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  1. [​IMG]
    The chance to reclaim your throne is here!
    Now all you have to do is reach for it...

    You guys are free to do almost whatever you so wish, so take advantage. Heck, if you wanted, you can have a female character with a male past life. I don't care, just as long as you have fun with it! :3
    I'll be posting my character sheet later today.

    • Kings and queens come and go.
      And one would normally assume that once they're dead, that's the end.
      But fate seems to have different plans.
      Old rulers from different countries and time periods are reincarnated for another chance.
      For what? To take what's rightfully theirs, of course.
      The problem is, most of them probably don't even remember who they are.
      What they did or why they did it, everything's a mystery.
      Unlock and piece together the memory fragments,
      and uncover the secret historians have been trying to gather for years.
      Wether you get that far is up to you.
      Can you get back what was once yours?

    • 1. No god-modding, this is pretty obvious.
      2. No one-liners, but it doesn't have to be a whole paragraph either, but a few sentences would be nice.
      3. I'll allow minor cursing, but not ever sentance please.
      4. No repeating monarchs, you can check the character's tab to see wether Your choice is taken.
      This is because I want some diversity, and I really doubt Julius Cesear would be reincarnated into three different people...
      5. Only real monarchs please, no matter how tempting it might be. This includes legends like King Arthur.

      Hey, hey's the passwords for reading the rules
      Based on where your monarch ruled,
      Europe = Shanghai
      Aisa = Zimbabwe
      Africa = St. Petersburg
      Other = Navi, shut up!

    • Name | Gender | Monarch | User
      1. Adrian Adler | Male | Kaiser Wilhelm II | Dakota K.
      2. Tobias Hemming | Male | Tutankhamun | WhoopDau

    • Name:
      Appearance: (I have no preference)

    • No one asked anything yet...

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  2. Name: Adrian Adler
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6'0" 200 pounds, shoulder length auburn hair with medium length beard of the same color, green blue eyes that have a rust colored rings around each iris (central heterochromia)
    Personality: Adrian is a friendly man in general speaking who has on more than one occasion took a swing at someone who is either a bigot or a bully, but he also has a cold ruthless streak that shows when he is angry or when he is challenged to sum up Adrian if you are his friend you have a stead fast ally and companion and if he is your enemy then you have someone who will stop at no length to tear the world sown around you.
    Monarch: Kaiser Wilhelm 2
    Other: The tune was German first., He has had military service and was discharged with the rank of lieutenant.
    Password: Shanghai
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  3. Accepted!
  4. Name: Tobias Hemming
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tobias is shorter than the average mail, but his weight is ordinary. He has light bronze skin and dark raven hair which scatters unevenly over his head. He has a pair of russet colored eyes, placed in his oval shaped face. Toby is not one to stick out of the crowd, and actually prefers it over being the Center of attention.
    Personality: Naive | Gullible | Knowledgable | Understanding | Resilient
    Tobias is rather sickly, and because of his parents, homeschooled. They tend to be strict when if comes to his safety and almost never let' shim leave the house without supervision. But because of their worries, Tobias doesn't really know what the outside world is really like. Thus, he can also be quite gullible when it comes to present studies. He occasionally asks strangers about the news, and will usually believe the speaker.

    Toby is very knowledgable about many different things, since he literally lives in a library. He loves to read, and often does so when he has free time. He checks up on the news through the internet, but only does so once a week, this is because of the caged feelings he gets when doing so. He can be quite understanding as well, and tries his hardest to see the other's perspective. Most of the time, he's successful, but if not than he just apologizes before asking his parents why. Or even a personal psychologist if friends.

    Like half the student population, Tobias is often bullied. Thankfully only through verbal comments. Because he's homeschooled, the bullying decreased by a lot, but that doesn't mean it stopped entirely. Over the years, he's begun to grow a lot more resilient. Though it's also the reason why he tries to dress normally.
    Monarch: King Tutankhamun
    - He uses a cane to help him walk
    - He's vegetarian
    - He likes spicy food
    Password: St. Petersburg
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  5. I will join and reserve Queen Elizabeth the First
  6. Name: Lee khan
    Age: 24
    Gender: male
    Appearance: 5'10 he was pretty tall for a mongol, but not that much compared to others. he had straight hair that bangs hang over his head but his sides were cut very short. a little hair on the sides though. People has told him that he looks just like his great great great gandfather. He had small freckles, which was weird since nether of his parents or grandparents had any so maybe form his uncles or aunts. he had hazel eyes and a toned figure.

    Personality: blunt, ruthless, trickster, observant, smart, quick to act, naive.
    Monarch: genghis khan
    - Loves rice
    - spicy food
    - Asian meat
    - some veggies
    - loves war
    - enjoys battles
    - Fluently speaks 5 langues: Chinese, Mongolian, Buryat, Russian, English
    - owns several German shepherd.
    Password: King khan
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  7. -

    Sirena Rose Stuart
    Observant, Intelligent, Has a temper, Has a dislike for idiotic people
    Queen Elizabeth the First
    -Horse Back riding
    -Can speak 3 languages fluently not including English

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