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Monster Girl Plot and a Furry Plot, take your pick.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ivan: Duke of Beards, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Finals are over! So, to commemorate this, I'm going to try two of my older prompts, to see if I can't get some new, fun partners :)

    To avoid awkward conversations, I'm looking for girl roleplayers! I'm a guy, and feel really weird playing sexy stuff with another dude! And READ THE PROMPT! If you ignore half of the things I put on here (this included), I'll deny your request.


    Kinks I enjoy: Sub/(affectionate)Dom, BDSM, mind break, petplay, cat/cow/monstergirls (goes with petplay), slave, collaring, spanking , nipple play,lactation, harems (optional, but would be enjoyed), public, transformation, anal (not on me), deepthroating, yiffs/furries, assorted others.

    ^ These are all just things I like to do! We aren't limited to these and we don't have to use all of them! :)

    Limits: Blood, piss, shit, vomit, hardcore BDSM(can be discussed/explained), ageplay, incest, assorted others.

    I've kept everything a bit open so we can be creative with our characters and whatnot. If you have any ideas PLEASE send them to me, I'd love to hear them. Even post them here if you'd like, so other people can see them.
    Crash Landing on a Monster Girl Planet: (open)

    I am the captain of a one man combat ship, a pilot for the Federation, a galactic force for good, set on bringing peace to the galaxy. I was chasing a notorious bandit around the galaxy, against the orders of my superiors, and ended up hitting a mine he set down. My ship begins going down in the orbit of a large, uncharted planet. We had seen glimpses of this planet, but our scanners had been distorted due to a large nebula encasing the solar system. I barely manage to make an emergency landing on the surface, and go unconscious once I do.

    Your planet is a large one, roughly 4 times the size of Earth, but having the same gravity. There are quite a few large cities, vast technologically advanced places, that are separated by massive expanses of land or ocean. Your people are peaceful(for the most part) and there is no war. Though you are highly advanced, space travel has not been a concern, as there is nothing outside your solar system(In reality, the nebula obscures your scanners and visuals as well, so you don't know there is a universe beyond).

    Your world consists of humans(a human like species that just wasn't created on Earth) and monsters. Humans are males and females, but monsters are only female, hence the name, "Monster girls".

    Everything in your world is perfect, except for one thing. The male population is dwindling. Most children that are born are females. Males are rarely born from monsters, and there are not many human couples, as monsters have multiple ways of attracting men, through pheromones, mind control, pure seduction, even transformation of human women into monsters. A tradition has set in that men are to take on many monsters/women on as wives to try and produce as many children as he can to help with the male population. But that only hurts more, as mostly monsters are created.

    Everything is peaceful until the star falls from the sky. You are the first to find the crash site. You make up the large quantity of monsters that is alone, living in the small settlements between cities, living out your endless life in solitude because you were unlucky enough to be born at a time when there were very few men. But when you find this star, it is no star. It's a ship, you know the shape because stories were told of the great ships that used to be used to place satellites into orbit and whatnot.

    You never expected to find a husband...


    To those wondering, yes, monster girls are husband obsessed, most are breeding obsessed, but I'd kinda like to avoid that until later. Here's the monster girl encyclopedia for you to choose your monster girl from. I'd like this to end up as a harem, or at least a small group relationship, due to the limited amount of men on the planet.

    EDIT: Oh, and one more thing. None of the fuckin' loli ones! That's creepy.

    Monster Girl Character Sheet: (open)



    Species(of monster girl):

    Disposition(Nice, sweet, shy, mean, bitchy, etc.):

    Height(estimated for lamia's etc.):

    Eye color (you wouldn't believe how often I forget this fuckin' option...):

    Hair color/length:

    Cup size(Shrugs I like boobs, preferably DD cup to I cup):

    Body type(also like wide hips, large butt, nice thighs with long legs .__. But it's your character.):


    Special Characteristics:

    Other(Stuff I should know that won't be in exposition later on):


    Manditory kinks for this story: yiffs/anthromorphs, Sub/(affectionate)Dom, petplay, collaring, slave, transformation
    Crashed on an Alien Planet: (open)

    You were the captain of a ship(Either one (wo)manned(you) or a large ship+crew). Emphasis on the were. For one reason or another, you had to make an emergency landing(nice way of saying crash landing), on an alien planet. Human space travel was in it's infancy, and the few species mankind has found have been barely sentient beings.
    But my planet is different. We are about the same size as Earth, and a similar distance from our sun, but we have a bit more land, our oceans are quite shallow(3'-6' in most places, though the deepest portions in the center of the oceans are deeper than the Marianas Trench on Earth, so the water levels are still equal.)

    My planet is home to multiple tribes of anthromorphs. Yes, tribes. We have very little technology. The most advanced items we have are metal weapons. We are a culture that is a mix between the Celts and the Native American tribes. We wear no armor when we battle, we simply use our weapons(Celts), but we are all allied and respect each others boundaries(for the most part), even though we are separated by distance (Native American).

    We also have magic, and alchemy. A health potion will actually heal a person. A potion of fertility, will actually make a woman fertile. A fireball spell will actually cast a fireball, same with a lightning spell, and so forth.

    I am the Chieftain of the Wolf tribe. I am the head alchemist of the Wolf tribe as well. I've dabbled in magics, but I do not have a great grasp of them. I cannot cast a spell at will, but I can enchant objects to make them cast the spell.

    There are other tribes as well. Lion, Tiger, Hyena, Horse, Dragon, Lizard, Bird, Shark, Bear, and others.

    The Wolf tribe is the head tribe. We are the strongest in magics, alchemy, combat. But we also keep the peace, and the other tribes understand as well as accept it. We fight only if needed.

    There are humans that inhabit this world as well, but they are slaves. The humans of our world have always been warmongering and foolhardy. We trounced them after one too many skirmishes, and had them all enslaved. But we treat them with respect. Most are made into beloved pets, some are kept as sex slaves. Some are married and transformed into the species of the owners tribe.

    You are taken from the wreckage of your ship and brought to my home. As head alchemist, it was my duty to nurse you back to health as you were (Either the only member of the ship, or the captain of the ship). But because you are human, the tribe thinks that you will no doubt try to stage a coup or become violent, so I am forced to call you my slave, making you clean my home and run errands with me, to keep the tribe happy.

    But secretly, I just let you have free roam of my house. I don't ask much of you, just that you where the collar I provide for you, that you don't leave my home without me, and that when it is time to sleep, you sleep with me in my bed.

    Slowly, our Master/slave relationship will grow into something more and we will begin to love each other and mate together.

    You are not compatible with me, so I can't get you pregnant, but it makes no difference to either of us. Though it is somewhat difficult to handle my massive member. That's what you get when you mate with the Chieftain.

    I decide one day that maybe we should transform you... Make you one of the tribe officially. It can be done quickly and the transformation will be permanent, or it can be done slowly, and the transformed can change from human to morph, and anything in between(i.e. wolf ears, wolf tail, human body.), at will.

    There's no chance you'd ever return to your people... You have no way to repair your ship... Plus, this planet is too wonderful...


    Alien Planet Character Sheet: (open)



    Disposition(Nice, sweet, shy, mean, bitchy, etc.):


    Eye color:

    Hair color/length:

    Cup size(Shrugs I like boobs, DD to FF for this one):

    Body type(also like wide hips, large butt, nice thighs with long legs .__. But it's your character.):



    Special Characteristics:

    Other(Stuff I should know that won't be in exposition later on):

    Anyway, those are my ideas! :) Tell me what you think! If there's anything you think is missing in the CS's, feel free to tell me, and I'll see about adding them.​
  2. Hello there! I am interested in the alien planet roleplay if you are still looking. :)
  3. Well I only just posted it, so I'd say yea, I am :P Just gotta be a bit snarky.

    But sure, send me a PM or something :)
  4. True. I suppose I didn't really notice when it was posted. My bad! I will send you a pm.
  5. Cool :)
  6. Hello There. God, the alien planet sounds interesting but, I have to play as a girl? God, don't want to offend any females on this website so can I play as a boy instead?
  7. I mean...oh...uh.... I GOT IT! Group RP of this?
  8. No, sorry. I'm a guy that only plays guys, looking for girls that want to play girls.
  9. Is the alien planet one still available? It sounds so awesome >///<