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Monster High- "Big Kid" Version

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tisiphone; Slave 2 Beauty, Jun 29, 2015.

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  1. Would anyone be interested in a group RP about a monster high school? It doesn't have to be anything like the show/movies but I thought the idea of all these different monsters (more than just vampires and werewolves) would be a really cool idea!

    In the show there are feuds between the vamps and wolves, the fresh water monsters and the salt water monsters, etc... And there are all manner of creatures! Frankenstein's daughter, werewolf families, vampire families, Egyptian Princesses, Ghouls, Robots, Jekyll and Hyde's son, phantom of the opera's daughter, cat women, Chinese dragons, unicorns, centaurs, and even mother nature's kids! There are all manner of people and powers!

    I'd prefer OC characters just because so many of the ones in the shows/movies are well... childish- it is a kids show! Good thing is practically anything you can think of is allowed to go to this school! (As long as there aren't any Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus!)

    (Face Picture)
    (Monster Form)​

    Anybody interested? Take a look at my sheets and see if you wanna RP with me :)


    Monster: Boogey-person

    Name: Blakely Adrianne Boogeyman

    Age: 84

    Personality: She's a happy kid most of the time but there is still so much she doesn't know about the world. She feels so small- especially growing up under the pressure to live up to her grandfather's name. She's shy but she loves her friends more than anything. Blake loves to get in trouble and even runs a blog linked to the school website about all the secrets that goes on at school.

    Biography: Blakely's grandfather, Adrian, was the "first" boogeyman- I that he gave their kind a name to the Normies (aka humans) he was the number one scariest Shadow monster. He became the thing that entertained people on television for years. It's been hard for the rest of their kind to live up to Adrian. Blakely and her sisters don't get to see their grandfather because the legacy destroyed their father's confidence and he came to resent Adrian. Blake has been going to Monster High for 20 years.

    Scaritage: Adrian Boogeyman + Indigo Boogeyman (neé Dark) = Braeden Boogeyman + Twyla Boogeyman (neé Midnight) = Blakely Boogeyman, Devoney Boogeyman and Indigo Boogeyman.



    Monster: Siren

    Name: Kailani Lynda Morgan

    Age: 134

    Personality: Kailani is a fun loving girl. She's super popular but she feels like she's missing something. She can get whatever she wants just by asking or singing and she loves to sing but anytime she gets what she wants she feels like a cheater. She worries she will never amount to anything on her own.

    Biography: Kailani's parents never married so she alternated the first 115 years of her life between the waters near Greece and the waters near Hawaii. She was raised to tolerate fresh water creatures but her parents always told her that because there wasn't a higher-archy for them that they were jealous of how important sirens were. She was taught to pity them more than anything. Her mother taught her to sing and her father taught her the violent ways to get what you want. So naturally she has a bit of a temper.

    Scaritage: Both of Kailani's parents were sirens, her mother haled from the shores of Hawaii and her father from the shores of Greece.

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  2. My little sister got me a little hooked. I'm game. I'll have a character up in a few.
  3. Monster: Werecat
    Name: Tawny Pantera
    Age: 17, and has 9 lives
    Personality: Rp out, just sticking with feline qualities right now.
    Biography: Tawny was the runt in a litter of three.(If someone wants to play her "older" sibling(s) I'm fine with that.) Tawny has had to be tough to keep up with her siblings. Tawni has been at MH for three years.
    (As for ber appearance, imagine Toreli as a Mountain Lion.)
  4. You don't happen to know how to do a banner do you? I'd like to get one out there for Totally Spies! and for this one but Idk how to make them!
  5. Nor do I. It's amazing I can navigate the site at all. Technology isn't my strong suit.
  6. hahaha alright well I look around and see if I can find someone who can.
  7. I'd be more than happy to join if you'll have me!

    Do you want detailed CS ?
  8. Yo, I'm totally in! Working on a CS right now! (⌯⌅⌄⌅)
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  9. [​IMG]

    Monster: Black Shuck

    Name: Siani Rosser

    Age: 15

    Personality: Siani’s whole personality depends on what mood she’s in. If she’s feeling good, she’ll be ridiculously affectionate and kind of hyper. If her mood is a bad one, she’ll get angry and just sort of grump about. She likes to mess with people and is very quick to anger, but if she likes you (and you can tolerate her) you’ll have a loyal friend who is a strange cross between a person and a barnacle.

    Biography: Generally, a Black Shuck sticks to a crossroads, preying on unlucky travelers, but Siani wasn’t content with that. Being restrained really wasn’t her thing. She left to do whatever she wanted. And what she wanted was to cause chaos. Her rampage was stopped by a group of self-styled monster hunters who caught her by surprise and locked her into a human form and sealing up most of her powers. Instead of being able to kill with a gaze, she can only cause fear in anyone who looks into her eyes. She lived on the streets for a while, getting whatever she needed through intimidation until she was found and sent to Monster High. It’ll be her first time at a school, ever.

    Scaritage: Black Shucks are created when a wolf pup is born at midnight on October 31st, and that’s how Siani was born.

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  10. Yes, we'd love to have you! and yes please! I won't accept if you don't have a detailed sheet. EVERY category needs to be filled out.
  11. Accepted!!!
  12. Well than I think I will whip out an Egyptian Queen background one and maybe a Day of The Dead Charrie! ^^
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  13. I'm not really looking for a certain amount of characters but Just so everyone knows I don't really want more than 4 characters per person.
  14. I'll be making some if thats alright!
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  15. I'll have mine up tonight!
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  16. Hey there! This looks like a really fun idea for an RP. I hope you don't mind if I submit a character sheet. Please let me know if this is acceptable or if anything needs changing. =)

    Hope Ling


    Name: Unknown, goes by Hope Ling
    Race: Infested Terran (Human altered by alien mutations)
    Age: Unknown, likely in late 20s (though appears in mid-teens)

    Personality: Hope can be a bit standoffish or aloof sometimes, largely as a result of how she's been treated by the Normies ever since being reunited with her original species. She'll likely warm up at Monster High though, given that it's populated with other people who- like her- don't fit in with normal society anymore. Aside from that, she's utterly enraptured by music (especially techno and dubstep) and has an energetic adventurous streak, enjoying running and climbing (trees or mountains or buildings, whatever). She has a phobia of tight spaces though, and things with sticky/slimy textures. She doesn't much enjoy talking about her past, though she might open up to someone about it eventually.

    Biography: "Hope" awoke to blinding light in a sterile white room, chained to an operating table. Only hazy memories wafted through her mind as she tried to recall how she got there, but trying to pierce the mental fog proved too painful and instead she called out for help. A voice buzzed over an intercom, calmly explaining that a team of scientists had saved her, as best they could. She'd been through significant trauma, psychically and genetically, and only after days of surgery interspersed with nights of hypnopedia could she be recognized as human again. Even then, there were lingering reminders of what she'd been, and after letting her out of the research facility, she found nothing but rejection among the Terran civilians. It was no surprise of course; she resembled the feared and hated alien race that had caused countless human deaths across the galaxy. But Hope was lost, rejected at every turn, and the reintegration agent monitoring her status came to the conclusion that she needed to be retaught the basics that most children learn in school- both in terms of academic education as well as social awareness. And thus she was whisked away to Monster High, delivered by dropship and promptly abandoned again, left to navigate the tricky world of high school.

    Scaritage: Born on the planet Brontes IV to unknown Terran colonists (presumed dead), Hope was reborn to an unnamed Zerg Queen and served the Cerebrate Auza before his untimely demise


    Biology: Hope still bears several testaments to the alterations of the hyper-evolutionary virus she was infected with by the Zerg. Sprouting from her back at her shoulder blades are two chitinous blade-limbs, ending in sharpened bone-scythes that can slice through metal armor plates. Protruding from just above her derriere is a hard-shelled, segmented tail that comes in handy in cases where extra balance control is needed, though it also tends to move in ways that betray her emotional state. Neither her blade-limbs or her tail could be removed by the surgeons due to the way they interlaced with her central nervous system. Thankfully this is all that remains however, as before her reconstructive surgery she hardly even appeared human.

    Additionally, her time in the Zerg Swarm left her with mild Psionic abilities. Nothing too major, but she would be considered a psychic empath, able to discern and even feel the emotions of others as if they were her own. Sometimes it can be difficult (if not downright impossible) to fully turn that ability off, and it can lead to her being overwhelmed in large social gatherings or situations with intense emotional outbursts. On the plus side, when she gets to know a person better she can actually engage in limited telepathy, with the extent and range of the communication increasing the more familiar she is with them.​
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  17. Accepted!
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  18. [​IMG]

  19. Been a tad bit busy but should have it up tomorrow!
  20. Reserving this post for a slot in.
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