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  1. THE IC FOR Monster High.
    This is originally another rper's but she is afk for a while and I have made the thread so post when and if you all are ready to start here it is!!!!

    Lilaura Wolf and Isis Gorgan
    Lilaura was eating fruit in the kitchen with her family sneering in disgust as her father and siblings wolfed down bacon and other meats. Her mother chuckled from behind her, "You are so much like me its not even funny dear." Her mother said kissing the top of her head. "Yeah Yeah I hate meat of any kind. I get that from you but my basketball skills I totally get from dad." She popped another strawberry in her mother as her best friend waltz in unannounced. "Hello second set of parentals." The blond haired girl said flipping her hair over her should her greenish eyes glinting in mischief. Lilaura laughed and stood up grabbing her bag from near the back door. "Alright Isis lets head to MH, its practically down the street we can walk there." She hugged her mom and dad and headed out the door with her best friend Isis. ​
  2. Rachel Dissenter
    Rachel pried open her eyes as the shrieking of an aging alarm clock raked her from sleep. She let out a frustrated groan before literally rolling out of her covers and off her stiff mattress. It wasn't a large fall, of course; she slept on a shabby mattress. She breathed in the dirty, dusty carpet. Home sweet home. She rolled her eyes before heaving herself to her feat.
    Rachel lived in a one-room apartment. An oven, microwave, fridge, sink and a few cupboards was her kitchen on the left. To the right, there was a tiny room for a bathroom, and in the corner was her small mattress with a blue blanket thrown over it. She had always found blankets from the streets or isolated in parks, and took ones with interesting colours or patterns to lay on the floor and sit on. But the one blanket she loved with all her heart was a dusky red and orange aztec patterned blanket. It had a rough touch, and was all Rachel needed in her apartment, besides maybe a few plants she longed for. This was all Rachel could afford, of course. She was 15, and was having no luck with job applications. So, obviously, she had no experience with a laptop, or phone, and had no fancy shmancy stuff.
    She had thrown some tattered jean shorts on, a black t-shirt with a light plaid coat and a small necklace with an owl-like piece she had painted gold. Not hungry enough to finish her cereal, she rinsed out her bowl, threw it in the sink and headed for the door. She swung a small bag she had managed to procure, that was blue with white aztec patterning, ringed with beige on the top and a rope long enough to put over her shoulder. She had no idea what she had to bring, so Rachel took it empty.
    She sauntered down the stairway that climbed down the building. Rachel didn't have the biggest idea of where MH was exactly located, but she had enough information to know she had to walk down the street until the second turn, and then it should be just up that road. She glared down the street. It seemed to stare back at her with disapproval. She gave the challenger a stuck out tongue before tramping down the sidewalk.​
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  3. The dorms for students without a separate housing option were quite small, but then they needed to be to fit in all the monster kids who lacked an off-campus place to stay. Each one of them had separate rooms and each floor had an older Resident Assistant to ensure that there wasn't any violence or noise violations or anything.

    Not that Hope minded the small living quarters. She was used to cramped positions, having lived in space and on distant colonies and other... less savory but equally claustrophobic living conditions. The pink-haired girl shuddered as she got dressed, repressing those memories and putting on her t-shirt. It made her happy to be able to wear one, though she had to button it up behind her instead of putting it on like a normal Terran- her blade-limbs wouldn't allow for it to be donned any other way. Once she was fully dressed, she grabbed her backpack and threw it around her arms. It hung low, but it had to in order to fit, almost bumping off her tail as it wavered under her skirt.

    Her backpack was full with the catchup assignments she'd been given to complete in the week or so since she'd arrived, to bring her up to speed with what the other students would be learning. She'd fully completed it... mostly, enough to be confident in turning it in anyway. The pink-haired girl took a deep breath and put on a smile, heading out into the hall. She still needed to swing by the cafeteria- wait in line for a breakfast sandwich probably- before she headed off to home room for the first day introduction speech and whatnot. She was still pretty new here, so there wasn't anyone to check up with or text on the low-tech 'smart' phone they had given her, but perhaps that could change soon, she figured.

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  4. (it's suppose to be the first day back of the new semester by the way guys.)
    Lilaura Wolf and Isis Gorgan
    Lilaura had managed to grab her ball of the court at her house and was tossing it in the air. As they walked to school, "So do you think Frost is showing up this year?" The blond said her arm slung over the brunette's shoulders. "He told me that his parents would not let him come back, my parents don't know that I am thinking about quitting the team. Just doesn't feel right with out having him there on the boys team." Isis gave her best friend a wide eyed look. "But Lil you love basketball." Lilaura nodded as they approached the stairs of the school. The coach approached the girls and touched her shoulder. "The team would benefit greatly if you would be the captain of course its still up for debate but it would be much better if you were the captain this year." The coach was definitely excited about it and well Lilaura was bit guilty feeling. She was really missing Cooper he was one of the few close people to her and the only other one who really got her whole obsession and love of basketball.

  5. Cooper
    Cooper floated above his bed, as frost surrounded him. Normally, Coop never had this problem when he slept, but with his powers expanding it caused for some complications. He tried to force his way down to his alarm, but it was like he was stuck in mid-air. His father opened up his bedroom down, and snapped his fingers, causing Coop to fall straight into his bed with a thud. “Thanks dad.” He said, face in pillow, his muffled words barely making out clearly. Cooper reached out and hit the alarm. Day one of the last year at Monster high. In fact he shouldn’t have even been going, but thanks to his pigheadedness, he convinced his parents to send him back.
    Getting up out of his bed, he looked around. The room was completely covered in frost and ice. “Great, just another mess I have to clean up.” He said. He didn’t understand why his powers acted up in his sleep. Walking out into the hall, he was greeted by Tooth. “Hello there, Cooper. What are we doing today, playing in the fields, pranking your father, huh? What are we doing?” She asked at the speed of light. Cooper stared at her completely confused. Leaning his head to the right, he looked down the hallway at his little sister. “Stop giving her coffee!” He yelled. Looking back to Tooth, he smiled. “I have school today, so none of what he probably said is going to happen.” He admitted to her. She frowned, and flew down the hallway. Cooper shrugged and made his way to the bathroom. Showering, he dressed and then made his way down to the kitchen, where he knew his mother would be.
    Walking in, he took a seat at one of the bar stools. “Hey, mom.” He said to her. “Morning, darling.” She sang. His mother always seemed to sing in the morning, even when it wasn’t necessary. “What are you cooking?” He asked, sniffing the aroma that filled the air. “Your favorite, of course.” She said, with a smile on her face. Cooper smiled and put his head down on the table, he was hungry, but mostly drained from his powers leaking at night. Sighing, his mother shoved the plate full of food Cooper’s way. “There you go honey, and drink some water, you don’t look so frozen.” She said. Cooper chuckled. Frozen was good for him, frozen equaled healthy just like it did for his father. Standing up he walked the humongous fridge, and pushed aside the many plates full of cookies for Santa, and pulled out a bottle of water. He sat back down and started to eat his meal.
    Cooper sat in the passenger seat of Santa’s sleigh, as he dropped him off above school. “Thanks Uncle Nick.” He said, and waved him off as Cooper let himself fall of the side of the sleigh. Thanks to his father, Cooper was like a ghost and could fly when needed. Landing at the school steps, he walked in to see his basketball mates. “Hey boys.” He called, running up to them. “Ready for another season?” He asked. Though the one thing that Basketball reminded him of was Lilaura. He missed her, even though he had sneaked out of the Guardian Temple to see her over summer, which resulted in tremendous punishment, he still wanted to see her.
  6. Seraphina

    Seraphina woke up bright and early ready for her first day at her new monster high school. She sat looking at herself in the mirror.

    This will be great, I am going to make so many new friends and have so much fun! Even if i'm not really a monster.

    She stood up looking at the outfit she had carefully selected for this day. The outfit was perfect.

    Seraphina looked at herself and giggled. She looked great. She usually would have chosen something more... pink, but that was so expected from Cupid's daughter. I mean I guess so is the hearts but that's okay. The leather jacket is a nice accessory it shows im not just some cream puff.

    Seraphina made her way downstairs to see her dad waiting.

    "Why dont we look gorgeous!" He said looking on her.

    "Thanks Dad. Well I love you. I will see you after school." she said smiling. She kissed her fathers cheek and went and got in her car. She stopped and got some breakfast on the way there. Then she finally arrived.

    It was spectacular. She parked in the front and excitedly walked inside. Her first class was Creative Writing. She walked into the classroom and sat down. Everyone looked so normal.
  7. Hope waited in line in the cafeteria, quite anxious by now. She'd been told this was a school for 'special' students like herself, and yet... everyone around seemed perfectly Terran to her. Accordingly, she wrapped her tail around her thighs to try and make it as non-obvious as possible, though the blade-limbs were a bit more difficult to hide. Best she could do was have them curl up against her back, though that left her face still framed by the bone-colored scythes.

    People were staring, but she kept her gaze focused on some distant point in front of her as she shuffled forward, and as soon as she was handed the sausage biscuit in its wrapper and a box of chocolate milk, she darted off toward class. Maybe this had been a bad idea, coming here. Though now that she was here she pretty much lacked a choice- off world transit wasn't cheap.

    There were a few minutes before she needed to get to homeroom still, so Hope sat down on a concrete bench in the courtyard at the middle of the school campus. The seat felt cold through her skirt, not yet warmed by the sun's rays. She shivered a little and began unwrapping her breakfast sandwich before chowing down. As she ate, her mind turned to the upcoming school year. Hope was pretty apprehensive about some of the classes she'd be taking, as writing itself was still very new to her. An archaic form of communication involving creating marks on thin stretches of fiber, using a cylindrical instrument to be held between the fingers? Even in her past life as a colonist on a Fringe World, Hope had never needed to master such a thing before, and her fingers were woefully clumsy when it came to holding her mechanical pencils.

    Not to mention, opening this blasted milk box! The food was... fatty, but delicious, but it left her fingers greasy and that combined with the waxy texture of the box of chocolate milk left it neraly impossible to open. As she fiddled and tugged at it, it seemed to taunt her with its promise of sweetness inside of an infernal container that might as well have possessed a Protoss shield for how impenetrable it was!
  8. Addie​
    Adamina dropped the duffle bag on the ground with a sigh, staring somberly at the small room in front of her. She shook her head some before shouldering off her backpack and tossing it onto the closest bad, kicking the duffle bag underneath it. She sat down with a sigh, the bed creaking somewhat as she pulled her legs up beneath her, sitting crisscross. She grabbed the book from the front of her pack and opened it, falling back onto the bed as she began to read, her mind becoming immersed in her ancestors history. It was only a folktales book, but it brought back sweet memories and made her home sick.
    Amber was sitting in her first class of the day, studying her phone with a frown as she played a game. Her knees were tucked in front of her, pinned against the desk as her arms wrapped around them, holding the phone close to her face as she tried to shoot little birds at pigs. It was a weird game, but it infuriated her to no end when she couldn't kill those stupid little piggies. The school seemed somewhat quiet, to which she was glad.​
  9. Lilaura Wolf and Isis Gorgan
    Lilaura and Isis walked up the steps of the school in their usual style of clothes. They were chatting about How classes would go this year being as in it was bot their senior years. Lilaura walked down the school hall ways throwing a basket ball into the air. She was shoved in the arm by another Isis her blond and green streaked hair bouncing as she did so. The girl was smiling as she was about to toss the basket ball again when she tripped sending the basketball sailing through the air and pegging another student in the back of their head. "Crap," She said standing up and running over to the kid she hit and gasping slightly.
    (Cooper is the one that is hit by the way guys this was preplanned already)
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  10. Cooper
    Cooper stood in a hallway by some lockers, speaking with some of his friends, when he started to hear the sounds of other students coming down the hallway. Just before he turned to look at who was there, he was hit in the head with a basketball. Gripping the back of his head, he turned to see who it was that threw the ball, but when he saw the assailant was he knew that it was merely an accident. "You're trying to kill me before school even starts, thanks." He said, chuckling at the girl. Judging by her reaction, she was shocked to see him here. "Hey, Lilaura." He said, grinning.
  11. Seraphina
    Seraphina sighed, she was the only one in the classroom so she went and decided to walk around. She stepped out and saw Lilaura and Cooper. Cooper was very very very handsome and the girl with him was too. She wondered if they were dating, no they werent but I think they may like each other.

    This was one of Seraphina's problems, she was always so worried about other people's feelings and love that she rarely found love herself. She couldnt help but stare at Cooper his eyes were stunning. She probably had hearts for eyes at this point.

    Should I interfear? No. No. I cant do that. Sometimes Seraphina wishes she could use her bow and arrows to make people fall in love with her, but that was a big no no.

    Maybe I can introduce myself, make two new friends... Yeah okay. Thats not a bad idea.
  12. Lilaura Wolf
    Lilaura jumped onto Cooper wrapping her arms around his neck. "I thought they weren't letting you come back here!" Her excited was evident when she kissed him still having her arms wrapped around his neck she pulled away and looked at him with her warm brown eyes. She bit her bottom lip hesitantly not really caring 8 she still clung to him she was far to happy to have him back. "I I'm kinda wanted to do that last year before school ended but I umm chickened out on it." She admitted dropping to the ground on her feet she was definitely shorter than him the shortest girl on the basket ball team at 5'5" but she was vicious on the court, but when it came to crushes she was hopelessly clumsy in front of them, Cooper especially.
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  13. Seraphina

    Seraphina watched sadly as the girl kissed him, well now that they are confirmed as a couple, I can easily talk to them.

    She walked over to the two and smiled.

    "Sorry to interupt! My name is Cupid! Or Seraphina. You two are just too cute! Guess you two have already been hit by Cupid's arrow!" she said smiling. She could never remember a time when she was mean. She was always just lovely.

    She tried to keep her eyes on the female, this usually did'nt happen to her. She wasn't used to liking one of her clients.

    "Oh! As Cupid. You guys can come with me with any questions about each other, love, relationships or anything really! I'm great at giving advice~" she smiled.
  14. Cooper
    Cooper smiled at Lilaura when she said she hadn't expected him to return this year; however, when she followed it with a kiss, he was shocked. His cheeks flushed a bit as she explained that she wanted to do that the previous year. He grinned at her. He kind of wanted to that too last year, but the whole fear factor kicked in a made him wimp out. In all honesty it was a little pathetic that he couldn't just come out a say it. "Really? Cause I..." As Cooper began to talk, a new presence entered the conversation. Looking over at the girl he smiled. She was pretty, but he already had his sights on the one he wanted most, Lilaura. Though making new friends was always a bonus! Hearing her introduce herself, he nodded. She was cupid, or the next cupid, did it work like that? He wasn't sure. "Hi, I am Cooper Frost. Son of Jack Frost and Mother Nature." He said introducing himself. "It's nice to meet you, Seraphina." He added.
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  15. Seraphina

    Sera uncomfortably shot him a smile as he said who he was.

    "Jack Frost? Hmm... My father always told me that he was not capable of love... But you sure have it!" she said giggling.

    She saw the way he looked at her, it was really cute. They fit together very well.

    "Uh... I don't really have any friends yet so do you mind if I hang out with you two? I know you guys were in the middle of talking and I would hate to interupt!" She said smiling delightfully.

    No one ever saw Seraphina not smiling. She always was smiling no matter what.
  16. Lilaura Wolf and Isis Gorgan
    Lilaura unconsciously moved closer to Cooper sensing something that there was something strange about the girl Seraphina. She had wrapped her arm around Cooper's waist. "I am Lilaura Wolf daughter of Draculaura and Clawd Wolf." She could notice that the girl was very pretty and sadly she thought the girl was far prettier to her. Isis had skipped up after catching up with some of the cheerleading girls and stumbled in on the conversation in progress eyeing her friend's hand wrapped around Cooper's waist. "Hello Hello My name is Isis Gorgan, daughter of Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgan." Isis looked happy as she slung her arm over Seraphina's shoulder causally.
  17. Seraphina

    Seraphina smiled as she watched Lilaura make sure she knew that good ol Cooper was all hers. She smiled and giggled.

    "Nice to meet you Lilaura!" Seraphina said tossing her blonde hair. Then another person approched.

    "Nice to meet you Isis. I'm Seraphina." She said as the other girl put her arm around her.

    "Your guys parents were alumni correct? There names all sound familliar. Who would know that high school sweet hearts would get married and have kids. Love is really a powerful thing. It's so nice to be able to bend it to my will~" Seraphina said.

    "Isis do you have anyone special in your life?" She loved to talk about crushes, lovers, etc. Anything involving two people she liked to talk about.
  18. Erebus Dugald
    Rebus walked came from his locker and approached the gaggle of people know three of them but not the new girl. He leaned against the lockers next to Cooper and Lilaura. "Whats's musing good lookins." He said looking from Isis to the girl under Isis's arm. She was a cute little blond small and adorable he could feel a pheromone coming off of her in waves and this drew him in closer to the girl. "Hello my names Erebus Dugald usually go by Rebus though and who are you?" He said as he took her hand kissing it gently his green eyes on hers.
    Lilaura Wolf and Isis Gorgan
    Isis and Lilaura nodded at the same time. "Our moms were friends when they went here." The girls said at the same time. Before Lilaura started laughing at how they always seemed to speak at the same time. "My mom was kinda in a forbidden relationship with my dad the wolves and vampires were at each other's throats back then until my parents took the plunge and started dating, never really gave up fighting for their love." Lilaura smiled and looked at Cooper briefly out of the corner of her eye. Isis gave a goofy smile when Erebus had approached all of them. "Look what the cat dragged in you big dope and yeah our parents are alums their senior pictures are in the trophy case near the office if you wanna go with us to see them."

  19. Seraphina

    Seraphina smirked and bit her bottom lip when she saw the new guy approach. Damn was he fine. He asked a question but she couldnt stop blushing to answer.

    "Hi Erebus or Rebus. I'm Seraphina or Cupid works too. My my my. What a gentlemen. I admire that." she smiled.

    Sera looked back at Isis and Lilaura smiling at their friendship.

    "Yes, Im very aware. My dad told me all about your parents." she smiled thinking of forbidden love.

    "Yeah! That would be great!" Seraphina giggled. She loved Scaritage it was maybe one of her favorite classes. But she didnt want everyone to know that.
  20. Erebus Dugald
    He smiled at her bashfulness. He found her blush to make her even more attractive than before. This girl was making him a little crazy with the smells that surrounded her and when she said she was a cupid it started to make more sense to him then. The God of love would be the only one who smelled like that other than Aphrodite. He pulled her from the grasp of Isis not forcefully that is but gently and he knew that Isis would let her from her grasp. 'This is the girl.' His other more feral side screamed at him and the look of relief crossed his features and a slow smile. "I am nothing if not a gentleman miss." He knew that he couldn't harm this one in anyway that he had a feeling his past self did. His beast needed this girl for some odd reason and so did he.
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