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    The birth of advanced technology did not occur at the time we were led to believe.

    The first cell phones were manufactured as early as 1932.

    Only…the general populace was not allowed to know about or use this technology, or the knowledge behind it. Government testers, sponsored scientists, and agents were the only ones allowed to know how fast manmade technology was really developing. It was developing at such a fast pace, that it frightened those who built and used it. The capabilities of what they could do frightened them so badly they decided to lock all of this knowledge away, saving it for use by only the most trusted members of the world’s governments and scientific community, and releasing it to the public at a meager trickle so as not to frighten them into panic and rebellion. Nobody aside from two people in the world knows what source of power and design was responsible for the advancement, and those two people have sworn on their lives not to reveal the secret.

    Right now in 2012, our capability is more comparable to what you would imagine to be in use in 2034. Your touchpad, your HD Laptop…it’s nothing compared to the tracking technologies, laser weapons, teleportation, and virtual simulation the government is using behind your back this very minute. If you knew, would you be eager to get your hands on some of this technology? Or would you be too frightened of the possibilities to go anywhere near it? Because everyone who is in on it knows…the vast majority of things being developed are still in an experimental stage. Who knows what would happen if a freshly developed weapon, drug or form of transportation backfired? It could have a minimal range of impact. Or it could affect the entire world.

    There is an organization dedicated to keeping the public’s eyes shielded from the advancement of technology, from letting this technology fall into the wrong hands, and from letting new technology go untested…this organization goes by the name the Sentential Collective, or for short, the Collective. Members of the Collective are allowed to use new technology, but only for the uses that the Director determines. The Collective is cutthroat. If you fail the entrance exams, you will be thrown in jail or an asylum…because just by taking the test you already know too much. Other members will fight against you for the right to your position. If you die in a fair fight, then they have the right to take your rank. You are expected to know how to fight and be willing to kill criminals and civilians alike at the will of the Director.

    You are not told any of this when you first sign on, or even after you pass the entrance exam. For the first few days everything seems great. Everyone is nice to you, and it isn’t much different from landing a job in sales. But by that time it is too late to back out. You are in for life. If you try to back out and skip town once you realize you don’t like your job so much anymore, you will be hunted down and killed.

    Recently, the Collective has brought together a group of it’s newest members for a “small” initiation project to prove their worth to the organization.

    You are one of these new members.

    Unbeknowst to you, you have been given the duty of lab rat for an experimental time travel machine. They have gotten the time machine to work before and can comfortably use it to travel themselves. But never before has the Collective tried to manipulate the events of history. That job is going to fall to you.

    You have just arrived at the specified hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, as clueless as you were when you first signed on. You think that this is just some sort of business meeting or convention ran by the Collective. How wrong you are.

    And once you discover the truth and travel back in time, what will you do? Will you do your duty? Will you do the "right" thing? Will you turn against everyone and make what you want happen? Or will you try to run away into history, never to be heard from again?


    -Germany 1938- May 1st,9171,760539,00.html

    1938, the year Adolf Hitler was declared Man of the Year by our very own Time magazine. Germany had risen in power, both in military, and, indeed, cultural strength. Strength enough to frighten its enemies and spark awe in its allies. It was practically a dystopian country, and was making excellent progress in conquering land Hitler felt belonged to the German people, bringing them under iron rule as well. Was it really so bad? Was it really so difficult to live in Germany at that time? Or was the terror all hyped up to appear bigger than it really was? Only one thing is for sure to a time traveler, and that is that Hitler was --- is a strong mind with equally strong ambitions. It isn't too much to assume that Germany really was a scary place.

    "Do you get the picture by now, initiate? You are going to travel back in time to 1938 Germany. The first day of May.We will drop you off in a safe location outside of Berlin. Be careful. Today is the day Hitler gathers his Youth in the Olympic Stadium. But it is also the best time to complete the objective. You are going to perform a task for us that will require you to work as a team. Any weak links will be destroyed...

    ...oh, so you don't want to participate any more, is that it? Well, it's too late now. You're the one who signed onto the Collective. We own you. Try to walk out of this building and I guarantee you will be shot. Take a day or two to learn the basic training for the task, then I expect all of you to be ready for action."

    The Director is a heartless woman. She has given you a mission with no regard to your safety or the consequences. Disobey her and you will die. What's more, she will be accompying you for the first stretch of the mission.

    And you thought you had butterflies in your stomach when you thought it was going to be a typical business convention!

    Welcome to your new job. Welcome to your new life.

    This RP will contain death, violence, language and possibly more. It comes with the territory.

    Rules and notes are as follows:

    * I am SORRY if I am not a history expert. My goal here is not to be accurate to the letter but to bring our characters on an exciting journey. Indiana Jones was not exactly accurate but people have fun watching those movies, right? Same concept. I will actively try to search out historical events and will TRY to be accurate, but the entire concept of this RP involves a fair amount of fiction As far as we know, there's nothing accurate about time travel or incredible weapons of the future being wielded at that time, so we have to take a leap of faith. If you are an expert on Germany at that time and you'd like to help me, feel free. Just don't be rude and I'd be glad for your corrections.

    * I will do everything in my power to post once a week and let you know if I just can't. Sad but true, I feel more of an obligation to group RPs than any other RP because I have more people counting on me. I expect you to also post once a week. The style is a wave post. I will post once, then everyone else posts. If you've got something small going on, you may post more than once a week, several times even, but do not leave anyone behind. That means me too. ;.;

    * Do not kill another player's character. You can kill an NPC but you MUST be aware of the consequences of your actions and if it is a major NPC, you MUST have a good reason that we will discuss here in the OOC.

    * Do not powerplay, godmod, etc.

    * Your characters are all total n00bs. That means they do NOT know how to use secret government laser weapons, or are martial arts experts, or anything like that. They can be gifted in fighting, computer hacking or guns if you'd like. Those are excellent prerequisites to a job at the Collective.

    * I will introduce a summary of events, setting, as well material you may find useful in my posts, such as maps, pictures, descriptions, forms, etc. Please read my posts throughout to know what to do next. Please read everyone else's posts as well.

    * You must post at least a paragraph. That's about 5 or more lines.

    * Your character's actions WILL have consequences. If they royally screw up badly enough, all of history can be altered. You can play your character however you like, but be careful. I will warn you if the path your char is heading down is shady. (Bear in mind that the path your char chooses can affect history in such a way that they were never born, thus I must warn you ahead of time.) Expect to face some loss and grief.

    * Be excellent to each other! If I think of anything more I'll add it. Feel free to ask questions.


    No need to get real into it. Save lots of detail for the story itself. Imagine you are filling out a job app and just want to get over with it.
    Character Sheet

    Name: (This begins in modern day America.)
    Age: (21+)

    Appearance: (Picture or description is fine.)

    Major Skill: (Something unique they were good at to land this sort of government job.)
    Minor Skill: (Something that can come in handy.)
    Former Job: (It must be something useful towards this job like professional hacking, security guard, army personnel, etc. It's okay if more than one character has the same skillset.)

    What made them interested in joining the Collective? (The Collective fronts as a typical government agency no different than any other, so your characters have no idea of what it really involves. They were told it was a brutal government agency focused on spying in foreign countries and gathering intelligence, similar to the CIA. Potential members are approached by mail, with an invitation to a convention and an exam. If they refused the invitation or failed the exam, they would not be here. Since they are coming to the meeting, they should be interested yet clueless.)

    Brief History:

    Accepted Characters

    The Director

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    Name: The Director (true name is classified)
    Age: 41
    Gender: Female

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    Information on The Director is classified.

    Mariah Linu

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    Name: Mariah Linu
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Major Skill: Sharpshooting
    Minor Skill: Eavesdropping/Spying
    Former Job: Security Guard for Hire

    What made them interested in joining the Collective? Mariah saw joining up as a challenge to be won. She was growing bored of life as a security guard, and longed to step up her game. She is a very competitive person who longs to prove her worth. The allure of an agency that could be dealing in criminal and foreign affairs was too much to ignore.

    Personality: Mariah is a hardy woman who can be quite ambitious and competitive. At the same time she is strong, and loyal.
    She's the security guard you'd love to have on your team simply because she can manage to be friendly and fierce all at once. There are times when she can be a bit too gruff and come off as rude, as well as times when she doesn't say much at all.

    Brief History: She was a social outcast as a child. No-one really liked her enough to ask for her friendship, because of her parents, who were rumored to have stolen a large amount of money linked to their horse farm. Her personality did not convince them of her innocence in the matter no matter how nice she was. Eventually, she was pulled out and homeschooled, but Mariah didn't mind. She appreciated the time spent with herself and the horses on her parent's suspicious farm. In her free time, she would ride horses, practice boxing, and take sharpshooting lessons with her father. With a love for exercise, she became quite fit over the years. Once she was old enough, she left the farm for the city of Los Angeles , growing tired of her parent's constant squabbles with the authorities and the way she was treated because of it. There she quickly latched onto a job as a security officer, impressing them so much that she was recommended by word of mouth to celebrities. It was an easy life, but one she grew very bored of. When the letter from The Collective arrived in the mail, she immediately canceled several jobs for a chance to go see what it was about.



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    Name: Mondenkind
    Age: 8
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    ??? No information available.
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  4. OKAY YOU CONVINCED ME. *Makes character*

    Name: Mason Arkwright
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male

    Major Skill: Advanced Robotics
    Minor Skill: Pilot
    Former Job: Grad student researcher at Carnegie Mellon.

    What made them interested in joining the Collective? Mason didn't have much choice. It was only a matter of time before they recruited a man whose skills in mechanical engineering were starting to make 2034 seem a lot closer at hand.

    Personality: Way too smart for his own good, Mason is nearly allergic to authority and has an ego the size of a small satellite. Fortunately for him, he's also adept at figuring people out, and even more fortunately, at staying six steps ahead.
    Brief History: Mason was a military brat. Moving from base to base and town to town with his dad's transfers, he didn't get much time for making friends or having a normal social life. Instead, he tinkered with household appliances and threw himself into his studies... and boy did he study. The only reason Mason wasn't out the door with a diploma in hand at sixteen was the constant relocating. His father pressured him to go into the Air Force; that lasted about as long as it took Mason to get a full scholarship to the engineering school of his choice. Not a minute too soon, either, and he probably would never have made it but for his father's good name. (You don't even want to know the kind of trouble he got out of.) In the end, what he had to show for the experience was a (barely) unblemished record of military service, a pilot's license, and an annoying habit of working out that he could never quite kick.

    He stayed on at Carnegie Mellon through his graduate studies, stunning the robotics department with his aptitude and winning several awards for his breakthrough research. Unfortunately he was also impossible to work with, so he was basically given his own corner and free reign. It just may have gone to his head.

  5. I hate you. I hate you with the passion of a million starcrossed idiot lovers.

    Not that they do much hating.

    Fine I'll play.

    Character Sheet

    Name: Nick Bollard
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male



    Major Skill: Doctor of History, Political Sciences, Social Psychology.
    Minor Skill: Cryptography, Linguistics.
    Former Job: Long term intern.

    Interest in the Collective: Agencies need expects to assess political ramifications of action on the fly right? This seems like the right kind of job to have when you need something engaging enough to keep your interest and have moments of tension when key decisions need to be made. They'll need good people to make sure that no wars are started!

    Personality: Nick is a smartass with an answer for everything. The reason he spent so long as an intern was because he liked it. He was challenged enough to keep his interest but free enough to let his mind wonder from time to time. Beneath the smartass is a man who genuinely cares about those around him. He is by no means a leader but hes not truly a follower either, he believes in him convictions and will stick by them, and although he doesn't know it yet one of those convictions is that changing history is dangerous to the point of being idiotic.

    Brief History: Nick's life has been sedimentary so far. Hes taken no major risks, he hasn't moved very far from his hometown, he still regularly talks to his parents, well his father since his mother passed away in his junior year of college. He didn't put much thought into what he would study but took what he enjoyed, and his skillset is just basically a reflection of his majors and minors since he tool every class that interested him at least for a couple months.

    Though once qualifying he interned with the CIA for a year receiving no additional training but getting a feel for how things worked, though he got frustrated with not being "let in" and being told very little so he got a new internship at a university and has been there ever since, up until he wrote his dissertation and is now technically "Dr. Bollard."

    I'll finish tomorrow (honest)
  6. I didn't expect replies for a week, let alone two right now.

    ;.; Thank you, you have made my day. I'll try not to let you down as a GM.
  7. Mason Arkwright, accepted!
  8. Must not give in.. Too many roleplays.. Must.. not..


    Kenzie Leighton

    Age: 24

    Gender: Lady

    Major Skill: Hacking. End of story.

    Minor Skill: Picking locks.

    Former Job: On her resume she was a Information Tech for a trillion-dollar company. Her main income, however, came from the side jobs.

    What made them interested in joining the Collective? It was either apply or go to jail for hacking in to the Pentagon too many times to be unnoticed! Besides, who doesn't want to be in something like the CIA?!

    Personality: Kenzie can be your typical sarcastic, introverted little hacker. However, she is usually much more social and apt to be seen with a smile. Despite her appearance that have some labeling her as a troublemaker, she loves to laugh and pull pranks on people. She earned her office from booby-trapping her boss' a few dozen times too many. Real subtle, huh?

    Brief History: Raised by two loving parents in the suburbs who had no idea what to do with a teenager who wanted to party. She went to college out of state, taking the opportunity to find what she was truly good at. Along the way she picked up a few skills, which resulted in her landing a Networking degree, an Information Technology degree, and a job.
  9. Everyone so far is accepted!

    Sorry about the wait, I'm just taking my sweet time. Under a lot of stress and obligation at the moment, really sorry about that. I'll get your chars up there soon enough.

    I have to get everyone who is going to be in, in, before I start it. Because I need all characters to be present. So I'm going to leave it open for awhile before closing it. If it's just us three, that will be fine too.
  10. Bumping with an update.

    My internet may be shut off by my company, because it's the only internet I have access to in the country, yet I'm not allowed to use more than a few GB which I obviously would go over in a month's time. So I might not be available until I find a remedy. In the meantime, I will leave this open.

    If you three are eager to start, I was considering getting started with the first evening and night in the hotel. We could arrive, get our room, meet each other, etc, while waiting for the others to arrive if they do.
  11. That really sucks, Ekae. D:

    I'm willing to wait if need be, but going ahead and starting at the hotel works too! Vay and Layne, what say you?
  12. I'm willing to wait too ^^
  13. hay can i join wait i can`t but still i can do 30 role plays i can keep up
    Name: alice marryland

    Appearance: [​IMG]¸she very small so don`t pick on her
    Major Skill: hacking and wapons
    Minor Skill: ?
    Former Job: professional hacking and good with guns

    Personality: act more like a kid so. funny cute and bored all the time and very stupid ((like me lol))
    Brief History: when she was little she hacked in to the air force network and stole there private data and after that she was force join the gaverment