Money makes the world go round.

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So, hahaha! Funny story.

back in August I was supposed to be moving down to lil' ol' Calitown [california]. I had paid for my ticket, packed all my things, put my two weeks in, and said my goodbyes. Now, 2 days before I have to leave my roommates tell me this:

"We're sorry. But because you didn't keep in touch with us, we can't keep you as a roommate." /not a direct quote.

x1. I got screwed.

So, I decide to go to Washington and stay with a few people. Considering that my place has a bunch of other branches across the states, I thought: Hey, getting rehired won't be that bad, right? WRONG.

I did everythign they told me to do, yet. I never got hired.

x2. I got screwed.

I spend 3 months without a job, and then throughout that time of searching, going to interviews and wasting my breath trying to get hired... I get peracorinitus. Aka. Pissed off tooth. My wisdom tooth caused me an infection in my gum, which caused me to have to go to the dentist before shit got worse. [Cuz you know... Infections and all that jazz can kill.] I get it taken care of and what not, and the clinic was kind enough to give me just a 50 dollar bill to pay.

BUT WAIT.! I have no job. Yet, I was able to have the option to pay a certain amount each month. I got over zealous because I have a friend who offered to help me pay my bill, and said i can pay 20 bucks a month. [HAR.] It turns out, that after going to the dentist that one time, I have to have MORE dental appointments in order to get rid of cavities, and my wisdom tooth.

Appointments = money =/= applicable.

Get what I am saying?

But my person who was supposed to be helping me to pay for these bills got screwed over with their paycheck, and were not able to send me any money...

x3. I got screwed over.

Now, I have absolutely no gas, no money, and no way to pay off the rest of the bill by Monday on the 31st. It will go to collections, and I don't know what the fuck to do.

It's depressing, and stressful as fuck.
Oh, goodness. You're really having a hard time ain't cha? :[ *offers a hug*

I give you my best wishes. I hope everything will straighten out in time. Money is such a critical issue for people with unemployment the way it is. I can understand your situation in a way. I had to move back in with my family here in Oly because I lost my job in Northern Washington and couldn't find a new one in time to keep paying my rent, and I had nowhere else to go. It's pretty blah.

Stress and depression are bitches. If you ever want to rant or talk to somebody, feel free to bug me on MSN or Skype or even a PM. :] I'm a good listener.
How many months has it been since the bill was first sent? Cause on the BRIGHT side, it takes a while before they send it off to collections. .__.; Unless your dentist is an asshole. They usually send several "you still haven't paid this bill/your bill is late" notices first.
Well, I paid 8 dollars out of the 20 for october, I just wasn't able to get the rest of the 12 in time. For November, I'll be able to pay off the rest of October, and November combined. So it really hasn't been any months, just a few days off. When I had asked the lady [receptionist] if there was anything I could do if I was unable to pay for October, she just stated: It will be sent to collections.

But thanks guys. It just kind of sucks not having a job when all my life I had one. I really don't want to have to wait for summer to roll around to get a job again.
Go figure, this is what I came here to bitch about.... Money. Cept I'm everyone's cash cow >< GAH Sorry to hear things are rough for you, too..