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  1. I would just like to know if anyone is interested in a monster girl RP. This is what I've thought up.

    In the Year 2034, a displacement between the worlds of Gaea and Earth created a dimension bridge that linked the two worlds to each other. The inhabitants of Gaea were the demi-humans. As their name suggests, they are a hybrid between human and some other life form like nekogirls and such. The population of the demi-humans are mostly comprised of females and the male populace for each race was quite rare. The inhabitants of Gaea deployed their most prominent leaders to Earth in order to make a truce with its inhabitants. The two sides agreed to send "Transfer students" to the other's world in order to learn their culture.

    The year now is 2040 and it has become natural for these Monster Girls to be seen almost everywhere, interacting with the humans in harmony. Once feared, the human society has accepted them as a brother race. Recent discoveries of the Joint Species Research Commission have proved that breeding is possible between the two inhabitants and the Demi-humans, who were lacking a male population took this chance to solve their diminishing population problem. Now it is pretty common for a human and demi-human couple to be seen.

    Since some Demi-humans have to ingest rather "exotic" rations in order to survive, stores that sell all kinds of consumables for Demi-humans were set up all over the world to avoid unnecessary violation of men due to the drive of a demi-human to receive sustenance. Incidentally, after the shops were set up, a group of perverted extremist known as Ero-Ex rioted about the construction of the shops, making it look like they sought out to be violated and be used as a food source. Furthermore, recent studies of the Joint Species Research Commission had confirmed that Spirit Energy and Life force are two different things. While Life force might pertain to the force that gives something its vitality or strength, Spirit Energy is the energy that powers up the soul. Life Force, once depleted, cannot be recovered while Spirit energy can be replenished through relaxing activities.

    The Story will take place on a College life setting.

    In the said college, a School Task Force known as Judgment. They are a group of volunteer students whose main objective is to maintain peace and order in campus, and promote the good relationship between Human and Demi-Human students.
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  2. I'm interested!
  3. If this becomes a group roleplay I will happily join this, but I am already doing a different type of Monster Girl RP. So, laters. *Drives off*
  4. Thank you for showing your interest! I hope we gather a lot more insterested players

    Yes I'm planning this to be a group roleplay.
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  5. *Reverses* Oh? Alright! Totally watching this thread.
  6. Alrighty then, I'll put up the template as well as my characters in a bit. I'll also put the encyclopedia so that you guys could choose from a wide array of monster girls.
  7. Ok Here's the template!

    Name: Well you probably know what this is by now.

    Age: Should be around 17-23

    Gender: If you wanna be a Trap, feel free to do so but it is highly discouraged.

    Appearance: What your Character looks like. Could be a picture (Strictly Anime Picture Only), walls of text or both.

    Personality: Well you know this too, right?

    Skills: Is your character good at Gardening? Cooking? Perhaps he/she can make an ice sculpture using a chainsaw?

    Affiliation: Is your character an ordinary student? Is he/she part of Judgment?

    Bio: (Optional)

    Please click this to view the different types of Monster Girls.

    You are allowed up to 4 characters, though one must think twice if you can handle all 4. However, to promote socializing in this RP, you cannot have your characters be involved in a romantic relationship. However, they can be siblings.

    I will allow SOME male Demi-Human characters but I will NOT ACCEPT ALL applications for Male Demi-Human since they are a rarity in all the races.

    If you want to make a Male character and make a human one if possible.

    One more thing. I apologize for not telling you this earlier but this would be set in a College-Life Setting.

    My Characters

    Name: Yoko

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Warm, Devoted, Lustful, Cheerful, Clumsy



    Race: Inari


    • Cooking
    • Singing
    • Playing the Guitar and Drums
    • Cleaning
    Affiliation: Judgment

    Bio: Yoko has dreamt of nothing but settling down with a human boy ever since she could remember, Due to her appearance, she has been bullied by the other Inari as they would often state that it is impossible for her to get a man since she has a petite body. Something that Yoko wanted to disclaim when she set out to find her future husband. During her travels, she came across the Dimension Bridge that was being monitored by the Joint Species Research Commission Task Force. She realized that a bridge between the Human World of Earth and the Demi-Human world of Gaea had been opened. However, they were only allowing applicants for the Co-Ed College to pass through. Seizing the opportunity, she took the entrance test and just barely passed it, Now she was one step closer to fulfilling her dream.

    Will add another character when I get home.
  8. Question i am guessing that guys will be needed correct? If not that is fine as well. I planed on making one of each
  9. Yeah. We need a good number of male and female characters
  10. Name: Kina
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Laid-Back, Lazy, Mischievous, Lustful
    Race: Arch Imp

    • Sleeping
    • Slacking
    • Pranks
    Affiliation: Simple Student

    Bio: Boooooooooooard! Always what Kina was. She spent all of her time messing around, causing trouble. Of course that didn't bode well for the integration of humans and Demi-Humans. She grew up without a legitimate family, but she lived on the streets with a few other trouble makers. Before long, she was picked up and placed into a home, where she was taught manners and of the like. However she was a troublemaker by heart. It was just unnatural for he not to cause trouble. Despite the scolding and punishments, she continues to slack off and goof around all the time.

    Will make another character later
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  11. Approved.

    Oh and an additional rule. Character development must first happen before any "happy fun times" happens.
  12. Question! We can have Human Male Characters right?
  13. Yep. They are highly encouraged.
  14. Awesome then! I will get right on making my character. Another question, are only anime pictures allowed or can we put up other ones as well? Nevermind, I found the answer to that. :)
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  15. Name: Adam Bishop

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Assertive and outspoken - driven to lead. Excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. Intelligent and well-informed, he excels at public speaking. He values power, knowledge and competence, and usually has little patience with inefficiency or disorganization. Often deemed as cold and apathetic towards certain people, he does not like people that annoy him or decide things for him.


    - Knowledgeable

    - Master level on wide arrange of Martial Arts and Combat Sports

    Krav Maga, Jujutsu, Sambo, Aikido, Judo, Wing Chun, Capoeira, Muay Thai.

    - Military Training

    -||- Intelligence Gathering

    Sneaking into enemy territory to gather intelligence about troop strengths and movements is not as glamorous as leaping across embassy balconies but it is the bread and butter of special operations work. SAS recon teams must be able to remain hidden under the nose of the enemy for days on end, lurking concealed in dug out hides and on so-called 'hard routine' (no talking, no smoking, cooking etc.). The Regiment trained to do this against the Russians but the techniques were used to great success in the barren hills of the Falklands and the hedgerows of Northern Ireland.

    -||- Target Attacks - Behind the lines sabotage

    The Special Air Service regiment began its life in World War 2, carrying out daring sabotage missions behind German lines, first in North Africa and then in the European theatre. The modern days S.A.S. keeps up the tradition and are experts at infiltration deep into enemy territory, destroying fuel dumps, communication lines, bridges and railway lines.

    -||- Close Protection

    The Regiment is masters at close protection duties (CP) - body guarding to the layman - having developed many of the protocols themselves. VIP protection is the responsibility of the Counter Revolutionary War (CWR) wing. Nowadays much of UK Military CP work is being done by specialized military police units.

    - Parkour and Freerunning

    - Cooking

    - Guitar

    Affiliation: Ordinary Student

    Biography: Born in a ghetto suburban area in London, United Kingdom to two parents. Lives with them until the age of eighteen, at that age he is forced to either go to college or leave their house. He joins her Majesty’s Army immediately after he reaches the age of 18 and in another year he is accepted into her Majesty’s Special Air Service Regiment or SAS for short. In the next years they are shipped into several different operations and trained around the globe, the operations now ranging from special operations to counter terrorism and training from ancient martial arts to the simplest of parkour and freerunning. After the discovery of the portal that connects his world with another, he is immediately deployed on field. He remains on field for one more year before his superior transfers him to the joined college that has been established for the newly arrivals and the humans and thus honorably discharging him from the military, he agrees to accept him back when he finishes college. Adam travels to the school in hope of quickly finishing it and returning to active duty, he never knew much more than his military training had given him. It was a new experience for him to be free of any orders; he was usually following his superior’s orders all the time.​
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  16. Name: Rei Aeriphos
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Black Harpy

    -Slightly Clingy
    -Easily distracted
    -She prefers a intelligent man, though she's doesn't believe completely in brains over brawn

    - Singing
    - Swimming
    - Excellent vision
    - Looking after children
    - Memorization

    Affiliation: Regular Student

    Bio: Rei comes from a rather large family of Black Harpies, her sisters husband being human. Her family lives on the mountains, enjoying it's resources and running a mountain inn for weary travelers. Once Rei was of age, her parents continuously went on about her getting married to a human like her older sister in order to support the joining of humans and monsters, and even went to such lengths as trying to arrange one themselves but Rei quickly refused. She didn't like the idea of just following in her sisters footsteps, she wanted to fall in love with a human just by chance and staying on the mountains wasn't the easiest way to do it. Rei decided to enroll in one of the Co-ed colleges, meaning curious about human culture and just using it as a way to leave home. The entrance test wasn't too difficult for her so she was allowed right on in.
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  17. Both applications are accepted!
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  18. Hey mate! When can we be expecting the IC to go up?
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