her.
  20. "What is a freshman? I have been around for a while, maybe 290 or so years? I aint too good at numbers so give or take 60 or so years." He said, grasping his shirt as he tried to figure out if that had been the right answer. It was clear that he had annoyed her and that made him upset. He had a habit of annoying people he never meant to annoy, it was because of that habit he had been sent here in the first place. If he hadn't kept annoying his father and brothers then he wouldn't be here, hundreds of miles from home trying to keep some stranger who he had just met from walking away from him in disgust.
    "This is my first time going to a real school, although sometimes my brothers would play school with me. I was always the student cause I do not know anything and they were always the teachers cause they were older and knew a lot. They weren't very good teachers." He said cautiously and quietly, trailing behind his friend as they continued to walk absentmindedly through the school.