Monster Girl Maid-House idea!

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I am a bit new to this, so please if you see something I haven't explained thoroughly please tell me so I can!

The one idea I had would be set at a giant mansion, run by an elder woman,
'Madame Sinari'. At the mansion she teaches young women how to be the perfect maid/servant
(It is basically maid-school, but, they live there until they have completed three years of learning.)

in this world there are all different kinds of species. Which means not all the maids are human
and some even have powers.

The maid-mansion is also a place where misbehaved daughters are sent, when parents have lost
faith in them ever getting an actual career. Considering that Madam Sinari is very strict
in her teachings. Although most of the time the girls are taught by senior students; so really sometimes stuff happens that don't always get to Madam Sinari.

Please tell me what you think! Or what would make it more interesting.

Things I would like and expect:
-This can be either a multi-RP or a one on one, it really depends on the feedback

I would prefer if you made a character that is female/or female-like.

(Unless you wanted to play a boy that dresses up like a girl that tries to get into the mansion
which would make it comical, but, than I would prefer the RP to be multi)

-It's okay if your character is human!

-I would also advise that you are willing to make more than one character
at certain times.
(ex. One character could be a senior teaching a class, while the other can be a bad apple)

I will be playing Madam Sinari and a student.

Please tell me what you think!
And if I get lots of interest I will make it into a multiple-RP

Thank you for reading!

Genre I am going for: Comedic, Slight romance, Slice-of life, Fantasy