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Monastic Life: The Saint Heron Monastery - Roleplaying Game Idea

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gritty Mary, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. I would be interested in running the following for a small group of players, say two to eight people:

    It comes a certain age when the inhabitants of the great Clare Region, a vast land full of mountain ranges, to make a choice concerning their future. They can either choose an apprenticeship in one of the many crafts taught by their fellow, or start a grand journey of self discovery and sacrifice, learning things beyond most mortals' comprehension in order to keep the world from the Abyssal Breach, a great series of caves said to be the birthing place of monsters and demons alike. The entrance to the Breach is found upon the side of the sacred Heron mountain, and closing that entrance are gigantic wooden and steel doors found in the deepest and most hidden part of the Heron Monastery.

    Becoming a monk is a noble endeavor, these brave men and women sacrificing everything for knowledge of the land, philosophy, martial training and a strange link to the Gods. The training is rigorous, and never end. Will you be strong enough to become a venerated Monk? Stand tall in the Trial of Youth, and perhaps the path will open to you...

    An idea that came to me as a mix of playing a bit of Shin Megami Tensei IV and looking through the 'train your young hero/heroine' genre of flash games, the idea will be that each day in this game world will have a purpose, that it be left to you or that it have a set event attached to it. Some of the events you will know in advance, such as trials or ceremonies, yet other will arrive out of the left field. Each character will start an illiterate peasant, and gaining strength and wisdom will be an uphill battle. When there is will there is way, however, and you will each have a statistical sheet for your character.

    Learning to read and to defend themselves will be the first step, but the sky is the limit, and only mortal limitations will prevent each character to reach their full potential. Do be aware that you can and will influence the plot through your actions and that cooperating with others will go a long way to prevent death or failure for someone may be lacking in your specialty but be far stronger in your weaker points.
  2. I am interested. Would everyone play as men?
  3. No, both men and women would be accepted in this, since this is a different world with different customs and all.
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