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    Chose between the three most populous races; Humans, Elves or Goblins. Or perhaps create a character from one of the 7 other races of Tonan.

    The world is yours to play in as you see fit, your story is yours to tell.

    • No minimum word count
    • Free-form world
    • Start your own stories
    • Create multiple accounts and switch between them
    • **AND** Browser-based kingdom strategy game


    The Gods are silent, no longer do they respond to the prayers of the high priests. The names Foret, Isonia and Darden, once spoken in all corners of the world, have almost faded from mortal lips. Throughout the land, devastation reigns supreme. The vast Island continent of Maxim has been obliterated by earthquakes and eruptions. While on the main-land, the guildlands of Tismad lie abandoned, much of them turned to deserts of dust and sand.

    It is now 50 years since the War in Heaven brought destruction to Tonan, and a once huge and populated world has been reduced to a mere fraction of former glory. The vibrant network of kingdom-states that had ruled Tonan for ages lie in rubble, replaced by a single Empire, and even that fledgling Empire is divided.

    Elders from the remaining guilds argue in the Senate about the best way to run the Empire. But the history of political betrayal, and war between the guilds has not been forgotten. An Emperor has still not been chosen, and with no uniting force, ancient racial enmities have started to find a foothold.

    But the Gods are not all dead. Flung to earth, and reborn in mortal bodies after the war with the New Trinity, the Elder Gods fight to regain control of Tonan, and win over a population who has long forgotten them.

    To the South-West lies Istan, a breakaway kingdom ruled by Angelique, an elf with a name of old, styling herself as God-Queen.

    To the South-East, towns and cities under control of thieves and cut-throats, are led by the chaotic and shadowy figure of Leto.

    Away from the Senate, the young noble Barnabas, fights to keep the fractured Empire together, and to hold the forces of Angelique and Leto at bay.

    If that wasn't enough, to the North, near the mountains of the Dwarves and Droben, rumours are spreading about a new shape-shifting entity prowling the lands. Whispers speak of the wraith, and of darkness to come.

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