Monarchs of Today (Modern Fantasy RP)

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  1. So basically, my idea was about an rp center end on a group of individuals.
    Not necessarily friends, but maybe in the future. But that's beside the point,
    said individuals are actually reincarnated monarchs from the past.
    Their memories slowly start resurfacing, and the only one who'll believe them is each other.
    Together they work together to uncover their previous life's mysteries.

    Sooner in the plot, I thought it'd be fun to also include supernatural things and magic too.
    But for now, I only got the basics.
    So, would any of you guys be interested?​
  2. I am interested but might I make a suggestion of the people trying to restore their kingdoms and empires as well.
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  3. You might be on to something, so I'll place my interest here.
  4. Also are we gonna go with monarchs of all ages or are we just doing European monarchs?
  5. That's a great idea!
    I wanted it to be an all ages kind of thing. It'd be interesting to see what people bring into the table, and I also don't want to limit everybody to just one specific thing. Anyone who ruled a nation is free.
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  6. Monarchs based on myth/history or just monarchs?
  7. Well i'm in 100% now.
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