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  1. I N T R O

    hi. my name is gore.
    i'm a huge piece of shit and i'm looking for role-play partners.


    R U L E S
    i write two+ paragraphs. do the same. zero one-liners.
    i have good grammar. please have the same.
    i'm a slow-as-shit poster. bear with me. life is tough.
    i play all genders, all sexualities, and all kinds of characters. no requirements to be just like me, but be flexible.
    i'm very open to smut. discuss with me if you're interested in implementing it.
    my feet hurt and i freak out about odd numbers.


    I D E A S

    • giant traveler // runaway satyr(ess)

    muse a is just a giant finding his way in a wild, wild world. he's been through hellish things, and beautiful things too; being a wanderer can lead on an adventurous, but also lonely life. keeping contact with other people is often a struggle, combining his constant moving from land to land, the rarity of sentient beings to interact with, and his feared reputation as a giant.

    however, this would change on a fateful night with a full, pearly white moon. awoken by close noises, muse a finds an intruder lurking in his chosen territory for the night, attempting to loot from his belongings. quick to react when this is realized, he snatches up the tiny intruder -- coming face-to-face with muse b.

    muse b is somewhat of an opposite, but still is strangely connected, to the ruffian muse a. instead of having full freedom, they lead a life on the run, a satyr(ess) of royal blood that escaped their life of pampered luxury, heeding to the call of adventure and mystery that the wild had to offer.

    now, simply out of their curious and daring nature, muse b finds their life quite literally in the hands of a rather angry muse a. little do either of these adventurers know, this accidental meeting will lead them on a path that they'll never look back from -- and on the way, many great and terrible things will be sure to happen.

    • dragon tamer // dragon tamer

    dragon taming is against all law. owning a mythical creature, under any circumstances, is considered a major threat towards higher officials, and dragon tamers are typically stripped of their dragons and sentenced to rotting away in prisons if they're captured. a young dragon tamer, muse a, finds themselves caught in this unfortunate fate, and their dragon is locked away from them while they are thrown into a prison cell.

    surprisingly, they find themselves next to the cell of another dragon tamer, who faced similar capture and whose dragon was being held in a different area of the prison. the two, finding out this similarity, secretly conspire to break out of the prison to gain back their bonded dragons and find freedom. despite the apparent differences between them, they sort through their skills and formulate a plan together, going from strangers to allies in a short amount of time, tied together with the desperation of escape.

    they break free from their cells and break their dragons from their shackles, making a grand escape together from the prison. though they're free, their actions don't come without a price; now, they're wanted by the law all across the lands they roam, both forced to take to the wild due to their misdeeds towards the law. in finding this out, the two tamers decide that, despite their differences, sticking together might be better than traveling on their own -- they each have similar futures to face, and with how well their escape turned out to go, it showed they seemed to have a connection of some sort teamwork-wise.

    unknown to the tamers, this journey will lead them to many hardships, many obstacles to overcome in themselves, with each other, and with their environments -- but the one thing that they do both seem to feel is that it's gonna be one heck of a ride.

    • siren // deaf human

    muse a has been living among humans for many decades. she's a siren, a beautiful, but carnivorous and terrifying creature whose voice attracts humans like moths to a flame. she needn't do anything but sing or hum a tune, and her prey will come to her, vulnerable for her to lead away and feast upon. it's a violent life to lead, taking the lives of humans for her own sustenance, but it's something she's come to adjust to.

    the time of the month comes where she must feed again, and she takes to the night to search for her prey. she typically finds herself at bars, where prey is more vulnerable with alcohol clouding many humans' minds. she finds herself attracted to a certain man at a nearby table, and finds it even more useful seeing that he's alone. with the natural allure of her voice, it's easy to sweeten a human male up, so she makes her way towards him and greets him.

    surprisingly, he doesn't immediately turn as all of her other prey did before. in fact, he doesn't seem to hear her at all, which shocks her somewhat. when she greets him again, he still doesn't notice her. eventually, she finds herself oddly frustrated, and taps him on the shoulder to get his attention. only then does his head turn and his surprised eyes fall on her. he doesn't say a word, staring at a confused muse a, and muse a greets him again -- only for him to blink and do a couple of short, fluid motions with his hands.

    this is muse b. as it so turns out, muse b had fallen deaf at an early age due to a birth defect, and could not hear any of the outside world. when muse b manages to communicate to the deeply confused muse a that he's deaf, muse a finds herself baffled. she'd never met a single human being completely immune to the affects of her voice -- and though finding out that this human is deaf seems to make it obvious, she's still very curious.

    the encounter leads muse a to forgetting about her intent to make muse b her prey, and instead, they converse by writing words on a notepad, as muse a can't understand muse b's fluent sign language. it's a silent, and very unique encounter for muse a, and she finds out that he attends the bar regularly. after their first encounter, muse a finds herself utterly infatuated with muse b, and she attends the bar more frequently just to meet with this deaf muse b and have more conversations with him, get to know him more.

    this twist of fate might just lead to muse a changing her perspective -- on life, on her strengths, on humans, on everything. two opposites will spark a fiery flame, and it's bound to lead them to something both strange, and very, very beautiful.

    • lycanthrope pet // human owner

    muse a has lived in a small, sleepy town with a close-knit neighborhood ever since they moved there at age nineteen. they started off pretty much broke, but worked their way to buying a house through small jobs leading to steadier jobs, and they live a comfortable life in their own small home. it's a cozy town, admittedly, and though muse a plans to set their sights to higher places someday, they're quite comfortable where they're at. they have friends, they know people in the town, and they have a pretty good life.

    something interesting had started to happen as muse a adjusted more to their home -- a stray cat started to visit often. at first, it simply roamed muse a's yard catching squirrels and gophers, or it just lazed on their porch or windowsill. muse a grew a strange attachment to the cat, and started to leave food out for it, slowly progressing to allowing the cat to come into their home when the weather started to get cold. apparently, the cat came out of nowhere and didn't belong to anybody in their neighborhood, but this didn't bother them. they seemed to unofficially adopt the cat, and it eventually hung around muse a's house full time, becoming their pet of sorts. it didn't cause trouble, and it seemed healthy, so it was no trouble for muse a. they seemed to bond with the cat over time, and a small friendship between adopted pet and owner grew between the two.

    however, this cat was not as simple as it seemed. in fact, this was no normal cat at all -- this was muse b, a lycanthrope who had disguised themselves in their second form long ago. they escaped from a rather unfortunate home situation, using their supernatural qualities to their advantage and traveling from place to place as a wandering cat. muse b had taken a liking to muse a, after not being kicked off of muse a's property the first couple times they came around, and they slowly became more acquainted with muse a over time, finding themselves lucky enough to be taken in by muse a as a pet. muse b was not a cat full-time; with observing and adjusting to patterns, muse b managed to find a way to take on a human form for some of the time, finding a way to acquire clothes of their size and taking on their human characteristics in the late hours of the night, when muse a slept like a rock in their room.

    this cycle lasted for a long while, right under muse a's nose. not everything could be completely hidden from muse a's awareness -- sometimes, things from the kitchen would go missing, or certain things would be out-of-place, but it seemed somewhat trivial to muse a for the time. the ruse lasted for a while, until muse a was miraculously awoken from their usually deep sleep in the late hours of the night.

    whether it was fate that woke them, or just chance, a sleepy muse a wakes up much more abruptly when they hear noises coming from their kitchen. a sense of dread creeps into them, thinking there's an intruder in their house, a rare occurrence in such a safe town as theirs. they can't just sit in their bed -- a frightened curiosity leads them quietly out of their room, to examine the source of the noises. when they oh-so-silently creep towards their kitchen, they confirm that there truly are noises coming from there, and they poke their head in unnoticed to confirm the presence of a person.

    they do indeed see a person there -- and the person, turning suddenly, sees them in the doorway too, spying on them. but when muse a gasps and nearly screams in a panic, the 'intruder' -- or the human muse b -- panics as well, realizing its either they reveal their secret or are forced to flee. muse b still has an attachment to their 'owner', and upon deciding that they can't just up and leave, they try to work out this difficult situation to muse a -- making that happenstance one of the most impacting nights of muse a's life, that's sure to flip their perspective on everything onto its head.

    • best friend // abused friend

    muse a fell in love with the wrong person. it was a tragic, disturbing situation; muse a was caught in a vicious abusive relationship for a long while, sucked into the trap and unable to understand it well enough to get out of it. their partner left terrible marks on muse a, changing their personality, leaving bruises and physical marks all over them, and changing muse a into something fragile and cautious.

    throughout all of this, muse b was watching, and was disgusted with what they saw. muse b had known muse a since they were young, reckless teenagers, and had shared many stupid and wonderful experiences with muse a. they'd even harbored a secret romantic interest in them, but it changed when muse a found their first partner. it was an unnerving, dreadful thing to on-look; muse b was very perceptive, and eventually began to notice the changes muse a went through from a product of their abuse. they became more sensitive, they flinched at every sudden movement or noise, they became more timid and quiet and passive. muse b suspected it for a long time -- but it wasn't until the first night that muse a came to them with a swollen eye and a cut lip that their suspicions were confirmed.

    it was an awful thing to witness, and it truly angered muse b. they wanted nothing more than for muse a to be treated like they should have been, as a treasure, not as a punching bag like they were being treated then. muse a had nobody to go to but muse b about the ordeal, confiding in them about their experiences in secret, breaking down in front of them and making muse b even angrier. how dare they hurt their closest friend in such a way.

    a night comes that changes everything, when a fight between the partners goes too far. muse b gets an unexpected call from muse a, and a panic sets in when muse a tells muse b that their abuser came at them with a knife. muse a had fled with whatever few things they could collect, and now had resorted to calling the only person that knew their situation to hopefully get some help.

    of course, muse b wasn't going to just let muse a find their own way. as muse a tells them the situation and their location, they rush to their car and drive to where muse a waits, picking them up and driving an obviously battered muse a back to their house to at least stay the night. it's an emotional night, where wounds are tended to and many huge revelations are faced. it's decided, with a long and heart-to-heart talk between the best friends, that muse a simply can't stay in their situation and expect to be alright anymore.

    now, muse a and muse b will have to work together to get muse a out of their dangerous position and back to safety, where they can get a better start on their life with muse b by their side all the way through.

    • skater kid // artist kid

    when you're a teenager, the sky's the limit -- at least, for some kids. muse a is an energetic, live-life-on-the-wild-side kind-of kid, who took up skateboarding at a young age. their hobby of skating turned into a passion, sucking them into a culture of other teens with adventurous and adrenaline-filled spirits and turning them into an outgoing, rebellious young adult. they had their sketchy moments, and rarely did you ever see them taking time out to smell the roses. they seemed to always be on the move, and they lived life on the edge.

    muse a was pretty much the exact opposite of a friend of one of muse a's friends, muse b. muse b is a quiet, but creative and inspirational artist who was practically born with a pencil and sketchpad in hand. at first, it was just the constant scribbles of toddler years, but it turned into a full-time passion as they grew older, and they seem to always have their nose in their mysterious sketchbook. despite their enthusiasm in sketches and art, they were a passive and awkward sort-of person, a wallflower of sorts. they only made few close friends instead of joining large groups, and they led a calm, but sometimes lonely life this way.

    muse a and muse b do come into close quarters often, despite their opposing natures. as muse b does manage to befriend one of muse a's skater buddies, they're seen a lot sitting on a bench next to the well-known skate park of their town, scratching their pencils and pens against their sketchbook. it's a strange sight to see such a tame person in such a rowdy environment, for muse a, at least, and they happen to notice muse b on the sidelines often. it arouses a curiosity in muse a, and finding themselves invested into this mystery of a person, they find the friend that's friends with muse b and gets what little information that they can about muse b.

    eventually, the curiosity turns into a sort-of inner determination to catch muse b's attention, as muse a has a certain infatuation with the quiet person. each time muse b is on that same bench, muse a tries to gather noise and attention from their buddies to hopefully get muse b to look towards them. it's a childish thing to do, and most of the time, it doesn't even work out. after many failed attempts, muse a screws up in trying to do a very grand and risky move -- and manages to crash land almost right into muse b, making them jump out of their seat.

    now, this manages to get their attention, even though it's a very awkward situation. muse a, finding themselves uncharacteristically worried and flustered at the situation, is apologizing profusely to the wary and panicked muse b, who is also both somewhat worried and somewhat shocked. the first encounter between these two is certainly not ideal, but it achieves what muse a was hoping to get with their other failed attempts: to get muse b's attention.

    after that encounter, muse b does in fact seem to watch muse a more than they watch their sketchbook, and a curiosity begins to bloom from muse b's end towards muse a. something starts sparking, moving from an awkward first encounter to a developing .. friendship, maybe? crush? they both aren't entirely sure. but, even despite their confused feelings, fate has something very great in store for these two kids. maybe a chance at friendship -- or maybe at something much bigger.


    C O N T A C T

    post below if interested. don't pm me. i'll ignore it.
    thank you.

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  2. If you dn't have a partner, I like:
    • skater kid // artist kid

    Down side is that I do not have great grammar, but I think it's readable for you to understand it, sometimes...?
  3. Hello there, I'm digging the lycanthrope pet x human owner plot. If love to roleplay it with you, if you'd like.
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  4. Hello! I really liked the dragon tamer x dragon tamer idea. Are you still looking for partners on that one?
  5. Hey there, :o if you're looking for more than one partner per idea, I'm pretty interested in the dragon tamer one as well.
  6. the search isn't over.
  7. I'd really be interested in any of them if you are still looking
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