Monster Girl anybody?

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  1. Hello everybody, I'm wanting to do a dark horror story involving a relatively speaking normal human and a monster girl. The plot line with involve sex, which it is in libertine, vore is about the only kink I can think that is a no go everything else should be game just ask me if I'll allow something I promise I won't judge, maybe even like it. Um
    currently I'm looking for...

    Ghost x human

    Werewolf x human

    Demon x human

    Succubus x human

    Experiment x human

    I'm ok with playing either role if you play the monster role I am looking for her to be rather hostile think a survival, armageddon horror story where everything starts out ok but slowly decends deeper and deeper into perdition. The roles can be relatives if so I'd like for them to be brother and sister or cousins. Pm me if your interested and we can get to plotting.
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