Moments of Karma

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  1. So, I went into the orphanage in Skyrim and turned into a werewolf, scaring the children and murdering the asshole that ran the place. I got off without a bounty and free of fines, etc.

    I get outside Riften and get attacked by a pack of six fucking werewolves. Karma is a bitch.

    Any karma stories for you all in gaming?
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  2. I remember when I was playing WoW and I died killing a rare, and just as I was about to rez to make another go at it, some guy comes along and kills it. Couple minutes later see same dude getting ass raped by another rare, so I sit and wait for him to eat the dust and one shot the last little bit of health. Probably not the same, but it still felt good.
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  3. Playing Fallout 4. See a group of caravan guards fighting raiders. In my power armor I balked at them with their non-death-of-thousand-degrees guns and sprint jumped off a ledge.

    Landed with that satisfying thump and turned around.

    Napping death claw.

    Equip Fat Man renamed to "Deus Vult" and fired at stupid close range.

    2/140 hp. Armor is shattered all around the ground. Death claw is in pieces.

    MacReady: "You're not going to make me carry all that junk are you?"
  4. Left 4 Dead 2: Karma Charger is watching you...
  5. Playing Halo Reach.

    I was a literal god whenever I was in the cockpit of a Banshee. Killing people left and right, 13 consecutive kills before being downed.


    Immediately killed within seconds by a blast from a tank.
  6. Let's just say that killing Captain Keyes in Halo 1 isn't such a Great idea. Before I knew it, I was fighting off over half a dozen virtually indestructible UNSC marine soldiers. Yep, what a fun day.
  7. Reminds me of when I decided to go full cold hearted bastard mode and shot my friend's knees out so that the zombie horde behind us would get him and leave me alone. We were both running for the chopper to freedom, you see, and I thought I would be free.

    Then I got hit by a tank, flew through the helicopter's open doors, off the side of the skyscraper, and to my death.
  8. I ate a piece of a sentient Snowman during a battle to stay alive in Undertale..I died soon after.
  9. You also pulled that shit on me.

    So I later then proceeded to trip the alarm when you weren't there yet, so you got swarmed by undead. :P
  10. [​IMG]
    What? Everyone does it once.
  11. My friend was checking something on his phone and stopped in the baby isle. So I gave him shit for that. SO I got bored, walked ahead to the next isle, and just stopped. I started getting strange looks and my friend said something I didn't quite understand so i'm like "What?" so I turn to my side and ends up i'm standing by the condoms DX

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