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  1. ***Monster boys/girls are not limited to being humanoid, they can be ANYTHING.
    'The unseen' would be more of an NPC kind of character, unless you badly want to make an 'unseen' character then you have to make their powers minor and much more 'trixter'. PM me about wanting to be an unseen. We'll sort it out when it is necessary to use this character, and I suggest making another character in the mean time. Unless you are not comfortable with juggling two characters.***




  2. Name: Jhonan Elise

    Age: 16

    Race: Oni Demon

    Appearance: Shaggy black hair, with a pair of black glasses to match. He has very pale/pastey skin that is adorned with freckles and spots. His teeth are slightly sharper than most peoples/monsters, and because of that he uses them to his ability. (( when I first created the character, I was thinking he would have braces? I might go against that. )) Jhonan's eyes are emerald green and hidden behind his glasses. He is tall, around 5'5" and lengthy. Almost like a wet noodle. He is usually seen wearing a cardigan and flannel, with some normal shoes to match. He tries to match the usual appearance of a human when he goes out to get the medicine, and with that, he uses a hat or a hoodie to cover his horns. Jhonan's horns are large and come at an angle out of his temples, almost like a boomerang.

    Personality: He is more of the silent type. With his head nearly always inside of a book, most people can't see him doing much more than reading or running with a bag full of medicine. He has a fondness for literature and art, so some can see him painting or simply... Reading. Once you get to know him, he will be very loyal to you and your friends. Jhonan is shy at times, simply when he has to meet new people. All around, he is a gentle and kind soul. Not to say that he is always this way. Though it takes a great deal to ruffle his proverbial feathers, it isn't hard... Or pretty, when it happens.

    Occupation: Medicine seeker

    Short Bio: Jhonan loved it in his other world. It was spacious. It was comfy, and most of all, it had the best books! It was a shame that The Unseen took that away from him, along with his friends and family. He was one of the few in his circle of friends and family to make it through, without suffering that many repercussions from the creatures. Jhonan misses the other world, and if he could, he would go back in a moment. Well, he sometimes does. Simply to get some books and other belongings. He doesn't go there as often as he would like, simply because he is busy collecting materials for the Care Center. He choose to be a seeker because of his sneaking ability, and because he seems to look the most human- well, in his eyes. Jhonan likes it in the Center, and he has actually made his own little room there. It is in another one of the abandoned elevators,and he has only told a handful of people.

    Powers/abilities: He has a strong jaw, that's for sure. He can also run fast, and jump high too. (( Well, he is tall, so he can leave the ground really fast. )) And I would guess he would use his horns, if needed.
  3. Name: Hans Borley

    Age: Somewhere between 150-200 years, he can't recall. The years have faded into a blur since his death, which he also cannot remember.

    Gender : Male

    Race : Poltergeist


    Human form (his form before his death)


    Monster form - Is ever changing, airy and undefinable. Sometimes it takes the shape of fog or light, other times it is more concrete and looks like a rotting skeletal corpse, a mirror image of his body that lies decaying in the earth. It can change with his mood, or with his surroundings. Because of this bizarre attribute he remains in his human form most of the time.

    Personality: Bitter about being dead/trapped, but not unkind towards other monsters that suffer the same fate as him. He despises humans and wants to be left alone. Loyal, determined and cunning.

    Occupation: Medicine seeker

    Short Bio: Hans cannot remember the exact details of his human existence. It comes to him in brief flashes. After much research (having nearly all the time in the world after coming through the portal) he discovered that death, or an afterlife, is different for all beings. In his case, he remembers nothing of his past life. All he knows before crossing the portal into the hospital is that it was dark, and before that, nothing. He spends his time now searching for medicine and answers to as why a portal opened and how it relates to himself and the other monsters.

    : Shape shifting. This abilty is often uncontrollable unless Hans stays in his most human form. Once he switches it is like a tornado, often sending him into a terrifying cycle of one grotesque and unimaginable appearance after another. He uses it mostly as a defensive tactic to frighten humans (if need be) or to evade the unseen.
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    Name: Shihon Zullion (If you get to know him well enough he'll say that his first name is actually Jeehae.)

    Age: 13

    Gender: Unknown, but referred to as male anyway.

    Race: Insect, specifically Africanized Honey Bee (or Killer Bee.) May have a bit of demonic heritage.

    Appearance: Medium-length, black-brown hair. Two antennae stick up from his hairline, and his eyes are pitch black except for a grey iris. He has two humanoid ears, the only difference is that they're elongated like an elves. His face is covered in tough yellow skin, which is like exoskeleton. He has a sort of mane of fuzz that hides his neck and shoulders. It's a sort of orange color. His wings are transparent, and the only way to really see them is a thin, light blue outline. Torso is a yellow-green color, and it's covered in exoskeleton. Thighs are covered in yellow fuzz, and the rest of his legs model a bees. Has four arms. Arms are similar to the legs, only from the elbow down a much larger piece of exoskeleton covers it, which is also yellow fuzz like his thighs. His fingers appear to be grey claws, although closer inspection shows that it's really just segments of a finger, and that the jointed areas don't look much different from the rest of it. Right above his rear, is a bee abdomen. It's the same color as his torso, with black stripes. At the end is a stinger that has small barbs along it. Unlike an actual bee, it's not hooked to any organs and thus he won't actually die from it being ripped out. Instead, he just bleeds for some time. Stands at 7'4", may change when we start roleplaying though. I'll post a picture eventually, since this isn't the best explanation.
    When rampaging, he overall looks the same. The main differences are probably the fact that horns appear on his head and that his mane-ish sorta thing and fuzzy arms will light up, and become fire instead.

    Personality: It's super complex. Typically, when first meeting people, he may seem shy and nervous. But once you can get past that, Shihon becomes a loud, carefree, and cheerful person. He does get easily upset or angry, though, if you say the wrong thing. And once you get him angry, you better take cover. If you drive him over the edge (basically upset him way too much is how I can explain it) then he will snap and pretty much act how you would probably expect a madman to. Some coaxing can bring him out of it.

    Occupation: Medicine seeker

    Short Bio: Shihon was bored of his world. No one really cared to talk to him, and the few that he could were starting to drift away. So, he came over to the human side for maybe a chance for things to get better. Immediately enjoying the change, he began to cause a little mayhem. Not a lot, and it wasn't like it was that noticeable among all the other chaos the unseen were causing. After accidentally killing a few of the humans, the giant bee felt horrible and retreated to the hospital. Now, he works to collect supplies for the Care Center to get rid of the guilt. He often jokes about killing and whatnot in an attempt to get over it, but too much can drive him to tears from the memories. No one really knows where he actually stays at the hospital, though. Some say he doesn't even live in it, but rather in a hive near the Care Center.

    Powers/abilities: When fighting, he typically doesn't use weapons but instead just uses his natural strength. His mandibles (the things insects like ants have to grab things if you don't know) are also strong enough to crush bone. Although, he prefers to not use them really, but instead just his powerful jaws and sharp teeth. His stinger is a deadly weapon, as the venom instantly kill those allergic to bees. Otherwise, it causes intense pain. The only sort of power he has is when he triggers a rampage. When on one, his body can handle much more damage than normal and he's much stronger. He can't think straight, though. It can also sometimes cause Shihon to overexert himself. When it ends, though, he often can't do anything except sleep for a few days. Longest it took before was a month for him to recover.
  6. Name: Shishi and Mimi

    Age:unknown (Shishi looks 18, Mimi looks slightly older.)

    Gender: Females

    Race: Demon Simese twins

    iwakumonstergirl.jpg (rough sketch)

    Personality (s):Shishi
    is much more wide-eyed and prosperous towards situations which makes her flamboyant and bubbly most of the time. She gets whiny at times or sometimes obnoxious, but her true nature is to be caring and insightful. Full of useless and useful knowledge. A obvious flirt towards some of her paitence, and is more than oblivious to others flirting or sarcasm. At times she comes across nosey or overly curious about things that don't necessarily concern her. She takes her job with a grain of salt at times, in which Mimi has to frequently remind her the importance of her duties are.

    is the seclusive and sultry type. She usually is the first to point things out as they are and is very blunt. She has an attitude of her, defiantly around nurses in-training when she has to keep a dominant appearance to her peers, considering she is the most with leadership skills. Most nurses in training are scared to confront her for most things, as she has high expectations on them and is harsher on them when it comes to training. Most of the time it seems she packs a whip around them

    She tries everything she can to get what she wants (even if it is her body). She tends to manipulate patients without their knowledge. Only when she feels its for the best for them.She is most likely the monsteress to stab you behind the back if you give her reason to. To her you are 89% sure to be on her 'just another pawn to throw away' list. For this, most monsters stay clear from her bad side. But when it comes to her job to stabilize and take care of her patients
    by all means. She becomes more of a mother figure when trying to take care of the sick. She is a bit cold in personality but once your on her 'toleration' list, she'll treat you less as harsh as most. in which most would be more than thankful for.

    They are quite opposite in personality. One with the intelligence of a bubbly 18 year old. The other, the maturity and integrity of a young woman.
    Occupation: Head Nurse

    Short Bio: Shishi and Mimi were created from a high end business owner in the Monster realm. He created many monster women for slave/pleasure services among the realm and kingdoms. Mimi and Shishi were designed as care-givers and escorts. But once the cruelty of the unseen was unleashed on their reality everything they knew and were designed for was destroyed. A hierarchy of unseen over took the business. Their master was killed.

    After the chaotic outbreak most monsters left their cities and homes. A portal had suddenly sucked from the sky. Mimi believes some higher power had answered their prayers... even if it did give it a negative twist.

    Mimi and Shishi were one of the first monsters that investigated the human realm and the hospital. Mimi and Shishi were also one of the first founders and producers of making the abandoned hospital into a Care Center, after seeing how damaged and lost everyone was from their home realm. They felt it was the only right thing to do.

    Powers/abilities:Teleportation; it is only in areas they are familiar with or have stepped in before. They use this often around the Care Center.

    ; they are only able to summon minor, or particularly small things from the monster realm to the human realm. The only major thing they can do with their summoning is summon two Hell hounds to their side: Cryptos & Garrdos. Their main job is to hunt and seek things. Mimi usually uses them to seek out a monster that has gone lost from the hospital or to protect the hospital from humans.

    ; Shishi is the only one that can levitate things, but they usually are to get small instruments during surgery or if she needs more than one hand.

    Shock Therapy
    ; Mimi is the only one that can do this between the two. She can touch a patient that is either raged/stressed/or being annoying and dose them into a slight coma for about 1 hour. If she used her full voltage on someone it could possibly make a weak heart bump again/or kill them.
  7. (( i'm really impressed with the turnout so far!))

    Name: Scarecrow

    Age: 392 (born in 1629)



    Scarecrow is 5'11" and incredibly thin; he often hunches over due to his height. He constantly wears a plague doctor's mask, and as a result the other employees at the care center aren't sure what his face looks like. His hair is a light shade of blonde, short in the back and styled in long strands in the front that don't quite reach his shoulders, and his skin (usually, only the skin on his neck is visible) is pale and heavily scarred. His everyday clothing consists of black slacks, gloves, and a laboratory coat with its pockets full of various surgical tools (scissors, scalpels, etc). He has notably long fingers.

    Doctor (works primarily in surgery)

    Bio: Scarecrow doesn't talk much, and when he does it's rather hard to hear him due to his mask obscuring his mouth. He prefers being alone to being with others, though he's certainly not unfriendly; he's a mild, nervous person who would rather spend time with birds (doves in particular) than with people. During conversations with the staff of the Center, he keeps his sentences brief and stutters often. However, he does still have a few trusted friends.
    Living for almost four hundred years has made him knowledgeable about the practice of medicine, but he still struggles with modern technology and as a result uses very old-fashioned practices when performing an operation. His weakness to germs has made him an incredibly hypochondriac - he's prone to panicking as a result and tends to be very tidy when handling organs or bodily fluids.
    Scarecrow's feelings toward the humans are mixed - he's intimidated by them, but doesn't hate them and finds their behavior somewhat fascinating.

    History: During a seventeenth century plague epidemic, Scarecrow and several other necromancers offered their assistance to small towns in the human realm, serving as "miracle doctors" who could somehow reanimate the bodies of plague victims and then cure them. However, people began to suspect them of black magic, and so they were (for the most part) chased out of the human world.
    Scarecrow returned to his own realm and spent several peaceful centuries alone in the vast woods of the monster world. He very rarely ventured out of the forest and practiced medicine on any injured animals he came across; because of this, the local monsters began to call him the Grim Reaper. When the unseen attacked, Scarecrow did the sensible thing and ran, starting work at the hospital as soon as he could - however, his social skills had grown extremely rusty, making him the shy, easily-startled surgeon he is today.

    Powers/abilities: A necromancer, Scarecrow has a high resistance to physical injuries (the only evidence of them being his scars); however, his weak immune system leaves him open to disease. Because of this, he's rather reluctant to be a surgeon in the first place, but his ability to bring the dead back to life comes in handy when performing operations. He's unable to bring back bodies that have begun to rot or those whose bodies are so mangled they couldn't possible survive on their own.
  8. [MENTION=4396]tv-ghost[/MENTION] I can see Shishi and Mimi flirting with Scarecrow at times to see his reactions. But when it comes to helping with surgery they are quite obedient (although Shishi at times gets a little silly.) I imagine they are good friends though :D
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    ((writing scarecrow's reactions would be so fun psssh))
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  10. do you think it would be okay if i added a second character? omf i just got inspiration for an object head that may or may not be a doctor doh ho ho
  11. [MENTION=4143]Atomsk[/MENTION] - feel free to add a second character! two is the maximum, though. uwu
  12. objECT HEADS ARE THE BEST on an unrealted note i have a million of them

    also i was thinking???? i might use either this or this but i know some people have problems with blood and/or mouth gags and/or sharp things that go into peoples bodies????????? so i dont wanna make anyone uncomfortable because then that would just be not fun for anyone
  13. [MENTION=4143]Atomsk[/MENTION]
    I think having a screw as a head won't be too bad.

    as for the extreme of gore and blood it might make people uncomfortable, but, if you put it to a minimum and make it not as 'gore horror show' then I think it'll be fine??? I'm sure there will be times where we might feel inclined to describe a surgery scene. But it won't be in too much 'grotesque' detail that most won't be able to read it, I assume?

    Hmmmm. It really depends on how the other role players that will participate feel about it. I personally don't care. But I can't speak for everyone.
  14. Just saying, but personally I'm totally fine with any gore! ouo
    Make the object head dippy. DO IT. PLEASE. ;w;
  15. [MENTION=4144]Shihon[/MENTION] - i second this because object heads
    as for gore, i'm totally okay with it as long as it doesn't make anyone else uncomfortable. uwu
  16. @Atomsk

    I think Gore is fine. But just keep it on a down low, considering this RP won't be posted in the 'mature' section. But yes, describing bloody scenes in a sense of a mature audience but not to the point it'd have to go in the 'mature' section?

    (I would move this thread to the mature section if I had to but there are many people going to be in this RP that are of different ages, so we can't categorize it into one singular 'mature section'. what I assume anyways.)

    So, I'd rather be safe then sorry. :)
  17. Yar, Demonesqu is correct! Violence and semi-descriptive gore is ok in the main forum.

    The mature section is generally for smut relating things and way WAY over the top mature subject matter. I don't see anything in this rp to be an issue : )
  18. Thanks, you all! I'll be sure to keep anything and everything that may or maynot be hardcore on the down-low.
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    I'm really glad that this turns out to be okay! :)

    Its okay, turns out Gore is completely fine on the main forms.
  20. Ahh I feel so late to the party ; w ; BUt I do have my CS (or most of it, i was working on it during the OM competition this weekend) and it should be completely done by tonight, tomorrow night being the latest. I'd finish it now, but i am sadly in the middle of class, so i cant finish it. (so most of the stuff is empty r/n dont worry it'll be done)

    But for now i'll put my Char sheet under this nice little spolier here.
    Michelle Kaname
    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human



    Occupation: Student
    Short Bio: